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Lunasa Theft/trauma

08 Jun 04 - 01:57 AM (#1202476)
Subject: Lunasa Theft/trauma
From: GUEST,Guest

The following posting is copied from the NZ folk ring. As you can imagine, many NZ'ers (folkie/non Folkies alike) are pretty gutted for the lads.

"Pat Higgins here:

Its correct that Kevin Crawford had a brand new Grinter C Flute stolen,
along with their passports, some whistles and a large amount of cash.
The theft occurred on June 2nd.

The stolen flute was valued at $NZ6.7K ( ) and
$AUS 17K in cash was also taken.
Kevin is grappling with British Consulates in Wellington/Dublin to get his
passport renewed in time for a Wed. flight to USA.
( His passport is problematic because he's a UK citizen who had his passport
issued in Dublin )
They have a gig in Canton, MA on Friday 11th June.

I have taken individual action, to see what I can do to help these guys.

I have set up an account at a bank here in Wellington
People anywhere in the world can donate , if they wish, as they see fit.
Heres the details:

Account Name: "Lunasa Theft Fund"
Account No: 03-0502-0656923-00
Bank: Westpac Bank, 318 Lampton Quay, Wellington, New Zealand.
Contact: Pat Higgins, 99 Nevay, Miramar , Wellington, New Zealand 00 - 64 -
4 - 388 4190

There are three ways to contribute.
You can send a Bank Draft c/o of me or make a Telegraphic Transfer or (
Least desirable ) send a cheque made out to the details above, to my home
The reason thats the least desirable is that international cheques can take
weeks to clear, and if they bounced, I'd be liable for the NZ$ value of the

You'll need the complete account details as described in the paragraph

If you send a Bank Draft, there are no charges at this end, I guess you'd
pay the charges at your end.
In this case you need it made out to the account above and send it to me,
then I'll deposit it in the account.
NOTE: Do NOT put my name on the Bank Draft

If you do a "Telegraphic Transfer" ( Bank to Bank wire transfer ) the local
bank here will deduct $NZ10 for each transaction.
So if you do decide to contribute , bear that in mind.
In that case, you'll know that it gets straight into the account, ( minus
the $NZ10 charge ).
But eventually its still going to be me that transfers any money raised to

If you send an ordinary personal cheque, the bank will take several weeks to
clear it.
If it bounced ( and I'd already closed the account , and forwarded any money
to Lunasa ) I'd be liable to the Bank for the face value of the cheque.
I'am prepared to risk that.

So there you go.
I have not discussed this with Kevin Crawford or anyone at Lunasa or their
If I asked Kevin , he'd probably say "Aahhh no, they shouldn't ...." , cos
he's such a nice guy.
But if the shoe was on the other foot, you can bet he'd be first in line to
play a benefit gig for someone.

I realise you have to trust me that a:) That account above is legit. and b)
That I'll actually transfer any money donated to Lunasa:
I'am the chairman of the Celtic Flute School of New Zealand. We organise
Were a non-profit, incorporated Society.
This is the reason Lunasa were in New Zealand in the first place.
If you think I'd help organise a weekend for Lunasa , including a sold-out
concert at Nelson School of Music, and well received master-classes, and
then rip them off,
then perhaps you shouldn't risk sending a donation.

I intend to post this to the NZ FolkList, the woodenFlute list and IRTrad-L

Music is an act of love.
Lunasa collectively and individually enthralled people in Nelson this
weekend with their music.
They are such nice blokes, they deserve this bit of help.

Pat Higgins
New Zealand."

08 Jun 04 - 02:13 AM (#1202481)
Subject: RE: Lunasa Theft/trauma
From: open mike

why not a pay pal instant!
good luck...perhaps all will be found!

08 Jun 04 - 03:15 AM (#1202495)
Subject: RE: Lunasa Theft/trauma
From: Little Robyn

The flute is so unique, I don't know how it could ever be hidden.
The theft happened while they were onstage. Someone went into their dressing room and removed all sorts of goodies.
Some NZ folkies have already held a concert to raise funds to help Lunasa. But more is needed.

08 Jun 04 - 03:26 AM (#1202499)
Subject: RE: Lunasa Theft/trauma
From: John MacKenzie

Geez what a bummer, and a sad ad for the land of the long white cloud too. I wish I could help.