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Child ballads advice column?

25 Aug 04 - 12:19 AM (#1255947)
Subject: Folklore: Child ballads advice column?
From: GUEST,leeneia

My cousin was telling about a humorous web site she's seen, where people send in questions based on plots from the Child ballads to an advice columnist.

I've tried searching, but haven't found it. Does anyone know its URL?

25 Aug 04 - 01:06 AM (#1255961)
Subject: RE: Folklore: Child ballads advice column?
From: Joe Offer

Hey, leeneia, we ain't the Mudcat Cafe fer nothin' - and this ain't the first time the question has been asked. The site is the Child Book of Etiquette.
    I closed this thread in an attempt to avoid splitting the discussion. Please post here (click) or in one of the related threads listed in the crosslinks toward the top of this page.
    -Joe Offer-