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Bert Jansch interview

24 Oct 03 - 09:14 AM (#1040990)
Subject: Bert Jansch interview
From: Roger the Skiffler

This is from today's UK Guardian newspaper. The thumbnail pic.on the website doesn't show it, but in the paper pic. there was a 5-string banjo in the background (and looked like even more CDs than I have)!

Bert Jansch Home Entertainment


24 Oct 03 - 09:52 AM (#1041016)
Subject: RE: Bert Jansch interview

I was quite spooked when I picked up the Guardian at lunchtime having driven to work playing my BJ CDs in chronological order (only got through the first one so far but will be listening to It Don't bother Me on the way home.). Incidentally the two "bonus tracks" on the first album CD don't do BJ any favours at all and spoil the ambience of the whole thing - at least they are stuck on at the end so you can listen to the original playing order without interruption.


24 Oct 03 - 10:16 AM (#1041034)
Subject: RE: Bert Jansch interview
From: alanabit

Thanks. I enjoyed that. The good news is that there are unlikely to be any Metallica covers on the next album...

24 Oct 03 - 11:16 AM (#1041082)
Subject: RE: Bert Jansch interview
From: GUEST,Bojangles

Great stuff!

Also did you know that Bert's surname is pronounced JANsh and not YANch like most people say it. I read this in an interview he gave to the Standard (London evening paper) a couple of years ago.

24 Oct 03 - 11:25 AM (#1041088)
Subject: RE: Bert Jansch interview
From: Steve-o

Thanks for the look at a cool interview. I think to this day that his version of "Reynardine" is one of the most brilliant pieces of guitar playing I've ever heard.