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Lyr Req: Veronica (Christy Moore)

02 Aug 04 - 05:12 PM (#1239163)
Subject: Lyr Req: Christy moore
From: GUEST,Konrad

I`m looking for the lyrics of his songs "Veronica"(dedicated the reporter veronica guerin) and "They never came home"(disco fire)
Thanks for your help! Konrad

03 Aug 04 - 12:08 AM (#1239368)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Christy Moore's VERONICA
From: Amergin

Veronica has been posted here before....didn't find They Never Came Home.


03 Aug 04 - 07:41 PM (#1239835)
Subject: Lyr Add: THEY NEVER CAME HOME (from Christy Moore)
From: Shanghaiceltic


St Valentine's Day comes around once a year
All our thoughts turn to love as the time it draws near
Sweethearts and darlings, husbands and wives
Pledge love and devotion for the rest of their lives

As day turns to evening soon night-time does fall
Young people preparing for the Valentine's ball
As the night turns to laughter some families still mourn
The forty-eight children who never came home

Down to the Stardust they all made their way
The bouncers stood back as they lined up to pay
The records were spinning there was dancing as well
Just how the fire started sure no-one can tell

In a matter of seconds confusion did reign
The room was in darkness fire exits were chained
The firefighters wept for they could not hide
Their sorrow and anger for those still inside

Have we forgotten the suffering and pain
The survivors and victims of the fire in Artane
The mothers and fathers forever to mourn
The forty-eight children who never came home

All around the country the bad news it spread
There's a fire in the Stardust ther's forty-eight dead
Hundreds of children lie injured and maimed

Our leaders were shocked grim statements were made
They shed tears in the graveyard as bodies were laid
The injured were forced to wait for six years
It seems like our leaders shed crocodile tears

Thousands paid out in barristers fees
The insurance claim settled on Butterly
It was all of eight years before any help came
To the injured families who suffered the pain

The days turned to weeks and the weeks turned to years
Our laws favour the rich or so it appears
A mother still waits for her kids to come home
Injustice breeds anger and thta's whats been done.

Source; Christy Moore's 'One Voice-my life in song'

04 Aug 04 - 04:58 AM (#1240074)
Subject: Lyr Add: THE BLACK WIND (Finbar Wright)
From: Big Tim

Here's another song about the murder of VG. It was written by Finbar Wright and included on his album "Another Season"(1999).

THE BLACK WIND Words and music by Finbar Wright/copyright DNL Music.

The black wind blows across the street,
A flower falls to the ground,
The gardeners cry and curse that wind,
That blows so cold in town.

The flower had seen the black wind move,
And swirling in the crowd,
The flower was strong and poured out words,
To slow the whirlwind down.

Touch the face of slavery,
Touch the hand of bravery,
Alleluia, love so beautiful warns us to be true.

The black wind hums a secret song,
A smokescreen for the fool,
The flower finds right in her mind,
She has to change that tune.

The black wind holds a freeman's key,
To open many doors,
The flower knows the secret game,
The shady powers that flow.

Touch the face of slavery...

The black wind blows, the streets grow cold,
The flowers try to survive,
The gardeners cry and curse that wind,
That haunts the dead of night.

Touch the face of slavery...

The flower was brave and still it grows,
Its fragrance fills my mind,
This flower so strong, who poured out words,
To stop the black wind's howl.

Touch the face of slavery...

"The Black Wind was written in memory of Veronica Guerin, whose murder I almost witnessed first hand, and whose brave hand in alerting Irish society to the dangers of those who would enslave us all, must be acknowledged" - Finbar Wright, album sleeve note.
(Finbar Wright is one of the "Irish Tenors". He is from Cork).

04 Aug 04 - 04:21 PM (#1240376)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Christy Moore's VERONICA
From: GUEST,Konrad

That was a great help, Amergin, big tim and Shanghaiceltic!
Thanks so much from the german north see coast. Konrad