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Link: Uncle Tink's Mississippi John Hurt lyrics

22 May 04 - 07:16 PM (#1191737)
Subject: Uncle Tinks MJH Lyrics Site
From: Tweed

Yaz, our own Khing Khandu has the bug. The Royal Insaniac is putting together a Mississippi John Hurt song lyrics site here: Uncle Tink's

I fear now that his madness is complete, or nearin' completion anyhow az a person would have to be crazed to fool around with building an internet site of any kind.

Anyhow, I should think that visits to the new house are in order, and if you lose this thread, his web page address is on the Add-Yore-Link page at Tweed's. Many fine lyrics and he is adding more at a feverish rate.


22 May 04 - 08:30 PM (#1191759)
Subject: RE: Uncle Tinks MJH Lyrics Site
From: Mark Clark

Thanks, Tweed. It looks as though Khandu has a pretty good start. Some of the dark text is hard to read against the background and there seems to be no way to isolate a single song but he'll have time to work on it as his mind deteriorates. <g>

      - Mark

22 May 04 - 08:58 PM (#1191772)
Subject: RE: Uncle Tinks MJH Lyrics Site
From: khandu

Well, I am working on various backgrounds & text colors between fits of conniption!
May take a while to get it right,but the lyrics are the important part of it so I'll make certain they are readable!!

Visitors, critics & lyric hunters or lyric contributors are welcomed!

ken (AKA khandu AKA Uncle Tink)