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Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II

10 Nov 98 - 09:09 PM (#44890)
Subject: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: Roger in Baltimore

I have enjoyed all of the messages on the previous thread. Unfortunately, it is 225 KB long and takes a while to load. I have suggested this new thread for new entries. Thank you for your consideration.

Roger in Baltimore

10 Nov 98 - 09:21 PM (#44893)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: Roger in Baltimore

If you would like to read the precursor to this thread (and I think you will) you can reach it by clicking here. Bon Voyage!!!

Roger in Baltimore

10 Nov 98 - 10:18 PM (#44897)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: Alice

Thanks Roger, after it got over about 110 messages, my computer would freeze when the thread would try to load. Did I miss any new-comers? alice in montana

11 Nov 98 - 06:13 AM (#44951)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: Roger in Baltimore

Alice, There were 159 messages when I asked people to switch with message no. 160.

Roger in Baltimore

11 Nov 98 - 08:45 AM (#44965)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: Susan of DT

Alice - Try the "sort descending" feature to get at the end of long threads

11 Nov 98 - 09:33 AM (#44969)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: Alice

Thanks Susan, but that doesn't even work.... screen freezes and sometimes crashes Netscape when I click on really large threads. I also can't access the send personal message page. It always freezes the screen. Is this because I am using a power Mac (Motorola Starmax)? Anyone else have this problem?

11 Nov 98 - 02:42 PM (#44993)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: Pete M

Susan, the problem is that the "sort descending" option is only available after the thread has loaded. There are obviously good and sensible reasons for having "sort ascending" as a default, but the ability to choose a descending sort from the thread list pages would enable us to catch up with the latest additions without having to load the whole thread, saving time and bandwidth, and hopefully solving Alice's problem as well. Any chance Max? In the interim Alice, try the following.

Click on the thread name as normal, as soon as the "sort descending" option is displayed, click on that. This should abort the original load and start loading a reverse order download. As soon as you have got enough loaded to display the last few messages (Guesswork I'm afraid) click on the "Stop" button on the tool bar.

best of luck

Pete M

11 Nov 98 - 07:30 PM (#45035)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: Susan of DT

I used the "descending" on that thread when it had a mere 140 or so messages and it worked then. I almost never use that option, but it seemed to be the right situation. I don't know if Max reads every thread.

11 Nov 98 - 07:58 PM (#45044)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: Alice

Well, eventually I got it to work, as long as I stopped it before it froze. The first couple of times I tried reading ascending order, of the 160 message Mother Of This Thread, the browser would quit and fly home to the system folder after I stopped it. Just had to stop it before it loaded too far. Glad I could get to the end, though, since there are lots of nice folks introducing themselves to the cafe.

Parts II, III, and if necessary IV, shorter than the first, would be nice!


14 Nov 98 - 03:43 AM (#45326)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: The Shambles

This was too good a thread to let die without a fight so I have put here the original start message so people will know what it is all about and just carry on.

The Mudcat UK thread was a good idea and it has been interesting reading about what the weather is like in various parts of the UK and hearing about where people live. There is a colourful description from 'Frank in the Swamps', about where he lives, complete with some exagerated claims about his mosquitos, which can be found in the Jimmy Reed Request thread. As the originators of the the UK thread (somewhat bravely) confessed that they overlooked other parts of the world, maybe all the contributors to the Mudcat would like to use this thread to tell us about who, where, what music and most importantly, what the weather is like in their part of the world?.... This is the WWW after all.

No need to make it too serious, although I know the weather is a serious subject.

Where are YOU?

15 Nov 98 - 09:03 PM (#45538)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: Roger in Baltimore

Back on top. I do hope I didn't kill this thread by creating Pt. II. If you are out there reading this and have not "checked in" I sure would like to hear from you. The 'Cat is a "people place" and we get closer just knowing who is "listening".

Roger in Baltimore

15 Nov 98 - 09:21 PM (#45540)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: jets

May I sugest that we do this thread once a yeararound thanksgiving time to give thanks that we are able to enjoy this forum.

15 Nov 98 - 10:30 PM (#45548)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: Garry Gillard in Western Australia

Hi! I've just sent my first message to the Forum, asking for the words to Rackabello (sorry I sent the damn thing twice!), so I thought I should introduce myself, or rather my pages. My claim to fame in the WWW is that I run fanzine type pages for both the Waterson and Copper families. The aim is to have a complete discography and also all the words to all the songs available. I'll probably never get there, but it sure does fill up those spare moments!

I hope you'll have a look at


And thank you DigiTrad, for being there!! You were a big help in the early stages of this project.


16 Nov 98 - 05:20 AM (#45582)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: Martin Ryan


Great to hear from you! I'd seen the Watersons site - but not the Copper Family one. Welcome to Mudcat. Regards

18 Nov 98 - 10:06 PM (#46022)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: Paula Chavez

Greetings, one and all.

I actually made it through all the posts in Part 1 of this thread. Seeing only one other entry from New Mexico, I thought I'd throw my hat in the ring and swell the ranks to two.

I live in a small, decidedly un-picturesque town roughly 20 miles south of Albuquerque along the banks of the Rio Grande river (the central part of the state). What we lack in southwestern ambiance, we make up for in sincerity and climate. Except for one freak hail storm a few weeks ago the weather has been glorious. Blue skies, brilliant sunshine, fairly mild temperatures. In short, Indian Summer in November. Bliss!

Married, three boys, two of them still at home, aged 8 and 10, both with a regretable fondness for rap music. By day, I ply my trade as a graphic and web designer for a teachers' union. By night, I sleep. Someday, when the kids are grown and I'm living on retirement benefits, I might actually do something about my dream of becoming an itinerant folk singer (with an ATM card). For now, I lurk at the Mudcat Cafe and pretend. Lovely reading all your posts!


19 Nov 98 - 03:49 AM (#46072)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: skw@

although I have briefly introduced myself on the Mudcat (UK) thread I'll do it again.
I'm Susanne Kalweit, single (save for tomcat, car and computer). Measurements: 44 / ? / 808 (age, IQ, bank account). I live in Kiel on the Baltic Sea, on the Northern 'tongue' joining Germany and Denmark. Folk music helps me take a break from my work in women's rights (all those lovely chauvinistic songs they used to have back then ... and sometimes not so far back then ...). I sing (in the bath), play tin whistle (badly) and CD player (excellently). Mainly I help organise events and try to get my favourite Scottish acts over here. It's getting harder, though, same as everywhere.
So far, I have misused my PC at work for accessing the Mudcat, but am hoping to remedy that next year by getting web access at home. First thing I'll do then is apply for membership.
Ah yes, and we had this winter's first snow last Monday. It's gone, but the weather has turned into a lovely dry frost. - Love to you all, Susanne

19 Nov 98 - 09:37 AM (#46103)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: Greg Baker

Who IS this guy anyway? I live in Laurel, Maryland (just a stone's throw from Baltimore and DC alike), aged 43. I play guitar/banjo, and have for 25 years. I loved folk music and despise the lack of it in Dee Cee's airwaves. I like to play any good tune that I like. I also play guitar in the contemporary music program in Our Savior Lutheran Church in Laurel. I've played "filksinging" style at science fiction conventions for about 20 years.

20 Nov 98 - 10:00 AM (#46250)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: kaleidoscope

Hi all!

I'm from Phoenix, Arizona, and just posted a thread a few days back and have been pleased at how people jumped in to help.

I am married with husband, 3 cats, a piano, 12 and 6 string guitars, and several flutes. Mostly I play the standard silver flute like you see in orchestras but recently got a "Native American Flute" which is wooden and has a wonderful "eerie" sound. My husband, I, and a third partner have a band called "Mountain Rain" that plays at music festivals, coffeehouses, and the like. I teach blind and visually impaired adults independent living skills.

For those not familiar with Phoenix, it is desert territory. After an oven like summer (110+ degrees), we are finally getting refreshing cool nights (50's) and perfect "get outdoors and enjoy it" days(70's).

Take care, and a great Thanksgiving to all!


20 Nov 98 - 03:46 PM (#46274)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: Richard McD. Bridge (England)


Winter is starting here in Gravesend, Kent (deathplace of Princess Pocahontas) and I don't like it.

2 thoughts.

Just down the road from me (20 miles or so) is Faversham folk club where the Coppers play quite often. Always meant to go, never did. The Coppers run a club just over the county line (as I guess you would say in American: dialect is so fascinating (grin)) about 50 miles away. Very traditional. Anything not English traditional strongly disapproved of. A friend of ours who does a lot of self-written humorous songs, but also some traditional, went down there. Sang "the Cuddy Wren". Published in 1342 (yes,1342) I think. Was told he was too contemporary because he accompanied himself on a guitar. Guitars not traditional English, see!!

Second, the lady from Scandiwegia who likes scottish bands ought to try the Iron Horse.

20 Nov 98 - 06:14 PM (#46295)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: Jerry Friedman in Espanola

Paula Chavez writes:
"I live in a small, decidedly un-picturesque town roughly 20 miles south of Albuquerque along the banks of the Rio Grande river (the central part of the state)."

Um... Lemitar?

If I had a folk song, I'd put it in a bottle and throw it in the Rio Grande for you. If I thought it would make it past Cochiti Dam.

01 Dec 98 - 04:36 PM (#47525)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: Eric


Sacramento, California finally turned on the Winter weather yesterday: wind, rain, and temperatures in the 50's (brrr!).

I am an unreformable Mudcat junkie. Despite the fact that I have very little time to practice the songs that I've already pulled out of the Digital Tradition database, I keep coming back to see what titles other people mention. I never fail to find yet another song that "I just have to learn." Thanks to all of you!

I play a plastic recorder that I've had for years. Each evening, when my wife and 1-year-old daughter (and the neighbors) are safely asleep, I sneak out on to the back porch and play. Just me, the music, and the night.

Happy Holidays to all,


04 May 99 - 03:25 PM (#75588)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: The Shambles

I see the original BIG one has been contributed to. As that one takes rather a long time to load it may be a good idea to use this one. There are Blue Clicky Things in both threads.

So where are you and what is the weather?

04 May 99 - 05:45 PM (#75608)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: Matthew B.

For the record, I live in NY City and I just turned 43.

Pleased to meet you all

04 May 99 - 06:47 PM (#75622)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: bill\sables

I live in the county of North Yorkshire England near the market town of Selby which got its name from the Romans in 55bc As they were sailing to York (Eboracum in those days) they passed a tiny hamlet which looked very uninteresting and said "Sail By, Sail By" from then the name was changed to Selby (Grin) My village is called Monk Fryston there are about fifty houses one church a school and two pubs. It is so lively here we were going to make it a twin town with Brigadoon, but Brigadoon comes to life every hundred years and we don't. Quite near us are the towns of Leeds and Bradford which in the days of the Romans were called Soddom and Gomorah, they havn't changed much. Yorkshire is very famous, not sure what for, except they were going to have the Nativity here but they couldn't find three wise men or a virgin. I come origionally from North of here, Newcastle the land of the Geordies and the giant leeks We speak a different language in Newcastle to the rest of the U.K. but if you ever go there just say "Broonsallroond" in any pub and you'll be a friend for life. I play guitar, tenor banjo, mandola and melodeon and run a ceilidh band we play mostly for weddings. I also play banjo in a skiffle group. I dance with the local Castleford Longsword team and spend my holidays in the U.S.A. where I can fill my car with petrol for less money than I can fill my lawn mower at home. Can't think of anything else to say at the moment so I think I'll go to the chat room and talk to myself again. Cheers Bill

04 May 99 - 07:03 PM (#75628)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: Tony Burns

Bill may play all those instruments and in a couple of bands but I also heard a rumour that he's a pretty good leather worker too.

04 May 99 - 08:43 PM (#75649)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: katlaughing

Fer the Queen, even! Find out all kindsa things in the chatroom!

I am in Casper, Wyoming. The weather has been perfect lately, for me, rainy, overcast, chilly, drizzling, very chilling at night and fresh smelling. Lots of grening on the prairie, I love this time of year. Could get snow, but it won't last more than a day or two.

I sing to m'self. Have started practising the violin/fiddle after upteen years and am thinking about starting a song circle. Grew up harmonising with my siblings and miss it. Buying a baritone uke. Going to Mudstock 99. Just sold my heavy piano. we move a lot!


04 May 99 - 10:03 PM (#75657)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: Susan A-R

This is Susan in Vermont, A small, WONDERFUL, state in the US. I actuallly live closer to Montreal (2 1/2 hours) than I do to Boston (3 hours)

It has been unseasonably warm, and dry for the past month, and today we finally got rain. It's daffodil time, and my apricot trees are blooming. usually they do it just as we are getting the last frost of the season. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Montpelier VT (the state capital) is small, some 7,000 souls. We also have two terriffic book shops, a movie theater that plays real films, and about thirty restaurants, one of which is mine.

I cook international food for the folks here, launching weekly menus that take in Indonesia, India, South Africa, Japan and Italy (for example) When I'm not working I sing and play fiddle and mandolin and some mountain dulcimer. I'm in a civil war group called Hardtack and HOmespun, and also in a trio that does just about anything we like.

I'm married to a concert pianist, and sometimes we do Brecht songs, Jazz, Bach Ives or Schumann together, depending on our whims.

That's me. Susan

04 May 99 - 11:16 PM (#75674)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: Rick Fielding

Hi Tony, indeed he is a good leather worker. We've dropped a few of the big names in our obscure craft/hobby, and maybe we'll exchange key fobs at christmas. What do you say Bill?


(if he ever comes back to this thread)

05 May 99 - 03:26 AM (#75714)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: Llanfair

Been trying to get my fourpennorth in since yesterday, but the computer was full. Ilive in a tiny town in mid-Wales. It is completely surrounded by hills, and my garden is up the side of one of them. I sing, and play enough guitar to accompany myself. Jim my husband, plays bass, and we met when starting a folk/rock band. He is now in the process of setting up a recording studio in our front room, with his synthesizer and sound cards and other mysterious stuff. We run a monthly music night in the local pub, with a friend who does mainly blues, people from the light railway, and anyone else who wants to join in. It's misty this morning, but then it usually is!! Hwyl, Bron.

05 May 99 - 04:11 AM (#75723)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: Tucker

hello, I'm Tucker ( Oh no! not him again!!!) and I live in Portsmouth Ohio, once the terminus of the Erie Canal. Portsmouth was once a major site of Hopewell and Adena effigy works (we still have Horseshoe Mound). Like a lot of cities that border the Ohio River we also once had a steel mill (now defunct and gone).During the last part of the 19th century and early part of this one it was quite a romp here. Gambling and prostitution seemed to be the bane of the good folk of town but We also had an Opera house and other cultural things. In our hayday we had a population in excess of 50,000 but we now have around 22000. It's a pretty little city and central to bigger ones where there are more things to do (that's why our children leave). As with all places there is much more I could tell you about. Right now it is spring, the weather is beutiful, 70 degrees+farenheit day/50's at night, flowers blooming. My favorite time of the year.

05 May 99 - 05:46 AM (#75741)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: Sophie


I'm Sophie and live in mad town Brighton, East-Sussex, England. I'm originally from Holland and came here to study three years ago. Will probably stay. On the face of the town is full of yuppy-hippies, ravers and other trendy, but there are some right good old sessions if you know where to find them. You'd occasionally find me in them desperately trying to keep up with the fiddlers and others on my harp or playing everyone to sleep with slow airs. And the crazy and unpredictable as the rest of the place. Sophie

05 May 99 - 05:55 AM (#75742)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: Celeste, WA

I am from Perth, western Australia. Any other folk/irish/trad/pipers/etc kind of people in Perth ???? Please ???????

05 May 99 - 09:37 AM (#75770)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: Helen


The best way to find other WA folkies is to start a thread with as appropriate title, e.g. Any West Australian folkies? I assume you saw Garry Gillard's post in this thread.

Regards from the east coast.

Helen, in Newcastle, NSW

05 May 99 - 11:46 AM (#75787)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: danl

having seen this thread i thought i really ought to add my own little bit to it, justin case anyone who had been reading my last few contributions got the idea that my entire life consited of school work! no, it doesnt! im from several different parts of the UK but currently based in a school in one of the most boring parts of this otherwise lovely country, too near prince charles's house for hotel prices to be resonable and too far away from a decent sized train station to be able to get away for long. however i also spend a lot of time in cambridge which is a fabulous town which i love and have lots of good friends in who i like to spend long eveings with singing, drinking and discussing life the universe and everything. i was first really introduced to folk music by these friends who i met through a reenactment society called the sealed knot. i have very fond memories of long nights gathered round a fire listening to these wonderfull songs that were so beutifully sung and seemed to bring us all together. unfortunatly this does not happen so oftern now but the sealed knot is still a large part of my life and i would recommend this as a very wothwhile hobby to anyone. look up our site if your intrested! all the school work references i seem to make are because im studying for 'a' levels at the moment and rather worried about them. i also like to write though, when i have the time and inclination. music wise im a big fairport convention fan but still prefer my songs live and from friends than from tapes really. and finally.... the weather here was wonderfull over the weekend and started sunny yesterday but all of a sudden it was cold again and i had to go and change from the lovely light summer dress i had happily (optermisticly?)put on in the morning to my usual winter weeds and overcoat. damn. today its raining but that sweet fresh spring rain that you only seem to get in may. nice, if i hadnt just remembered id left my windows open. thats enough of a life story i think to bore even the most intrested mudcatter!

so long, love ivy b.

05 May 99 - 04:57 PM (#75864)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: Cara

I live here in Washington, DC. I've been here for six years, came for school and never left. I recently imported my younger sister, rescuing her from the thudding monotony of Central Ohio, the only other place I've ever lived. My hometown, Newark, is a part of that disappearing breed: it's a town, not a suburb or a blink and miss it crossroads. I make fun of it a lot, as a self defense against fools who confuse Ohio with Iowa and Idaho, and ask me about corn and potatoes. I tell them, hey, central Ohio's hip. It's a great place. To be from.

DC is beautiful right now, not completely miasmic yet and relatively tourist free (not that there's anything wrong with swamps and tourists...well...) I live in a great part of the city, full of amazing old rowhouses which are being renovated slowly, under the somewhat watchful eye of a neighborhood council that doesn't want to displace lower income people in the neighborhood who have lived there for ages. I work part time in an "Irish" pub, which is where I hear live music. My dad has always loved folk music, world music, and especially Irish music, and I'm finally sufficiently post-adolescent that I don't have to pretend to hate it anymore. There are a few good places to hear music and have a jar here, and contrary to popular belief DC is a great town. Not too big, not too small, beautiful and friendly and full of stuff to do. But we still don't get a commemorative coin, or real representation in Congress, although we do get taxed to all hell and used and abused by damn commuters from Virginia and Maryland.

This is my own version of thread creep, where I start talking about DC's good points and end up ranting about people who don't live in the city messing it up for those who do. Pay me no mind, and come visit and we'll have a drink.

05 May 99 - 09:05 PM (#75921)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: hotspur

hi there. I live in Cobleskill, NY, which is a tiny place in a rural county an hour west of Albany, four hours northwest of New York City. As I get asked a lot, I will tell you right off that Cobleskill is NOT part of the Big Apple. We have more pastures than sidewalks, more cows than people, and the crime is generally of the drunken-and-disorderly variety. As you can imagine, Cobleskill is SUCH a happening place. We spend a lot of time at Wally World (Wal-Mart) for lack of anything better to do. Oh yes, and the only radio stations we can get are either fundamentalist or country. Still, I like living here. It's peaceful and if you like nature, the landscape is beautiful too.

07 May 99 - 04:09 PM (#76473)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: puzzled

I believe i am the first to list from Kansas. I don't live in any town. I live in Chase County, Kansas. About half way between Kansas City and Wichita. The county is 880 sq. miles of tall (10 to 12 feet on a good wet year)grass prairie. 2800 people in the whole county but because of the grass this is cowboy country with more than a million head of cattle. My nearest neighbor is a long way off. My backyard (i don't own it but i frequently hike through it) is about 80 square miles of pastue with no roads through it. Not far from where i live Home on the Range was written. We still have buffalo (on a few ranches) antelope (one of the few places that does) I believe that poisionous herbage doth grow along Beaver Creek. If solomon gales are anything like the twisters we had go through here last week then we still have them. And as far as I know i've never seen a curlew or heard one scream but on a moonless night the stars are incredibly bright.
I grew up playing drums learned to be a percusionist in college and then realized that i would have to live in a city to make a living doing that. So it was back to buckin bales for me. About 18 years ago i watched a fella playing ragtime and figured that i could learn to do that. I was saying until a couple of weeks ago that i wasn't half bad and then this guy ask me, "Well, just how bad are you?" Now I say I'm pretty fair. Due to more and more people moving out into the country even here in Kansas. A short time ago I met a mandolin/banjo/dobro/uke picker who is awesome. He lives about 30 miles from me. He and i started playing together and then low and behold a woman who is every bit as awesome on cello moved into a farmstead 30 mile in another direction. About 30 miles between them, too. Now that may seem like a long distance to some of you but please remember there's nothing between them and me. I can get to either of their houses in about 30 minutes. It takes that long for some of you in the city to go just a few blocks.
Now the three of us are playing old jug band tunes, cowboy tunes from the thirties and forties, some rock and roll, some jazz tunes and anything else that satricks our fancy. All of the tunes are arranged by us to allow us to freely improvise. We're having a great time and last fall began gigging. We have been very well recieved but it ain't any easier to break into the music business now than it has ever been and we have the disadvantage of being a long way from anywhere. BTW it is a beautiful though slow blooming spring here. A couple of days ago my middle son (I'm single parent of three boys) and I went looking for morels and found about three days of good eating. Better than some years worse than most. I am really glad to have found mudcat. i love the solitude out here in my part of kansas but it is a blessing of these times that i can read and converse with folks all over the world who have similar interests to mine. thanks for letting me be a part.

24 May 99 - 03:06 AM (#81160)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: The Shambles


31 May 99 - 04:10 AM (#82992)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: Mike Ireland

Hi I'm Mike, I live in Carrickfergus about seven miles outside Belfast, Northern Ireland. I'm 46 married with a 10 year old son and a wife who introduced me to the Irish music 20+ years ago and might now wish she hadn't.I still says it was her fault when she complains. I work in Queen's University of Belfast.

I play the bodhran and penny whistle and now and then have a go at singing. Recently the Traditional/Folk music scene in the South Antrim area of Northern Ireland has started to grow, with lot of establishments wanting this type of music on a regular basis.


06 Jun 99 - 08:44 PM (#84492)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II

I'm glad this thread got refurbished. I am in Hilo, on the east (rainy) side of the Big Island of Hawaii. I noticed a posting in the older part of this thread from the Kona side, and I'll see if I can rustle up any other Hawaiian folkies out there. I got spoiled living in Seattle for a number of years, what with a weekly song circle, a songwriter's group, and the easy accessiblity of Folklife, Fiddle Tunes, Puget Sound Guitar Workshop, and lots of wonderful musicians. I really miss playing guitar backup for old-time music sessions.
Grew up in Philadelphia, went to medical school in Chocolate Town, USA, and escaped to the West Coast (Portland) in the early 80's, escaped again to Hawaii in 1994, allowing my blond blue-eyed daughter to qualify (in a sense) as a native Hawaiian.
I have a fondness for parodies and other modified versions of songs, being one of those Paul Stookey once called a "nasty, unscrupulous modifier". Someone was kind enough to put some of my songs in the DT, and when a friend from Seattle emailed me "your songs are on the Internet!" that's when I discovered the DT and Mudcat and have been enjoying it ever since. My wife sings show tunes and folk songs, my 11-year-old son plays sax, bassoon, and trumpet, as well as soccer, and my four-year old daughter has just about memorized the Wee Sing Fun and Folk tape.
The weather here is always beautiful, whether it's raining or not.
Mark Cohen

07 Jun 99 - 01:04 AM (#84535)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: Night Owl

Mark....forgive my ignorance....but what is the "Wee Sing Fun and Folk tape"??

07 Jun 99 - 01:19 AM (#84540)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: Lonesome EJ

Mike..."I wish I was in Carrickfergus." I love that song. On my previous trip to Ireland we didn't visit the North, but next trip I won't miss it!

Puzzled- I envy you your solitude and peace out there on the Prairie. The stars out there are incredibly bright, just as they are far out at sea. Your little threesome sounds terrific,too.


07 Jun 99 - 08:29 PM (#84752)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: Rose

I am currently in Portland,OR and ready to move somewhere else! Have been here for 17 years or so. Born in Ohio, have lived in Arizona, California and a short stint in North Carolina (short but lovely!). I am amazed by this site, have already people answer my questions and find it one of the nicest spots on the the whole web. I am just a music dabbler but love to sing, mess around on my old guitar and listen, listen, listen to music. I like almost all music (folk,show tunes, swing etc...) but I am especially fond of Irish music. I have recently discovered a love of percussion instruments (banging on stuff with sticks in a [hopefully] rhythmic manner), and have thought about the bodhran...but how do you begin that! My husband is fond of the whistle and used to do a nice "Wind that Shakes the Barley" He is more Scots than I and I think has ambitions to play the bagpipes. Maybe after the kids all grow up! My music wish: That I could play an instrument really well. My music reality: An inability to stay focused on any one thing for long enough to really learn it! So I sing in the shower and in the car and in meeting(I'm a Quaker) and at the beach! I pop into the Mudcat to rub elbows with those that know how, and them that don't and enjoy you all immensely.

29 Mar 00 - 09:21 AM (#203186)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: GUEST,James

I am originally from West Cornwall, England But now live in the town of Bedford in the supremely beautiful and musical Province of Nova Scotia, Canada. Any other Bluenosers out there.

29 Mar 00 - 10:26 AM (#203210)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: Amos

James --

Track down Dave the Ancient Mariner, who is up in your neck of the world. Joe Offer may be also.

I'm in sunny (sometimes) San Diego, about ninety miles south of los Angeles and forty north of Mexico.

I have sung and played folk songs since i was twelve, which is more years ago than I can count, well, at least forty of them, and play guitar, a little banjo, twelve-string, and whistles and recorders with undisciplined abandon. I have a head full of songs from Childs ballads to Dylan, about three hundred of which I am tring to list out and gradually put on CDs for family members who wantthem -- a long slow project. And I love the Cat and spend absolutely too much time here.


29 Mar 00 - 10:49 AM (#203232)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: Mbo

I'm in Greenville, North Carolina, and a student at Jenkins School of Art at East Carolina University. I play guitar and fiddle, and am trying to learn to play the pipes. I write songs and tunes, and I love doing it.


29 Mar 00 - 03:48 PM (#203419)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: Dharmabum

Presently living in N.J. but I'll be heading for the mountains of Potter County soon as I pay off my mortgage up there. Been playing folk music about thirty years now,{guitar & a little clawhammer banjo}. I've been reading Mudcat for the last couple of months, what a great website, And a real nice bunch of folks. Hey Mbo, I'll be at Merlefest the end of April, camping at Riversedge . Maybe I'll see you there. Ron.

29 Mar 00 - 04:11 PM (#203433)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: Chocolate Pi

Originally from Brookline MA, thirteen houses down the street from the John F. Kennedy Birthplace, five minutes' walk from Boston.
Currently living in a breadbox in Woodward Court (we dream of a shoebox on the M15), an architectural abomination which the University of Chicago uses for a dorm. Across the street from the Midway Plaisance, leftover from the Colombian Exhibition of the 1890's, after which the midways of all local fairs were named.
Weather: currently sunny and slightly chilly; it was snowing a little bit yesterday.

Chocolate Pi

29 Mar 00 - 04:47 PM (#203451)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: Wesley S

I'm in Ft Worth Texas. I play guitar , mandolin, mountain dulcimer and three or four chords on the banjo. My next goal is to get an octave mandolin. I've been playing since I was 15 - and I'm 48 now. I play currently with a quartet and a 9 piece choral/folk group.

Weater today is sunny and mild following yesterdays tornados and widespread distruction.

29 Mar 00 - 05:15 PM (#203468)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: GUEST,Wavestar

Hmm.. I already introduced myself to you poor longsuffering people once, but will again...

I'm in Vermont when I'm home, which is now, halfway down the VT NH border right on the Connecticut... My second home, but I love it. Quiet, dark at night so I can see both stars and northern lights, lots of community theatre and people with good tastes in music, and close enough to Dartmouth College that there are still occasionally things going on. Susan, what's the name of your restaurant? Weather here is moody, but for the last week has been mostly quite warm and lovely, occasionally rainy, and good sugaring weather. Not bad for lambing either.

When I'm not at home, I'm at the University of St Andrews, in St Andrews, Scotland. Fife is beautiful- I miss hills and trees, particularly trees, but I like the sea, and the rocky headlands. Weather when I left for break was gorgeous, the ground was swathed in daffodils and covered in a sea of crocuses, and the sun actually *gasp* shone! Every day for a week.

I'm a student, for all those who hadn't guessed, raised on folk music and love it... I run a bardic circle for the local SCA group, have my own theatre company in the summer in Vermont (sun, heat, humidity, and skinny dipping every night!) and only recently became addicted to Mudcat.

But I'll shut up now.


29 Mar 00 - 05:22 PM (#203476)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: Ebbie

I live in Juneau, Alaska, a quote temperate enquote rain forest. We do get a lot of rain- and sometimes complain, but I guess if it got sunnier, it wouldn't be a rain forest. But when the sun does shine, it's glorious. Slanting, never glaring, light with a breathtaking clarity that brilliantly outlines the white mountain tops against the sky. And in the winter we have the prettiest snow I've ever seen- like dense, sparkly confectioners sugar. Not much air pollution here.

There is a healthy very active music culture here, everything from light opera to folk- is there anything lower? :~) I live in and take care of a small museum/large house and every week I hold a word-of-mouth song circle here. Great acoustics and good, talented people. Some come to sing and play, some just to listen. Some are semi-professional musicians and others, like me, are involved in bands and songwriting and just soaking it up. Hope I never have to experience life without music!

I'm 64 and have been here just 12 years. Spent most of my life in Oregon (with a few segues to Virginia and to Michigan) so it's interesting to me to hear people mention little towns like Depoe Bay and Richland. Once I even read of the weekly jam at Guthrie Park in Dallas- I used to go there every Friday night. I like Oregon, but everything I liked there is intensified here. Including rain.

29 Mar 00 - 06:04 PM (#203492)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: Little Neophyte

Hi, it's me Bonnie
I live in Toronto, Ontario Canada but if I had my choice I would buy a lear jet and live in it like an RV (recreational vehicle) with a base camp on Bora Bora Island.
Other than that..........
I am 40 years old though most of the time I feel like I am either 4 years old, 16 years old, or at the most 22 years old, but not 40.


29 Mar 00 - 10:26 PM (#203687)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: Kelida

I guess I'll share since I'm pretty new here.

I'm a born and raised Cincinnatian. I'm about 5'7", blonde hair, silver/blue/purple eyes, 140 lbs--age 17 (10/07/82). I play clarinet fluently, but I also dabble in guitar, tin whistle, keyboard, and several kinds of wooden flutes and fifes. I also plan on learning to play the bodhran over the summer. My friends and I are starting a band to play at some nearby RenFests, though we don't have a name yet. My great love is Renaissance folk music, but I also like some more modern stuff. I drive a teal 1995 Dodge Neon and my favorite color is black (very slimming).

The weather here in town is crazy--warm one day, freezing the next, and our weather forecasters are notoriously inaccurate.


29 Mar 00 - 11:33 PM (#203718)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: ceitagh

Ceit here-
This seems to be the place for introductions, so here goes:
(big breath...) I'm from outside a little town called Lyn which is outside a small city named Brockville which is an hour away from Ottawa which is in Ontario, Canada. (whew!) . I'm 19, taking a year off, which is almost september i take off for college in Michigan. I love everything celtic, i adore folk music, and i am an absolute ignoramus about both.

It's lovely around herebouts, the trees are budding, the rain is falling. It's also lovely hereabouts, and I'm absolutely enjoying the Mudcat.

Oh yeah....i play tin whistle (more or less) and a bit of piano. mostly i sing any song that'll stay still long enough for me to learn it.


29 Mar 00 - 11:36 PM (#203721)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: simon-pierre

Hi all!

I'm 23, live in Québec city, wich is far from the folk country (I mean that nobody cares here of american traditional music), study French & Québec literature at Laval university, work in a bookstore, have a radio show dedicated folk music in a dirty station (I think that the word for that in english is «crap»), have regular problems with my english, and I play guitar as often as I can. Nice to meet you.


30 Mar 00 - 12:07 AM (#203732)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: Callie

Sydney, Australia is my home, in an apartment over-looking the Pacific Ocean (at a little distance).

Sing, arrange, play sax & guitar and work too hard (never enough time for music!)

30 Mar 00 - 01:36 AM (#203757)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: Escamillo

I'm here since July 99, but didn't post to the old thread, so this is my curriculum vitae:
Born 1946 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Systems Analyst, married 1972 to Graciela who still loves me and feeds me, three sons Mariano(25), Javier(23) and Andrés(17) (for a date with any of them please fill the form), visited USA many times but unfortunately before I knew Mudcatters' existence.
I live in the Queen of The Silver River (Buenos Aires), the land of tango, romance and tragedy where everybody pretends to be a singer, in front of a river so wide that you, from the plane, will beleive that the ocean changed to golden color and there's no river at all. Not a folk singer, just for ignorance of that magnificent music, but trying now traditionals and negro spirituals with good success in small stages, not professionally.
A fairly educated voice, I regularly step on large stages as a tenor in a large choir (this year I joined the Wagnerian Association of Buenos Aires, the highest level of non-full-time singers), so my emotions oscillate between Wagner, Newton´s Amazing Grace, Dvorak, Foster´s songs, Bach, negro spirituals and Mahler. Good mix.
Played classical guitar for some years. Learning lots of interesting things and making excellent friends at the Mudcat, to whom I´m deeply grateful, I´m always at your orders on the subject of Latin American folk or classics.
Un abrazo (a hug) - Andrés Magré

30 Mar 00 - 04:36 PM (#204121)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II

Chalk up another for Wisconsin. I'm in the little village of Hartland, near Milwaukee. Got more instruments than I can play, but there's still time. Sax, clarinet, recorder, guitar, ukelele, dulcimer and I'm now working on mandolin. Made the last two myself and they don't sound half bad. This is a cool thread on a great list.


If it ain't baroque, don't fix it!

31 Mar 00 - 01:39 PM (#204633)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: The Shambles

Refresh as this one was falling off the bottom and the big one is in danger of getting even bigger.

New posts would be more than wecome here though.

Who and where are YOU and what is the weather like?

31 Mar 00 - 01:41 PM (#204634)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: vindelis

I'm from Portland,(Island and Royal Manor of), in Dorset U.K. - That bit that sticks out into the English Channel and gets mentioned on the shipping forcasts. It's four miles long and 3/4 miles wide. You either love it or hate it. I play penny whistle, guitar, and am learning ukelele and banjo. This is great way to meet like-minded people.

01 Apr 00 - 02:54 AM (#204976)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: Escamillo

Refresh - please post to this and not the old thread, because the old one is getting too long (170+) for many people to download, and they can´t read it.
Un abrazo - Andrés

01 Apr 00 - 03:44 AM (#204988)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: BlueJay

I'm in Trinidad, Colorado, USA. Snowing like hell at the moment, but we generally have fairly mild winters. LEJ, I think we're getting hit worse than you are this time. Trinidad is known as one of the major sex-change capitols of the USA, thanks to our Dr. Biber, a pioneer in the technique. He was featured on 60 minutes a few years ago. I'm a Registered Nurse, and have seen his operations. Not related to this, I hope to be able to leave the profession soon. It's funny about small towns: I have played more music since moving here, (five years ago), than I've ever played anywhere in my life. The opportunities just seem to be there if you have the time!

01 Apr 00 - 05:23 AM (#205001)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: zander (inactive)

Hi, I live and work in Halifax, Yorkshire in England. I love the Mudcat, best enjoyment Iv'e had for ages. I like all folk music particularly English and Scottish traditional songs and Irish dance tunes. I play tenor banjo, mandolin and octave mandolin. I now play in two sessions a week just for fun but used to play in a semi pro Irish band. Keep up the good work you all, peace and love, Dave

01 Apr 00 - 02:28 PM (#205190)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: Jack The Lad

Hi All-I live in Israel, was born in Hull UK and lived 20 years in Leeds before ascending(as we say) to Israel in 1967. I don't need to ask if there are any more folkies from Israel around as I 'm sure I know them all. Myself and a couple of friends introduced folk clubs and and a folk festival to Israel, 25years ago. the're gone but I'm still here organising Jacob's Ladder Folk Festival. Looking for the impossible- we need an exciting dynamic, humerous, instrumental and vocal folk group or band playing music for the enjoyment and entertainment of expat Brits, Yanks, Aussies, SA ers native Israelis, and people of another 50 backgrounds - For our festival in 2001. We will pay air fares and you will get a chance to see something old and new and exciting. Israel is like that. Uk people preferred- its cheaper , but good people from anywhere will be considered- reply Thanks for listening- you are all good blokes(Oh and I lived in Australia and in the USA too) Wanderers we Mudcatters. Jack The Lad

01 Apr 00 - 07:54 PM (#205354)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: GUEST,selestra

Hello All.. I just discovered this place existed..nice to meet you all. I am from New Bruswick Canada..( the east coast) Sing in a folk trio, play guitar, and a host of other instruments.. I wont say how long I have been at it.. that would date me.. I am also writer for a musicians trade paper.. doing CD launches and reviews, and covering the indusdtry in general. I love both my jobs.

Nice to meet you all

02 Apr 00 - 01:10 PM (#205652)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: GUEST,sara

I'm a relatively new Bluenoser, living in Dartmouth NS. Originally from Wilts England. Beautiful weather today!

18 Apr 00 - 07:52 AM (#213557)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: Bat Goddess

I spent the weekend (in between NEFFA and a Dick Gaughan concert in York, ME) reading the first half of this thread. Looking forward to getting caught up on this half maybe tonight.
I sleep and park my car in Nottingham, NH and ply my day job (typographer, I mean "digital pre-press production technician) in Portsmouth, NH and I'm much more seacoast oriented than my address in Nottingham would indicate. The weather today is overcast and cooler than I'd like, but the daffodils in all their various forms, muscari and greigii tulips are blazing away.
I'm from the Midwaste, I mean, Midwest originally, and moved first to Massachusetts, Maine and finally to NH in search of a warmer climate. (Warmer than Milwaukee, WI, that is!) I was born up in Stambaugh, MI in the Upper Peninsula, but followed my parents back to Wisconsin when I was but a babe. I've been in New England since January of 1970.
The other thing that drew me to New England (oh, yeah, besides my first husband . . .) was the history and the gravestones. I do research on (primarily) New England slate markers between 1650 and 1825-ish (willows and urns make my eyes glaze over), ligatures on gravestones, and the carver John Just Geyer. (Lately I've been tripping over folklorists, song collectors and people mentioned in folk songs -- mostly out of my era, but fascinating as well.)
Oh, yeah, did I mention I sing? Mostly English and Scots, my "idols" are Jeannie Robertson, Belle Stewart, the Coppers, the Watersons, Ewan MacColl, Louis Killen, Anne Briggs, etcet, etcet. Bawdy women's songs, too. (My "theme song" is "Aunt Clara" which I learned from Bess Foulke who learned it from her college roommate's father.)
And the bat goddess appellation. Well, I live on 33 acres of trees and rock in a post and beam house on the side of a hill (heated with wood and we have a composting toilet -- aging hippies, eh?). I have as a winter resident a grey squirrel in the space between windows (who had "kittens" a couple years ago), flying squirrels (which I'd love to get rid of, and my cat Calliope is helping) in the dormer, and a nursery colony of little brown bats between the bedroom ceiling and the roof. Loud little buggers, and we have "bat adventures" every July when the "teenagers" are out and about on their own for the first time. Anyone know how I can get a grant as a wildlife refuge?!

Linn Schulz, the Bat Goddess

18 May 00 - 03:38 AM (#229768)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: The Shambles


26 Aug 00 - 02:53 PM (#285688)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: GUEST,

Have you ever heard the "prologue to Aunt Clara"

28 Aug 01 - 09:47 AM (#536700)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: Serin McDaniel

Hello! I found Mudcat while searching Google for someone who could explain what "leeze me on thy curly pow" meant. (Yup, someone here knew. Instant bookmark time.)

So who am I? I live in Illinois. I'm a journalist. I don't play any musical instrument, but I have a fairly decent singing voice. I'm married and have a toddler. (Oh -- I'm female, in case the nym is ambiguous.) I'm a collector of odd and strange Christmas songs.

Happy to meet you all.

28 Aug 01 - 10:44 AM (#536743)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: Rt Revd Sir jOhn from Hull

Hi All,
I didn't see this thread the first time round, so here goes.My name is John Evans, I am 32 years old and I live in Kingston upon Hull, Yorkshire, UK.I work as a hot food delivery driver, in a local take-away, altough I am a qualiffied chef, and part qualified baker.Hull is a city full of history, it has just celabrated it's 700th birtday ,the English Civil War started in Hull.I live in "The Avenues" area of Hull, there is a good folk music scene here, with folk music or sessions happening every night of the week.I have lived in Hull all my life, although I was born in Beverley, wich is 7 miles north of Hull, until I was 5 years old I lived in Cottingham, wich is 3 miles west of Hull.I play Tin Whistle, although I am not much good! But I am practising.I have been a member of Mudcat for nearly 6 months now, I really enjoy it.john

28 Aug 01 - 03:06 PM (#536869)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II

Hello there John, you seem to go around 'refreshing' - good thing, since I'm a fairly new catter, and you turn up some interesting threads. Thanks!

28 Aug 01 - 04:39 PM (#536941)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: Ralphie

Ah Well
Resisted the temptation for too long....!
Here goes
London England....
Play, Guitar, Bouzouki, Cittern, McCann Duet Concertina, Bass, Fool....! (No not that bit!)
Sound Engineer for the Beeb....27 years and counting.
Look after Andy Kershaw, and sundry other "ne'er do wells".
Been around on this forum for 6 months or so, and have found it fascinating/horrifying in turns...(bit like life really)
That's about it really

28 Aug 01 - 04:58 PM (#536954)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: Ralphie

Oh Yes. (forgot the protocol on this thread. sorry)
It's been a really sunny day in London town
In fact...
"A Nightingale Barked in Sangley Square"
( I know, 'cos I was there!) Regards Ralphie

28 Aug 01 - 06:55 PM (#537056)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: Celtic Soul

Wow! Mike. You *live* in Carrick Fergus??? Woah. I love the tune. My favorite version is (unfortunately) Van Morrisons. My friends think I'm a nutter.

In any case.

I live in the burbs of the Nations Capital. The folk scene in this area is a thriving one. Within a do-able drive, one can go to see a great many differing styles of folk music, to include Seamas in Annapolis, and the Mayor of Baltimores own band, "O'Malleys March" when he has time from his active Mayoral duties. And, much as some might say they're not great, they really don't suck at all, and are a lot of fun to watch. There are folkies from all over that occasionally flit through town, both big BIG bands and the smaller ones that are out to make a name for themselves. I perform locally with my band, and occasionally do some studio work for friends. I have been singing folk now for nearly 20 years.

I live in a very wooded area (for the burbs, you understand). We are near the city, but without all the city BS (well, mostly without it). The weather can be anything from Hotter than hell and more moist than the Atlantic, to colder than Pluto, and as dry as the desert. Recently though, the weather has been nothing but pleasant and wonderful. This would be season 2 of a fairly temperate summer. The one thing I would change is the pace. This city runs like it's on amphetamines. The only place worse that I have ever personally seen is the NY stock exchange floor. I wish things were a little more mellow, but that is a pipe dream. If I want calmer, I know I am going to have to move.

28 Aug 01 - 08:51 PM (#537121)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: Rt Revd Sir jOhn from Hull

Guest-Who are you? Where are you? What instrument do you play? & What is the weather like there?

14 Sep 05 - 10:09 AM (#1563499)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: susanabra

I'm in Denmark. I found you through the ABE Books forums - a link in Furtive Scribblers.

My father has played bluegrass and folk music for as long as I can remember. My first favorite record was from the Library of Congress. It was a collection of folk songs and ballads, and it was red! I was interested in the idea of all the different versions those songs could have. That was probably 40 years ago, but the interest has held, although my voice is shot to h*ll. I was really glad to find this place!

14 Sep 05 - 11:02 AM (#1563533)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: Azizi

Welcome, susanabra!

from Azizi in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA

I may never visit Denmark, or Australia or the other places members and guests post from here {including some far flung states in the USA}. But thanks to Mudcat, I have the opportunity to exchange information and get to know people from those places.

It's a small world after all.

08 Mar 09 - 04:01 AM (#2583703)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: My guru always said

This one too Art?

Hil, Surrey, UK

08 Mar 09 - 05:40 AM (#2583730)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: rich-joy

I am in Queensland (Australia) - where currently, Tropical Cyclone Hamish is heading towards the Sunshine Coast!!

Cheers! R-J

08 Mar 09 - 06:09 AM (#2583739)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: VirginiaTam

Currently living, loving and folking around in Essex UK (with some side trips to Kent UK). Originally from southeast (and later) central Virginia.

What I miss most? The countryside around Charlottesville VA and the Chickahominy River where I lazed away my summers as a child. And the Virginia accent, which I used to think was a bit peculiar, especially when it feel out of my own mouth. Now very dear to me.

08 Mar 09 - 10:54 AM (#2583863)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: Bruce MacNeill

I don't know why this thread was resurected today but the member profiles are sort of sparse. How does that get updated?

I'm originally from Massachusetts down toward Cape Cod. I never got to "The Unicorn" in Boston but there was a subsidiary on Martha's Vinyard I used to frequent. My career as a computer geek moved us to New York, Michigan and Pennsylvania but I retired down here on the Eastern Shore of Virginia which is a rural area that looks a lot like my home town did back when I was a kid. We've only been here 2 years but I was accused of having a southern accent when I was back in Massachusetts around New Years.

08 Mar 09 - 11:40 AM (#2583886)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: skarpi

Hallo all

I live in Iceland , ( the land of the turnover :>) )

I am 45 ,
Work for Ikea , hopefully soon for Inter Ikea Danmark :>)

I play folk music Country music on my guitar , also play the great Bodhran (((((( drummm )))))) sing alot .

my plan is to go to Getaway 2009 and the scottish higlands
gathering , if the crisis dont kill plans ... that is ....

so from the land of ice and fire , all the best Skarpi Iceland

08 Mar 09 - 01:41 PM (#2583946)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: Amos

Wow. I am STILL in San Diego--the longest spell I have ever lived anywhere! And what really strikes me about this thread is that it has been almost ten buidy years since the Mudcat set its hook in my jaw and reeled me in for the first time (November 1999). I am a good deal older and wiser now than I was then, but I would get hooked on Mudcat all over again.


08 Mar 09 - 03:02 PM (#2583990)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: katlaughing

Wow, some things change and others stay the same. We've had several BIG changes since I posted in '99.

We are in Western Colorado and have been since 2002. We've abundant sunshine, are surrounded by various mountain ranges, but it's all high desert dry unless you are close to the Colorado and/or Gunnison rivers which meet here. Or, the irrigation canals/ditches. We call this valley the "Banana Belt" of CO because it is so mild compared to the rest of the state. It's probably one bg reason why a lot of Californicaters Californians (sorry, Amos!) retire here; that and they like jacking up the prices, I think.:-) We are one of only a few counties in the entire You-Knighted States which is still growing and not suffering as much as the rest of the country's economy. Though I did hear a steel company is closing down and Halliburton is laying off...(guess Cheney isn't able to give them any juicy no-bid contracts now.)

Also, since 1999, we had another grandson, Morgan, who posted his first Mudcat thread just recently, in the music section no less; Rog started a new job; I got a dulcimer and learned how to play it; I got a new aortic valve; and, also published my first book.

Next December, I will have been on Mudcat eleven years and I owe it all to my dad who asked me to find him some lyrics!

08 Mar 09 - 05:20 PM (#2584116)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: jacqui.c

I've been with Mudcat since about 2002, first in the UK, when Keith A introduced me to the site and, since 2004, in Maine, as a result of marriage to Kendall, who I first 'met' online through the 'Cat.

This site has led many wonderful friendships with 'Catters around the globe. I'm not too good at maintaining those relationships at a distance but, when we meet up again in the flesh, it's as if we never parted!

I make twice yearly visits to the UK to see my family and manage, also, to visit a few folk sessions during that time.

08 Mar 09 - 08:21 PM (#2584233)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: Azizi

When I posted to this thread in Sept. 2005 I had been a Mudcat member for 1 year and 1 month. I'm still living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and am still doing what I was doing then-though I'm doing some things more and I'm doing other things less and some other things that I was doing then I'm not doing at all.

I didn't mention it in 2005, but I've never sung professionally or socially, if you don't count the short phrases of (mostly call & response) songs that I weave into the adapted African folktales I tell at various venues. And I've never played any musical instrument professionally or socially.

I've come to think of myself as a community folklorist (a term that I picked up from reading it on the Internet). My "primary" interest on Mudcat and elsewhere is contemporary English language children's playground rhymes. I'm interested in the trying to track down possible sources and word meanings in rhymes. I'm also interested in comparing the text and performance activities of multiple rhyme variants over time and within different populations at the same time. Furthermore, I'm interested in speculating on the
psycho-social meanings of contemporary children's playground rhymes and cheers.

It would be interesting to see if there are other Mudcatters who aren't professional or social singers or musicians, but consider themselves to be (and/or are considered by others to be) folklorists.

08 Mar 09 - 09:07 PM (#2584257)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: Cap't Bob

Surprised not to find my name on the list above. Must have been a busy fall. Anyway we are located near a the tiny town of Mio in N.E. lower Michigan. Our place is back in the woods on 20 acres of rolling hills about a half mile from the AuSable River.

Tonight it feels like we are living on a glacier. The house is surrounded by piles of snow up to around five feet deep. Tons of snow this year and we have to rake and shovel snow off the roof quite often. The woods cuts down on the wind and the snow comes straight down and builds up on the roof.   There is a winter storm warning up for tonight with another six inches of snow by midnight.

I've been retired since 1989. To help pass the time I've taken up building ukulele's during the winter months. I have a contemplation chair near the wood stove in the shop so I spend about as much time playing music as I do building the ukes. Finally figuring out how to get great sounds out of the little gems. I don't want it to become a real job so I just give them away as presents to my friends.

Sold my boat last year so I'm going to miss those wonderful sailboat trips to Lake Hurons North Channel. Lately I've been spend quite a lot of time involved in area festivals. We are directly involved in putting on the NorEastr festival. I use my old band bus to take to festivals. It's a short stubby 1952 Ford school bus. This summer I do plan on taking it on another world tour ~ usually modified to northern Michigan roads.

Cap't Bob

08 Mar 09 - 09:32 PM (#2584272)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: Joe_F

I am in Malden, a northern suburb of Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A. I have lived here for almost 12 years, and in Massachusetts for almost 28 years. I am a semiretired freelance technical copyeditor & work at home.

08 Mar 09 - 11:55 PM (#2584348)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: katlaughing

Capt. Bob, any pix or sound files of your ukes? Ukes have a special place in my heart.:-)

09 Mar 09 - 01:13 AM (#2584384)
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
From: Gurney

I'm in Auckland, New Zealand, and have been since 1974, but I was born and raised in Warwickshire, England, I've been a folkie since about 1970, my performing life was started by Cyril Tawney when I lived a couple of years in Plymouth. I used to play guitar and concertina, sing, compere, tell stories and perform monologues, but very seldom, nowadays. Married with one.
Despite what Mudcat time is up there, for me it is 6.15pm on Monday March 9th, and the weather is changeable but warm, very early Autumn.