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1974 Guild G212

25 Oct 04 - 01:19 PM (#1306740)
Subject: 1974 Guild G212
From: GUEST,12 Dreamer

Just picked up this Guild 12.   I have wanted a 12 for 30 yrs. and found this one in a small shop in Jackson Hole, WY.   It has a spruce top and mahogany body.   Seems in good shape.   Can anyone tell me anything about this model?   Any idea what it is worth?   
I am reading about tuning from some of the wonderful information on this site but would appreciate any ideas about the best way to tune this particular model.   Thanks for the help.

25 Oct 04 - 03:52 PM (#1306862)
Subject: RE: 1974 Guild G212
From: Mark Ross

Medium gauge strings, tune D G C F A D. If You use dropped D tuning you'll be playing in C. Dropped D will sound really rich.

Mark Ross

25 Oct 04 - 06:19 PM (#1306965)
Subject: RE: 1974 Guild G212
From: GUEST,12 Dreamer

Thank you Mark.   I will try that tuning.   Still curious though-do you know this particular model?

25 Oct 04 - 06:49 PM (#1306997)
Subject: RE: 1974 Guild G212
From: PoppaGator

There are several other threads currently running on the topic of 12-string guitars. There seems to be almost universal agreement among knowledgeable correspondents in those discussions that Guilds are among the very finest 12-strings -- that is, among 12's, the Guild nameplate seems to be equal to or greater than Gibson and Martin in prestige; this is *not* necessarily true when discussing 6-string instruments, or guitars in general.

If the Guild 12 you found sounds good to you; has no cracks, holes, or other obvious flaws; and is priced right, you should probably grab it while you can. Of course, it would be best to have a luthier or other well-qualified person take a look and advise you before you spend your hard-earned cash.

As far as its objective value, its age is probably an important factor, along with condition, etc. I'm not qualified to offer an opinion as to whether its value is likely to appreciate (increase) or not, but I'd guess that a Guild 12 would probably be a better long-term investment than a Guild 6.

26 Oct 04 - 01:01 PM (#1307759)
Subject: RE: 1974 Guild G212
From: Mark Ross

Guild 12-strings are excellent versions of those instruments, good booming bass in my opinion. Also, they have a double truss rod in the neck which helps with the extra stress produced by all that tension.

Mark Ross

26 Oct 04 - 06:50 PM (#1308068)
Subject: RE: 1974 Guild G212
From: Roger in Baltimore

I bought a 1967 F212 (I think that's the right model)about 1985. It was worth the $1100 I paid for it. I doubt if yours has accrued much in value.

Roger in Baltimore

13 Nov 11 - 08:11 PM (#3256495)
Subject: RE: 1974 Guild G212
From: GUEST,Roger

Very old Thread.......But I will say that this (G212) built between 1974 and 1980 is maybe one of the best 12-str. guitar you can get, if you play unplugged. Ovation have some good oldies, one of them is the 1118 in the shape of Glen Campbell, it´s very special. I´m a lucky owner of both....
Have a nice day !

29 Sep 12 - 06:38 PM (#3411908)
Subject: RE: 1974 Guild G212
From: GUEST,guildplayer1

I just bought a Guild g212 and paid 700.00.

29 Sep 12 - 11:07 PM (#3411981)
Subject: RE: 1974 Guild G212
From: ollaimh

the guilds are great 12 strings. i have had a two. a dreadnought rosewood which was one of the best sounding i've played and a 212 from the sixties. sold both when i was moving.

they are still reasonalbly priced as the 12 string guitar faded with the fading of the folk scare. you can tell folk music isback in the msainstream when banjos and 12 string guitars are in demand/

i bought a laravee 12 from the victoria made era recently and love it, although i don't play 12 string as much as i used to. the old laravees are also among the best 12 strings.

i like the sound of martins and tayors but i have seen many have neck problems. guilds are heavy built and have much fewer problems and they compensate for the heavy build in other ways, getting a great sound and sturdy build.
i once played a twd thompson 12 in the 12th frett in toronto that was steller as well-- i am a ted thompson fan. as i have one of his 6 string guitars.

they say bozos were the best 12 strings ever made but i have never played one. the "bad boys from boston" had one at folk life in the 90's