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Eileen McGann

03 Oct 04 - 04:34 PM (#1287609)
Subject: Eileen McGann - British tour
From: Fliss

Went to a wonderful concert at Much Wenlock, Shropshire, last night by Eileen McGann.

Eileen is a Canadian singer songwriter of Irish descent. She has the most wonderful voice. She is accompanied by David K. Who is a good singer and musician in his own right.

Her songs are serious, humerous, sad, lively. She sings a mix of traditional songs from the British tradition, Celtic tradition, plus songs from Canada. Also her own songs reflect her concern at the disappearing forests in Canada.

I first saw Eileen and David at Bridgnorth Festival in 2000. I bought her 'Turn it Around' CD. My daughter said wow, its the first CD youve bought by a female performer.

If you get a chance to go to one of her concerts on the British tour, go.


03 Oct 04 - 07:28 PM (#1287718)
Subject: RE: Eileen McGann
From: black walnut

I couldn't agree with you more. Eileen did a wonderful house concert for us here in June 2001 and I've heard her in concert many times. She and David are fabulous.


03 Oct 04 - 10:02 PM (#1287870)
Subject: RE: Eileen McGann
From: open mike

"the first CD youve bought by a female performer."
hard to believe...AND glad you got it,
must be impressive! We did present Eileen
in a house concert several years ago and
i remember a tune she did called Birches
and a female character she portrayed who
was a symbol of Irish liberation or sol-
idarity. If anyone catches the name of
this woman, I would appreciate knowing
it. A celtic radio programmer here calls
herself Mary MacGillicuddy and i think
the name was something like that.

04 Oct 04 - 06:14 AM (#1288097)
Subject: RE: Eileen McGann
From: GUEST, Hamish

And playing at Tudor Folk Club, Chesham, Bucks, England this very night (Monday 4th October).

Oh, and don't forget the magical David K on Dobro.

04 Oct 04 - 08:08 AM (#1288169)
Subject: RE: Eileen McGann
From: Strollin' Johnny

I'll be doing the support for Eileen and David on 31st October at The Turk's Head, Lincoln. Now I'm scared! LOL :0)

04 Oct 04 - 08:33 AM (#1288188)
Subject: RE: Eileen McGann
From: black walnut

Wouldn't it be spookier to do it in the castle, S.J.? Lots of reverb there. OoOoOoOo.


04 Oct 04 - 08:47 AM (#1288200)
Subject: RE: Eileen McGann
From: Strollin' Johnny

Or even the Cathedral!! The beer's better at the Turk's Head though! LOL!

04 Oct 04 - 09:41 AM (#1288230)
Subject: RE: Eileen McGann
From: black walnut

And end with the Ghost Walk. Then you'll NEED a beer.


04 Oct 04 - 11:50 AM (#1288310)
Subject: RE: Eileen McGann
From: Strollin' Johnny

By the time I've opened for Eileen and Dave I'll need SEVERAL beers b.w.! And probably men in white coats too! ROFL :0)

04 Oct 04 - 05:03 PM (#1288558)
Subject: RE: Eileen McGann
From: Fliss

No need to be scared Strollin' Johnny they are great fun and easy to get on with. Ive been on Eileen's mailing list since 2000 and she thanked me for my email saying I would be at the concert.

Um somewhat of a confession that I dont usually buy CDs by women singers. I must admit I have some more CDs now. Carmel Gunning is singer & whistle player I enjoy listening to.

Requiem (for the Giants) Turn it Around CD is about the loss of the forests in Canada

400 years ago a seed, chance fallen, grew
In virgin forest land that never white man knew
In woodland silence it rose and flourished
By northern wind was shaped, from earth and sky was nourished

White pine, silver birch
Sing their names in requiem
Giants of our northern land
We'll never see your likes again

200 years ago the giants ruled the Shield
'Til white man came and saw the profits they could yield
They fell like thunder and left no trace
But giant stumps that stand as headstones in their place

In north Ontario some giants still remain
Though few in number now the axe-man comes again
What will you tell them when your children ask you why
Our last remaining forest giants had to die

And what gives them the right I ask
To take what's not their own
To kill a living beauty that 400 years has grown
To take and sell our heritage to fill pockets for a day
And when this crop is gone, what will they say
And when this crop is gone and the trees are gone
The wild is gone and the beasts are gone
And the tourist gone and the money gone
What will they say?

White pine...

Silver birch...


No idea about the irish woman... how about Grainne O'Malley the pirate?

05 Oct 04 - 09:47 AM (#1289151)
Subject: RE: Eileen McGann
From: DebC

Hey Laurel,

Was the song "Isabella Gunn" about a woman from Orkney who explored the NE bit of Canada in the early 19th century?


05 Oct 04 - 09:59 AM (#1289167)
Subject: RE: Eileen McGann
From: Strollin' Johnny

Heard Eileen last night on 'Folkwaves' (BBC Radio Derby folk programme), Mick Peat and Lester Simpson were raving about her - justifiably so IMHO. What a fantastic voice, can't wait to hear her 'live'. Just VERY glad that I'll be on before Eileen, and won't have to follow her - that WOULD be a daunting prospect!!

Canadians should be proud of yet another magnificent voice.

SJ :0)

05 Oct 04 - 10:58 AM (#1289225)
Subject: RE: Eileen McGann
From: black walnut

Oh, we are, we are! She's a national treasure.


05 Oct 04 - 01:22 PM (#1289383)
Subject: RE: Eileen McGann
From: open mike

deb--maybe that was it.
but i picture the woman as Irish
and IN ireland, and a symbol
(like "Uncle Sam" is a national
symbol here) maybe i am dreaming
or have invented this person,
but was sure i heard it right!
Deb-looking forward to hearing
(and hosting) you in jan in chico!!
keep in touch

05 Oct 04 - 05:45 PM (#1289579)
Subject: RE: Eileen McGann
From: Fliss

Just a hunch open mike perhaps you are thinking of the song Aisling Gheal

In his notes on Aisling Gheal, Brian O'Rourke points out:

For most people who have been through the Irish educational system, the word 'aisling' will connote a poem or song in which the poet sees — or dreams that he sees — a beautiful woman who turns out to be Ireland lamenting her woes.

See the link below for the article.

Or Roisin Dubh ("Dark Rosaleen"),

In the figure of Roisin Dubh ("Dark Rosaleen"), a Gaelic poem translated by James Clarence Mangan in 1835, the name became a poetic symbol of Ireland, reflecting the Irish tradition of disguising outlawed patriotic verse as love songs where she is told not to be downhearted for her friends are returning from abroad to come to her aid.

Just a thought. Dont know if either of these answer your question.

29 Aug 09 - 12:10 PM (#2711551)
Subject: RE: Eileen McGann
From: GUEST,Vance

Has anyone figured out the musicial notation for Isabella Gunn? I have started but thuoght someone else may have already written it down. Lovely song.

29 Aug 09 - 01:12 PM (#2711576)
Subject: RE: Eileen McGann
From: GUEST,leeneia

A beautiful voice. Thanks for the link.