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Lyr Req: Strawberry Rows? / The Ferryman (St. John

08 Sep 98 - 08:37 AM (#37401)
Subject: Strawberry Rows, Lyrics ?
From: John M

Another one I'd love the lyrics to, Thanks !!!!

08 Sep 98 - 03:32 PM (#37454)
Subject: RE: Strawberry Rows, Lyrics ?
From: Joe Offer

Can you tell us a little more of what you remember about the song, John? Oftentimes, folk songs have more than one title. The only one I can think of that's close to "Strawberry Rows" is THE STRAWBERRY ROAN (click here)
-Joe Offer-

08 Sep 98 - 04:41 PM (#37461)
Subject: RE: Strawberry Rows, Lyrics ?
From: John M

Joe, I don't know much about this song. A friend who often comes out to see me perform asked me if I could get it for him. I know it's not Strawberry Roan, because I already gave that one to him, thinking that might be it. That's why I thought I'd try the discussion group. I think that it's an old Irish folk song. Thanks John

08 Sep 98 - 07:42 PM (#37494)
Subject: RE: Strawberry Rows, Lyrics ?
From: Martin Ryan

All I can think off is "Strawberry Beds" (from "The Ferryman"?) and "Rosemary Lane".


16 Sep 98 - 12:51 PM (#38319)
Subject: The Ferryman
From: John M

This is the correct title of the song I asked for before. Anyone have the lyrics Thanks

29 Sep 98 - 02:26 AM (#39843)
Subject: Lyr Add: THE FERRYMAN (Pete St John)
From: Connor


Oh the little boats are gone from the crest of Anna Liffey
And the ferrymen are standing on the quay
Ah the Dublin docks are dying and our way of life is gone
Oh Molly it was hard fae you and me

CHORUS: Where the strawberry belts sweep doun tae the Liffy
It kissed away the worries from my brow
I love ye well today. I'll love ye more tomorrow.
If you've ever loved me Molly love me now.

'Twas the only job I knew, it was hard but never lonely
Oh the Liffey ferry made a man of me
It's gone without a whisper forgotten even now
It's over Molly over can't ye see? CHORUS

So now I tend me yard I spend me days in talking
I hear them whisper "Charlie's on the dole"
But Molly we're still living, and darlin' we're still young
And the river never owned me heart and soul.

Chorus: repeat and fade.

I dinnae ken if ye were still after these lyrics or nae. Cheerio, Connor

06 Oct 98 - 03:20 AM (#40510)
Subject: RE: Strawberry Rows, Lyrics ?
From: Stevo

You could have saved yourself the trouble Connor. The lyrics for The Ferryman were already written out in a nearby thread.

06 Oct 98 - 09:50 AM (#40542)
Subject: RE: Strawberry Rows, Lyrics ?
From: John M

Thank-you Connor !!!!!