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Australian-style harmonica

14 Oct 98 - 06:43 AM (#41636)
Subject: Australian-style harmonica

I started a thread about Plectrum Banjos which somehow worked its way to Australian-style harmonica playing. It lead to Bob Bolton making a very informative post on the subject and this posting is to point to that thread with a name that is more informative. Go


and then towards the end of the thread looking for postings by Bob.


15 Oct 98 - 02:22 AM (#41757)
Subject: RE: Australian-style harmonica
From: Bob Bolton

G'day all,

This was a post to Murray, on the Plectrum Banjo thread that seems, inexplicably, to have turned into something else. I might just whiz through this and correct all (some of?) those errors I only saw after "Submitting" ... as I said back there:
The moving finger writes and, having writ,
Reads not but witless ... strikes “Submit ...”
And not all my profanity (much less wit)
Can lure it back to cancel half a word: - Oh ...!


The Book is called Band in a Waistcoat Pocket and the Larrikin 2 CD set has the same name and matching artwork - they are designed as a set and were launched together. I don't have the 4 cassettes here but I'm fairly sure they have another, more generic name (like Australian Harmonica Players). I also seem to remember that they have a double credit - the recordings are on Ray's Bush Lark label and the whole package is retailed under Australian Harmonica History Association or similar.

I'll probably be calling in on Ray, at Blaxland, on my way up to Clarence, in the Blue Mountains, tomorrow and I will see what is still available and refresh my memory on details and prices. I am in the final throes of organising a free camping weekend, [23]/24/25 October for the Bush Music Club at a friend's bush property (up the hill, opposite the Zig Zag Railway).


Bob Bolton

21 Oct 98 - 07:55 PM (#42726)
Subject: RE: Australian-style harmonica
From: Bob Bolton

G'day Murray,

I saw Ray Grieve on Friday, on my way to Clarence. He still has stock of the 4 cassette/booklet pack Australian Harmonica History and believes that both the Kangaroo Press Band in a Waistcoat Pocket book and the Larrikin 2 CD release of the same name are still current. He is sending me some ordering literature and I can send you a copy.

I did not get to see him on the way back ... the whole area was under a fire alert, with bushfires in Glenbrook National Park as well as Springwood and I was driving back hoping that I had only sprained my wrist in a fall at Lithgow Tip, cleaning up for this weekend's Bush Music club camp.

Unfortunately, it proved to be a fracture and I think the next month or two are going to see me brushing up on the mouthorgan and bones ... the button accordion and concertina don't work too well with a plaster cast and no wrist rotation.


Bob Bolton