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Lyr Req: Susie (Leon Rosselson)

19 Feb 04 - 03:06 AM (#1118923)
Subject: Lyr Req: Leon Rosselson's Susie (bites policemen)
From: tadezdada

I'm looking for the lyrics to Leon Rosselson's Susie (bites policemen)song.

19 Feb 04 - 03:43 AM (#1118931)
Subject: ADDPOP: Susie (bites policemen) (Rosselson)
From: Joe Offer

Boy, that's a long one. I'm glad my scanner can copy it.
-Joe Offer-

(Leon Rosselson)

Susie bites policemen
If she can she will select a
Sergeant or a Chief Inspector
Oh she's choosy
They all know Susie
Down at the station
When they hear she's on the prowl there's consternation
Cos they know
That when Susie sinks her teeth
Into their uniforms and flesh, she won't let go.
She won't let go, she won't let go,
She won't let go, she wont let go,
She won't let go, she won't, she won't let go,
It's as if it is her mission
To bite policemen
It's not so much the wounds the coppers mind
As the affront to their position.

The psychiatrist's report
Laid stress on how distraught
Her parents were
And how respectably she'd been brought up.
You're not a criminal, not wicked, just confused, he said,
And laid a hand upon her arm and took a look inside her head,
We are your friends, and I assure you
That we understand you better than you understand yourself
And with your cooperation we can cure you.
Susie looks around as if for somewhere she can hide,
'I enjoy a good bite' she says defiantly.
'Of course, you do,' he says and writes it down.
'And that's exactly what, if you'll cooperate, we mean to cure
When we've succeeded in uncovering just what you do it for.
We are your friends - you can speak openly.
But, of course, to allow you to go round taking bites
Out of members of the force could lead to anarchy.
Susie looks around but there is nowhere she can hide,
'It's the uniform' she says 'does something to me.'
And again he notes it down as he probes further in her brain
And is suddenly surprised to find his eyes have taken in
How perfectly her teeth are formed
And how she'd look quite pretty if she smiled

And how her eyes are green -
Then he explains as to a child
That without the uniform they couldn't do their job.
That's what I mean, she says, that's what I mean.

And in her head a child screams
And in her head a spider spreads
Its threads like words to catch and cobweb
All her waking dreams.

Come along now, Susie,
Give a smile for Daddy,
You could look so pretty
If you only tried.
Won't you make me happy
When you grow up to be
Daddy's lovely lady,
Every man's dream bride.

Susie bites policemen...

Susie watches from behind
A screen which means her mind
Is out of reach
Of the man whose brain is trained to find out
And whose reason is as sharp as a dissecting knife
To slice away the core of craziness and lead her back to life.
For your own good - please believe me
If you persist in being obstinate you leave us with no choice
But to have you locked away and that would grieve me.
Susie in her hiding place keeps silent as a stone.
And then, she hears him say, what will become of you?
His dream is to wake her from her dream.
So then he tells her that these pills are what the treatment now requires
To help her exercise control over her fears and her desires.
For your own good - you need society,
For when we're trapped in our fantasies, we may feel we can fly
Instead of learning to adapt to the reality.
Susie in her hiding place holds silence like a stone
As she sees his shadow grow to tower over her.
And still he tries to break the spell and still the words flow on
As she sees him rise to giant size between her and the sun
And when he reaches out to steal her soul
She sinks her perfect teeth into his arm.

How can he ever know
She doesn't mean him any harm?
As in her eyes he dwindles down to baby size.
She won't let go, he yells, she won't let go.

Still in her head a child screams
And in her head the spider spreads
Its threads like words to catch and cobweb
All her waking dreams.

Now you've made me angry
No-one loves you, Susie,
When you're being moody
When you're being wild.
Who would want to marry
Someone who's so surly
I don't know what will be-
Come of such a child.

Susie bites policemen...

source: Bringing the News from Nowhere: Songs by Leon Rosselson