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Hank Williams on PBS

23 Jun 04 - 07:14 PM (#1213212)
Subject: Hank Williams onPBS
From: Dharmabum

Scheduled for tonight 8 P.M. here in northeast USA on the American Masters series.
Hank Williams documentary.


23 Jun 04 - 07:19 PM (#1213215)
Subject: RE: Hank Williams onPBS
From: kendall

radio or tv?

23 Jun 04 - 07:25 PM (#1213223)
Subject: RE: Hank Williams onPBS
From: Dharmabum

Sorry I didn't specify.

Check for local listings.


24 Jun 04 - 02:08 PM (#1213646)
Subject: RE: Hank Williams onPBS
From: Bev and Jerry

We saw it last night and we kept saying, "Wow! Did he write that, too?"

Bev and Jerry

24 Jun 04 - 07:08 PM (#1213828)
Subject: RE: Hank Williams onPBS
From: Mark Ross

Saw most of it(I feel asleep, due to getting up at 6AM these days). It was great seeing some of that footage. The reminiscencing of his old sidemen explaining how Hank would use his guitar in barroom brawls explains why he is pictured playing so many different guitars.

Mark Ross

24 Jun 04 - 07:52 PM (#1213844)
Subject: RE: Hank Williams onPBS
From: katlaughing

We really, really enjoyed this one, very much. Rog was delighted to see Walker was still alive a kicking. Apparently he'd come through Casper to the radio station in the 80's, promoting some record of his and they had a blast with him, when they pulled out some old 78's with him on them.

As my friend said, poor old Billie Jean had terrible luck with husbands. Married Hank, then he died in a car. Then married Horton who was killed in a car wreck. She never did remarry.

Who can tell me more about Lister? He sounded so wonderful and was noted as an opening act for Hank. I'd love to hear more of him.



24 Jun 04 - 08:06 PM (#1213849)
Subject: RE: Hank Williams onPBS

AllanC and I will be leading a Hank Williams Sr. workshop at the Getaway. How we managed to miss this last night is beyond me. It will be on again, I'm sure.

25 Jun 04 - 06:13 PM (#1214446)
Subject: RE: Hank Williams onPBS
From: Bill Hahn//\\

A few interesting thoughts re: the HW program on PBS

   1) Having seen Jason Petty in Lost Highway--the story of Hank Williams I was delighted at how true to Hank it was and also how Petty had even his smallest mannerisms down pat---in addition to the voice. If the show comes to a place near you do not miss it.
   2) I don't recall his name now, but toward the end of the program one of the Drifting Cowboys was talking. I did a double take since he is a double---though older version of Jerry Ohrbach ((42d Street and Law and Order).

   Bill Hahn

26 Jun 04 - 04:06 PM (#1214719)
Subject: RE: Hank Williams onPBS
From: GUEST,Nancy King at work

I really enjoyed this program -- be sure to catch the repeats if you can! HW sure could yodel!


27 Jun 04 - 11:48 AM (#1215004)
Subject: RE: Hank Williams onPBS
From: ddw

Bev and Jerry,

Just so you won't feel like you missed something, Hank didn't write all of the songs he sang. Most of them, yes, but not all. Early in the program he was shown singing Cool Water, which was written by Bob Nolan (Born Robert Clarence Nobles, April 1, 1908, New Brunswick). I didn't get a chance to watch the whole thing yet, but I'll bet if you check there might be others.



27 Jun 04 - 12:04 PM (#1215013)
Subject: RE: Hank Williams on PBS
From: Mark Ross

Lovesick Blues was written on Tin Pan Alley, recorded by Emmett Miller in the '20's. He also recorded some Traditional stuff.
But he made them all his own.

Mark Ross

27 Jun 04 - 05:24 PM (#1215109)
Subject: RE: Hank Williams on PBS
From: katlaughing

Hah! I found his full name, as I'd missed it on the program. It was Big Bill Lister who was an opening act for Hank in the 1950's. That's kind of a nice write-up on him, but I had to highlight it by dragging my mouse as their background colour on the left side made it hard to read the text.