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Hamish Imlach (1940-1996)-info, songs, etc.

03 Oct 98 - 07:06 AM (#40261)
Subject: hamish imlach
From: ritchie forster

Hamish Imlach sang a song about a man whose hobby was collecting bottles of whisky. His wife gave him the ultimatum that either the bottles went or she

"He took the cork from the first bottle had a little drink,
Kissed the bottle tenderly & poured it down the sink,
Took the cork from the second bottle...

and thats all that I can remember . Can anyone help with the rest of the lyrics or the name of the song thanks,

05 Oct 98 - 11:21 PM (#40466)
Subject: RE: hamish imlach
From: Art Thieme

I've heard it done as a recitation of sorts by HENRY MORGAN, the late father of Chicago Cubs pitcher, Mike Morgan (once again). Rich Warren plays it on the Midnight Special radio show on WFMT-FM in Chicago. (The show was just picked as the best program on WFMT---interesting 'cause it's the only folkish show on the station. The rest of the programming is classical.


07 Oct 98 - 08:19 AM (#40676)
Subject: RE: hamish imlach
From: Ritchie Forster

Thanks Art, at least its a start . The nice thing is whilst I've been waiting for a reply I've read some great correspondence and constantly find myself shooting off on a tangent.Unfortunately here I am in the North East of England just a little too far to catch Rich Warren's show... drat. Never mind,like I said its a start. Thanks again


07 Oct 98 - 11:38 AM (#40710)
Subject: RE: hamish imlach
From: Barbara

Say, Ritchie, while you're hanging out in the north east of jolly old England and not Chicago, can you tell me a little more about Hamish Imlach; who he is, what he does, where he does it, and where I might find a tape or CD of his songs?

07 Oct 98 - 12:10 PM (#40712)
Subject: RE: hamish imlach
From: Ewan McV

Hamish Imlach was one of the founders of the Folk Revival in Scotland, a raconteur who taught Billy Connolly, a singer who taught Christie Moore, a blues guitarist who taught John Martyn. He died, much lamented, a couple of years ago. I helped him write his hilarious autobiography of a life on the singing roads of Europe, called COD LIVER OIL AND THE ORANGE JUICE, but we fell out with the publishers and the book is out of print. I could maybe find and post the obituaries I wrote for a couple of our national papers - I'll have a go.

07 Oct 98 - 06:23 PM (#40764)
Subject: RE: hamish imlach
From: Barbara

If it's convenient, please, I'd like to hear more. Does he have any records or tapes available?

07 Oct 98 - 07:55 PM (#40777)
Subject: RE: hamish imlach
From: Håvard

Sadly, I only learned about Hamish post mortem. He died within a month after I arrived in Edinburgh as a student for the first time in the autumn of 1995. He was as many a Scottish folk singer seduced and abuced by the grape, and his unhealthy lifstyle finaly and sadly caught up with him.

He was an outstanding singer and performer, as I learned by his tapes and from all his friends in the Edinburgh folk community. My favorite song by Hamish is his vesion of "Sonny's Dream", which he partially rewrote after hearing it on a Canadian folk festival. He introduced this (Newfoundland) song in Europe, and Christy Moore/Mary Black/Jean Readpath based their versions on his.

Although Hamish probably is best known for his comedy songs (It's better in the dark/Cod Liver oil and the Orange Juice/The Smoke Song), he also gave supreme versions of Irish songs (e.g The Foggy Dew) and was at one time invited to join "the Dubliners".

As for records I'd recomend "Hamish Imlach - The Definitive Transatlantic Collection"


08 Oct 98 - 07:43 AM (#40861)
Subject: RE: hamish imlach
From: Sandy

Hamish, I believe was also a great friend of Matt McGinn who is another Scottish folk legend. It's worth while finding out about Matt. Some of his stuff is brilliant. Unfortunately he also died of living life too hard by no fault of anyones but his own.


08 Oct 98 - 02:22 PM (#40902)
Subject: RE: hamish imlach
From: mike

I am saddened to hear of Hamish's death. I must have missed that news, but to be honest I'm surprised he lasted as long as he did. I saw him several times whenI was young in the early seventies around Manchester (England) most memorably at the M.S.G. (every seat behind one or other of the cast iron pillers)He was superb, but boy did he drink. His control of the room was total and he was so good that I(over several years) bought most of his records I was always disapointed, good as the records are, they couldn't capture the soul that he put into a live performance, If you think his records are good, you should have seen him live.

12 Oct 98 - 03:22 AM (#41286)
Subject: RE: hamish imlach
From: skw@

I like to think Hamish died the way he would have liked to go. He didn't compromise his chosen lifestyle for longevity, and he certainly lived his 54 years at least three times over. Not exactly an example to the kids, perhaps, but I admire him for that.
Fortunately, he made one CD just before he died. 'More and Merrier' is, I think, on the KRL/Lochshore label and also features Hamish's long-term partner, Muriel Graves, and his (sadly, short-term) musical partner, the fabulous Kate Kramer, who is actually American, but living in Glasgow.
I think 'Sonny's Dream' (1985 - his best LP, I think) has been brought out on CD as well, 'Portrait' I'm not sure about. 'Live in Hamburg' (1986), featuring him and occasional partner Iain MacKintosh live at a (no - THE) Hamburg pub, is available from some German label as a CD, or maybe from Iain MacKintosh himself. I could find out the German label's address if you like, Barbara. - Susanne

12 Oct 98 - 03:37 AM (#41288)
Subject: RE: hamish imlach
From: Wolfgang Hell

- Håvard, if you have the lyrics of the Smoke song, please post them.

- Susanne, I'd like to know the German label.


12 Oct 98 - 10:55 AM (#41331)
Subject: Lyr Add: THE COPPER'S SONG (Hamish Imlach)
From: AndyG

I heartily agree with all the above regrets, I last saw Hamish perform at the Cambridge Folk Festival, he died not long afterwards.

I got this song second hand from someone who claimed it was performed (maybe written) by Hamish, I don't honestly know. I've always thought of it as his though.

(Hamish Imlach)

One night down in old Invertochy (?)
The Gestapo were out on their beat
Looking for murder and arson
And drunks as they rolled down the street

Their were two constabulary agents - (pr. consta-bew-lary)
Their books they were quite full of names
One man, two women and a wee dog
For peeing on lamposts and drains

It was twelve o'clock when they found him
Lying there just like a log
T'was a badly bashed-about body
With tyre-marks scorched up its phizog

So they went through the usual procedure
Kicked him to make sure he was dead
Then they went though his pockets and shared out his cash
And smoked all his cigs while he bled

Then the two of them picked up the body
One had the head and the feet
And they carried him off to an alley
And dropped him on another man's beat

It was two o'clock when they re-found him
Propped up in a old fish shop door
He was naked by now, with a note on his toe
'Not wanted on beats three or four'


12 Oct 98 - 05:02 PM (#41372)
Subject: RE: hamish imlach
From: Ewan McV

AndyG - Hamish said that that song was reworked by him from a 'traditional' source. I seem to recall that the original was a British Army one involving Military Policemen.

In general re recordings, in recent years Hamish made a video recording - a 'live' performance in Glasgow. I have an advance copy rather than the commercial release. Can anyone give a source and details?

12 Oct 98 - 05:17 PM (#41374)
Subject: RE: hamish imlach
From: Barry Finn

John Nolan may be able to shed more light on that song, he does a lovely job singing it & before he came to the US from Scotland that might have been his beat. I'll post him to look in on this thread. Barry

12 Oct 98 - 07:20 PM (#41391)
Subject: RE: hamish imlach
From: John Nolan

I always assumed the song was written by Adam McNaughtan, and know it in its Glasgow vernacular, rather than the Anglified version above. When I was a very young policeman, in the mid 1960s, I was put on an Easterhouse beat in the east end of Glasgow, with an old and cynical plodder named J.F. In those pre-Strathclyde Police days, Glasgow police's jurisdiction ended at the city boundry, beyond which lay the wilds of Lanarkshire. The Monkland canal wound through the Easterhouse housing scheme, and on across the city line - and one dark night, F. found a body floating in the canal, very near that boundry. Assuming it was a suicide, or more likely a drunk, and not wishing to give up his own drinking time by writing endless reports and hanging about the mortuary F.(as he told it)decided to get a clothes pole from a nearby back court, and poke the dead floater under a bridge and into Lanarkshire, which he managed to do quite successfully. He then made a muffled, anonymous call to Coatbridge Police to report the presence of a body in the Lanarkshire portion of the canal. Whether this incident, which is not too widely known, had any bearing on the penning of the song, I can't say, but Hamish lived in Motherwell, not far distant, and McNaughton, if indeed he had any hand in writing it, was just over the Clyde in Rutherglen.

13 Oct 98 - 04:56 AM (#41482)
Subject: RE: hamish imlach
From: AndyG

Thanks everyone for the commentary. I too learnt the song in the North British vernacular, but coming from Manchester and living in Cambridge, I don't even attempt the accent. I wrote the words in the form I currently sing/remember them, no disrespect intended or, I hope, taken.


13 Oct 98 - 07:56 AM (#41503)
Subject: RE: hamish imlach
From: ritchie forster

ah now we're getting some where ! I agree with all the comments about his live performances as opposed to his recorded work and as for being a raconteur well life's all about leaving people with a smile on their face or a thought in their head is n't it ? Check out live performances of Vin Garbitt he does both.. and Barbara check out John Martyn , if you have n't already ...he's written some beautiful songs and his live performances are either tremendous and the hair stands up on the back of your head or ....well, blame it on the demon drink , perhaps when he's in that sort of mood the best thing is to join him.... talking of which .......

"He took the cork from the first bottle ,had a little drink..
kissed the bottle tenderly poured it down the sink...."

C'mn Susanne, Mike & Harvad you must have it..Please. but in the meantime keep the memory of Hamish alive.

all the best,


15 Oct 98 - 04:36 AM (#41765)
Subject: RE: hamish imlach
From: skw@ to Wolfgang

Wolfgang, re 'Live in Hamburg' by Hamish Imlach and Iain MacKintosh: You might phone Volker Wilmking (05241 / 20725), who used to own the label 'Musikiste' on which it first came out as an LP. You might try the mail order firm 'Old Songs New Songs' (, Tel. 02327 / 88248, Fax 13818), or, as I said, you might watch out for Iain in Germany. He should be over again in December, touring with Brian McNeill. As a last resort, I could try to get you a copy from him. To avoid clogging this thread with personal messages you could eMail me at
BTW, would you be able (and willing) to convert a song on tape into a postable songfile? I'm having a problem there.

Ritchie - sorry, no, I don't have that particular song!

15 Oct 98 - 08:28 PM (#41877)
Subject: RE: hamish imlach
From: dick greenhaus

If it's of any help, the MOrgan recitation appeared (with illustrations) in an old copy of Mad magazine.

16 Oct 98 - 04:10 AM (#41928)
Subject: RE: hamish imlach
From: ArRo

Happy to find so many Imlach-fans Does anyone of you have the lyrics for Hamish version of "Come and join the british army"? He called it "If it wasn't for the unions". Im playing in a folkband and we really want to play this song but couldn't figure out some of the lyrics. You can either post it here or mail me at:


16 Oct 98 - 08:04 AM (#41934)
Subject: RE: hamish imlach
From: John Nolan

ArRo: Author of that song is the late Matt McGinn. I'll post the words tonight, if McVicar doesn't roll out of his hammock first.

07 Feb 99 - 10:15 AM (#57536)
Subject: RE: hamish imlach
From: Muriel Graves

07 Feb 99 - 10:22 AM (#57538)
Subject: RE: hamish imlach
From: Muriel Graves

To Andy G. I was really pleased to find this chat page about Hamish. Many thanks to Susanne for letting me know about it! I learned The Copper's Song from Paul Ross, who ran the first Folk Club in Cumbria, England, in the 60's. I gave the words to Hamish and he adapted it for Scottish audiences. If you really want the original words I could probably find/remember them. If you want to contact me e-mail me at Muriel Graves

07 Feb 99 - 11:22 AM (#57544)
Subject: RE: hamish imlach
From: Barbara

Ah Muriel, welcome to Mudcat. Any stories or information you'd like to share with us will be welcomed. Can you tell us any way to get Imlach recordings (in any form) here in the States?


08 Feb 99 - 09:46 AM (#57630)
Subject: RE: hamish imlach
From: Alan B

re: Hamish Imlach sang a song about a man whose hobby was collecting bottles of whisky. etC

Have you got the lyrics yet. If not, I can get them in a week or so.

08 Feb 99 - 11:19 AM (#57640)
Subject: RE: hamish imlach

Hi, Muriel,
I didn't know you were on the web. Glad you got my mail.
Concerning that song about the collector of whisky bottles: Some weeks ago it was reported in some German papers that the prime minister of North-Rhine Westphalia had amused the new federal chancellor (who held that very post before him) by a longish story about a man who collected miniature whisky bottles but poured them down the sink one after the other when his wife objected to this hobby etc. etc.
I thought then I'd heard that story before. But Jesus - shouldn't these men have other worries, and - shouldn't our news hunters??? - All the best, Susanne

23 Feb 99 - 06:39 AM (#59778)
Subject: RE: hamish imlach
From: Ritchie

Joy Oh Joy,

What a nice suprise..everything comes to He who waits..

Alan B there's a pint in this for you if you do..

love and happiness


23 Feb 99 - 03:19 PM (#59858)
Subject: RE: hamish imlach
From: Rick Fielding

This is a true Hamish Imlach story straight from the lips of ace Scots picker and singer Archie Fisher. It's not for the faint-hearted,but after reading Catspaw's latest I guess I can push my own envelope a bit further.

Hamish was taking a train to a folk club in Glasgow, and had imbibed generously along the way. Feeling a mite queasy he raced to the loo and was VERY sick. He also had a very messy and unpleasant attack of the runs! (perhaps from too much cod liver oil and orange juice) Seeing what unwashable shape his clothes were in Mr. Imlach, rather than panicking, opened the door a crack and called for the porter. Knowing that the train would be making a ten minute stop a few miles up the road he asked the porter to get off the train and quickly pick him up some Levis "48 short" with a ten pound note as a reward. The train stopped, the wish was granted and the porter handed the embarrased Hamish his parcel through the door. Hamish balled up his soiled pants and underwear and when the train started rolling again, threw them out the window into a field. Only then did he open the parcel to find a brand new "48 short" Levi JACKET!

24 Feb 99 - 03:16 AM (#59959)
Subject: RE: hamish imlach

Rick - Interesting ... but not about Hamish himself at all. He did tell it against himself in gigs, but in his book he admits the guy concerned was a friend of his, and he just pinched the story because it was so effective. If anyone insists, I can bring in the passage from his book (which, unfortunately, is out of print) later this week. - Susanne

24 Feb 99 - 10:25 AM (#59992)
Subject: RE: hamish imlach
From: Ritchie


I'm pleased you said that...I was going to reply something to the effect 'don't believe everything you hear, especially from a performer of the arts'.

Someone told me that they were called apocryphal stories, and as he does n't sing or play an instrument either in private or public I have no cause to disbelieve him.

At least it's allowed me to keep the thread alive to hopefully catch Alan B's attention.

love & happiness


24 Feb 99 - 11:42 AM (#60004)
Subject: RE: hamish imlach
From: Rick Fielding

Susanne, thanks for pointing that out. Archie told it as a "Hamish experience" and since the crowd were all familiar with Mr. Imlach, probably could relate better. Of course the stories about Archie's legendary exploits are probably mostly apocryphal as well, but he just gives a sly grin and unlike Mr. Clinton, refuses to deny, deny, deny.

27 Feb 99 - 09:54 AM (#60584)
Subject: RE: hamish imlach
From: Ritchie

Alan B,

Just keeping the thread alive and because I'm feeling lucky..I think I'll put a œ on tonight's lottery.

Some nice comments on various threads today.


23 Mar 99 - 01:27 AM (#65201)
Subject: RE: hamish imlach
From: John

Does anybody know the lyrics to the song Cod Liver Oil And The Orange Juice


23 Mar 99 - 03:09 AM (#65215)
Subject: ADD: Cod Liver Oil and The Orange Juice
From: Jon Bartlett

(as sung by Hamish Imlach)

OOt o the east there cam a hard man, Ohoho, all the way frae Brigton Ahaha, glory hallelujah, cod liver oil and the orange juice.

He went intae a pub and he cam oot paralytic, Ohoho, VP and cider Ahaha, helluva mixture, CDO & TOJ

"Does this bus go tae the Dennistoun Palais, Ohoho, I'm lookin for a lumber"/Ahaha, GH, CLO & TOJ

At the dancin he met Hairy Mary, Ohoho, the flooer o the Gorbals, Ahaha, a helluva smasher, CLO & TOJ

"Hairy Mary, O are ye dancin?" "Oho no, it's just the way I'm standin'! Aha GH, CLO & TOJ

"Hairy Mary, ye're wan in a million" Ohoho, and so's yer bliddy chances", Ahaha, GH, CLO & TOJ

"Hairy Mary, can I rin ye hame, Ohoho, I've got a new pair o sannies" Ahaha, ye're helluva funny, CLO & TOJ

Oot by the back close and doon by the dunny, Ohoho, it wasnae for the first time, Ahaha, it winna be the last time, CLO & TOJ

Oot cam her mother, she was gaun tae the cludgie, Ohoho, like a constipated budgie, Ahaha, I buggered off sharpish, CLO & TOJ

Hairy Mary's lookin for her hard man, Ohoho, he's joined the Foreign Legion, Ahaha, Sahara and ra camels, CLO & TOJ

Hairy Mary she's had a wee babbie, Ohoho, its faither's in the army, Ahaha, GH CLO & TOJ.

    Wonder where the tune is from? (click) -Joe Offer-

23 Mar 99 - 10:21 AM (#65288)
Subject: RE: hamish imlach
From: Alan B


Sorry for the delay, hope you win the lottery.

I've had the lyrics awaiting, and lost the thread. (bit like life really).

Will post as soon as I get back home

Be back soon

Alan B

27 Mar 99 - 08:43 AM (#66281)
Subject: RE: hamish imlach
From: Ritchie

Alan ,

I've been away awhile myself but now I'm back.

I'm pleased that I posted a trace on this thread.

yours excitedly


31 Mar 99 - 07:01 AM (#67037)
Subject: Lyr Add: TALL TALE (Watt Nicoll)
From: Alan B

Sorry it's been so long in coming, Ritchie. Here are the words as I have them:
Hamish start singing in his own inimitable way, and words are slurred more as the song progresses - can't imagine why!

(Watt Nicoll)

Took the cork from the first bottle, had a little drink,
Kissed the bottle tenderly & poured it down the sink.
I uncorked the second, did the same as before.
Before I poured it down the sink, I drank a little more.
Uncorked the third, and I drank a little toast
To the losing of the ten friends I really liked the most.
Stood to attention, had another little drink,
Put the cork in the bucket and the whisky down the sink.

The next three bottles, they were very quickly swilled.
I uncorked and drained each, only drank a gill.
The next bottle baulked me, for the cork was very tight,
And the room was going round and round, which didn't help me plight.
I tried to gain me balance as I leaned against the wall,
But I couldn't draw the room from the damned sink at all.
When at last I drew it, with a mighty plop,
Fell on me arse, and I drank a glass of cork.

Well, the next sink was different, for the cork was very slack.
I held the room in one hand, and I knocked the bugger back.
I tried to count the empties as they dances before me eyes,
And I'd only got to twenty-three, when much to my surprise,
There were ten sinks of whisky, every one uncorked,
And the drain in the bottle it was very badly blocked.
And then I heard me wife as upon the door she knocked,
Fell in the bathtub and drank the bloody lot.

Ritchie - Are you from NE England? If so, I may hold you to that pint (If the offer is still on after waiting so long!)
My wife & I are going to the Beverly Folk Festival again this year. If you're there, perhaps we could meet.

Alan B

01 Apr 99 - 02:47 AM (#67250)
Subject: RE: hamish imlach
From: Ritchie

Alan B,

Not only will I buy you a pint I'll even get your Good Lady a drink as well (unless of course She drinks whisky,as we all know where that will lead to!)I'll check out if I can get to Beverly, you're right it's just doon the road.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this thread in whatever form (that's including you Oldtimer).

I've found the Holy Grail ,all I need now is a recording of Art singing it.

Whilst I'm waiting...Does anyone have the lyrics to....?

Au Revoir Ritchie.

02 May 99 - 11:48 AM (#75105)
Subject: RE: hamish imlach
From: Håvard

I'm bringing up this tread, because I just found Hamish's "train experience" together with other hilarious urban legends here. He was obviously able to give a memorable verion of it though


12 May 11 - 04:01 PM (#3152908)
Subject: RE: hamish imlach
From: RobbieWilson

I was looking for Coppers Song in the DT, where it is not and fund it and the lyrics of one or two other HI songs in this old thread. How do we go about getting the lyrics in the DT?

12 May 11 - 04:25 PM (#3152928)
Subject: RE: hamish imlach
From: GUEST,John MacKenzie

Look here
I suggest posting it under the heading of Lyric Add, if you want it in the DT.

12 May 11 - 04:26 PM (#3152929)
Subject: RE: hamish imlach
From: Bill D

Posted lyrics are 'collected' by our DT managers and occasionally added in a bulk revision. Due to the format, there's no easy way to add one song at a time. (Dick or Susan may pop in for a more technical answer)

12 May 11 - 05:03 PM (#3152964)
Subject: RE: Hamish Imlach (1940-1996)-info, songs, etc.
From: Joe Offer

I've consolidated most of the postings of the song into one Lyrics ADD thread. Maybe that will catch the attention of the harvesters. Since this is a song that is specific to one performer, it may not make the cut, but it's here at Mudcat for all to see and it's indexed here under both "Hamish Imlach" and "Copper's Song." It's interesting to see the wide variety in the transcriptions of this song.


13 May 11 - 04:05 PM (#3153564)
Subject: RE: Hamish Imlach (1940-1996)-info, songs, etc.
From: Pistachio

Wow, that's taken me back in time. Saw Hamish many years ago, still raising a chuckle.

13 May 11 - 05:22 PM (#3153604)
Subject: RE: Hamish Imlach (1940-1996)-info, songs, etc.
From: GUEST,Alan Whittle

British folk music was great in those days - inspirational because it was eclectic - it opened new worlds to you. Carried off with superlative guitar picking, presented brilliantly and with charismatic delivery and political awareness. Hamish was a class act.   I never knew the guy, but I was in awe of him.

I think his guitar style had been influenced by ramblin Jack eliot - certainly his version of blind lemon jefferson's Matchbox Blues was. he was a neat picker though - listen to his version of the Foggy Dew. I loved his version of Where the Gowdie Rins. It wasn't always a success - I never liked the bluesy guitar to black is the Colour. Christy moore sold that song to me.

I suspect that sort devotion to the craft costs in lots of ways that you can't quantify. Still - good job some people go for it. otherwise we wouldn't know how it needs to be done. We'd only have the word of people who say - listen to folk music cos its good for you - not because it has the power to entertain.

13 May 11 - 05:26 PM (#3153606)
Subject: RE: Hamish Imlach (1940-1996)-info, songs, etc.
From: Joe Offer

Interesting, too, to compare his rendition of Lead Belly's Jean Harlow with the original.


14 May 11 - 06:09 AM (#3153868)
Subject: RE: Hamish Imlach (1940-1996)-info, songs, etc.
From: Jim McLean

Ewan McVicar's book Cod Liver Oil and the Orange Juice is a must for anyone who wants to know about Hamish. Try Ebay or wherever for a copy.

14 May 11 - 06:19 AM (#3153873)
Subject: RE: Hamish Imlach (1940-1996)-info, songs, etc.
From: GUEST,Alan Whittle

Ewan very kindly e-mailed me the text a few years back. I bought his book about the early folkscene in Scotland, but a certain Scottish folksinger borrowed it, and I haven't seen it for about four years. ewan's books deserve our support, as do Elijah wald's. Another occasional mudcatter.

14 May 11 - 06:42 AM (#3153879)
Subject: RE: Hamish Imlach (1940-1996)-info, songs, etc.
From: Dave Hanson

That's ' The Gaudie ' Al.

Dave H

14 May 11 - 06:49 AM (#3153885)
Subject: RE: Hamish Imlach (1940-1996)-info, songs, etc.
From: GUEST,Alan Whittle

Yes I put that and it didn't look right. So i changed it, knowing it wasn't right either. You don't hear that song much. Its a pity cos its a good one. You can imagine Doc watson blowing that into smithereens.

05 Apr 13 - 07:50 AM (#3499110)
Subject: RE: Hamish Imlach (1940-1996)-info, songs, etc.
From: GUEST,Les Center

I was looking for the lyrics to what I called "The Ballad of Invertoddie" by Hamish Imlach, and discovered this thread. Thank you all for keeping Hamish's memory alive. I was fortunate enough to have known Hamish in the early 70s, he had dinner in my house, and I performed on more than one stage with him.

He was a larger than life character, but he always laughed at life and himself, and lived life on his terms. I was deeply saddened by passing, there's a hole in the folk world where Hamish once stood, but as long as good folks such as yourselves keep his memory alive, he'll always be with us, in story and song.


05 Apr 13 - 12:50 PM (#3499225)
Subject: RE: Hamish Imlach (1940-1996)-info, songs, etc.
From: Kenny B (inactive)

Hi Les is this what you are looking for?

It was Down in Old Invertoddie? .... Coppers song

05 Apr 13 - 12:54 PM (#3499227)
Subject: RE: Hamish Imlach (1940-1996)-info, songs, etc.
From: Kenny B (inactive)

Coppers Song

06 Apr 13 - 11:06 AM (#3499594)
Subject: RE: Hamish Imlach (1940-1996)-info, songs, etc.


07 Apr 13 - 07:28 AM (#3499986)
Subject: RE: Hamish Imlach (1940-1996)-info, songs, etc.
From: GUEST,Eddie1 (sans cookie)

Great to read this thread which brought back many happy memories of Hamish.
My favourite was singing on stage with him at – if I remember correctly – Paisley Town Hall and someone sent me a pic of the two of us sharing a mike. I'm a good foot taller than Hamish was. Archie Fisher saw it and nearly had an accident in his pants! Hamish's tag was "The Big Man of Scottish Folk Music". He gave me a copy of his book and signed it "To the Really Big Man of Scottish Folk Music."

The Levi jeans/jacket story was nicked from Spike Milligan but lost nothing in the re-telling!

One other story involving a runny bowel movement, verified by Hamish, was when he was doing a concert in a hotel in Jersey. A lot of the summer staff were Scottish and after the gig, invited Hamish back to the staff quarters, a separate house in the grounds where a lot of drink was partaken of. On the way back to the main building, Hamish was "caught short" and, in the absence of a convenient toilet, made use of a clump of bushes and used his undergarments as toilet paper, a carefully covering them with leaves. Next morning Hamish was enjoying a leisurely breakfast in the dining room with the French windows open to the morning air. Through the French windows appeared a Labrador, bearing a disgusting pair of obviously Hamish-sized Y-fronts between its jaws. It headed straight for Hamish, deposited the odorous burden in front of him and stood back, wagging its tail frantically and awaiting praise! It could only happen to Hamish!

I miss the bugger!


22 Oct 19 - 05:43 PM (#4014919)
Subject: RE: Hamish Imlach (1940-1996)-info, songs, etc.

Took the cork from the first bottle, had a little drink.
Kissed the bottle tenderly then poured it down the sink
Uncorked the second, did the same as before
Before he poured it down the sink, he drank a little more.
Uncorked the third and then gave a little toast
Tae the losing of the ten friends he really liked the most.
Stood to attention had another little drink
Threw the cork in the bucket and the whisky down the sink
The fourth drink was different as the glass was very slack
So he held it down with one hand as he knocked the bottler back
The next three bottles they were very quickly swilled
As I uncorked them each and only drank a gill
The next bottle hurt because the cork was very tight
The room was going round and round which didn't help me plight
I fought to gain me balanced as I leaned against the wall
I couldn't sort myself from the damned thing at all
I tried to count the empties as the Dancer before me eyes
I'd only counted 23 when much to my surprise
There were 10 sinks of whisky, every one uncorked
The drain at the bottom it was very badly blocked
Then I heard me Wife as on the door she knocked
I fell in the bathtub and drank the bloody lot

Hampshire imlach often said whisky improves with age. The older he got, the more he liked it

22 Oct 19 - 06:31 PM (#4014924)
Subject: RE: Hamish Imlach (1940-1996)-info, songs, etc.
From: GUEST,akenaton

Knew Hamish quite well in the sixties, he is well known for his comedy stuff and was a born entertainer like Connolly, but at heart he was a blues man as Al has noted. I loved Hamish's live performances of "black is the colour and his blues style guitar...there was a blues thread through everything he did even the traditional Irish and Scottish stuff. I miss his booming laugh, the fags stuck in the neck of the guitar and the cold twinkling eyes. Larger than life and one of the old time minstrels, only a very few left and they are fading fast.
While we argue about semantics that generation of entertainers WERE the revival to everyone except the inner circle.

25 Oct 19 - 12:22 PM (#4015358)
Subject: RE: Hamish Imlach (1940-1996)-info, songs, etc.
From: Big Al Whittle

'While we argue about semantics that generation of entertainers WERE the revival to everyone except the inner circle.'

couldn't have put it better.