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Sorch is Home!

26 May 04 - 01:36 PM (#1194347)
Subject: Sorch is Home!
From: Sorcha

Well, friends, you are all shut of me for a year at least. I want to say THANK YOU ALL VERY VERY MUCH for the things all of you did for me. For food, transport, money, putting up with my foibles, disrupting your lives and schedules....etc etc etc. I apologize for any inconviencies/problems I time I'll know more and be more able to be on my own.

Everything was sooooo glorious and wonderful that I just don't know where to start. If I name names I know I will leave someone out, so just know that I truly enjoyed myself.Visa Card enjoyed me too. It's good to be home and the dogs, husband and kids all went crazy. There was a crash on the motorway on the way out of Denver (half a double wide mobile home--no one hurt but the 'half' is a total loss) so we were until 1 AM getting here. By then, I'd been up almost 25 hrs and Brian over 26....we crashed and burnt. Kate is making fun of my 'accent'...I'll try to ditch it as soon as possible.

Lots to do still, but I am unpacked and semi sorted. Been to the grocery store (to get cat food!!) and the house isn't bad at all. So far (almost noon here) no jet lag to speak of. I had to have a beer at "5 PM" tho even if it WAS only 10 AM here, LOL! More later...stuff to do.

26 May 04 - 01:40 PM (#1194351)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Geoff the Duck

Welcome Home Sorch!
See you in the Mudchat some time...

26 May 04 - 01:42 PM (#1194354)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Blowzabella

Hope you had a truly wonderful time Sorcha - sorry we didn't get to meet up.


26 May 04 - 01:44 PM (#1194358)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Emma B

Happy homecoming Sorcha
Already planning the "next time" hey!
Curry leaves to follow

26 May 04 - 02:11 PM (#1194375)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: fiddler

Nice to see you - enjoy home and family for a while now - speak soon


26 May 04 - 02:16 PM (#1194382)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Amos



26 May 04 - 02:17 PM (#1194383)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Herga Kitty

I shall treasure my pheasant, and the opportunity of meeting you in Plaistow!

Glad you're home and safe.


26 May 04 - 02:26 PM (#1194394)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: McGrath of Harlow

It was good to see you and hear you. I'm sure they are glad to have you back home again.

You do realise you are probably going to have all kinds of weird people from back here turn up on your doorstep sooner or later...

My pheasant is safe and sound too.

26 May 04 - 02:28 PM (#1194395)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Sorcha

Emma, found and bought curry leaves in Norwich. Any and all are always welcome here if you can brave the far west.....long ways from anywhere we are! Come on out!!!

26 May 04 - 02:37 PM (#1194408)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: jacqui.c

Pheasants all around and all being looked after

It was nice to meet you Sorcha. Glad you enjoyed yourself.

26 May 04 - 02:46 PM (#1194413)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: wysiwyg

Welcome home! I burned your CDs today so I could be sure to send them by the time you got home on the 25th. I think I lost a week somewhere!

Now that you know they can survive without you, when are you coming HERE?


26 May 04 - 04:16 PM (#1194500)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Mudlark

Welcome home, Sorcha...sounds like you had a stellar time. I bet it felt good to be greeted by your corgis...they know how to do it right!

26 May 04 - 04:50 PM (#1194516)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Catherine Jayne

Glad to hear you made it home safe and sound and that you enjoyed you time over here in the UK.

...Shopping for cat food eh??......I take it he said yes to the kitty!!!

26 May 04 - 07:01 PM (#1194584)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Micca

Hi Sorch, glad you made it home ok, it was a pleasure to meet and be host to you during (some)of your UK visit. It certainly was a frenzied and eventful visit!! some time again (as the Inuit say)

26 May 04 - 07:12 PM (#1194589)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Sorcha

Well, not exactly, catsPHiddle.....I haven't gone cat shopping yet....the mog we have was almost out and whinging about the chewed over bits in her bowl. Cat shopping is on the list when I get finished with house and piccies. LOL!

House not too bad, really. Garden, really really bad. Weeds got ahead of me big time. Also, I am pleased to say that I really did seem to bring the weather with me. It has been cold and rainy here (even tried to snow once) since I left. So sorry I couldn't leave it over there. Deal with it. I need my warmth and sunshine.

27 May 04 - 02:44 AM (#1194654)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: The Fooles Troupe

Good to see you back....

and you front...


27 May 04 - 02:59 AM (#1194656)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Liz the Squeak

It was wonderful to meet you finally, thank you for taking the time out of your hectic family life to come and see us and 'the old country'!

Enjoy your next few days, soon it will be as if you had never been away!

If it makes you feel better, it started raining yesterday evening and is very dull and overcast still here in London!

Take care dear,

LTS and Limpit

27 May 04 - 03:25 AM (#1194664)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: el ted

I bet you never forget The Adelphi club in Hull!

27 May 04 - 03:32 AM (#1194668)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Liz the Squeak

By the sound of it, that memory is indelibly etched upon her soul...... when she dies, you will find 'Hull' engraved upon her heart!

Sorch - I can recommend a good therapist and some self help books if you need them!


27 May 04 - 04:48 AM (#1194702)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Dave Bryant

It was great to meet you and hear you play, Sorcha. Any time you fancy sleeping in the caravan again, you'll be welcome.

27 May 04 - 07:09 AM (#1194803)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: BanjoRay

I was great hearing old time fiddling with a Kansas/Wyoming accent -
a real pleasure, Sorcha

27 May 04 - 07:27 AM (#1194814)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Mrs.Duck

Great to have met you Sorcha. Maybe next time you might stay with us - especially if your mother told you to always leave a place tidier than you found it :0)) We too enjoyed hearing some genuine old time fiddling (I mean the style not you!!! lol) See you in chat later tonight - you get the beer and we'll get the wine.

27 May 04 - 07:35 AM (#1194819)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Morticia

glad to hear you are home safe, Sorch and glad you enjoyed your visit.

27 May 04 - 07:51 AM (#1194824)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Davetnova

It was a real treat hearing you and banjoray together. Glad you're home safe.

27 May 04 - 08:47 AM (#1194887)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Rapparee

Hey, yo're back home agin jist in time ta help with the Spring brandin' an' cuttin'! Iffen ya missed it in Wyomin', I kin git ya on with an outfit here in Idyho. Welcome back home!

27 May 04 - 09:00 AM (#1194904)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Leadfingers

Well at least us Yookers can relax now for a few days . Who's next to come over and disrupt our peaceful lives ? Glad you are home safe and sound Sorch , and it was great fun taking to OUR West .

27 May 04 - 11:06 AM (#1195032)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Sorcha

LOL, Liz, about the rain. For all you Unblelivers I really did take our Wyoming Spring with me. It only rained 2 days during my entire trip and the weather was glorious. Here in Wyoming, they got English Spring...cold, wet and it even tried to snow. My first whole day home, Wednesday, it reverted to normal....dry, warm and sunny. It is pretty weird.

Oh, the 70 MPG....Emma B said hers gets that, but it's a diesel engine.

27 May 04 - 11:09 AM (#1195037)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Rt Revd Sir jOhn from Hull

The staff at The Adelphi asked when you are going back? :-)

27 May 04 - 11:44 AM (#1195081)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Willa

Lovely to meet you, Sorcha. Hope you've taken a look at the pictures of the Yorkshire Gathering - they're great!

30 May 04 - 03:40 PM (#1197220)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Sorcha

jOhn, that would be because they sold a lot of bears or because I was so amusing to watch? LOL!

Very very wonderful to meet you all, but I'm never staying away from home for 6 weeks again. 3 weeks would be just about right.

Stuff I miss about England (other than people and critters):

Toilets that FLUSH!!        
Asian food on the menus
Beautiful country drives and gardens
Real ale and pubs
Places to actually walk to….instead of just walking
Real cheese in great varieties everywhere
Specialty shops, esp. the bakeries
The folk music in so many venues all the time
Pagan stuff and people everywhere
Fantastic clothes (ethnic) to buy
Children being allowed in pubs
Availability of ethnic foods in supermarkets
Sea beaches and neat rocks (I loved the wonderful rocks on the North Sea beach at

Stuff I missed while in England (other than people and critters):

Showers with water pressure
Being able to drive myself—very glad I didn't plan to try!!
Cheap fags
Electric clothes dryers
Free coffee refills in most places

Stuff I shall NOT miss about England:

Weak showers
London traffic and London in general…..(grin, not the Catters, just the place)
Drying racks and weird washing machines
Price of petrol
Prices in general (the dollar is losing ground rapidly; it was L = $1.50 when I left home
        Now it's L = $1.84)
Roundabouts (those things are just plain weird!)
I know there will be more on each list later

Hmmm…..list #1 is the longest. Perhaps I should move, *BG*
Later I'll post a Marion style narrative. Still working on it. Probably post it in bits. Watch this space.

30 May 04 - 03:52 PM (#1197232)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Sorcha

Black Lion session
        Wow, what a great time! Seeing as how Micca got me all drunked up the night before and I missed Khatt's great dinner, I took the opportunity to do it again! Loads of people came down, even Bassic from Hull! Great time, you all should go there.

Tower, Tower Bridge
Buck House
Westminister Abbey
Mall, Trafalgar Square, City Gates
St. James Park
        Khatt and I did the walking tour of central London, didn't pay to get into any of these places. I think we walked about 10 miles….at least! Thank goodness we did this AFTER the trip to the West Country or I would have died. Tintagel is a good place to break in a tourist. I've seen this stuff now and can't think of a reason to visit London again, except to see Catters. Khatt's knee held up quite well.
Museum of Childhood—fun fun place! Toys and amusements from the Ages
Museum of Interiors—really nifty place. Rooms from lots of Periods as they
        Have looked when lived in
Sharpe House, Tom Paley!!
        Great session. I didn't have Maggie as I didn't want to carry her all over London on the walking tour, but I got to borrow a fiddle and play a few tunes. Met, chatted and played with Tom Paley. Somewhere there is a pic of me with him. Real film not developed yet.
British Museum, (Egypt, Pre Roman Britain, Greece)
        YOU ALL SHOULD GO HERE!! Plan at least 2 days if you are a serious Museum-er. Perhaps not consecutive days because of Museum Glaze. This place is amazing. Sort of the Smithsonian of England. I got to see the Snettisham Treasure and the Sutton Hoo Hoard, plus loads of stuff from ancient Egypt.
Cutty Sark (after dark) Dave Bryant took me to see this. Can't remember if I tried a pic or not. If I did it's on film. Not digie.
Stay tuned for the Summer Country. I know I have left things off, but I forget……

30 May 04 - 03:52 PM (#1197233)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Amos

When I first went to England the pound was 2.80, and later dwindeled to $2.40.

Cheer up!!   and Welcome Home darlin'!!



30 May 04 - 04:48 PM (#1197272)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Sorcha

Next Installment:
(I know it's long but the last story is worth it)

West Country:
        (Note—Leadfingers and I did the West Country before Khatt and I went walkabout in Central London)
Stonehenge, Avebury
        Didn't pay to get into Stonehenge but I did see it. Picked up a couple rocks from outside the fence. Why the yobs want to vandalize places like this is beyond me. Avebury is an amazing little place. The stone circle is so big you can't really take it all in. This tiny little village is beautiful and maintains:
St. James Church in Avebury
        Quite a beautiful church….(another bloody church although I hadn't got to that point yet)
Glastonbury and environs
        This poor pilgrim chickened out and only made it ¾ of the way up the Tor. I am afraid of heights and the wind was blowing like no tomorrow. Yes, it always blows on the Tor, but this was miserable. I already had rocks in my pockets (really!) and the fear of heights kicked in and I was afraid I was going to get blown off. Leadfingers had already had his hat blown off and went galumphing across the side of the hill. I had visions of him going……bump bump bumb down the side….I didn't see any of the weird phenomena associated with the Tor. Wish I had. Met a cute Airedale puppy on our way up. Told her mum she had to pay toll. Weird look….I giggled and said, Pet your dog. I did, dog petted me, petted Terry (well, jumped on us actually. Puppies have NO manners) and we all went on our merry way.
Chalice Well Gardens
        This is THE MOST PEACEFUL BEAUTIFUL PLACE I've ever been. I don't even have words to describe it. So calming and healing. Unfortunately the weather was a tad nasty (misty and cold) the day we were there or we would have stayed longer. Also, we still had to have a go at the Tor. There is a website with a virtual tour….almost as good as being there. You all should go here if you ever have a chance. Site is much much older than Christianity.
Glastonbury Abbey
        I really enjoyed our self guided walking tour here. Again, quiet and peaceful, at least until we were leaving. Just as we were leaving a teen age school tour came in….they ain't got no respect. Glad they weren't yammering while we were there. Saw King Arthur and Guenivere's 'grave sites'. (I know, I know, but I prefer the legend to the reality) Nice herb garden too.
Peter and Angela's Barn
        These are the parents of Leadfingers mate Tony. The house is 'new' (1850-ish) but the barn is 12th century Norman. Wunnerful, wunnerful barn. Thatch and the whole bit. Angela also found a tile exactly like those at the Abbey when digging a hole to plant something in her garden.
St. Andrews Church
1,700 yr old yew tree
        Ancient pagan site…church has a yew tree in front and back with a stone circle surrounding it. Quite a nice little church. No, I was not yet to the 'nother bloody church' stage. I took a pic on film of the hollow heart of the tree. Hope it comes out well. Walking on the bones of thousands of people is a bit strange but Tony assured me they were all friendly.
Up and over the spine…..gorse and heather galore. I wanted to stop here and get some gorse but no place to pull over. I finally did get some later. Weird stuff, gorse. Sort of like sage brush but with prickles. You got it, you can't get rid of it and you can't do a bloody thing with it. At least the deer will eat sagebrush in a pinch.
Lynton—life boat rescue
        What an incredible story of courage and perseverance. Ship foundered at sea. Waves to high to launch lifeboat so the men carried it for 14 hrs? up and over the spine, back into the sea and saved the crew. Wow. Neat village. I would go there again. Did not take the tram to Lynmouth.
        THIS is where you break in out of shape tourists. Oh, the stairs…the wind and the sea spray. I was determined to make it though. See the legendary birthplace of Arthur's conception and birth. If all those blue haired people can do it, so can I! I told Leadfingers that if I fell off just throw down a shovel and a coffin. The sea would do the rest. Of course, the town is a great big Tourist Trap but I expected that. We did not do the Victorian Folly called Arthur's Hall. It was closed and expensive besides. Then on to
Boscastle (Witchcraft museum)
        OK, listen up here. This is the best story of the trip and too good to keep mum about. We arrived in Boscastle and Terry met his mate Graham whom he hadn't seen for about 3 years. They were yakking so I went outside to smoke. Wanted a short walk. You can't get lost in Boscastle. The footpath is on the other side of the bridge from where I was and leads to a crag but I wanted to go down to the harbour. YES, I did see the sign that said---NOT a footpath. Area is awash at high tide. I looked. Tide was a looooong ways out so I started walking down the boat ramp. I was about halfway down to the water, checked tide again….still seems OK. Then my downfall. About 3' in front of me I saw a lovely canon bone from a (probably) cow quite nicely washed by the sea. I wanted it. I walked down and bent over to pick it up…….uh oh. Water around my feet. Grabbed bone and hurried back up cobblestone boat ramp covered with loose rocks from the sea. Water up to my ankles…..turned me foot on a loose stone…stumbled and just then the comber broke at the back of my knees. Knocked me down….so there I am with the North Atlantic tide coming in at high speed thinking…."Oh shit oh shitohshit" (Hey, we Wyomingites don't know about hard and fast tides). I was soaked to the waist but managed to get stood up before I was washed out to sea and really really didn't want to go back to Grahams house. Talk about embarrassed. I took my shoes off outside and staggered up the steps. Leadfingers says to me…….."WOT THE BLOODY FECKING ELL DID YOU FIND TO FALL INTO?"    "THE BLOODY FECKING ATLANTIC…WHAT THE FECK ELSE IS THERE TO FALL INTO?"…….LOL LOL LOL But, I admit I was very lucky. Proof that I am NOT to be let out alone. Saved the bone and the wallet with passport. Thank the gods I didn't have a camera with me.
Next edition…..South Wales. Stay tuned.

30 May 04 - 05:16 PM (#1197292)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Sorcha

Cardiff Session and Caermathen
Crossed the Severn estuary bridge at low tide….interesting. After my experience in the Atlantic, Terry told me NO WAY was he taking me to ever see the Severn bore…..LOL
        Leadfingers and I met sian, west wales at the Conway Pub for a few. Nigel, Splottman and (who else), a couple non Cat friends of Sians. Apparently Gareth was there but we missed him. No idea why. No session. Then we were informed that the session had moved to a different pub so we went there. The Canton? Arrived in time to play a few tunes and exit stage left. Nice session. We drove about an hour out to Caermathen to sleep at Sian's house. Had brekkie and headed back to London by way of:
Castle Coch (Victorian folly)
Now, this is funny. It's a small Medieval Bavarian style castle between Caermathen and Cardiff. Well worth the price of admission. The man had more money than sense. Built the castle with a wonderful banqueting hall, but no guest rooms….wonder where he expected all his banquet guests to sleep. In pavilions on the grounds possibly? Probably a web site for it but I haven't looked yet. Short detour to:
Greater Torrington, Devonshire
        I wanted to stop here because I'm from Torrington, Wyoming. (You all knew that, right) The Mayor was out for the day but I met one of her assistants and the receptionist at the Info Centre. Passed out a pheasant pin for the Mayor and collected all kinds of Greater Torrington pamphlets for our Mayor. This could be where I lost the sack of pins…..I don't know! I just know I lost them. I have pics of there, and will get pics of our Mayor receiving his Greater Torrington stuff. This is known as the Cavalier Town but we didn't have time to do the Tour. I gave them a great idea with my pheasant pins….they want to get little Cavalier pins to sell in the shop area. On the road again to
Windsor Castle
        Again, we didn't really stop. Traffic was horrid, no parking places but Terry did double park so I could take some pics of the outside. Back into London where Leadfingers turned me over to Khatt with the caveat……I am delivering her back to you safe and sound. I wish you joy of her.

I know I have missed things and I had the best intentions of keeping a trip diary but I just got too busy, too drunk and too lazy to do it. If Leadfingers (or others) think of important things I missed feel free to add them)
Next Installment…Hastings for Beltaine. I know this is long, but 6 weeks is a long time. We are only up to the end of week 1. Shall I stop?

30 May 04 - 05:21 PM (#1197295)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Sorcha

PS to the above.....when Terry left Khatt/Micca's place, Khatt said to me...."Sorch, I didn't want to tell you this before you left but nobody else will get in a car with him because he drives like a banshee!" Well, he does, but he does gigs all over England and has never had a crash. He also never scared me once because of his driving or anything else. Wunnerful man.

30 May 04 - 06:50 PM (#1197345)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Leadfingers

Thanks for the vote of confidence Sorch AND very glad to add to the pleasure of your UK trip.

30 May 04 - 07:02 PM (#1197355)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Sarah the flute

Sorry I didn't get to meet you Sorcha but glad you had a good time on our little island!!!! ... maybe next time


30 May 04 - 07:17 PM (#1197361)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Liz the Squeak

I dread to think what she's going to say about MY driving!


30 May 04 - 10:22 PM (#1197448)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Sorcha

Liz, your driving was just fine. Fast, yes, but very safe also. You didn't scare me either. So, there are another 5 weeks of 'stuff' to post. Shall I do it? Is anybody interested?

30 May 04 - 10:46 PM (#1197453)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Malcolm Douglas

Yes; do it. I was very pleased to meet you in real life after several years of "virtual conversation", but there wasn't time to find out a great deal about what you'd been up to. Do give us all the ghastly details!

30 May 04 - 10:59 PM (#1197456)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Sorcha

Hastings—Giant's Parade and pubs!, English Channel
        This was so much fun. We slept in a large Scout Hut in Hastings. Stone floor with functional kitchen but Liz was the only one able to bring cooking gear. She was generous in that she shared orange juice, coffee, tea, etc. I think there were about 20 of us in the hut. No showers but we survived. Micca and Paul put the final finishing touches on the Morrigan's Ravens with the help of Raven Hazel. Beltaine Day was a tad cool for spectators but just right for the marchers, esp. the Giant Carriers. Windy though. Wind was not too bad in the 'town canyons' but when we started up the last bit to Hastings Castle it was really bad. I had been fortunate enough to be allowed to lead the Morrigan just after the Standard Bearer but at this last bit I was relegated to the rear so that if she fell Maggie and I wouldn't get smashed. Khatt and I both managed to walk all the way up. They forgot to tell me about crossing the swinging bridge….but I did it. If I NEVER play 'When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again' it will be too soon. That was the only tune we could come up with that even sort of fit the drum beat they had been rehearsing. After arriving at the Castle we all had a 'few' beers but then the weather worsened. Wind got really awful and it started to rain/snow. Most of the Giants were broken down and the Raven Crew at least left the Castle. I don't know what happened with the ceremonial killing of the Jack. Back to Hastings Town to drink some more at the Stag pub. Begorra, these Ravens are great. Kendall and Jacqui were at the pub too. I tried to go to sleep (pass out) in the Stag…I was just trying to wait for everyone else to decide to go back to the Scout Hut as I was not sure of the way. Khatt pushed me and said…Sorch, you can't sleep here…go back to the Hut….so I did manage with some staggering involved but I didn't get lost. The walk from the Scout Hut to the train station back to London was miserable. Pissing down rain, wind from Hell. Micca was in front of me and at one point when I came around a corner the wind blew me back about 4'. I could just barely see Micca and was hoping I didn't lose sight of him as I didn't know the way to the station. By the time we got to the station, we were both drenched. My 2nd time being wet. Brolly would have been useless because of the wind. At least I had Micca's hat to keep some of it off my glasses. Raven Dave and I did Hastings Pier and at some point in London the Raven Crew had a Fun Moot (eat and drink Gather) across the road from Epping Forest and I got to see Elizabeth I hunting lodge. Next installment, passed off to Dave Bryant and Essex Girl for a day or two. No, I wasn't given an opportunity to fall in the Channel. I just might have tried. Next trip to Chester.

(Hi Malcom!) Ghastly details coming in spurts.

31 May 04 - 05:12 AM (#1197520)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Catherine Jayne

Funny that Sorcha...I didn't say that at all....and Banshee has never appeared in my vocabulary.

31 May 04 - 08:15 PM (#1198008)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Sorcha

I really wish that people who seem to have a problem with me would send me a PM saying exactly what the problem is rather than calls etc to a 3rd party. If I knew what the problem was I might be able to apologize or correct it. My mouth seems to have over run my brain but I can't fix it unless I know what YOUR problem is. Again, I say, if I have offended anyone I apologize.

01 Jun 04 - 08:04 PM (#1198189)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Lanfranc

So long, Sorcha. It was good to meet you, if only the once at the Plaistow session. Glad you enjoyed your trip - you seem to have covered a lot of ground as the baton in a sort of Mudcat relay.

'Til the next time (oh, and thanks for the pheasants!)

Elizabeth and Alan

PS Sad to see the 5/31 08:15 post - come on you guys, cut the lady a bit of slack, even if you have a problem. Why spoil things?

"Let he who is without sin cast the first stone!"


02 Jun 04 - 12:47 AM (#1198228)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: katlaughing

Thanks, so far, for the details, Sorcha. It's fun to hear about just what all you managed to do! Glad you are home safe and sound, though yer talkin' arful funny.**BG**


02 Jun 04 - 03:44 AM (#1198283)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Splott Man

Good to meet you in Cardiff. Glad you had a good time. The treasured pheasant is on display at home.

For you interested types, Castell Coch is just north of Cardiff, it was a Norman ruin rebuilt by the Marquis of Bute at the end of C19. He owned Cardiff docks and a lot of coal. He also built exrensions to Cardiff castle in the same fairy-tale style. The interiors are gorgeous examples of a British take on Art Nouveau, worth a visit.

Oh, Sorch, it's always 5 o'clock somewhere.

Splott Man

02 Jun 04 - 04:41 AM (#1198313)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Liz the Squeak

Castell Coch (The Red Castle, even though it's pink) is available for weddings. Very strange place to get married in.

It was great to revisit some old haunts (I nearly married a Cardiff man) through your eyes. I'm glad to see that they have mostly improved!

Keep up with the diary Sorch, I want to hear what else you did to this fair land of ours... sorry, I meant IN this fair land.... or did I.

By the way, it would have been the Thames you fall in between here and Chez Bryant, different name, not so salty but just as wet. If I'd realised you liked water so much we could have taken you to Wansted Flats and let you fall in the pond there, with the ducks and geese.


02 Jun 04 - 05:37 AM (#1198344)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: YorkshireYankee

Hi Sorcha,

Glad home was still in one piece when you got there. (So, have you gotten your "long" hair cut yet?) Enjoyed meeting you & am enjoying reading your "travelogue" (the bit about the tide in Boscastle was particularly entertaining!).



02 Jun 04 - 05:53 AM (#1198355)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Mrs.Duck

Great to hear about your trip Sorcha - tell us more.

02 Jun 04 - 02:33 PM (#1198701)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Sorcha

Nice rest. Slept in the caravan in the drive. Did some laundry in the coin op place down the road. Linda had the only electric clothes dryer I saw in 6 weeks. It's a bummer hauling wet clothes 4 blocks but better than paying to dry it. Now for the fun part. I get to get meself all alone from their place to the train station, then tube, then train again north to Chester. I did OK except for taking one wrong turn in the tube station and missing a train. North. Thank the gods that there is a train every few minutes. I am sure the Station Masters and Attendants were all sick of me asking questions. Because of taking a wrong turn in the tube and a heavy suitcase/no moving stairs, I missed the early train to Chester. With the kind help of a stranger I managed to call Emma B's husband (her mobile was not working and the pay phone in the station would not ring her home phone) to let her know I was just an hour late and NOT on the train to Manchester. Then, Emma and I did…
City Walls, Roman amphitheatre, just another WOW here…we walked the old city walls all around. Some parts twice because of detours for a half pint. Chester is a very lovely, out of the way Not Tourist Place. Just the kind of place I wanted to see. Possibly my favorite 'city' of the Tour.
Chester Cathedral—Well, kind of sort of. We looked in and said we would come back but ran out of time. I did see the outside and a bit of the inside but w/o the tour.

Chester Town Crier has a long uninterrupted history of crying the news. Now, it is a Tourist Thing and the Crier is basically a 'player'. He does cry the local news but also asks questions for the Tourists. Emma answered one correctly, got a post card and a Hand Kiss from him. Next question, Emma clued me in so that I got the post card and Hand Kiss. Then she said we have to leave…'We know too much….' What is this 'We' stuff? LOL

02 Jun 04 - 02:48 PM (#1198710)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Sorcha

Emma's husband drove us over the Pennines in a heavy fog…zero visibility to go to a Birthday Party in Bonsall. On the way we stopped at the Winston Market Bldg. It is a medieval market place that has been restored. Birthday party and session were fun. I slept in the car all the way home. Back over the Pennines to a friend of Emma's for a ceidlih in Sheffield. Met Yorkshire Yankee, MC Fat, Malcolm Douglas, Julie F and Mad Molly the English Sheepdog.
Then, over to Holyhead for the ferry to Dublin/Dun Laoghaire. This was fun. Ferry is quite fast, but we had time for a pint, a fag and a pic or two. I did NOT manage to fall into the Irish Sea. No opportunity. Kendall had planned to go to Ireland with us but needed to get home so Emma B and I went alone as foot passengers.
We did Dublin Center and a few pubs. Tart With Cart (Molly Malone), statue of James Joyce, the Needle, O'Connell St. Bridge, Ha'Penny Bridge and lots of used book stores. Never ever order pepperoni pizza in Dublin (maybe Ireland). What you get instead of pepperoni is just hot dog/wierners/frankfurters. We also did the Trinity Library (Book of Kells and the library gallery. Quick trip to Monkstown for an evening session that erinmaiden hots. Wow. Saw the General Post Office (1916) and Martel's Tower from the train. The emotional high point of the entire trip is probably the Execution Yard at Kilmainhaim Jail. I got the shivers standing there. You should all go there.

Next, we caught a bus up to Drogheda to see Newgrange. We weren't sure exactly where (at the bus station) the bus would stop so we asked a driver. He pointed at the sidewalk and said "Right here". A few minutes later a bus left from the lower parking lot—NOT "Right here!"   Yup, it was our bus. The nice man in the parcel window called and found out how much a taxi was out to Newgrange. Price wasn't bad so we took it. Newgrange is just fantastic. You can look at pictures on line, but that doesn't convey how it makes a person feel. All that incredible effort of those people to build it with what 'poor' tools they had. Makes me feel small in comparison. I managed to leave my shampoo in the hostel. Next, Emma B drove me up to a roundabout near Doncaster to meet Bassic. Next stop on your guided tour is Whitby and Hull.

02 Jun 04 - 03:06 PM (#1198722)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Sorcha

Gordon collected me and we had a quick cuppa in the motorway café. He had already decided that instead of going straight back to Hull we were doing Whitby. So, super drive over the North Yorkshire Moors, stop in Beck Hole just to see the village. Charming little place. I was sort of amazed at the sheep in the front yards up there. Arrived in Whitby before dark in time to see the reproduction of Captain Cook's ship Endeavor. Looks pretty small to do what he did in it. We went pub crawling looking for Raggytash and Ossonflags but didn't find them. In Whitby I tried to leave our new digie cam in a pub……(notice that I am littering my stuff all over the UK but I haven't fallen in any more oceans) Bassic drove us back down to Hull and the next afternoon we went to the Old Black Boy pub. Les, Maggie, brid widder and Beardy met us there. Bassic had to go to work so Les gave me his famous walking tour of Hull town. I wish the Deep had been open. It's a marine aquarium. All of Hull (center) has fishes engraved/carved in the sidewalks. I was particularly charmed by the Red Herring Walk. Bassic offered me a ride on his new (?) motor bike, a Kawasaki 1000. Cool, once I got used to it again. We hit at least 100 MPH!! Stopped at Nellies (White Horse) in Beverly and met Deanmeister who just happened to be there for lunch.

        Next evening when Bassic had to work (man, doesn't that get in the way of having fun???) he passed me to jOhn9. ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!! John tidied up for my arrival! I was really impressed! (*BG*). Of course, we went……………….pub crawling.
Stopped at a quite nice one, I forget the name of it, met up with el ted, sweetfia and Ted's lady friend. Next pub was the Adelphi…….oh boy. Grubbiest pub I've ever been in! But the fellowship was great. Met my 'husband' Skipjack, Oaklet and Nahro the fiddler. Boy oh boy can he play. He made Maggie walk and talk for him playing Eastern European tunes. All had a 'go' on Maggie, even jOhn! 3 days in Hull was NOT enough! (But can we find someplace besides the Adelphi? I swear the loos have not been cleaned in 20 years and they don't believe in vacuuming). I also met Bassic's lovely brother who had a birthday while I was there. Next stop, Roughton, Norfolk and the Freeman Household.

02 Jun 04 - 03:23 PM (#1198734)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Sorcha

Bassic, bless his heart, drove me all the way to the Freemans just outside of Norwich. All the way around the Wash. You all make fun of me for thinking places are just a hop and a skip apart and for the most part they really seemed that way to me, but Hull to Norwich really is a Long Ways! We followed directions and couldn't see the house, so pulled out of the drive we were in back to the A road and called. Turned out that we HAD been sitting in the front yard but the house is so well hidden we couldn't see it. Doh.

        In her little corner of Norfolk, Pip has created a bit of Heaven. Her gardens are just unbelievable. Woodland one, English Cottage one, veg one….wow. I am super envious of the moisture you Yookers get. Pip and I went for a nice walk on the Cromer Beach (North Sea—I dabbled in it but did NOT fall in) and I found more rocks to bring home. NO, Sorch, you can't take home all the rocks in England!! Best part was that I found some petrified worms (annelid, I think) and several 'Hag Stones'. These are rocks that the sea has drilled a hole in and in Medieval times they were hung over the doorways of buildings to keep out the witches and evil spirits. Pip also gave me a small one in exchange for the big one I found and gave me another piece of worm rock. The Freeman House is just a wonderful place for relaxing and getting a major Critter Fix. Cats, dog, chickens…..had a GREAT time.

        Pip and I also did Norwich center, including the Cathedral. It has the 2nd highest spire in England. I was just truly in awe of this building. More or less built in only 50 years. You can tell that the entire town devoted their lives to building it. Amazing roof bosses of carved stone way up high where no one can really see them. Truly, for the Glory of God. One can only imagine the feelings of the peasants when they were let in to worship there. THIS is the real meaning of 'awestruck'. One amusing thing, to me at least, is that the baptismal font in the Cathedral is a huge solid copper basin that used to be a chocolate pot in a chocolate factory.
        Also in Norwich I saw the town 'square' in which there was a South African festival going on, the Guild Hall and Town Hall which was still wearing its inflatable yellow Canary…..(Brit football) Pip also took me to see her local parish church and St. Margarets Church and grave yard. Still to come in Norfolk... the story of St. Margaret's,the Shire Horse Centre, & the Rudest Woman in the World.

02 Jun 04 - 04:24 PM (#1198762)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Sorcha

St. Margarets is a very small church and was dying because of lack of parishoner. Bishop wanted to close it, and (some woman, I can't remember her name) said Oh no you don't. She has formed an organization to save the church and refurbish the grounds. The church is now being used in the very same ways that they were used in the Middle Ages…for gatherings, concerts, events, etc. The church yard is being turned into a wild flower garden and a new section has been added for the burial of cremated remains. Trees, flowers, benches to sit on…classic English Cottage garden, but very large. Definitely worth an afternoon stroll. Wish my ashes could be scattered there.
        Pip, Jon and I went to the Shire Horse Centre in Norfolk. Neat! Lots of 'big' horses—Shire, Clydesdales, Belgians, etc and Shetland ponies. One of the Shetlands had just had a foal. The contrast between the Big Horses and the baby was cute. The landlord gives a very good talk and demonstration about farming with horses and the kiddies get a ride in a large wagon pulled by a Clydesdale. There is also a riding stable there.
        The next is the 2nd funniest thing to happen on my trip. Jon and I went out one evening to his local. It's just a nice, quiet typical English pub. We walked in and I had my cigarettes in my hand. Now, think of the stereotype of a bull dyke. (I'm NOT condoning the stereotype….just using it) Short, wide, VERY short hair (shorter than mine), heart with dagger and name tattoo, etc. She looks at me and says
"I'll have one of those" and yanks the fags out of my hand. I look at Jon. Jon looks at the landlord……Jon gets drinks and we sit at a table. The Woman and her (male) friend join us. By now, she has smoked my cigarette and says
"I'll have another" and helps herself. I look at Jon. Jon looks at me. Jon says
"Sorch, let's go shoot a game of pool" trying gracefully to get us away from The Woman. But, she says
"Oh yes, we'll play you"
"No, I just want to have a quiet game with my friend Sorch"
"NO, WE are playing you!!!"
The Woman and her bloke led the way to the pool room. I picked up me fags (yes, I'm talking funny again!) slipped them in my pocket and covered the pocket with my sweatshirt. Arrived in the pool room and The Woman says
"I'll have another"
"Oh, I think I left them in the front bar" She stomps out to retrieve them, comes back and loudly announces that they are not there. I said, "Oh, so sorry, must have misplaced them"
        She chose cues for all of us, announced that SHE would break. I put back the cue she had picked for me as it was too long and boyo, did I get the Glare from Hell. We commence to shooting pool (I admit I'm not very good) and every time Jon or I missed she would shout….
"HA, YOU MISSED" I finally said, "Yes, I noticed that"….and started doing it to her. (Meanwhile, I am not having a fag….. She had no interest in Jon's Roll Your Own, just my commercials.) More Glares. They won the first game and Jon and I wanted to quit, but Oh No, The Woman had to prove a point. We played a 2nd game. Last shot on the table was mine. Cue and 8 ball. The Woman marched over and took Jon's cue from him announcing that the game was over. Jon pointed out that I still had a shot. The Woman said, "Well, she'll miss" and called my pocket for me in the far corner. I shook my head, No, and nodded to the side pocket. Believe it or not, I actually MADE the shot!!! She shouts, "HA! YOU LOSE AGAIN!" I said, "Oh, so sorry, we didn't. YOU called the corner. If you had been watching you would have seen me call the side." At this point, The Woman and her bloke STOMPED out of the pub in High Dudegon and we all broke up. Jon kind of went off, but not too badly. We apologized to the Landlord and he said, "No prob with you guys. She was here about 2 years ago and acted the same." Perhaps She won't ever go back. The next day I was in the local Spar (Quick Trip) shop buying more cigs! and the clerk had been in the pub the night before. He asked if I had shot any pool lately…..!!! Pip picked Jon and I up at the pub and when we got back to the house we were telling her this story. Both Jon and I are sitting on the floor laffing our arses off and falling over. No, this one time neither of us was drunk. We were just laffing soooo hard. Pip has a picture of this and I have told her she can send it to Pene. In retrospect, it was priceless. I should have more guts to say, "PISS OFF BITCH!"

02 Jun 04 - 04:56 PM (#1198773)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Sorcha

Well, it's now my last weekend in YookLand. What can I say about Yorkshire Gather except that it was fabulous? Great friends, great music, great food, great beer, etc….I am fascinated by fiddler's African Safari rig….Land Rover with tent on top. Several of us debated whether we could get into it after a night of drinking and if we would fall out while sleeping. Yes, I probably would. After all, I fell out of bed at Khatt/Micca's place……it was Micca's fault (grin) Liz got rides on both Wiggan and Bassic's bikes…she was excited. Watched the kids (Big and Little) play some kind of tether ball game. Met Dodger the greyhound. Drank lots of beer. Played lots of tunes with BanjoRay. Met lots of Catters. The Duck's children are wonderful. Limpit is wonderful. Mudcatters are wonderful. Didn't win any of the lottery stuff. I did try to buy the stuffed owl off the bloke who won it, but no go. Shot some pool with Maddie and Firecat. Tig passed out backrubs. Wulfie kissed davetnova. We have pics to prove it.

You should all go there.

OH, forgot to mention that when Bassic dropped me off at Pip's house, I managed to leave my wallet in his car. This, after going to great lengths, calling home collect, etc to get cash. I told you I was littering all over England. Wallet, money and passport were safely reunited at the YG. Since this was a pub yard and we were camping I tried to 'police' the area as well as I could. Several times I was told to leave off. I responded that my da had brought me up to always leave a place cleaner than I found it. Take only memories, leave only footprints. Now, I have invites for all over England to come and leave the place cleaner than I found it…….LOL. Liz kindly gave me a lift back to London. Khatt, Micca and I spent my last night with Liz and Manitas at their house. More wine for me and my friends! The next morning bright and early Micca got me to the train station and headed me for Heathrow. I am very proud of myself that I made it all by myself! I arrived in Heathrow about 5 hrs early (better than late!) so I bought a book that you all should read. It's called "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time" by Mark Haddon. Written from the point of view of a young boy with Asperger's Syndrome. Great read. Flight home was uneventful except that it was all in daylight and clear weather so I got to see all of Ireland from the air including the Cliffs of Moher. Also saw some pretty amazing icebergs from 35,000 feet. Aisle seat over in the dark, window seat coming home in daylight. What more could I ask for?

        The couple sitting next to me coming home were visiting the US for the first time and when we started getting close to Denver they kept asking me…What is that? Where are we? and stuff so you Yookers got some of your own back regarding my silly questions. I did see the weird murals in the Denver airport but was a tad disappointed that I didn't get to see the swastika shape of the runways from the air. Denver International should have smoking areas like Heathrow. I was met in Denver by Mr, Kate and Art. We got hung up because of a crash on the motorway north of Denver and were about 3 hrs late delivering Kate and Art home. They had to take us to a super Italian restaurant for a late dinner so it was 1 AM before I actually saw the Corgis. We all went bughouse. Also, the jet lag in either direction was really not bad at all. When I got home, I slept from 1 AM to 7 AM and woke thinking I had overslept by 7 hrs. I went ahead and got out of bed and didn't go back to bed until 10 PM that night so I got back on my time zone pretty quickly.

        All gifts have been distributed and were much appreciated. When I can, I'll get a pic of Kate in her beaded Asian suit (which was made in US) I do have a pic of Owen with his antique pewter tankard. Luke says he can't 'have' it right now because he'll boink somebody on the head. Damn, he is cute. He has a great shit eating grin and uses it to his Great Advantage! Not walking yet, but almost crawling.
        In spite of littering all over UK, I think I got home with everything except the pheasants and pieces of jade. I finally remembered that I had them in Greater Torrington, Devon, so there is a remote possibility that they are still in Leadfingers car. He did find my signature sheets so now I need to get started on the Trip Fiddle.

In the immortal words of Dougie MacArthur……'I shall return'. Don't know when, must pay off the bills from this one but every minute was worth it.

Pics to come when I figure out how to mail just one or two from a disc and get the real film developed.

Super Thanks to All!

02 Jun 04 - 05:17 PM (#1198780)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Sorcha

Oh yes, I think I met over 70 Mudcatters. Still not caught up to Bill Sables though. Must think about an Oz trip......

02 Jun 04 - 05:43 PM (#1198795)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Bassic

Happy to have hosted you in Hull Sorcha (at least for part of the time :-) Thanks to Les and J0hn for covering for me when I was at work. I did forget to pass on one thing to you at the Gathering. Vera (the 80 year old biker babe from the pub) gave me the clipping from the local paper that you wanted. I will post it on to you if you PM the address.

02 Jun 04 - 06:08 PM (#1198810)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: McGrath of Harlow

Thanks for that Sorcha - you've seen bits of England I never have. And a new pair of eyes on the bits I have seen.

And I agree with you about "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time" - a lovely book. One of those books that leaves me feeling I don't think I'd be likely to really like anyone who didn't love it. Well, I might, but I'd view them with some suspicion.

02 Jun 04 - 06:57 PM (#1198845)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: YorkshireYankee

Wow, Sorcha! Quite the literary effort there -- thanks for doing all that writing so we could enjoy reading it!


02 Jun 04 - 07:44 PM (#1198888)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: GUEST,Jon

Just one small point there Sorcha, I "went off" when the game was in play. I was left with the easy black over the middle and as far as I was concerned we had won - even I would not have missed. I tried to make my point then as I knew it was "game over" by saying (amongst other things) "If the game means so 'effing much to you, have it" and then smacked the black anywhere - I'd no clue where it would have landed or even if it was going to stay on the table. 'Twas good to see you win next vist though :-)

Anyway, all that aside, glad you had a good time our end - hope you enjoyed the Norwich session too as it's my favourite round here.

Also, reading through the whole thread, glad it seems the UK turned out good for you. You are welcome here again, and I'm sure others who had your company would say the same.


02 Jun 04 - 08:03 PM (#1198893)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Sorcha

Yes, Jon. Thanks for the correction. Yes, I'll be back. Yes, I did get my 'long' hair cut. And, for those of you who don't get my humor, No, of course it was not really Micca's fault I got drunk and missed dinner on my first day there.

He went out for beer and bread. Came back with beer, no bread. Couldn't get close to the bakery. He had about 4 different kinds of beer....kept saying, Oh, try this. Of course I did. I don't turn down beer. Then there was the sherry. Dinner kept getting later and later due to unforseen circumstances. I had not had anything to eat for at least 12 hrs and I was finally poured into bed. Apparently, I fell out of bed several times, was smacked on the head with one of Khatt's gazing balls, went downstairs in my jumper and knickers (and was sent back to bed...) All I had to show for it the next morning was a sore eye. It didn't even swell or turn colours for several days. No hangover to speak of. I think it was the sherry even though the glasses were very small. I had a lovely black eye for about 2 weeks. I lived. The stone gazing ball lived. I apologized to Khatt for missing dinner.

02 Jun 04 - 08:53 PM (#1198910)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Sorcha

All omissions, mistakes etc are my fault. Plelase feel free to add, correct and etc. to this. Any resembalence to living persons is totally intentional. There are no fictional characters in this narrative.

02 Jun 04 - 09:21 PM (#1198918)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: GUEST,erinmaidin

"that erinmaidin hots"?????!!!!!!!!!i'm in the states right now for a few weeks and mudcat won't let me be a member :( see you all in the chat when i get back....sorcha..i know what ya meant but i kinda sorta like being called "hots"

02 Jun 04 - 09:33 PM (#1198920)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: GUEST,Jon

Just had a thought sorcha - not a correction but a possible addendum - remember at the Shire Horse Centre, one of the big ones was "heavily in foal"? Maybe Pip and I will check back there next week and see if we can get a photo if it's been born...


02 Jun 04 - 10:25 PM (#1198933)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Sorcha

Oh Erin, how funny! I don't suppose you are anywhere near Wyoming are you? If so, come see me!!! Erin 'hosts' a session. But she is pretty hot too, LOL!

Yes, Jon, please do. I do remember the mare being in foal. She may well have delivered by now. I still wish we could have gotten a pic of the biggest horse and the littlest horse.

03 Jun 04 - 12:18 AM (#1198944)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: GUEST,Rex

Whoop! Sorch is back! I'm surprised they let you go over there across the pond. It seems you fit right in as I would have expected. Glad to hear the return trip went OK and you are home safe. Keep on a-fiddlin'!


03 Jun 04 - 12:35 AM (#1198951)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Malcolm Douglas

I'm intrigued by those comments about your accent. Had it really changed that noticeably by the time you got home? Struck me as fairly strong, but I suppose no more so than my Auntie Judy, who married an American sailor and moved to Norfolk (Virginia). Don (Arscott; therefore Cornish on his father's side) was posted back here again a year or two later, and by then you couldn't tell that Judy had ever not spoken 'Mercan. That was in the 1960s, mind.

Next time you're over here, if you have a couple of days to spare (!), I'll teach you to speak real BBC English, which is a mixture of "Queen's" and "educated Scots". Of course, US immigration may not let you back in again after that, but it will be their loss.

03 Jun 04 - 03:48 AM (#1198990)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Liz the Squeak

It seems obvious to me that Sorch's propensity for dropping into any water available (I made sure she sat on the opposite side of the garden to my pond), is a sure sign that either she is really a duck (Geoff the duck - did you know you have relatives in the States?) or it was US Customs trying to get her back!


03 Jun 04 - 08:35 AM (#1199135)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: GUEST,erinmaidin

Is Michigan anywhere near Wyoming?!!! (always been real bad at geography..I don't think they even teach anymore in the US public school systems) If I rely on alphabetical orientation I reckon I'm nowhere near ya. But...I'll always be in Dublin and ya can come see me again.

03 Jun 04 - 10:01 AM (#1199206)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: McGrath of Harlow

Here's a poem about falling in the water, by Alfred Noyes:

Everyone grumbled. The sky was grey.
We had nothing to do and nothing to say.
We were nearing the end of a dismal day,
And then there seemed to be nothing beyond,
Daddy fell into the pond!

And everyone's face grew merry and bright,
And Timothy danced for sheer delight.
"Give me the camera, quick, oh quick!
He's crawling out of the duckweed!" Click!

Then the gardener suddenly slapped his knee,
And doubled up, shaking silently,
And the ducks all quacked as if they were daft,
And it sounded as if the old drake laughed.
Oh, there wasn't a thing that didn't respond
Daddy Fell into the pond!

03 Jun 04 - 10:05 AM (#1199210)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Sorcha

Good one, McGrath! No, Erin, sorry. Long ways from Michigan to Wyoming, but Big Mick is in Michigan and so is Elderly Instruments.

03 Jun 04 - 02:23 PM (#1199518)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!

No, they don't teach geography anymore, but they still make maps.

03 Jun 04 - 02:57 PM (#1199546)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: YorkshireYankee

Where in Michigan are you, erinmaiden? If you're in the Detroit area, then you're not far from Windsor & the Mudcatters there as well -- including Clinton Hammond and the open mike (with nice cash prizes!) he hosts. Check it out -- you might make some money while you're there!

As for accents... I've been over here 5-6 years now & still sound all too American (I'd love to be able to "pass"!). But -- even after I'd only been here for a few months, American friends said I had a *definite* "English accent". ("Oh no you don't!" says my English husband. Although he allows as how my Yank accent is much more pronounced when talking to "home" on the phone -- even if it's just an answering machine.) Although... the other day an English friend told me I had "ta!" down *just* right! SO -- one word down, only a few tens of thousands (or so) to go...!). If nothing else, I've certainly picked up some English words & speech patterns; I'm sure Sorcha has as well. And if I want to, I think I can "sound" quite English in writing. ;-)

Another interesting thing: I've noticed that when I sing in the choir I belong to here, somehow my pronunciation conforms to everyone else's; for example, those soft Rs (that sound like AHs) that never sound quite right when I'm *trying* to sound English somehow come out perfectly when I'm singing with the choir (but not when I sing by myself). Is this what they mean when they say "music is the universal language"? ;-)

A friend of mine calls it a "MidAtlantic" accent. Another friend who's a transplanted Englishman says Americans think he sounds English and English folks think he sounds American. So it goes...


03 Jun 04 - 03:50 PM (#1199584)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Sorcha

OK, now for stuff I forgot.....Bassic showed me the 'Hogwart'Station' in North Yorks and Pip, Jon and I saw the little pufferbelly steam train.

03 Jun 04 - 04:56 PM (#1199618)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Sorcha

And, film from the camera is getting developed. Should be back Monday. Sorting digie pics to send to Pene.

04 Jun 04 - 05:22 PM (#1200578)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Sorcha

So, I guess not many are interested enough to comment. OK. I'll let it die.

04 Jun 04 - 05:32 PM (#1200584)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: wysiwyg

I'm enjoying reading it; I just don't have much to say.


05 Jun 04 - 08:59 AM (#1200904)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: GUEST,erinmaidin

Yankee, I'm in Niles..which is the other side of the state. I could try to venture that way but unfortunately, last night..while out in my da's borrowed Suburban (aka gas hog) it stopped dead in the middle of the road and I had to be towed home. Not sure if Da will let me use it again if and when it is repaired.

05 Jun 04 - 09:32 AM (#1200914)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Rt Revd Sir jOhn from Hull

Glad you enjoyed Hull Sorcha, The Adelphi is a bit of a dump!, [it's a backstreet pub/music club in the poor part of town], I phoned Ted and asked him for ideas of places to take a visitor, he said where was you planning to go?, I said The Adelphi, Ted said "I wouldn't take her there mate, its a dump"!

The first pub we went to was The Hogshead, and Ted's girlfrend is called Penny.

05 Jun 04 - 11:02 AM (#1200938)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Liz the Squeak

Carry on with it Sorch, it's a hoot so far! Besides, it will help you to remember too!


05 Jun 04 - 02:26 PM (#1201022)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: jimmyt

sorcha, I just got back from California and have been away from computer for 8 days I have thoroughly enjoyed your accounts in this thread. Having met some of these characters in the flesh it is nice to hear your stories. I had a delightful time meeting the catters I met and can't wait til I can go again.

05 Jun 04 - 07:34 PM (#1201091)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Sorcha

It's not a UK story, but it is funny anyway. Called What We Do In Wyoming for Fun. Thursday past we had a gig....a Picnic in a Pasture. About 50 people gathered to watch the full moon come up. No trees, no pavilions, no nothing except 3 tables and chairs that we brought for ourselves. Chicken on a barbie at the house, a tractor ride out into the pasture. Carry in salads, desserts, etc.

Well, somebody forgot to lock the cows out of this's about a 4,000 acre pasture. Here we are, playing music to an appreciative audience, when the cows (black Angus if it matters) come ambling up. There were about 50 of them staring at all of us. "Wot the feck you doing oot 'ere'? If anyone approached them they ran but soon came back. Only in Wyoming....I will call the pic Wyoming Music really was pretty funny.

06 Jun 04 - 05:13 AM (#1201221)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: JennyO

I must be in that kind of a mood, but reading Sorcha's account of the picnic in the pasture with the full moon on Thursday, brought it home to me how close we really all are, and mudcat makes it seem more so. I was looking at the same moon on Thursday too, and I'm in Oz, on the other side of the world. I guess we would have seen it a few hours earlier, that's all.

When are you coming to Oz, Sorcha? We'd love to have a chance to wear you ou.... er, entertain you too.


06 Jun 04 - 08:28 AM (#1201262)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: kendall

Who said "It's useless to play the violin in front of an ox" ??

06 Jun 04 - 08:52 AM (#1201267)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: GUEST,Jon

Hows about it then Sorch? A meeting in OZ! I should go over there now brother Tim and family seem to have settled in well somewhere N of Brisbane... (seriously, I rekon it will be a few years before I get there and if/when I do, it will have to be winter - I really do not fancy Summer where he is).

06 Jun 04 - 11:40 AM (#1201334)
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
From: Miken

Welcome home Sorch!
I've enjoyed your narrative, and look forward to more as your memory serves. Hoping to go to England next year!