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Lyr Req: Christ Child Lullaby (Boys of the Lough)

29 Oct 98 - 11:39 PM (#43664)
Subject: Christ Child Lullaby, different verses?
From: Alice

I had a request tonight from a friend who needed the lyrics to "Christ Child Lullaby" for his church choir. I found the version that is in the database, but he was familiar with verses he heard on a recording by the Boys of the Lough.

Here is the way it appears in the DT database. Can anyone give me other verses in English or Gaelic?


My love, my pride, my treasure oh
My wonder new and pleasure oh
My son, my beauty, ever You
Who am I to bear You here?

The cause of talk and tale am I
The cause of greatest fame am I
The cause of proudest care on high
To have for mine, the King of all

And though You are the King of all
They sent You to the manger stall
Where at Your feet they all shall fall
And glorify my child, the King

There shone a star above three kings
To guide them to the King of kings
They held You in their humble arms
And knelt before You until dawn

They gave You myrrh and gave You gold
Drank incense and gifts untold
They traveled far these gifts to bring
And glorify their new born King

I have a question in particular of the accuracy of the line, "DRANK incense and gifts untold"
Shouldn't that be Frankincense?

Thanks. Alice in Montana

30 Oct 98 - 12:28 PM (#43696)
Subject: RE: Christ Child Lullaby
From: Alice

I've gleaned this much more. The Christ Child's Lullaby was collected by Marjorie Kennedy-Fraser on the Isle of Eriskay in the Outer Hebrides.

30 Oct 98 - 01:03 PM (#43698)
Subject: Lyr Add: TALADH CHRIOSTA (in English)
From: Alice

Well, on with my own searching. I did also find this website:

About Ann(e) Boleyn (1507?-1536) & Elizabeth I, Queen of England (1533-1603, patroness)

with these notes

"Of special mention on this recording is an anonymous Marian lullaby, sung in Gaelic, without accompaniment, by Mhairi Lawson:

Taladh Chriosta
(English translation)

My love, my dear my darling thou,
my treasure new, my gladness thou,
my comely, beauteous baby son thou,
unworthy I to tend thee.

O dear the eye that softly looks,
o dear the heart that fondly loves,
thou but a tender babe thou art,
the graces all grow up with thee.

Hosanna to the Son of David,
my King, my lord, my Savior!
Great my joy to be song-lulling thee,
blessed among the women I."

These lyrics may be closer to what my friend is looking for. Anyone know the Scots Gaelic version?


30 Oct 98 - 01:34 PM (#43702)
Subject: RE: Christ Child Lullaby
From: rich r

"Frankensence" yes definitely. It was the druids who drank fermented fluids.

The DT words are the ones I learned from a Clancy Brothers recording.

Kathy Matea has recorded a version (on Good News) that has the following verses: ^^
My love, my treasured one are you
My sweet and lovely son are you
You are my love my darling new
Unworthy I, of you.

Your mild and gentle eyes proclaim
The loving heart with which you came
A tender, helpless tiny babe
With boundless gifts of grace.

King of Kings, Most Holy One
God the Son, Eternal One
You are my God and helpless son
High ruler of mankind.

I think I have another version somewhere also, I will look.

rich r

30 Oct 98 - 02:23 PM (#43706)
Subject: RE: Christ Child Lullaby
From: Alice

Hey, thanks, rich. I just re-listened to the Boys of the Lough recording, then the words I couldn't make out before made sense. Very close to what you provided. Just needed to add the Alleluias as the chorus.

Also, I found in the liner notes on the Boys of the Lough CD that it says it was written by Father John Rankin of Moidart in Scotland for his parishioners, before leaving them to immigrate to Nova Scotia, mid 1800's. alice

30 Oct 98 - 02:52 PM (#43708)
Subject: Lyr Add: TÀLADH CHRIOSDA (Christ Child's Lullaby)
From: Áine

Dear Alice,

These are the lyrics in Scots Gaeilge, English translation and song notes from the CD ‘Celtic Christmas - Traditional Winter Songs from Celtic Lands’ distributed by Past Times.

Tàladh Chriosda (Christ Child’s Lullaby) - Scotland (Isle of Barra)

Also known as Tàladh ar Slànair, this humn is sung at Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve in the islands of Barra, South Uist and Eriskay in the Outer Hebrides. The words were written by Father Ranald Rankin, and given by him to the children of his congregation in Moidart, when he left for Australia in 1855. The original song has 29 verses, and as with many old Gaelic songs, several variants of the tune exist.

Mo ghaol, mo ghràdh is m’eudail thu
M’iunntas ùr is m’èibhneas thu
Mo mhacan àluinn, ceutach thu
Chan fhiù mi fhèin bhi ‘d dhàil
Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia

Mo ghaol an t-sùil a sheallas tlàth
Mo ghaol an cridh’ tha liont’ le gràdh
Ged is leanabh thu gun chàil
Is lìonmhor buaidh tha ort a’ fàs

‘S tusa grian gheal an dòchais
Chuireas dorchadas air fògairt
Bheir thu clann-daoin bho staid bhrònaich
Gu naomhachd, soilleireachd is eòlas

My love, my dear, my darling
My new treasure, you are my joy
You are my beautiful, fair son
I am unworthy to be near you
Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia

My darling of the gentle eyes
My darling whose heart is filled with love
Though you are but a helpless baby
Great victories will be yours

You are the white sun of hope
Who will banish darkness from us
You well redeem Mankind from sorrow
To sanctity, light and knowledge

30 Oct 98 - 04:30 PM (#43714)
Subject: RE: Christ Child Lullaby
From: Alice

Thanks, Aine (now I am wondering which is correct, that the author went to Nova Scotia or Australia!! ;-)

30 Nov 98 - 10:14 PM (#47417)
Subject: RE: Christ Child Lullaby
From: George Seto

Christ Child's Lullaby, in the Gaelic, is available on my Gaelic Christmas Songs page. It's titled Taladh Chriosta. There are 27 verses.

There are other songs including one or more lullabies of other sorts on the main song page

10 Jun 99 - 12:36 PM (#85553)
Subject: RE: Christ Child Lullaby
From: Alice

Refresh to answer Ciaran's question, June 10, 1999. - alice

04 Dec 03 - 03:42 PM (#1065660)
Subject: RE: Christ Child Lullaby
From: GUEST,Philippa

'tis the season ...

25 Oct 07 - 06:24 PM (#2179257)
Subject: RE: Christ Child Lullaby
From: Bexy

There is a good harmonized version in the book Bliss and Benison by Ali Burns

25 Oct 07 - 07:26 PM (#2179300)
Subject: RE: Christ Child Lullaby
From: maeve

It's a lovely song, to be sure. George, have you had any luck (or any time!) finding translations for the whole 29 verses? I do enjoy your website, by the way.



25 Oct 07 - 11:09 PM (#2179416)
Subject: RE: Christ Child Lullaby
From: Peace

Sheet music to it.

26 Oct 07 - 09:01 AM (#2179627)
Subject: RE: Christ Child Lullaby
From: George Seto -

Hi Maeve, no, I haven't found a full translation, and it's daunting to try to do it myself.

Thanks for the kind words. Have to do some major work on it though.

27 Oct 07 - 08:18 AM (#2180377)
Subject: RE: Christ Child Lullaby
From: maeve

Peace- Thanks for the link.

George- I'll ask a friend on Skye. I know she sings it; perhaps she has more of the verses translated. It would be a formidable task, indeed!


27 Oct 07 - 12:30 PM (#2180490)
Subject: RE: Christ Child Lullaby
From: GUEST,leeneia

Thanks to all who brought these words and tune to my attention. The tune is so simple, yet so beautiful.

27 Oct 07 - 02:07 PM (#2180538)
Subject: RE: Christ Child Lullaby
From: George Seto -

Most of the old Gaelic tunes are wonderful. Another very simple, haunting one is known as Bun Esan. This tune was turned into a popular song in the sixties? as Morning Has Broken.

16 Oct 08 - 01:22 PM (#2467444)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Christ Child Lullaby (Boys of the Lough)

Isn't it
My darling sweet and pleasure you,
my ____ and pleasure you,
My ____ and ________ you,
to you i give m love.
Aliuea ....

26 Dec 08 - 08:19 AM (#2524882)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Christ Child Lullaby (Boys of the Lough)

YES That shoul be Frankincense, in the third to last line. It makes a little more sense then drinking incense in the line. I have seen other versions with Frankincense in them.

23 Dec 09 - 05:21 AM (#2794866)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Christ Child Lullaby (Boys of the Lough)
From: GUEST,Jean Campbell

Looking for a listing of all 29 verses.

24 Dec 09 - 01:32 PM (#2795761)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Christ Child Lullaby (Boys of the Lou

The pronunciation rules for Scots Gaelic are rather difficult and I was wondering if someone who know Scots Gaelic better than I could post a transliteration of the original lyrics.


30 Dec 09 - 12:41 PM (#2799386)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Christ Child Lullaby (Boys of the Lough)
From: Jim Dixon

There are lots of videos of various performances of TALADH CHRIOSDA: Click here.

30 Dec 09 - 12:53 PM (#2799398)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Christ Child Lullaby (Boys of the Lough)
From: wysiwyg

The sheet music link above isn't working for me-- anyone have an emailable copy pls PM.


30 Dec 09 - 01:10 PM (#2799408)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Christ Child Lullaby (Boys of the Lough)
From: wysiwyg

In many traditions this would also be appropriate for the 12 days AFTER Christmas Day, and further, since it references the arrival of the Wise Men who showed up later-- all thru Epiphany season. Good news for me, since it means I have time to play with the lyric and learn it before THAT season ends! :~) I can duet with Hardi's fiddle and it's simple enough to learn it without the music, too.


30 Dec 09 - 02:13 PM (#2799449)
Subject: Lyr Add: TALADH AR SLANUIGHIR (Ranald Rankin)
From: Jim Dixon

From "A Collection of Unpublished Gaelic Songs, with Notes" by D. Munro Fraser, in Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness, Volume 15, 1888-89, page 236:

[The same volume is also viewable at The Internet Archive. BEWARE: I have corrected many scanning errors, but I might have missed some.]

The following memento, or "cuimhneachan," was written by the Rev. Ranald Rankin, C.C., and given by him to the children of his congregation at Moidart, when he was parting with them for Australia, in 1855. ... The Rev. Ranald Rankin (W.D.), Australia, died in 1863, aged 64.

Air fonn—"Cumha Mhic Arois."

Aleluiah, Aleluiah, Aleluiah, Aleluiah.

1. Mo ghaol, mo ghradh, a's m' fheudail thu,
M' ion'ntas ur a 's m' eibhneas thu,
Mo mhacan aluinn ceutach thu,
Cha 'n fhiu mi fein bhi 'd dhail.

    Aleluiah, &c.

2. Ge 'mòr an t-aobhar cliu dhomh e,
'S mòr an t-aobhar curaim e,
'S mòr an t-aobhar umhlachd e,
Righ nan dùl 'bhi 'm laimh.

3. Ge d' is leanamh diblidh thu,
Cinnteach 's Righ nan Righrean thu,
'S tu 'n t-oighre dligheach, firinneach
Air Rioghachd Dhé nan gràs.

4. Ge d' is Righ na glorach thu
Dhiult iad an tigh-osda dhuit,
Ach chualas ainglean solasach
'Toirt gloir do'n Ti is àird.

5. Bu mhòr solas agus ioghnadh
Buachaillean bochda nan caorach,
'Nuair chual iad na h-ainglean a' glaodhaich,
"Thainig Slanui'ear thun an t-saoghail."

6. B' e sin an ceol, 's an naigheachd aghmhor
'Sheinn na h-ainglean anns na h-ardaibh,
Ag innseadh gu'n d' rugadh Slanui'ear
Am Betlehem, am baile Dhaibhidh.

7. B' e sin sgeula binn nam beannachd,
Mu'n aoidh a rinn tearnadh gu talamh,
Cha 'n ioghnadh mi 'bhi muirneach, geanail,
Is gile na ghrian mo leanamh.

8. Dh' fhoillsich reulta dha na righrean,
Lean iad i mar iuil gu dileas,
Fhuair iad 'n am achlais fhein thu,
Is rinn iad umhlachd dhuit gu lar.

9. Thairg iad or dhuit, mirr a's tuis,
Thug iad aoradh dhuit a's cliu,
B' e turas an aigh do 'n triuir,
'Thainig a shealltuinn mo ruin.

10. 'O na dh' innis aingeal Dé dhuinn
Gu'n robh 'n fhoill an cridhe Heroid,
Dh' fhalbh sinne leat do'n Eiphit
G' a sheachnadh mu'n deanta beud ort.

11. O! 'Heroid a chridhe chruaidh,
Cha choisinn t'imleachd dhuit buaidh,
'S lionar mathair dh'fhag thu truagh,
'S tu dian an toir air bàs mo luaidh.

12. 'S fhada, fhada, bho Iudea,
Tearuinte bho d' chlaidheamh geur e,
'Measg nam mac cha d'fhuair thu fein e,
'S fallain, slan thu, 's fath dhomh eibhneas.

13. Dh' aindeoin do mhi-rinn a 's t'fharmaid,
Bidh mo mhac-sa cliuiteach, ainmeil,
Cha chuir e uigh an òr n'an airgiod,
A rioghachd cha rioghachd thalmhaidh.

14. Gur galach, brònach, tùrsach iad
An drast ann an Ierusalem,
A' caoidh nam macan ùra sin,
'S b' e 'n diubhail 'n cur gu bàs.

15. Tha Rachel an diugh fo bhròn,
A' caoidh a paisdean aluinn, òg,
'S frasach air a gruaidh na deoir
Bho nach 'eil iad aice beò.

16. Tha mi 'g altrum Righ na mòrachd,
'S mise mathair Dhe na gloire—
Nach buidhe, nach sona dhomhsa,
Tha mo chridhe làn do sholas.

17. Thainig, thainig am Messiah,
Fhuair na faidhean uile 'n guidhe,
'S fhada bho 'n b' aill leo thu thighinn,
'S aluinn thu air mo ruighe.

18. A ghnothach gu talamh cha b' fhaoin e,
Cheannach sabhaladh chloinn daoine,
'S e 'm Fear-reite 's am Fear-saoraidh,
Is e 'n Slanui'ear gradhach caomh e.

19. Ciamar a dh' eirich dhomhsa
'Measg an t-sluaigh a bhi cho sonruicht'?
'S e toil a's cumhachd na gloire
Mac bhi agam ge d' is oigh mi.

20. 'S mise fhuair an ulaidh phrìseil,
Uiseil, uasal, luachmhor, fhinealt,
'N diugh cha dual dhomh bhi fo mhighean,
'S coltach ri bruadar an fhirinn.

21. Cha tuig ainglean naomh no daoine
Gu la deireannach an t-saoghail
Meud do throcair a's do ghaoil-sa,
Tighinn a ghabhail coluinn daonnta.

22. Bheir mi moladh, bheir mi aoradh,
Bheir mi cliu dhuit, bheir mi gaol dhuit,
Tha thu agam air mo ghairdean,
'S mi tha sona thar chloinn daoine.

23. Mo ghaol an t-suil a sheallas tlà,
Mo ghaol an cridh 'tha liont 'le gràdh,
Ged is leanamh thu gun chàil
'S lionmhor buaidh tha ort a' fàs.

24. M' ulaidh, m' aighear, a's mo luaidh thu,
Rùn, a's gaol, a's gràdh an t-sluaigh thu;
'S tus' an Tì a bheir dhoibh fuasgladh
Bho chuibhreach an namhaid uaibhrich.

25. 'S tu Righ nan righ, 's tu naomh nan naomh,
Dia am Mac thu 's siorruidh t'aois;
'S tu mo Dhia 's mo leanamh gaoil,
'S tu àrd cheann-feadhna 'chinne-daonn'.

26. 'S tusa grian gheal an dòchais,
Chuireas dorchadas air fògairt;
Bheir thu clann-daoin' bho staid bhrònaich
Gu naomhachd, soilleireachd, a's eòlas.

27. Thigeadh na sloigh chur ort failte—
Dheanadh umhlachd dhuit mar Shlanui'ear,
Bidh sòlas mòr am measg siol Adhamh—
Thainig am Fear-saoraidh, thainig!

28. Thig a pheacaich, na biodh sgàth ort,
Gheibh thu na dh' iarras tu 'ghrasan;
Ge d' bhiodh do chiontan dearg mar sgàrlaid
Bidh t'anam geal mar shneachd nan àrd-bheann.

29. Hosanah do Mhac Dhaibhidh,
Mo Righ, mo Thighearna, 's mo Shlanui'ear,
'S mòr mo shòlas bhi 'ga d' thàladh,
'S beannaichte am measg nam mnai mi.

17 Dec 21 - 08:04 PM (#4129253)
Subject: re: TALADH AR SLANUIGHIR aka Tàladh Chriosda
From: Felipa

Singer and teacher Linn Phipps writes of plans to sing the full 29 verses and choruses of Taladh Chriosda at Camp Harmony 11 pm (GMT,Linn'a time zone)on Thurs. 30 Jan. People who attend her workshop at 9.30 pm GMT may have a chance to sing one of the choruses (unmiked) at the 11 pm session.