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Bob Fox & Stu Luckley CD "Band of Gold"

12 Nov 98 - 06:27 AM (#45082)
Subject: Bob Fox & Stu Luckley CD
From: Mike Miller

Need help to identify name of instrumental piece played at the end of track 6 "Doodle let me go" visiting Albany folk club, Western Australia December 18th(Christmas bash) and would like to play it.

13 Nov 98 - 12:38 AM (#45195)
Subject: RE: Bob Fox & Stu Luckley CD
From: Barbara

I know a sea chanty with that in the chorus:
"Doodle(or doona) let me go me gals," could that be the same song?

13 Nov 98 - 09:18 PM (#45293)
Subject: RE: Bob Fox & Stu Luckley CD

Yup thats the song! The instrumental played on a bouzuki could be Appaluchian(did I spell that correctly) I dont recognise it as Irish or English . Thanks for the reply have only recently installed the net . Great to to know that folk is alive and growing out in the big world.

13 Nov 98 - 11:03 PM (#45312)
Subject: RE: Bob Fox & Stu Luckley CD
From: Barbara

Not sure what it's called. Here's what I remember:
When I was up at Madame Geshin's down in Calleo
Hurrah, me yellow gals, doona let me go!
She chased me round the sofa boys, wasn't it a show?
Hurrah, me yellow gals, doona let me go!
Doona let me go, me gals,
Doona let me go!
Hurrah, me yellow gals,
Doona let me go!

She grabbed me by the bobstick boys, wasn't it a show...

Same alternating lines, but I don't remember any more. No bets on the spellings, either because I've only heard it sung. If you want more words, try starting a thread with the name in the title. More sea shanty people will see it then.
Did you want the tune?
Barbara B

13 Nov 98 - 11:14 PM (#45313)
Subject: RE: Bob Fox & Stu Luckley CD
From: Barbara

It's in the database as [Doodle let me go] Put that in the box upper right in brackets, and it'll come right up.

13 Nov 98 - 11:53 PM (#45315)
Subject: RE: Bob Fox & Stu Luckley CD
From: Barry Finn

She took me in , she gave me gin
She danced me round the floor

Hurrah me yellow gals, doodle let me go

She bounced up, she bounced she bounced down
She bounced me round the town

Hugill calls it 'Doodle Let Me Go' & 'Do Let Me Go', I've also seen it as "Yellow Gals'. For such a rusting shanty that's been fairly popular it's not in many collections nor has it been recorded alot. A yellow gal would be a light skined woman of part African descent. Hugill starts off his first verse with

"Oh, once I met a dou-dou fair"

Dou-Dou is a West Indian term for a fine women. With the way this song is sung I'd take it for not so much an Irish born shanty as I would a mix of Irish-Afro American. The doodle to start it off with could be a corruption of "Dou-Dou let me go me gal...". The use of the "Hurrah" is in many shanties, but in far more of the ones infulenced by Black sailors. It also lends itself to more harmony in such a short chorus than you'd find in a European bred shanty. Anyway, much of that is my on opinion, so take it with a grain of salt. Barry