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Cyril Tawney - Illness

29 Aug 04 - 10:15 AM (#1259452)
Subject: Cyril Tawney
From: Zany Mouse

I've just heard that Cyril Tawney is in hospital "quite poorly". I have no other details.

Get well soon, Cyril. Positive vibes being sent.


29 Aug 04 - 10:30 AM (#1259463)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: Rasener

Blimey, I am very sorry to hear that. One of my heroes.

Get well Cyril.

29 Aug 04 - 10:33 AM (#1259465)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: Michael

It was announced at Whitby that he wasn't well, he's usually there.


29 Aug 04 - 10:55 AM (#1259474)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: GUEST,scooby doo

All the best my friend,get well soon.

29 Aug 04 - 07:00 PM (#1259568)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: Shanghaiceltic

Hope he recovers to sing and write again. I have enjoyed his songs for many years.

30 Aug 04 - 02:51 AM (#1259642)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: GUEST,Boab

Hang in there Cyril! I want MORE memories---so far they're the best---
A real big crowd is rooting for you, Mate.

30 Aug 04 - 06:14 AM (#1259716)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: Gurney

The guy who started me singing.   Get well soon.

30 Aug 04 - 10:21 AM (#1259809)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: Flash Company

Memo to Whoever controls life & death, Keep your hands off. thats ours!


30 Aug 04 - 12:15 PM (#1259894)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: alanabit

Anyone would wish a quick and full recovery to a talented and likeable man - and so do I.

30 Aug 04 - 02:48 PM (#1260025)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: GUEST,skipy

agree with all of the above, get well soon please.

30 Aug 04 - 06:34 PM (#1260171)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: Lanfranc

Amen to all the above. Hang on in there. Cyril.


30 Aug 04 - 07:25 PM (#1260194)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: CET

Amen, indeed.


31 Aug 04 - 04:48 AM (#1260498)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: Dave Bryant

Sad news indeed, not only a lovely man and singer, but also one of our best songwriters.

Best wishes for a full rcovery.

31 Aug 04 - 05:51 AM (#1260528)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: GUEST,Your second cousin, Tom Egan (Cassie's son)

Dear Cyril,
I, here in Australia, only found out via a friend in the USA that you were not well.

I wish you quick and full return to health.

All the very best to you and yours
Tom Egan (Cassie Moan's son)

31 Aug 04 - 06:20 AM (#1260540)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: GUEST,Gerard Moan

I`ve just heard from my nephew Tom Egan in Australia that you are poorly, Cyril. Here`s hoping you make a full recovery as soon as possible. All the best from your cousin, Gerard Moan, and all the Moan family in Devon.
God bless you and yours, Cyril.

31 Aug 04 - 10:17 AM (#1260708)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: Schantieman

One of the finest singers and songwriters around and one of my major influences. Get back down to Sammy's Bar, Cyril!


31 Aug 04 - 11:34 AM (#1260775)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: Rasener

What a song.

31 Aug 04 - 12:02 PM (#1260795)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: alanww

I thought that Sammy's Bar had long since been knocked down, Steve! But I am sure he knows that we all wish him well.
So let's hope that he can "dance on down, that walk ashore" again very soon!

31 Aug 04 - 01:36 PM (#1260865)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: Morticia

hugs to you and to Rosemary.

31 Aug 04 - 02:40 PM (#1260916)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: Herga Kitty

I endorse the good wishes, but could somebody please, please post some proper news to say how the poor bugger is?


31 Aug 04 - 06:20 PM (#1261120)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: radriano

Cyril Tawney is a very gracious chap. I wish him the best and a speedy recovery.

31 Aug 04 - 07:04 PM (#1261144)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: Devilmaster

Get well soon, Cyril...


31 Aug 04 - 07:27 PM (#1261159)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: Hawker

My Husband Just sang Grey Funnel Line in a session here in Devon, after being requested to sing a navy song by an ex-matelot.
Get well Cyril & thanks for some of the best songs written in the 20th century, looking forward to more in the 21st!
Love, kind thoughts & hope to see you at Baring Gould?
Kevin & Lucy Burrow

31 Aug 04 - 08:17 PM (#1261188)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: gnomad

Cyril's Website

No information on his current health I'm afraid, but people may wish to bookmark it for future use. I too hope that he's OK.

31 Aug 04 - 09:38 PM (#1261231)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: GUEST,Chanteyranger

I hope whatever health problems he's having, they're not too serious, and that he recovers well. An example of his graciousness: I wrote him a few years back, asking what exactky "Chicken on a raft" is. I thought it was fried egg on toast, and another local chantey singer thought it was creamed chicken on toast. Tawney wrote back a letter not only settling the question (it's fried egg on fried bread), but giving a full explanation of why it had to be fried bread and not toast (logistics of making all that toast for large Navy ship crews), and wrote about the meaning of some other lines in the song. This was all done through snail mail (I didn't have a computer then). Just a generous sharing of knowledge with someone he doesn't even know.


31 Aug 04 - 09:53 PM (#1261236)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: Paul from Hull

Youre right there, Chanteyranger, I have chatted to Cyril a few times over several years of going to Festivals & its apparent he always makes timed for anyone who wants to ask him a question, or just to say hello.

A great bloke, & a great talent, & I hope he's well soon.

31 Aug 04 - 10:25 PM (#1261251)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: Joybell

I hope he gets better soon too. His songs are very much loved by many of us here even though we've never met him. Joy

01 Sep 04 - 05:24 AM (#1261420)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: Dead Horse


01 Sep 04 - 09:04 AM (#1261545)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: Dave Bryant

Perhaps we all should send our thoughts and good vibes to Rosemary as well.

01 Sep 04 - 10:41 AM (#1261637)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: GUEST,Den Warrick, Vienna

Get well soon, Cyril. You made me cry the first time I heard you sing the   Oggy Man, in Edinburgh 1963, I think. As a former Merchant Navy engineer, I experience the sentiments expressed in Sally Free and Easy and the Oggy Man many times, but your songs reminded me that I was not alone in my grief. Hang on in there, you're sorely needed in the earthly choir.

Best wishes

Den Warrick

01 Sep 04 - 11:25 AM (#1261664)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: greg stephens

Get well soon Cyril. You're not in the sidings yet.

01 Sep 04 - 12:00 PM (#1261688)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: MikeofNorthumbria

To Cyril: my very best wishes for a speedy recovery.

To everyone else who has expressed their concern for him here: yes, he's a wonderful songmaker and we all owe him. May he keep making songs for a long time yet.


01 Sep 04 - 08:58 PM (#1262135)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: WFDU - Ron Olesko

I received an e-mail from Rosemary Tawney. She asked me to pass this note on to all the Mudcatters.

>Cyril has been in hospital for 2 months. It's rather involved
and it took a long time for the medics to be able to determine what is the underlying cause
of his several problems (no longer just diabetic leg ulcers, but arthritis,
bone infection, debility, nodules). It is myco bacterium (not "micro")
chelonae which is commonly carried in water but rarely enters the body.
Now they know what antibiotic to use, he is progressing, and he is also going to have specialised treatments to boost his immune system.
We've been warned that it may take a long time, but we will get there, and he's receiving very good care and excellent treatment and is in good, positive spirits, helped a great deal by the goodwill that floods in.<

Rosemary also mentioned that Cyril is being transferred to another hospital and that she is going with him and will be away for awhile. As she noted, Cyril is helped by all the postive thoughts and spirit that are being sent his way.

I'm hoping he will come to this side of the pond as soon as he gets better. He is a treasure. Cyril and Rosemary are in our thoughts and prayers.


02 Sep 04 - 02:57 AM (#1262272)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: Mark Dowding

Sorry to hear of Cyril's illness but good to know that the doctors can treat it. My dad discovered that he served on the same ship as Cyril after reading the back of Cyril's LP, "In Port" but missed him by a month because Cyril had moved on.

Good wishes to both Rosemary and Cyril


02 Sep 04 - 09:20 AM (#1262471)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: Mark Dowding

Just told my dad about Cyril and he says that they were on the same ship at the same time - HMS Indefatigable in February 1953. He doesn't remember Cyril from that time which isn't surprising as they were in different parts of the ship, but they must have passed each other on board at some time.

02 Sep 04 - 09:39 AM (#1262484)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: Charley Noble

Thanks for the update, Ron.

So many fine songs, and ever so helpful when questioned.

Charley Noble

02 Sep 04 - 09:49 AM (#1262489)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: alanabit

There's a funny thing Mark. He and my Dad knew each other at HMS Caledonia, where they did their basic training. Like him, my Dad went on to become a submariner. Are you an ex RHS boy, by any chance?
Goods news about Cyril Tawney that he is responding to treatment. It has cheered me up a bit - and certainly many other people too.

02 Sep 04 - 10:20 AM (#1262520)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: Mark Dowding

My dad did his National Service in the RN and went no further but spent the rest of his life married to the Sea Cadet Corps (as well as my mother!) My sister did ten years or more in the Sea Cadets ending up as Lt Commander of the Wigan unit (T.S. Sceptre which is affiliated to HMS Sceptre - a Hunter-Killer nuclear powered submarine) taking over where my dad left off although he's still involved at a higher level. My mother, in an effort to see her husband occasionally, joined the Unit as an admin officer. I never had leanings towards life at sea although I did spend a week on T.S. Royalist which is a square rigged sailing ship (brig) owned by the SCC and used as a training ship. I went on board as a civilian instructor and had all the 12-14 year old lads singing shanties all week. They made the rude bits up themselves! They say you taste every meal twice on board ship - it's quite true.

02 Sep 04 - 11:13 AM (#1262574)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: JennyO

I sang Grey Funnel Line tonight at my folk club for Cyril. I've never heard the harmonies in the room sound finer. There was definitely some good energy going his way from Oz!

02 Sep 04 - 05:45 PM (#1262914)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: Herga Kitty

Thanks Ron, for the news! Best wishes to Cyril and Rosemary.


03 Sep 04 - 04:09 AM (#1263215)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: GUEST,padgett

really sorry to hear of Cyril's illness and hope that he can make a speedy recovery
All the best to him and Rosemary

Ray Padgett and all at Barnsley Folk Club

03 Sep 04 - 05:53 AM (#1263258)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney

Of all the British Maritime Folk song writers I think you are the only one that I know of who writes from genuine experience. I truly love your stuff and I sing them when appropriate.

I've actually worked as hired crew(Bo's'n) with extra duty as chantyman on the hermaphrodite brig Black Pearl, SChooner Bill of Rights, the replica of HMS Rose, (I also did the original rigging and trained her first crew) and the schooner Aurora.
From one sailor to another, get well soon.
I'm in physical distress also, and am recovering from colon cancer. I expect to be completely cured. I'm finished with my radiation and chemotherapy and in about a month they'll see if surgery is indicated.
I'm going to be my old self again, YOU DO TOO.


Jody Gibson

Newport, Rhode Island, USA

03 Sep 04 - 09:30 PM (#1263898)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: Fergie

Hi Cyril

At the Góilín Singers Club in Dublin tonight Jerry O'Reilly sang Grey Funnel Line and the harmonies was terrific. Many of the members were singing with thoughts of you in their hearts. Get well soon and come over to Dublin and give us a share of your brilliance
KInd regards for a speedy recovery

04 Sep 04 - 03:29 AM (#1264041)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: Georgiansilver

We had a rendering of Sammys Bar at Gainsborough Folk Club last night.
Best wishes.

04 Sep 04 - 06:14 AM (#1264070)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: Keith A of Hertford

I have collected your recordings and books Cyril, and enjoyed them the more because of my family's Naval tradition.
I saw you in the grand old days at the Hoddesdon Folk Club.
I sing unaccompanied, and your songs are just perfect.
Actually Cyril, I could do with a few new ones, so please get better soon.
Fix it in a jiffy,

04 Sep 04 - 11:37 PM (#1264520)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: Nerd

I'm with everyone in saying: get better. We'll be waiting to listen to you and sing with you, all over the world, when you've recovered.

05 Sep 04 - 05:35 AM (#1264615)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: GUEST,Scouse

Get well soon Cyril, your songs have stayed with me for years. As Aye, Phil

05 Sep 04 - 05:38 AM (#1264618)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: Hrothgar

Had occasion to ring Cyril about a couple of songs a few years ago. He was very gracious to a total stranger.

Get well soon, Cyril.

05 Sep 04 - 06:53 PM (#1264917)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: GUEST,Pat the Verse

Heard at Goilín club on Friday that you`d been unwell , really hope you are on way to a full recovery . Wonderful singer , excellent songs.

06 Sep 04 - 11:16 AM (#1265281)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: GUEST,NSC George Henderson

Also heard of these health problems at Góilín last Friday. Sang a number of those wonderful songs to myself on the way down to Nenagh from Dublin yesterday. They really helped to shorten my journey and I would like to thank Cyril for his generosity and assistance over the years. Delighted to hear that his condition is treatable. Get well soon.

George Henderson.

06 Sep 04 - 03:06 PM (#1265461)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: Pistachio

I've sung Sally free and easy many times and Grey Funnel line many more with various friends in 'Nellies' and 'the Sun Inn' in Beverley. I'd hoped to meet/hear the great singer himself in Whitby this year. Best wishes for a steady recovery, thanks for the songs.

06 Sep 04 - 04:08 PM (#1265490)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: Mark Cohen

From what I've been able to find out, that infection has a generally good prognosis, but the treatment can take several months, most of which is usually out of the hospital. It's known as an atypical Mycobacterium, which means it is related to the germ that causes tuberculosis, but it is NOT contagious. It's not often easy to make the diagnosis, and the fact that the doctors did find out is a good indication that he's in very good hands.

Ron, I'd be happy to have Rosemary get in touch with me if she or Cyril have any questions; I can contact infectious disease specialists over here if there are questions I can't answer. Having sung and loved his songs for years, it's the least I can do! You can send me a PM and if they are interested we can work out the logistics. And just to be clear, that's not at all meant to suggest any doubts about his doctors. As I said, it sounds like he is in very good hands. But explaining medical conditions in understandable terms is kind of an avocation of mine--and sometimes it helps to have more information. Other people are very comfortable just talking with their doctor.   Chacun à son gout!


07 Sep 04 - 08:48 AM (#1265879)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: GUEST,Alan W

Just clicked on to the thread and it's the first I've heard of Cyrils' illness and I'm pleased to hear that the most recent news sounds encouraging. I wish him the best of recoveries.
Although I've never spoke to him our paths have crossed a few times when the crew that I sang with - Landlocked - were appearing at the same maritime festivals.
Two of our favourites that we sang, which were guaranteed to get the crowds singing were Grey Funnel Line & Chicken On A Raft, different songs with their own qualities that will, with many others, be sung for may a year to come.
Some of the first songs I ever learned were from Cyril's extensive repertoire.
All the very best to you Cyril and here's to seeing you again on the scene.


09 Sep 04 - 02:37 PM (#1267786)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: Fergie


11 Sep 04 - 06:39 PM (#1269567)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney

Thank you all for your messages; they are a great help and comfort to me in trying times. I have printed them out for Cyril and they will cheer him up. I know he will appreciate them as much as I do.

He is responding to treatment, but as Mark says it will be quite a long process. When I get time I will put some news on the website, but I'm spending most of my time in Plymouth now, where he is having Hyperbaric Oxygen treatment. This means going into a pressurised chamber for 2 hours - not a pleasant prospect for a non-volunteer ex-submariner!


11 Sep 04 - 08:26 PM (#1269638)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: Jeri

I wish you both all the best.
Perhaps there's a song in 'dry land diving'.

I've never met you, I've never heard you except on recordings, but you've been part of my life for as long as I can remember. I grew up in New York state, the child of not-particularly-folky parents. The music of my early childhood was mostly my mom's 78 record collection. One of those brittle wax discs was "With Her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm". (Remove happropriate haitches.) I loved that record! I played it a lot, I read the label, I left it sitting on the sofa and I sat on it. Bye bye, brittle wax disc.

Fast forward to college in 1974, when I found you in the library. Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out how to nick the record without getting caught. Then came a brief period (22 years) of being in the Air Force, without much folk music except what I could find on the radio. I eventually landed in New Hampshire, and met up with you again at a weekly singing session where we regularly sing a few of your songs.

I suppose it's a risk that comes with being famous - lots of complete strangers know of you, and you may not be aware of quite how many. So, from a strange (and somewhat odd) woman in New Hampshire, USA, thanks for all the music.

Please get well soon,

11 Sep 04 - 10:15 PM (#1269675)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: GUEST,Dave (the ancient mariner)

Dear Rosemary, At least he wont smell of Diesel and Shale when he comes out of treatment. (big grin) Glad to hear he is responding to treatment, best wishes to you both.
Yours, Aye. Dave (the ancient mariner)Ex Raleigh boy....

11 Sep 04 - 10:34 PM (#1269686)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: musicmick

May I add my regards for this great, great singer/composer/ collecter.
I have had the true honor of singing with him, many years ago, and coresponding with him recently. He is, surely, the finest "folk" songwriter whose compositions employ and expose the traditions he loves. His songs will outlive us all.

            Mike Miller

11 Sep 04 - 11:38 PM (#1269730)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: Melani

Hope they fix him right and proper. You too, Jody.

12 Sep 04 - 03:59 PM (#1270243)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: Dilligaf

Give Cyril a big hug from myself and from Slats (Pete Hicks) tell him we,ve fond memories of his performance at The Chatham Central Hall and then at the Barge lock in later.

19 Sep 04 - 10:43 AM (#1275549)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney

19 Sep 04 - 11:03 AM (#1275564)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney

Cyril is back in Exeter at his "home" hospital, having finished the Hyperbaric Oxygen treatment. We live only 10 mins. walk from the hospital, so I'm able to visit twice a day. We now have to await results of the treatment and of the various antibiotics. I will try to keep you posted.

Cyril enjoys reading your messages and very much appreciates your support. We amuse ourselves by trying to work out who has sent them.


19 Sep 04 - 11:31 AM (#1275585)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: alanabit

This is the news many of us have been wanting to hear. Good luck and a continued good recovery to a very talented and likeable man.

19 Sep 04 - 11:32 AM (#1275587)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: Scooby Doo

That is great news Rosemary send him our love from South Wales.

19 Sep 04 - 12:07 PM (#1275602)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: George Papavgeris

Lots of love heading your way from St Albans, Cyril!

19 Sep 04 - 12:17 PM (#1275610)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: Herga Kitty

Thank you Rosemary, for posting the news.

Best wishes to you both.

Kitty Vernon

19 Sep 04 - 03:42 PM (#1275771)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: MBSLynne

I'm relieved to hear that. Love and best wishes

Love Lynne

20 Sep 04 - 01:58 AM (#1276131)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: GUEST,Boab

Hey-up, Slim Tiffy![You'll hardly be unwashed in a hospital----] Good to hear better news. Our lot haven't yet used "Sammy's bar" and "Sally", but you'll be first to get a copy when it happens. Keep on the upward path!
Boab, --[Hexham and Irvine]

20 Sep 04 - 05:09 AM (#1276239)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: Peter Kasin

Thanks for keeping us in the loop, Rosemary. It sounds like he is in very good hands: yours, and his doctors.

20 Sep 04 - 06:23 AM (#1276261)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: Gurney

Rosemary, My name in the real world is Chris Marden, and I'm a midlander, but was a member of the his club when he held it at the Barbican Grecian Club, way back in the early 70's. He TOLD me one night that I was 'singing next week' and let me rifle through his songbooks. I doubt you'll remember, but it was a defining moment of my life.
When I say get well soon, I really mean it.   Chris.

20 Sep 04 - 06:58 AM (#1276285)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: Pete Jennings

Good news, Rosemary. Best wishes to both of you.


26 Oct 04 - 07:54 PM (#1308133)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: Fergie

Whats the latest news on Cyril's health?
The Dublin Góilín Singers Club celebrated its 25th Anniversary at the weekend. About sixty of us were in Paris and had a great time singing, eating and drinking. Many of of Cyril's songs were sung and many members were curious to know the lastest news on his state of health. Cyril is ever popular here in Ireland and we wish him well and hope to hear him sing again in the not too distant future.

26 Oct 04 - 08:18 PM (#1308154)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: Ferrara

Dear Rosemary and Cyril,

My husband and I were at a concert Cyril gave in Washington, DC, quite a few years ago. I think it was at the American Cafe near Dupont Circle. I do know large numbers of people turned out for the evening, including most of the Boarding Party. Myself, I bought a Cyril Tawney songbook that night or shortly afterwards, and have sung and loved his songs ever since. I never hear any of Cyril's songs without remembering what a delight it was to meet him and hear him sing.

Our son is now 22, has finally discovered the joys of folk music, and has taken to going to local shantey sings. One of the songs he is most often asked to sing is "Grey Funnel Line."

Good luck to you both and thank you Cyril for all you've given to lovers of sea music.

27 Oct 04 - 07:51 PM (#1309099)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: Bob Hitchcock

Oh Rita, how those memories come flooding back. I guess it must be 20 odd years ago now that we all saw Cyril in concert, and a memorable experience it was.

The day before that show, I had the honor of taking Cyril out to dinner. We went to a Steak place and had a few beers first and talked for a few hours. It was there that I discovered that Cyrils' father had taught my father morse code in the Navy during World War 2. My father had always been a big fan of Cyril, but had never made the connection before then. His favorite song was Oggie Man and he would sing it around the house when not singing Wagnerian opera.

I do hope Cyril's treatment goes well, and my thoughts are with him.

Bob Hitchcock (Boarding Party)

28 Oct 04 - 08:06 PM (#1310059)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: RiGGy

Thank you, Cyril for all you've done. Tom Lewis aptly wrote:"Cyril Said it All Before". I've been listening to two cassettes I made of your appearance at the Bridge Inn in Newcastle circa 1972 non-stop in the car for the last month. You gave me some of my core material that night: Constant Lovers, Sam Houston, Sailor Cut Down, The Biglee Hole and more.   And thank you Rosemary for being there for him as so many of us across the planet pray for the best.


28 Oct 04 - 11:16 PM (#1310184)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: Abby Sale

Hi, Rita. & Border Bob.

Cyril is much improved but still in hospital. See latest posted by Rosemary at the website. Note new URL:
New URL for Official Tawney site

26 Jan 05 - 01:21 PM (#1389214)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: GUEST,Rosemary Tawney

A lot of water ( some of it muddy) has passed under the bridge during recent months, so I thought Mudcatters would like to be able to check Cyril's current state of health - to involved to take up space here. I have just updated the website, so please go to and click on "News and Gigs".

Good health and a peaceful 2005 to you all


26 Jan 05 - 01:44 PM (#1389236)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: alanabit

Thank-you for taking time to give us the news. I will certainly not be alone in wishing both you and Cyril a very speedy, thorough recovery. I hope 2005 is kind to both of you.

26 Jan 05 - 02:06 PM (#1389258)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: Don(Wyziwyg)T

Glad to hear things are looking up, Cyril. Looking forward to seeing you back on your feet. You've given us so much, for so many years, that we all want to be there when you sing again, right up close in the middle of the audience, in the way you always loved to do it. Then we can give you the standing ovation you so richly deserve.

To save you trying to figure it out, I am co-producer, with Clive Lever (mudcat handle wildrover) of the charity CD "Guide Cats for the Blind" to which you contributed two absolutely stunning tracks, both parodies by Les Barker of your own songs. That CD has raised more than £20,000 for the British Computer Association of the Blind.

As I said, you have given so much and so freely.

Our hopes and good wishes go with you always.

Don Thompson and Clive Lever

26 Jan 05 - 02:27 PM (#1389284)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: Micca

and for the Blue Clicky Try Here

26 Jan 05 - 04:12 PM (#1389403)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: breezy

May I wish you and Cyril the thoughts of all of us at St Albans Folk club for a full recovery in 2005.

Once my video camera returns I will produce a copy of Cyril singing Sammys Bar along with the 'patter' and will drop it by on my way through to the South-West

It is from Oct 2002

26 Jan 05 - 05:19 PM (#1389495)
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney
From: Charley Noble

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Cyril is making slow progress, but is still in the hospital and in a great deal of pain. When he does manage to weigh anchor and make his way home, there will be one hell of a celebration. However, it appears to me that he's not likely to do that for another few weeks or so.

Charley Noble