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popular songs in 1965

08 Nov 04 - 12:12 PM (#1320575)
Subject: popular songs in 1965
From: GUEST,Bruce Baillie

Our local folk club in Cleckheaton (The Panther) is doing a theme night on songs that were popular in folk clubs in 1965. I've only been on the folk scene since 1973... anyone out there got any ideas?

08 Nov 04 - 12:37 PM (#1320602)
Subject: RE: popular songs in 1965
From: greg stephens

1965 songs in folk clubs
Big chorus songs: Pleasant and Delightful, The Nightingale, Leaving of Liverpool, Banks of the Ohio
Songs for women with long hair and beautiful voices: The Four Marys. The Blacksmith. Lowlands. The leaves of life. Searching for Lambs.
Jolly Scottish songs: Barnyards of Delgatay. Jonnie Lad. The Lum Hat wanting a Croon.
Political songs: Greedy landlaord. H-bomb's thunder(maybe slightly oldfashioned by 65, but I think it was still going strong).Wee magic Stane.
Ewan McColl Hits. Dirty Old Town. 30 Foot Trailer. Freeborn Man. Shoals of herring
Rebel songs:Kelly the Boy from Killane. Johnson's Motor Car. Croppy Boy. Revenge for Skibbereen, The Old triangle. Patriot Game. Boys of Wexford.
Orange Songs: Old Orange Flute.
Bawdry: Chastity Belt. Lusty Young Smith. Nutting Girl.
Cyril Tawney Hits: Oggie Man, Grey Funnel Line, Sally free and Easy.There Are NO Lights on my Christmas Tree.,
Really awful songs: Streets of London, Puff the Magic Dragon, the MTA, Blowing in the Wind(With peter Paul and Mary harmonies).
Bob Dylan Songs: Blowing in the Wind(original harmony). God on our Side. Girl from the North Country. Masters of War. It aint me babe. Dont think twice its alright.
Something Geordie: Byker Hill, Wor Geordie's Lost his Panker, Cushie Butterfield, Stottin' Doon the Waal

There you are, that will construct you a 100% authentic 1965 folk night. And, the grand finale

08 Nov 04 - 12:40 PM (#1320605)
Subject: RE: popular songs in 1965
From: Leadfingers

I think Greg has covered it fairly comprehensively !!

08 Nov 04 - 12:47 PM (#1320610)
Subject: RE: popular songs in 1965
From: The Villan

For starters

The Times they are a changing - Bob Dylan
Catch the Wind - Donovan
Overture. The Rakes: Three Irish Polkas
The McPeake Family: The Verdant Braes of Screne
Jack Armstrong & Patricia Jennings: Chevy Chase; The Waters of Tyne (Northumbrian small pipe duet)
Louis Killen: Derwentwater's Farewell
Jack Elliott: The College Valley Hunt
Bob Davenport with The Rakes: The White Cockade
Jack Elliott: The Banks of the Dee
Jack Elliott: Jowl and Listen Lad
The Countryside Players: Three Whiskies
Dave Campbell: Kissin' in the Dark
Winnie Campbell: The Broken Token
The Watersons: The Ploughboy
Bob & John Copper: The Wedding Song
Cyril Tawney: The Three Huntsmen
Cyril Tawney: Young Rambleaway
Charlie Bate: How Pleasant and Delightful
The Hobby Horse Party: The Padstow May Song
Bob Davenport and The Rakes: The Shepherd's Life
Jack Elliot: Rap Her to Bank
The Watersons: Holbeck Moor Cockfight
Charlie Bate: The Sweet Nightingale
Cyril Tawney with Lewis John and John Steele: Widdecombe Fair

08 Nov 04 - 03:38 PM (#1320624)
Subject: RE: popular songs in 1965
From: MBSLynne

A lot of things don't change do they?

08 Nov 04 - 04:12 PM (#1320673)
Subject: RE: popular songs in 1965
From: The Villan

e.g. Bob Fox - White Cockade (If it is the same one)

08 Nov 04 - 04:40 PM (#1320697)
Subject: RE: popular songs in 1965
From: The Borchester Echo

And Louis Killen sang Derwentwater's Farewell last night at the Old Rose & Crown, Walthamstow.

Unfair (and inaccurate) about Streets of London though. OK it's a bloody awful song now, the way it's been done to death, but it wasn't even written in 1965. It was a couple of years later that an unknown Ralph McTell wrote and started doing it (I heard it at the Folk Cottage, Mitchell, in 1967 or 8, long before it was recorded when it really meant something).

My chief recollections of 1965 were of:

(1) endless rip-offs of Watersons, Ian Campbell, Ewan MacColl, Paul Simon, Dylan, the Coppers and Young Tradition

(2) females in long frocks warbling Once I Had A Sweetheart

(3) blokes with guitars but no personality trying to be Bert Jansch or Davy Graham and failing to emulate either version of Angie/Anji.

(4) running round town to 2 or 3 venues a night and no-one saying 'you can't do it like that'...(the folk police began in 1966).

08 Nov 04 - 05:24 PM (#1320742)
Subject: RE: popular songs in 1965
From: greg stephens

I'll take your word on the Streets of London date...I recall It was well-known and had a great impact on the scene before his first album came out, but maybe 66 or 67 is more to the mark, rather than my 65 guess. Inaccurate, I'll admit to. But my opinion of the song, low, has never changed since I first heard it, whether in 65,66 or 67. I'm a great admirer of Ralph McTell, but not of that song!

08 Nov 04 - 06:16 PM (#1320772)
Subject: RE: popular songs in 1965
From: harvey andrews

At last! The Revival of the revival...had to happen folks!

08 Nov 04 - 07:31 PM (#1320868)
Subject: RE: popular songs in 1965
From: Big Al Whittle

1965 was different where I lived

Joan Baez , Donovan, Dinks song, Bert jansch, dylan, of course most places. Blues run the game, the song about kebabs ...donner, donner, donner, donner, donner, donner! - you heard that a lot.
Rugby songs like Cosher bailey

the jolly porter in exeter got traditional stuff The Journeymen (with ken penny), Boney was a Warrior, Cock a Doodle (me cocks me own, so leave it alone, an its nothing to do with you)When Jones's ale was new, tavistock Goosey fair, Go to sea once more......

Some great acts around in those days Johnny handle, Noel Murphy, Mike Cooper, derek Hall, Roy Harper(or was he a couple of years later), Sandy and denny and oh yeh....Martin Carthy

08 Nov 04 - 07:38 PM (#1320876)
Subject: RE: popular songs in 1965
From: Big Al Whittle

and of course that was the year of I am a rock - heard that a few times....

08 Nov 04 - 09:14 PM (#1320968)
Subject: RE: popular songs in 1965
From: McGrath of Harlow

Streets of London? I've never agreed with the easy way people put that down. Like any good song it can be sung in the wrong way, so that you wish it wasn't being sung, but I don't know any song that can't be said of.

Some more American songs would be appropriate, notably the ones Alex Campbell would sing - gotta have Irene Goodnight anyway.

09 Nov 04 - 03:57 AM (#1321217)
Subject: RE: popular songs in 1965
From: greg stephens

OK I take it all back. Streets of London is a wonderful song. Well, memorable, anyway!

09 Nov 04 - 04:08 AM (#1321222)
Subject: RE: popular songs in 1965
From: The Borchester Echo

Some more American songs would be appropriate...

Yes, I forgot Tom Paxton - and particularly Maid of Sand - was everywhere. And now you've reminded me. Damnation.

Alex Campbell: his (Been on the Road) So Long was very much of the times.

09 Nov 04 - 07:00 AM (#1321297)
Subject: RE: popular songs in 1965
From: Splott Man

You just pipped me countess richard...

there were lots of Tom Paxton songs around then, including various talking blues. And Paul Simon (sans Garfunkel).

In my school we all had the Alan Lomax book of 104 American Folk Songs.. lots in there, including Woody of course.

What about Pete Seeger, Where have all the Flowers Gone for instance (we all had to start somewhere).


Sorry, I just had to shout it.

09 Nov 04 - 07:15 AM (#1321303)
Subject: RE: popular songs in 1965
From: BanjoRay

What about all the sea shanties we used to do? Go Down Ye Blood Red Roses, Hogeye Man, Heave Away Me Johnnies, Way Hey Sally-Oh, Wild Goose Shanty, Reuben Ranzo etc

09 Nov 04 - 07:31 AM (#1321308)
Subject: RE: popular songs in 1965
From: greg stephens

Here is a list of songs I recorded at the Oxford Heritage Club(plus one or two at a session in my room), I think in 1965(recordings made over a few evenings and may cover 64-66).
There were three sailors
Shoals of Herring
Kelly the BOy from Killane
Tramps and Hawkers
Silkie of Sule Skerry
I know where I'm going
The tripe-seller's lament from the Gallows
(bet nobody knows that one!)
The defendant stated he was not drunk
Toast to King William
Phil the Fluter's Ball
Boys of Fair Hill
Right sez she
Brian Boru(contraceptive song)
Beautiful Swale
Seventeen come Sunday
Chastity Belt
St Hilda's Talking Blues
Students Lament
Us do come from Sarum
Marching song of the 88th
I married a keelman
Durham Gaol
Keep that wheel a-turning
The Farmers Boy
Cocks and Hens
Old Johhny Bugger
The Nightingale
McCarthy's Party
Jones' Ale

This is an authentic list, un-edited and backed up by recordings, unaffected by my decaying brain cells!

09 Nov 04 - 07:34 AM (#1321310)
Subject: RE: popular songs in 1965
From: greg stephens

Sorry, left two of that list
Ella Speed
Down Below
(I sang them both, it must have been some subconscious shame at the crappy performance that made me leave them out when I just typed out the list of cassette liner. It wasnt deliberate).

09 Nov 04 - 08:06 AM (#1321322)
Subject: RE: popular songs in 1965
From: Steve Parkes

I can't believe nobody's mentioned The Wild Rover. Well, I can actually; but it was not quite passé in 1965, if memory serves. And The Manchester Molecatcher. All the awful smutty ones were still fresh(ish) back then.


09 Nov 04 - 08:10 AM (#1321324)
Subject: RE: popular songs in 1965
From: GUEST,Betsy

Bruce ( thread starter )
Why don't you look up a guy called Bob Chiswick in Cleckheaton - a very good singer and all round good bloke of that era.

09 Nov 04 - 10:17 AM (#1321423)
Subject: RE: popular songs in 1965
From: Big Tim

A few Matt McGinn songs required, "Coorie Doon", perhaps.

He brought Tom Paxton over in April '65. Stayed with Matt's folks in Cambuslang (Glasgow). Played in Glasgow's Woodside Halls, seven in the audience; I was one!

An of course Dylan did his first UK tour, or more accurately, English tour, and still acoustic too. Introduced a few songs from "Bringing it all Back Home", just before the album was issued.

09 Nov 04 - 10:20 AM (#1321428)
Subject: RE: popular songs in 1965
From: McGrath of Harlow

Two of mine in there, greg, so that was probably 1964... Happy days.

09 Nov 04 - 12:04 PM (#1321544)
Subject: RE: popular songs in 1965
From: GUEST,Bruce Baillie

Thanks everyone, if you're anywhere near Cleck TONIGHT call in at the Wickham!

09 Nov 04 - 12:34 PM (#1321575)
Subject: RE: popular songs in 1965
From: PoppaGator

All respondents seem to have assumed -- correctly -- that the original question asked what folksongs were most often performed *in the UK* in '65.

It's a different question, surely, but it makes me wonder what the answer(s) would be for the US folk scene at the same time?

The Dylan stuff mentioned above would be about the same, although the then-new "Mr. Tambourine Man" caught on very quickly hereabouts and would probably merit a mention for already being played widely in 1965.

There were always plenty of banjo virtuosos playing "Orange Blossom Special."

And there would undoubtedly be more representation of The Blues on the part of the guitar players. I'm not sure what specific songs would be most likely to be heard -- undoubtedly some Mississippi John Hurt as well as some more hard-core Delta-style pieces. Wherever anyone present might have been *able* to play MJH's "Candy Man," he'd be sure to show it off (just like those banjo characters with "Orange Blossom").

You'd probably hear something popularized by Dave Van Ronk -- "St. Louis Tickle," another "show-off" piece, or maybe "Green Rocky Road," "Duncan & Brady," etc.

Jesse Colin Young's blues-ish "Four in the Mornin'" was wildly popular in the North/Central New Jersey scene where I was an underaged and undertalented lurker. That may have been '64 or maybe even late '63, but so many players were so deeply invested in learning to play it that I sure it was still being heard in '65.

Any more thoughts on what American folkies were up to at that same time?

09 Nov 04 - 01:01 PM (#1321619)
Subject: RE: popular songs in 1965
From: Big Al Whittle

now I think of it college type folk songs were very big......the Burl Ives Song Book

Paper of Pins, the foggy dew

and the chastity belt - I seem to remember that

09 Nov 04 - 03:18 PM (#1321784)
Subject: RE: popular songs in 1965
From: Dave4Guild

I was living in Aberystwyth at the time and I seem to remember such items as Windy and Warm, There but for Fortune, Freight Train, Oh Babe It Ain't No Lie, Candyman (Davis), Don't think Twice,

Some of the guests we had were Stan Hughill (who lived up the road), Joanne Kelly and Cliff Aungier.

Happy Days!!!

I liked your list, Greg - it'll be the hairy side outside tonight!