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Origins: Hippy Chippy Charlie (maypole song)

30 Oct 03 - 08:52 PM (#1044956)
Subject: Origins: Maypole songs
From: GUEST,Topcat

When I were old enough to toddle on me own down clough, I recall a simple lyric which we children would sing during a maypole parade through the mill town cobbled streets(yes it was the early 1950'S).
We would dress up in our parents clothes complete with moustache and garish lipstick and sing
                         "Hippy chippy Charlie merrily we go
                         All the happy family dancing in a row
                         I believe don't you see
                         Just come from the meadow green
                         And if you wait a little while
                         I will dance you the maypole style"
The song would repeat gaining tempo untill we were exhausted. If any folklore expert has any suggestions I would love to put the thing to rest.

30 Oct 03 - 09:01 PM (#1044964)
Subject: RE: Origins: Maypole songs
From: Q (Frank Staplin)

Thread 46931 has quite a lot of information although I don't recall your rhyme. May Song There are other threads linked from that thread.
Someone should come up with it. Are you UK?