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Origins: Copyright

14 Jan 04 - 08:45 AM (#1092621)
Subject: Origins: Copyright
From: GUEST,Grace Sinclair

Can any one help me find who owns the copyright to the following
The waters of kylescue, The Dancing in Kyle, For these are my mountains and Danny Boy

14 Jan 04 - 10:09 AM (#1092656)
Subject: RE: Origins: Copyright
From: GUEST,pavane

Danny Boy - tune (London)Derry Air - trad, words written and published 1911 (by an Englishman!), so out of copyright in UK & US.

14 Jan 04 - 07:03 PM (#1092897)
Subject: RE: Origins: Copyright
From: michaelr

Grace -- search this site. If you don't find the songs there, they're likely in the public domain.


14 Jan 04 - 07:16 PM (#1092913)
Subject: RE: Origins: Copyright
From: McGrath of Harlow

More to the point, Fredrick Edward Weatherly, who wrote the words of Danny Boy (who appears never to have even set foot in Ireland) died in 1929.

14 Jan 04 - 07:50 PM (#1092946)
Subject: RE: Origins: Copyright
From: Q (Frank Staplin)

Date of death does not coincide with death of copyright in the US. Although English, I am sure Weatherby had US copyrights as well.
This makes no nevermind, however, since the date is far enough back that even with the additional allowed in the revisions of copyright statutes for 1998-2000, I would guess that his © entitlements are all dead.

Michaelr, I put Danny Boy into that site, and got 16 listings. Dates, renewals, details, etc. are not given.