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Donovan Songs CD & Website

04 Oct 04 - 08:11 AM (#1288173)
Subject: Donovan Songs
From: GUEST,Pete Rimmer

Check out my new web site
I have recorded an album of songs written by Donovan.
Do have a look at the site.
Any UK promoters who want details I can play it live.
Launch event at Bothy Folk Club Southport 17th Oct.
Pete Rimmer

    from Joe Offer, Mudcat Music Editor (29 May 2017):
    Pete's most recent Website:

    (not updated since 2012, but this Website is a great source of Donovan lyrics)

06 Oct 04 - 01:37 PM (#1290411)
Subject: RE: Donovan Songs
From: LesB

Hey Pete, Can I sing 'Skip along Sam'? If I can find the lyrics.

19 Oct 04 - 05:21 AM (#1300474)
Subject: Donovan Songs
From: GUEST,Pete Rimmer

Thanks to those who have contacted me re my CD Donovan Songs.
Clicking on to will give you all the info.
The interest in the CD has suprized me somewhat and I have been contacted by people all over the world such as USA,Canada,Austrailia,France,Scotland and Japan.
Thanks again
Pete Rimmer

19 Oct 04 - 06:46 AM (#1300517)
Subject: RE: Folklore: Donovan Songs
From: breezy

Would you like to do the same for our George aka El Greko?

19 Oct 04 - 07:47 PM (#1301148)
Subject: RE: Folklore: Donovan Songs
From: LesB

Very fine it is too. Pete had a launch night at the Bothy last Sun with the musicians that do such a grand job on the C.D. An interesting mix of songs. Well done Pete.

29 May 17 - 08:01 PM (#3857760)
Subject: RE: Folklore: Donovan Songs
From: GUEST,Lin

Hope Pete sees this post. Have you ever covered a song that Donovan sang called, "Song of the Wandering Aengus?" Written by William Butler Yeats and Donovan set to music.

30 May 17 - 02:51 AM (#3857794)
Subject: RE: Donovan Songs CD & Website
From: GUEST,Guest So

Interesting. Wandering Aengus was also set to music and published some years ago in a little blue and black book, by Alisdair Clayre.
Alasdair George S. Clayre (9 October 1935 – 10 January 1984) was a British author, broadcaster, singer-songwriter, and academic.