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Lyr Req: Bunkhouse Orchestra (Badger Clark)

30 Sep 03 - 10:02 AM (#1026660)
Subject: Lyr Req: Bunkhouse Orchestra
From: GUEST,Marki

Hey, I know this is more for folk songs, but I figure traditional music is close enuf, right?

Anyway, I desperately need the words to "The Bunkhouse Orchestra". The author was "Badger Clark" and it's sung to the tune of "Turkey in the Straw". I have it on CD by Michael Martin Murphey but he sings it so fast that I can't catch near all the words. I've searched the web and everything points to me ordering a book of Badger Clark poems from Amazon or somewhere. As I need this posthaste, I was hoping someone out there in Mudcat could assist.


30 Sep 03 - 01:00 PM (#1026706)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Bunkhouse Orchestra
From: katlaughing

trad/ all makes its way to the Mudcat:-)

I grew up on Clark's poems, but don't remember this one. My sister may have it, I'll ask. (I have a photocopy of the book she's got, but I don't have a clue where it is!) My dad may also remember it. If no one else jumps in here, I'll call him tomorrow morning.

30 Sep 03 - 06:57 PM (#1026817)
Subject: Lyr Add: THE BUNKHOUSE ORCHESTRA (Badger Clark)
From: GUEST,Rex on the work 'puter

This is how it's written in the songbook put together by the group of the same name. It's a fun song.

The Bunkhouse Orchestra
Badger Clark 1920

Wrangle up your mouth-harps, drag your banjo out,
Tune your old guitarra till she twangs right stout,
For the snow is on the mountains and the wind is on the plain,
But we'll cut the chimney's moaning with a livelier refrain.

Shinin' 'dobe fireplace, shadows on the wall,
(See old Shorty's friv'lous toes a-twitchin' at the call:)
It's the best damn high that there is within the law
When seven jolly punchers tackle "Turkey in the Straw".

Freezy wast the day's ride, lengthy was the trail,
Ev'ry steer was haughty with a high arched tail,
But we held 'em and we shoved 'em, for our longin' hearts were tried,
By a yearnin' for tobacker and our dear fireside.

Swing'er into stop-time, don't you let 'er droop!
(You're about as tuneful as a coyote with the croup!)
Ay, the cold wind bit when we drifted down the draw,
But we drifted onto comfort and to "Turkey in the Straw".

Snarlin' when the rain whipped, cussin' at the ford--
Ev'ry mile of twenty was a long dischord,
But the night is brimmin' music and its glory is complete,
When the eye is razzle-dazzled by the flip o' Shorty's feet!

Snappy for the dance, now till she up and shoots!
(Don't he beat the devil's wife for jiggin' in 'is boots?)
Shorty got throwed high and we laughed till he was raw,
But tonight he's done forgot it prancin' "Turkey in the Straw".

Rainy dark or firelight, bacon rind or pie,
Livin' is a luxury that don't come high;
Oh, be happy and unruly while our years and luck allow,
For we all must die or marry less than forty years from now!

Lively on the last turn! Lope 'er to the death!
(Reddy's soul is willin' but he's gettin' short o' breath.)
Ay, the storm wind sings and old trouble sucks his paw
When we have an hour of firelight set to "Turkey in the Straw".

30 Sep 03 - 09:50 PM (#1026892)
Subject: Lyr Add: Bunkhouse Orchestra
From: Sorcha

Just an Add for the post from Rex at 30 Sep 03 - 06:57 PM this thread.

01 Oct 03 - 09:49 AM (#1027201)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Bunkhouse Orchestra
From: GUEST,Marki

People who peruse the Mudcat are GREAT.

This is the second time I've requested song lyrics that seemed impossible to find, and well, somebody found them.

Thanks to ya'll who looked and responded....

02 Oct 03 - 09:34 PM (#1028451)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Bunkhouse Orchestra
From: Jim Dixon

You can visit Badger Clark's home in Custer State Park, in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Badger Clark's most famous poem/song is probably "A Border Affair," also known as "Spanish Is the Loving Tongue," which many sources erroneously call "traditional."

02 Oct 03 - 11:17 PM (#1028498)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Bunkhouse Orchestra
From: open mike

certainly his mamma didn't name him Badger?!
nice cabin--needs a banjo player on the porch
to complete the scene, though!

03 Oct 03 - 07:58 AM (#1028706)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Bunkhouse Orchestra
From: Jim Dixon

His mama (or daddy) named him Charles Badger Clark, Jr., but he always used the name Badger Clark.

I have seen his name on the Internet as Charles "Badger" Clark, but I don't think the quotation marks are appropriate because Badger was his real name, not a nickname.

Here's a bit of trivia that I remember hearing from the tour guide at Clark's house: An Englishman coincidentally also named Badger Clark heard of him and wrote to him and they carried on a correspondence for years.