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15 Sep 98 - 12:39 PM (#38198)
Subject: Sandwiches
From: Paul

Here's one I heard two yahoos do on an open stage about seven years ago. I forget most of the words, but the part of the chorus went:

Sandwiches for breakfast
And sandwiches for lunch
If I had a hundred sandwicheds
I'd eat them all at once.

Anyone recognize it?

16 Sep 98 - 05:28 AM (#38294)
Subject: RE: Sandwiches
From: Joe Offer


Sandwiches are beautiful, Sandwiches are fine
I like sandwiches I eat them all the time
I eat them for my dinner, I eat them for my lunch
If I had a hundred sandwiches, I'd eat them all at once

I once met an old man who had a loaf of bread
He saw that I had tuna fish
He looked at me and said
"Your tuna fish is lonely, and my loaf of bread is bare,
We could have some sandwiches if you would care to share"

Now a sandwich can be egg or cheese or
even peanut butter
They all taste so good to me
It really doesn't matter
Ham or Jam Or Cucumber Anything will do
I like sandwiches
How Bout You?

Now a sandwich made of mice would be just right for an owl
A sandwich made of garbage for a skunk who's on the prowl
Honey for the Honeybee, Duckweed for the duck
A sandwich made of clover for the old woodchuck because

Chorus (A few times)

And that's the end

Copied from Camp-songs (click here), which was copied from the Prairie Home Companion.
-Joe Offer-