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MAX re ... t-shirts ...

15 Sep 98 - 09:26 PM (#38253)
Subject: MAX re ... t-shirts ...
From: Jenny

Hi, Max, et. al., sent you an email last night, but it was returned undeliverable ... probably a glitch on my end ... my service provider is testing some new software. Anyway ... received my t-shirt yesterday, however, it was xlarge, not xxlarge, as I had ordered. I will return same before end of this week ... would y'all please send me the xxlarge t-shirt posthaste?!? Would certainly appreciate it ... keep the faith ... Jenny (will try sending another email)

16 Sep 98 - 08:47 AM (#38304)
Subject: RE: MAX re ... t-shirts ...
From: Ferrara

Yes, Max, pleeease send her her T-shirt so we can find her at the Getaway! (Name tags aren't much use across a crowded room....)

16 Sep 98 - 11:41 AM (#38315)
Subject: RE: MAX re ... t-shirts ...
From: Max

My apologies to Jenny, Barbara and Dick. Barbara, it was not your fault, there was a glich in the code (all my fault) and all orders were coming in as XLarge. I am sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry. Dick, I'll send you a check for your shipping losses. I fixed the glich by the way.

16 Sep 98 - 08:21 PM (#38369)
Subject: RE: MAX re ... t-shirts ...
From: Jenny

Max ... don't panic ... I figured something in the net trans had gone amiss and I knew all would be okay. But Ferrara right ... gotta have my t-shirt for the Getaway. I suppose I could wear a really big football mum on the top of my head ... my hair's too short to wear it in my hair. Jenny

17 Sep 98 - 12:15 PM (#38430)
Subject: RE: MAX re ... t-shirts ...
From: dick greenhaus

JENNY- (AND ANYONE ELSE THAT GOT THE WRONG SIZE)- Please send me a personal message with your address and the size you want--We won't wait until you return the wrong-sized one.

Sorry about that