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10 Dec 04 - 02:28 PM (#1353290)
Subject: Christmas update
From: GUEST,Jon Pickow

Hi, Mom is much to modest to say anything, so I'll write a quick note to let you know we've posted a video Christmas card on You can download it freely or play it online. The song is Wintergrace, and is beautifully illustrated by George's video. This is our "Christmas card" to mudcatters. Enjoy, Jon Pickow

10 Dec 04 - 02:41 PM (#1353301)
Subject: RE: Christmas update
From: Stilly River Sage

Here's a link:


10 Dec 04 - 02:44 PM (#1353305)
Subject: RE: Christmas update
From: GUEST,Mary Katherine

It's lovely! And I know that a Christmas card isn't supposed to have "credits," but could we know who is playing the hammered dulcimer?

10 Dec 04 - 02:51 PM (#1353315)
Subject: RE: Christmas update
From: Little Robyn

That's wonderful!
And your Mum hasn't aged a bit!
Thank you for the link.

10 Dec 04 - 02:55 PM (#1353321)
Subject: RE: Christmas update
From: Jeri

Wow! Beautiful song, beautiful video. What a wonderful thing to give folks.

Thanks, and a joyful Christmas to your whole family!

10 Dec 04 - 08:34 PM (#1353613)
Subject: RE: Christmas update
From: Big Mick

Some time ago we had a thread that dealt with older women. At that time I indicated that there is so much about beauty that goes beyond the physical. Can anyone of you look at Jean singing, full of the joy of the song she is doing, filled with the love of the music, and not see beauty. This is an extraordinary gift from an extraordinary musician and friend. I am sitting here just feeling the song and have played it through several times.

Jon, will you pass on to your Mom and George my very best regards, and my hopes for a wonderful and blessed holiday season? I would be grateful.

All the best,

Mick Lane

10 Dec 04 - 09:54 PM (#1353669)
Subject: RE: Christmas update
From: Nancy King

How lovely! Thanks to the Ritchie/Pickow family for their beautiful greeting!

Catters, while you're thinking of Jean and her wonderful music, go to her website, here, and order a recording or a book or a video. The products are great, as we all know, and they make fine gifts. They're having a problem right now with their shopping cart program, but you can easily e-mail your order, and you will get fast and fantastic personal service. WAAAYY better than Amazon. I speak from experience!


10 Dec 04 - 11:20 PM (#1353700)
Subject: RE: Christmas update
From: Robin2

Thanks to you, and Merry Xmas to you and yours!

10 Dec 04 - 11:33 PM (#1353703)
Subject: RE: Christmas update
From: artbrooks

Ummmmuuummm...he says contentedly.

11 Dec 04 - 09:15 AM (#1353909)
Subject: RE: Christmas update
From: karen k

Jean and George,
The song and the video are wonderful. Can't think of a better way to send holiday greetings. Jean, you hold a very special place in my heart that no one will ever fill. I wish you and your family the happiest of holidays. Thank you for all you have given me. I am in awe of your beauty and your grace. Thank you again for this lovely song and for your presence here on Mudcat. Thanks Jon for letting us know about this.

Very much love,
karen kobela

11 Dec 04 - 12:54 PM (#1354061)
Subject: RE: Christmas update
From: Bill D

just watched it with Rita, and it is indeed lovely....thank you...

11 Dec 04 - 01:03 PM (#1354070)
Subject: RE: Christmas update
From: Brían

I can't add anything to what has been already said. That contra dance figure was a nice touch.


14 Dec 04 - 05:00 PM (#1356963)
Subject: RE: Christmas update
From: Stilly River Sage

Just now on All Things Considered I hear Jean Ritchie! Turns out it is from a review given by Alan Cheuse (book reviewer). Near the end of the story you hear Jean singing "Barbara Allen." It has to do with a book called The Rose and the Briar (with a book title like that, OF COURSE someone needs to sing "Barbara Allen!"). From the All Things Considered page for today:

Alan Cheuse's 2004 Holiday Book Picks

Reviewer Alan Cheuse offers his annual recommendations for holiday gift-giving. This year's list includes novels of travel on Earth and in space, new versions of tales from the Bible, Africa and Mesopotamia, and collections of poetry and song.

This is his page of reviews.

Here's the specific blurb:
The Rose & The Briar, edited by by Sean Wilentz and Greil Marcus (W. W. Norton): "A collection of essays and stories on the American story-telling tradition and the ballad. Insightful prose by many hands, including Joyce Carol Oates, Stanley Crouch and poet Paul Muldoon, about music by Duke Ellington, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, and Buddy Bolden." This collection can also be paired with a CD by the same name that includes songs featured in the book.

Jean is on that CD. And since they played this piece, it will turn up in their "All Songs Considered" database. I think they generate a lot of interest in recordings through that service.


21 Dec 04 - 09:34 PM (#1362693)
Subject: RE: Christmas update
From: kytrad (Jean Ritchie)

Belated thanks to all of you- it's a rushing season, isn't it? Mary Katherine, the hammered dulcimer player is our son Peter Pickow. Jon and George did the shooting and the sound-recording.

Stilly River Sage- I missed the "All Things Considered" on Dec. 14th, so thanks for telling us about it...I still haven't seen the book nor heard the Soundtrack CD (shh- I think someone in my family may be giving it to me for Christmas!), but I'm in some pretty good company there, ain't I? Sure surprised me; I didn't know it was happening- they must have done all the planning via Smithsonian/Folkways who did my recent Ballads CD.

Love, Happy Hols to all,    Jean

21 Dec 04 - 09:55 PM (#1362706)
Subject: RE: Christmas update
From: Gypsy

OOOOOoooooohhhhhhhhhh, i can't wait for the download. Seems to me that i read Peter's book when first playing hammered dulcimer.

22 Dec 04 - 01:17 AM (#1362794)
Subject: RE: Christmas update
From: Ferrara


I first heard your music in 1970 or so, a friend from Perry County, KY, sang "Black Waters" for me and when I said I like it, played one of your albums for me. Of course I got the album, and have been a fan of yours ever since, have heard you live in concert here (Washington, DC), etc.

The reason I'm posting here is, on Sunday I heard a group called "The Western Wind" doing a Christmas program of 16th century Spanish and Mexican choral music. I bought their Christmas CD of songs from the 13th century to modern times. Guess what? The liner notes for "I Saw Three Ships" say, "[This] arrangement is based on Appalachian folk-singer Jean Ritchie's version of this song."

It gave me a sense of wonder at just how far your influence has reached! It's just one small indicator of the tremendous influence you have had. I suspect you can never even imagine how many lives your music has touched.

Have a lovely Christmas and thanks for the "Christmas card."

Rita Ferrara

22 Dec 04 - 04:52 AM (#1362916)
Subject: RE: Christmas update
From: Dave Hanson



22 Dec 04 - 06:53 PM (#1363618)
Subject: RE: Christmas update
From: BanjoRay

Wonderful film of a lovely song performed by a great, beautiful lady.
Have an excellent Christmas, Jean --- and everyone.

22 Dec 04 - 10:50 PM (#1363715)
Subject: RE: Christmas update
From: GUEST,Clint Keller

thanks for Wintergrace. It's lovely and I keep coming back and playing it over.