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10 Jul 04 - 03:31 PM (#1222966)
Subject: Gryphon?
From: GUEST,New fan

Look - I know it is sad - I am 43 years old and just discovered Gryphon in the last couple of years. Fine time of life to be getting into early 1970s 'fusion' of early music/folk/progressive rock (been into folk since I was a teenager but somehow these passed me by).

Anybody else have an opinion on them? Know what they are doing now? Have a T-shirt they are desperately proud of?

10 Jul 04 - 04:24 PM (#1222987)
Subject: RE: Gryphon?
From: John-S

Thanks for reminding me about Gryphon. I saw them about thirty years ago supporting Steeleye Span at the Glasgow Apollo. Try The Gryphon Home Page

10 Jul 04 - 06:50 PM (#1223048)
Subject: RE: Gryphon?
From: Linda Kelly

Saw them touring with Steeleye Span in the 70's -totally fab -Richard Harvey went on to compose some wonderful music - seem to remeber a great theme for a Ruth Rendell.

10 Jul 04 - 08:10 PM (#1223064)
Subject: RE: Gryphon?
From: Emma B

Just an old vinyl LP I'm afrad...........

10 Jul 04 - 08:29 PM (#1223070)
Subject: RE: Gryphon?
From: Helen

I knew someone who had the vinyl record so I only got to listen to it once in a blue moon, but I loved it the first time I heard it. At the time I was a poor struggling student, and I could not afford to buy it. By the time I could afford it the record was unavailable.

About ten years ago I was still going to regular music sessions and we held them at each person's house week-by-week. One night we started discussing old records. The man whose house we were at got out some of his old records and there it was - Gryphon. So I got to hear it again.

I was studying Middle English and Anglo Saxon when I first heard the record so it really struck a chord with me (musical pun intended).   There was no-one else that I knew of in the popular or folk music scene focusing on this style of music. There were Steeleye Span & Incredible String Band, of course, but Gryphon had taken the raucousness to new heights, in my opinion.

They have a Monty Python does Jabberwocky feel about their music. No romanticism and airy-fairy stuff - just raw, nitty-gritty, life-as-she-is-lived stuff. And a real hoot!

Love 'em!


10 Jul 04 - 11:10 PM (#1223122)
Subject: RE: Gryphon?
From: Nerd

A couple of former Gryphon members went on to be in Malicorne in the 1980s, and many have continued in music, including folk projects.

11 Jul 04 - 02:12 AM (#1223157)
Subject: RE: Gryphon?
From: The Borchester Echo

I picked up a secondhand Malicorne compilation CD LÉGENDE (1989) which includes Le Ballet des Coqs (The Roosters' Ballet) arranged by Brian Gulland, formerly of Gryphon, on which he plays crumhorn, bassoon, oboe, recorder and piccolo.

11 Jul 04 - 02:13 AM (#1223158)
Subject: RE: Gryphon?
From: GUEST,jennifer

Graeme Taylor now does a lot of work in theatre and musicals and is in Rolf Harris's band - there was a Rolf special broadcast from the Albert Hall recently and I kept seeing Graeme's grinning mug as the camera swept past.
Graeme Taylor Appreciation Page

11 Jul 04 - 02:39 AM (#1223165)
Subject: RE: Gryphon?
From: Skipper Jack

Brian Gulland is now with Tim Laycock's New Scorpion Band.
Have you listened to Gryphon's album "Midnight Mushrumps"?
The music is fabulous!

11 Jul 04 - 04:07 AM (#1223179)
Subject: RE: Gryphon?

As Skipper Jack says - Brian is playing with The New Scorpion Band and living in Wales. He is, as far as I know, still very much in touch with Richard Harvey. Gryphon music is now available on CD via amazon so the opportuntiy to listen to it isn't lost.

11 Jul 04 - 12:48 PM (#1223333)
Subject: RE: Gryphon?
From: Nerd

New Scorpion! That's the band I was thinking of. Thanks, guys!

12 Jul 04 - 05:23 AM (#1223685)
Subject: RE: Gryphon?
From: red max

I like the debut best, as it's the most folky and the least "proggy". Unfortunately the CD reissue is one of those awful Essential/Transatlantic things where they routinely remove songs to fit 2 albums on 1 disc. And they don't even acknowledge it

12 Jul 04 - 09:10 AM (#1223797)
Subject: RE: Gryphon?
From: Big Al Whittle

If you go the Shakespeare experience in Stratford, they have the tape of Gryphon playing - I think its Kemps Jig - although I'm not sure. I recognise it from the Best of transatlantic compilation that I've bought about eighty six times in various different formats.

Wasn't it Gryphon that got the review in Folk Review - this album bored the arse off me - or something similar. you don't get reviews like that these days

21 Nov 04 - 09:38 AM (#1334407)
Subject: RE: Gryphon?
From: Blowzabella

To all Gryphon fans who would like to see what Brian Gulland is up to now, have a look at the gig list for The New Scorpion Band or PM me with your email to go onto the NSB's mailing list. Scorps have quite a few gigs coming up, including a rare trip up north for gigs in Co. Durham & Yorkshire


15 Jul 07 - 05:29 PM (#2103596)
Subject: RE: Gryphon?
From: Blowzabella


I was at a wedding yesterday and Richard Harvey was best man. I was chatting to him - nice bloke. Dave Oberle was there too (very nice chap indeed and a great laugh).

15 Jul 07 - 05:33 PM (#2103599)
Subject: RE: Gryphon?
From: Linda Kelly

My sister kindly sent me a Gryphon tape the other day-just fab stuff.

15 Jul 07 - 11:43 PM (#2103853)
Subject: RE: Gryphon?
From: GUEST,.gargoyle

When I get REALLY drunk - and begin vamping a well known tune into the Blues/Jazz genre, for five minutes or more - it sounds like Gryphon.


Some may call it talent - most recognize it as sloppy drunk.