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Lyr Add: Talkin' Scoutmaster Blues

18 Mar 04 - 12:35 PM (#1140111)
From: voyager

To combat THREAD CREEP and to exclude myself from the "Funniest Talkin' Blues" discussion, I humbly submit the following lyrics, Talkin' ScoutMaster Blues -
Carved from the Hide of Personal Experience + 10 years of Scout
Leadership activity -


At Boy Scout camp, in West Virginia country
Kids went camping with our trusty ScoutMaster
Who brought his whistle and mosquito-net stockings
Took us hiking, canoeing, and rocking
Having a good time

Now Troop33 are a mighty good bunch
They get up in the morning just in time for Lunch
When the work patrol starts, you know it's a winner
They will be on the job when it's time for Dinner!
'Cause they're busy,
Building campfires,
Having a good time

There's Andrew, Alex, Alex and Chris
And Brian and Brian (who did I miss)
Dan, Danny, Daniel and Daniel
(somebody give me a cocker spaniel)
There's Evan, Mark, Michael and Nick
Page and Patrick (that will do the trick)
Trina and Tyke (who have I forgot)

This song's almost over but the story's not done
There are many more trips that we haven't begun
So when you're back in school and Life's really a bummer
Keep your eyes on the trail
We'll see you next summer
Having a good time.

Talkin' ScoutMaster Blues


16 Mar 20 - 06:59 PM (#4040035)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Talkin' Scoutmaster Blues
From: voyager

Refresh (with apologies not to Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan Talkin' Blues)

I led a Boy Scout Troop for 10 years. Both of our sons are Eagle Scouts. I wrote a story about 'Follow the Leader' a mantra of scouting ethics and behavior.

Talkin' Scoutmaster Blues is of this era (mid '90s)


16 Mar 20 - 09:13 PM (#4040059)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Talkin' Scoutmaster Blues
From: cnd

Voyager, that's a funny and nice little song. I was always sad my troop had no "scout spirit" to speak of and we never did much of any singing at all.

21 Dec 20 - 11:55 AM (#4084459)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Talkin' Scoutmaster Blues
From: voyager

our scouts were partial to Dunderbeck's Machine (real loud) -