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BS: Traveling to KY, SC

07 Oct 03 - 06:29 AM (#1031116)
Subject: BS: Traveling to KY, SC
From: RangerSteve

I'm leaving on Friday, Oct 10, for Kentucky. I have a motel room reserved for Fri thru Sun. night in the town of London. I'll take in the mountain crafts show in Berea on Sat., and the Renfro Valley Barn Dance that night. That leaves Sunday open. Does anyone have any suggestions for what I can do or see in Eastern Kentucky in the vicinity of I-75 between Lexington and the KY/TN border?

On Monday, I'm heading to Asheville, NC to visit friends. I'll have plenty to do there.

Then on Thurs. I'll be visiting my younger brother and Mom in Clover, SC, in the northern part of the state near Charlotte, NC. I need some hints: what can I do for fun there? My mom is 80 and can't walk much without resting. I've seen the King's Mt. battlefield and the restored plantation that served as Mel Gibson's home in "The Patriot",
and the AAA guidebook doesn't have a lot of hints, so if anyone lives in the NW corner of the state, or has been there, what can I do for sightseeing? Thanks for your help.

On my way back, I'm taking the interstate as far as Parkersburg, WV, then I thought I'd follow the Ohio River up to Pa before returning to NJ. My map shows roads in OH and WV that follow the river. Which route is better?

Don't bother answering this after Thurs. evening, Oct 9, 'cause I'll be on the road.

Thanks, Steve

07 Oct 03 - 09:21 AM (#1031195)
Subject: RE: BS: Traveling to KY, SC
From: catspaw49 alma mater. Enjoy yourself! A weaver there has a shop called 'The Weaver's Bottom" in Olde Towne Berea and may be at the show as well. His name is Neil Colmer. If you see him tell him Pat Patterson says "Hey Snoopy!" Be sure to check out Warren Mays dulcimers and other woodworking, a true artiste!

Two good choices you'll never regret around Lexington:

Go to the Pleasant Hill Colony just outside Harrodsburg. A restored Shaker Village. Great history and a beautiful place.

Go to Kentucky Horse Park. If you have any interest at all in horses (and even if you don't) this is one wonderful place to go. The History of the Horse Museum is terrific.


07 Oct 03 - 10:36 AM (#1031229)
Subject: RE: BS: Traveling to KY, SC
From: Stilly River Sage

Isn't Charlotte pretty close to the Shanendoah Valley? Are colors turning yet on the Blue Ridge? Seems a drive might be in order!


07 Oct 03 - 10:49 AM (#1031235)
Subject: RE: BS: Traveling to KY, SC
From: Padre

Go up the WV side on state Rt 2 until you get to Sistersville, then take the ferry across to Fly OH. A lovely drive.


07 Oct 03 - 09:30 PM (#1031535)
Subject: RE: BS: Traveling to KY, SC
From: Robin2

at the renfro Valley exit, check out the Kentucky Music Hall Of fame. Our very own KYTRAD in a member of that exclusive club.

why catspaw, we have mutual friends! We've been good friends of Neil and Mary since our days of playing at summer dance school in Berea. Wonderful people, and wonderful weavers


07 Oct 03 - 10:17 PM (#1031544)
Subject: RE: BS: Traveling to KY, SC
From: Mary in Kentucky

This is a beautiful time of year in Central and Eastern Kentucky. The Fall folliage is just beginning to show color. One of my favorite places in the world is Red River Gorge, approximately one hour east of Lexington (you know you're from Kentucky if you measure distances in minutes and hours instead of miles). This is probably too far north and east for your trek, and you would almost have to count on spending the day there. If you are in Lexinton the Horse Park is a must. (it's on the north side) But you can just drive through the Horse Farm areas either north of town or south of town. Another beautiful drive is along the Kentucky River to Shakertown.

If I were in SC again, I'd go to Charleston, but that's on the coast.

08 Oct 03 - 12:53 AM (#1031588)
Subject: RE: BS: Traveling to KY, SC
From: LadyJean

If you can still have breakfast at Keenland racetrack, in Lexington, you should. You can have your biscuits and gravy, and watch the horses exercise.
You might swing by Transylvania, the oldest college west of the Alleghenies. The bookstore is in the basement of the Mitchell Fine Arts Building. That's where you go to buy the tee shirts.
Give my regards to Broadway!

09 Oct 03 - 04:39 PM (#1032664)
Subject: RE: BS: Traveling to KY, SC
From: RangerSteve

Thanks for the hints. Lexington might be too far north after all, since the only motel I could find with vacancies near Renfro Valley is pretty far south. I'm on my way in the morning. I'll let everyone know how it works out when I get back in two weeks.