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German lullaby

20 Oct 98 - 01:47 PM (#42540)
Subject: German lullaby

I'm looking for the lyrics to "Schlafe mein Prinzchen," a German lullaby--any body know where I might find the lyrics on the Web? Please send me an email to Thanks!

Bernd Estabrook

20 Oct 98 - 03:16 PM (#42547)
Subject: RE: German lullaby
From: Graeme


You'll find it at the German folksong site - together with a midi file of the tune.

(Sorry, I can't to the HTML to link this yet - you'll have to type in the URL!)

Hey - I got here before Joe did! Hehhehheh



...but Joe can sneak in a clickable link....

21 Oct 98 - 03:27 AM (#42624)
Subject: RE: German lullaby
From: AndreasW

Somehow this (the red text) remembers me of a very good book:
George Orwell's 1984 (Big Joe is watching me)

21 Oct 98 - 05:21 AM (#42630)
Subject: RE: German lullaby
From: Graeme

Yes.......I know what you mean Andreas!

But I think of him more as a bit of a Guardian Angel!!

maybe so (click here)

(I wonder what he'll say about that?............... and somehow I know I'm going to find out!!!!!)