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bob davenport

01 Oct 03 - 01:57 PM (#1027387)
Subject: bob davenport
From: GUEST,sj

Does anyone know the e-mail address of Bob Davenport, or any other way he can be contacted.An old friend wants to say hello.

01 Oct 03 - 04:01 PM (#1027480)
Subject: RE: bob davenport
From: GUEST,Peter from Essex

He regularly turns up at Musical Traditions so why not contact Peta Webb?

02 Oct 03 - 01:42 PM (#1028121)
Subject: RE: bob davenport
From: GUEST,S J Cornwall

Thanks Peter
I have e-mailed Peta, so I hope she will get back to me.

03 Oct 03 - 04:08 AM (#1028600)
Subject: RE: bob davenport
From: Kevin Sheils

If you get no joy from Peta there is a web site here where you can click on either of the two recent CDs that Bob and Roger Digby have produced. There you will find a contact clicky for Roger Digby, who regularly works with Bob, which will email him.

03 Oct 03 - 07:18 AM (#1028682)
Subject: RE: bob davenport
From: John J

I'm really pleased to see Bob Davenport is around. He's a singer that has probably impressed me more than many others. I'd love to hear him again...perhaps he'll venture to Manchester again.


03 Oct 03 - 11:18 AM (#1028882)
Subject: RE: bob davenport

Bob only last week did another memorable evening at Elsie`s. Always a pleasure to have him with us. Also superb accompaniment from Roger,
Dan and Will.

03 Oct 03 - 05:42 PM (#1029202)
Subject: RE: bob davenport
From: okthen

Bob Davenport was the first person to get me interested in folk music, I used to go to the folk club with my friends and mostly the music went over my head, then Bob sang the Bonny Bunch of Roses-o but he gave a short introduction to the song first and I realised these songs are telling a story. Do wah ditty and yeah yeah yeah weren't going to do it for me ever again!
I'd love to hear him again, anyone know where he's singing?
I suppose a web site would be too much to ask.

03 Oct 03 - 06:20 PM (#1029224)
Subject: RE: bob davenport
From: The Borchester Echo

You actually got a song introduction from Bob? Well, that's something in itself to treasure. A good place to look for gigs is here though there's nothing listed for the coming month. As Kevin has mentioned previously, Bob is often to be found at Musical Traditions. However, I do know that he is booked at Islington Folk Club on 4 December.

05 Oct 03 - 01:31 PM (#1030032)
Subject: RE: bob davenport
From: John Routledge

Bob's singing of MacColl's "Shoals of Herring" pinned grown men to the wall!!. I too would love to hear him again.

05 Oct 03 - 01:41 PM (#1030036)
Subject: RE: bob davenport
From: treewind

Yeah, his usual intro to a song is three more songs!