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Help: Hungry Child copyright

25 Dec 03 - 01:35 PM (#1079758)
Subject: Help: Hungry Child copyright
From: GUEST,Jamie

Can anyone help with tracing who holds the US copyright to the song The Hungry Child (aka Procrastination Song)? It's in the data base and there are threads including info on the Young Tradition's version and its origins - a German trad song and the YT version I'm interested in, apparently written by the late Judith Piepe. I've been in touch with the usual suspects (Harry Fox Agency, EMI Publishing USA, etc) but nobody owns up to holding the copyright. I need a license to release a version on CD and nobody wants my money! Any ideas on how to get permission?



25 Dec 03 - 02:21 PM (#1079775)
Subject: RE: Help: Hungry Child copyright
From: The Borchester Echo

On the Young Tradition CD reissue of 1996, copyright of all tracks apears to lie with Castle Communications plc. Contact details here.

I heard of Judith Piepe's death from someone who had come across Stephen Delft in New Zealand but I have no more precise contact details.

You might also try to contact Heather Wood, the only surviving YT member who lives in New York City.

25 Dec 03 - 04:06 PM (#1079813)
Subject: RE: Help: Hungry Child copyright

Thanks for the tip about Castle Communications - I'll be following that one up shortly, though I fear that might end up with the UK license holder. We'll see - nothing ventured... (as they say). I emailed Heather Wood some time back and she gave some good ideas; unfortunately they led nowhere in the end. All suggestions are appreciated, so thanks again.