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26 Apr 04 - 02:49 PM (#1171511)
Subject: yodel-ay-ee-oooo reading in DC
From: wreck

Reading Performance Last-Minute Announcement for

bart plantenga

Tuesday, April 27
Library of Congress
James Madison Building
Mumford Room, 6th floor
101 Independence Ave. SE
6pm - 7:45pm
lecture + DJ Jose with yodeling samples
+ renowned yodelers Randy Erwin & Cathy Fink
with book signing afterward

"an amazing, wild, and wonderful book" -- Nolan Porterfield
"fun, head-spinning, and ontologically profund." -- Luc Sante
"wry, humorous, touching, irreverent, vivid, and unforgettable" -- Ranger
"a thoroughly entertaining, throttle-at-the-red-line ride through the
history of yodeling. Highly recommended..." --- Library Journal
"promises to be a classic" -- Book Sense
"solid, exhaustive look at yodeling" -- Entertainment Weekly
"a book that will be exceedingly difficult to improve upon" -- The Wire

26 Apr 04 - 03:01 PM (#1171526)
Subject: RE: yodel-ay-ee-oooo
From: Cruiser

I "learned" to yodel with Cathy Fink and Tod Whittemore's 'Learn To Yodel' book by Homespun Tapes.

Hi dee ay hodel ay'ee dee'oh
Hull la lo'oo tee....

26 Apr 04 - 07:39 PM (#1171768)
Subject: RE: yodel-ay-ee-oooo
From: Gray D

Can't resist it . . . there's a type of yodelling from Georgia, Eastern Europe, that's called "Krimanchuli". It's rather more aggressive than the U.S. or Tyrolean versions and it's tricky because it's not in a western scale . . . but I like it. Had to learn it by ear though as it's not in any books, as far as I know. Though it might be in "99 Georgian Songs" pub. by Black Mountain Press, but I'm not sure 'cos I haven't received my copy yet.

Ohh del i ya heee ya delo eeyah ohhhhhhhhhhhh - yohhhhhhhhhhhh! (Naduri)

Gray D

26 Apr 04 - 10:29 PM (#1171854)
Subject: RE: yodel-ay-ee-oooo
From: Amos

Man, thuh thangs yuh learn on the Cat!!


27 Apr 04 - 02:07 AM (#1171953)
Subject: RE: yodel-ay-ee-oooo
From: Joe Offer

Gray, are there Krimanchuli recordings available that you would recommend?
-Joe Offer-

27 Apr 04 - 04:29 AM (#1172023)
Subject: RE: yodel-ay-ee-oooo
From: Flash Company

I thought it otiginated from the guy in Switzerland shouting after the fleeing skier 'You swine, you seduced my daughter!'
and back up the mountain came the immortal reply ' Your old lady too!'


27 Apr 04 - 06:29 AM (#1172075)
Subject: RE: yodel-ay-ee-oooo
From: Hrothgar

Knock! knock!
Who's there?
Little old lady.
Little old lady who?
I didn't know you could yodel.

27 Apr 04 - 07:59 AM (#1172145)
Subject: RE: yodel-ay-ee-oooo
From: A Wandering Minstrel

Definitely not required for several minutes at the end of an otherwise well sung vocal. We know you have a lovely voice... now play the resolve chord!!!

27 Apr 04 - 03:41 PM (#1172573)
Subject: RE: yodel-ay-ee-oooo
From: Gray D

Joe Offer,

There's a majestic version of "Naduri", a work song, on the Rustavi Choir's CD "Mirangula" - Sony St. Petersburg Classics label - SMK 66 588. The Krimanchuli is just after the start and you may get a feel of the Georgian scale by the fact that the top notes sound slightly "off" to the western ear - if, of course, western ears are what you have. Though my teacher, Edischer, thought that the Rustavi's were "westernising" their sound somewhat on their recordings.

. . . it's followed by a spine tingling version of the gorgeous "Tsintskaro" as well . . . and then there's"Daigvianes" . . . and "Chela" . . . and "Mirangula" itself . . . erm, it's a good album.

Gray D

27 Apr 04 - 03:55 PM (#1172588)
Subject: RE: yodel-ay-ee-oooo
From: Gray D

But the best way to experience Georgian music is of course, to learn and sing it, preferably with Georgians if you want to learn Krimanchuli. I assume that you're in the U.S. so Larry Gordon or Patty Kuyler(spelling? Sorry, Patty) at Northern Harmony might be able to point you in the right direction if you wanted to give it a try. People in the U.K. should get in touch with Michael Bloom ( does a tremendous job of promoting things Georgian over here.

Apologies for the thread drift, everyone.

Gray D