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Clark For President

13 Oct 03 - 07:22 PM (#1034934)
Subject: Clark For President
From: GUEST,posterchild

Like it or not...General Wesley Clark WILL be the next president of these here United States. Clark/Clinton! Like it or not. We are tired of being bush-whacked. Comments?

13 Oct 03 - 07:35 PM (#1034945)
Subject: RE: Clark For President
From: Bobert

No way that Hillary is gonna except 2nd fiddle... No way! Hey, I think I'd take Charles Manson over George Dumbya Bush....


13 Oct 03 - 08:15 PM (#1034963)
Subject: RE: Clark For President
From: McGrath of Harlow

Who's Bush going to have for running mate if it starts looking hairy? Strictly speaking there's nothing to say that the Vice-President has to be a natural born American, so could Bush-Arnie be possible?

Of course the Supreme Court might decide that, since Arnie couldn't succeed as President, if Bush ate another pretzel, that would mean he couldn't run for VP. But they wouldn't do that, surely, if Bush asked them not to...

13 Oct 03 - 11:34 PM (#1035064)
Subject: RE: Clark For President
From: The Fooles Troupe

Sorry, I thought this thread was about "Clark Kent for President"...

Super Idea that!


14 Oct 03 - 01:45 PM (#1035477)
Subject: RE: Clark For President
From: GUEST,pdc

Sorry if I'm derailing this thread, but I just had to post the following story that has come out of the war in Iraq. In my opinion, this is one of the most disgusting acts of an occupying force that I've ever heard of.

US soldiers driving bulldozers, with jazz blaring from loudspeakers, have uprooted ancient groves of date palms as well as orange and lemon trees in central Iraq as part of a new policy of collective punishment of farmers who do not give information about guerrillas attacking US troops.

The stumps of palm trees, some 70 years old, protrude from the brown earth scoured by the bulldozers beside the road at Dhuluaya, a small town 50 miles north of Baghdad. Local women were yesterday busily bundling together the branches of the uprooted orange and lemon trees and carrying then back to their homes for firewood.

Nusayef Jassim, one of 32 farmers who saw their fruit trees destroyed, said: "They told us that the resistance fighters hide in our farms, but this is not true. They didn't capture anything. They didn't find any weapons."

Other farmers said that US troops had told them, over a loudspeaker in Arabic, that the fruit groves were being bulldozed to punish the farmers for not informing on the resistance which is very active in this Sunni Muslim district.

"They made a sort of joke against us by playing jazz music while they were cutting down the trees," said one man. Ambushes of US troops have taken place around Dhuluaya. But Sheikh Hussein Ali Saleh al-Jabouri, a member of a delegation that went to the nearby US base to ask for compensation for the loss of the fruit trees, said American officers described what had happened as "a punishment of local people because 'you know who is in the resistance and do not tell us'." What the Israelis had done by way of collective punishment of Palestinians was now happening in Iraq, Sheikh Hussein added."

Link: Spreading "democracy" in Iraq

14 Oct 03 - 01:51 PM (#1035481)
Subject: RE: Clark For President
From: GUEST,pdc

And at the same time, the spin doctors are creating images like the following lampoon for the forthcoming election campaign. I can't BELIEVE how dumb the right wing fundamentalist Christian conservatives are!! As if this over-the-top pic wouldn't disgust or amuse anyone with half a brain cell:

Saint George

14 Oct 03 - 02:08 PM (#1035498)
Subject: RE: Clark For President
From: McGrath of Harlow

Well, if Saddam were directing operations in the US Army he couldn't have come up with a smarter move than that, as a way of generating hatred against the occupiers. And as a way of making it more likely even more young soldiers will be sent home in body bags.

It'd be interesting to hear Clark's take on this.

14 Oct 03 - 02:18 PM (#1035512)
Subject: RE: Clark For President
From: GUEST,pdc

I agree, McGrath. What really, really gets me, however, is that even while US soldiers are behaving like an occupying force, the rhetoric is still going round about creating democracy in Iraq, "liberating" Iraq, etc.

I read some months ago about American soldiers who, when they break into a house to search for whatever, force Iraqi men down on the ground in a prone position, with their boots on the men's necks. That forces the forehead to touch the ground, which is repugnant to Muslims, whose foreheads are only supposed to touch the ground during prayer.

If the US is going to invade another country in the name of "democracy," a little sensitivity training in the culture of that country might go a long way.

14 Oct 03 - 03:05 PM (#1035546)
Subject: RE: Clark For President
From: GUEST,wileycoyote

As commander in chief of the US forces/occupiers/etc...Should or Shoud Not George Dubya Bush the Little be in Eraq (sp), sword in hand, leading the charge against, Saddam, Osama, terriorism, commies, pinkos, etc? How 'bout them Ko-Reans and how 'bout Eran (sp) (miss anyone?) Throw greenbacks at them sumbitches. Or Elect Wes Clark/Billy or Hilly Clinton in 2004. Maybe it's me but does Dubya said we should defeat terrorism or tourism (terrorists or tourists)'s hard to understand what he says.

14 Oct 03 - 03:25 PM (#1035568)
Subject: RE: Clark For President
From: Don Firth

Good grief, GUEST,pdc, before posting something like "Saint George," you really ought to warn people to have an airsick bag at the ready!

But anyway, thanks for the link. I'm putting together a list of people I can gross out with this!

Don Firth

14 Oct 03 - 03:31 PM (#1035573)
Subject: RE: Clark For President
From: GUEST,pdc

My reaction exactly, Don Firth. Vile and blatant, isn't it?

And can you guess how many people will have that put on a plate and hang it on their living room walls??

14 Oct 03 - 05:19 PM (#1035637)
Subject: RE: Clark For President
From: McGrath of Harlow

No doubt, since capitalism works that way, the manufacturers will also sell it in the form of a dartsboard.

14 Oct 03 - 06:48 PM (#1035699)
Subject: RE: Clark For President
From: GUEST,pdc

And as long as we're all in the mood, here's another one for all you rwn's out there. If this thread is derailed, it's his fault.

St. George II

15 Oct 03 - 06:58 AM (#1035987)
Subject: RE: Clark For President
From: Gurney

If Wesley Clark doesn't make President, I think Helen Clarke might here in NZ. She is our Prime Minister (did anyone know?) and she seems to be bent on dragging us into republicanism. A republic needs a President, right? And everyone knows the name of the first one. And it another layer of power for politicians to aim for, eh?

And she totally ignores referendums.

15 Oct 03 - 07:21 AM (#1036002)
Subject: RE: Clark For President
From: Donuel

I recently discovered that General Wesley K Clark became the CEO for Wavelabs Inc back in April. What do they make? Cool Electric bicyles.