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BS: God or Not quiz

17 Dec 04 - 08:38 AM (#1359631)
Subject: BS: God or Not quiz
From: *daylia*

Ever wondered how "enlightened" you are? Would you recognize spiritual Truth if it walked up to you today to shake your hand and wish you g'day?

Take this little quiz and find out! HINT - if you click the 'back' button after you view the results, you can redo the test with a different set of words. Enjoy!


17 Dec 04 - 08:53 AM (#1359645)
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz
From: The Beast of Farlington

I got 8 out of 10 'right'. But if I am supposed to have learnt something, I don't know what. There is actually no 'question' asked in this quiz, just the task of choosing between two lists. And quite what an attractor pattern is remains a mystery

17 Dec 04 - 09:03 AM (#1359648)
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz
From: Jerry Rasmussen

I got a perfect 10... maybe I'm doing something right.. I think 8 out ot 10 is very good, by the way. This is a simple test, but causes reflection, which ain't all bad. Even if you don't believe in God, you could still get a perfect 10.


17 Dec 04 - 09:16 AM (#1359662)
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz
From: Dave Hanson

I got 9 out of 10, still haven't got a clue what it's about


17 Dec 04 - 09:22 AM (#1359667)
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz
From: mooman

I got 10 out of 10 but I am a non-theistic Buddhist. Perhaps these are indicators for positive and negative action rather than for God?



17 Dec 04 - 10:04 AM (#1359698)
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz
From: Fibula Mattock

I got 10 out of 10 and I'm an atheist. I thought it was a test of vocabulary and connotation.

17 Dec 04 - 10:17 AM (#1359712)
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz
From: The Beast of Farlington

Yeah, I think the point is about test validity. Does it actually test what it intends to test?

I still haven't a clue!

17 Dec 04 - 10:20 AM (#1359713)
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz
From: Peace

It was a placebo. Life is the real test.

17 Dec 04 - 10:21 AM (#1359714)
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz
From: MMario

I think fibs has the answer

17 Dec 04 - 10:25 AM (#1359717)
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz

I think the "test" is whether or not you buy their books. If you do, are you trusting or gulible?

17 Dec 04 - 10:27 AM (#1359720)
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz
From: *daylia*

Beast, an attractor pattern is an element of chaos theory / quantum physics. Dr. David Hawkins, who co-authored the Nobel Prize-winning work Orthomolecular Psychiatry" with Linus Pauling in the 1970's, is considered by many to be a pioneer in bridging the gap between Science and Spirituality ...

David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D ~~~
Has overwhelmingly demonstrated how the cold light of science has finally confirmed what mystics and saints have claimed for centuries about the self, God, and the very nature of reality ... In "Power vs. Force", Dr. David Hawkins encompasses particle physics, nonlinear dynamics, chaos theory, and his own discoveries about the nature and accessibility of truth.

Each "level" of Dr Hawkins' groundbreaking Map of Consciousness is a positive or negative attractor field, each with a characteristic set of perspectives, limits and potentialities. The levels below 200 on his logarithmic scale are negative and destructive of life. Above 200 are levels increasingly positive, life-affirming and rooted in spiritual Truth.

And you're absolutely right, folks ... it matters not which religion you may or may not adhere to. In spite of ongoing human (mis)understandings, spirituality and religion are NOT synonymous!

Dr. Hawkins website is here if anyone's interested ...


17 Dec 04 - 10:30 AM (#1359724)
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz
From: Peace

Chaos theory provides that if a butterfly flaps its wings in New York, it increases the probability of attracting attention to itself and being eaten or swatted.

17 Dec 04 - 10:44 AM (#1359737)
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz
From: *daylia*

I think the "test" is whether or not you buy their books. If you do, are you trusting or gulible?

Well, I was trusting enough to buy "Power vs Force" a couple months ago, after a respected therapist in my area recommended it to me. I found Dr Hawkins' work so refreshing and inspiring that I'm reading "The Eye of the I" and "I - Reality and Subjectivity" now as well.

But hey, it may not be wise to spend your hard-earned $$ on the books just yet! Dr. Hawkins opens each treatise with the following "Caveat":

The traditional religionist or the spiritually timid are forewarned that the material presented herein may be disturbing and therefore better bypassed. The teachings are presented for the seriously committed spiritual student who is seeking God as Enlightenment.

The pathway to Enlightenment via radical truth is demanding and requires surrender of belief system. Only then does the ultimate reality reveal itself as the sought after I of the Supreme.

17 Dec 04 - 10:44 AM (#1359738)
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz
From: Fibula Mattock

May I proudly state the the fine establishment (tongue tentatively in cheek) which pays my wages has provided a means of crocheting chaos. I find this very cool indeed, but then, I'm a bit of a geek.

17 Dec 04 - 10:47 AM (#1359740)
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz
From: *daylia*

Ha! That's so cool, FM!

17 Dec 04 - 10:56 AM (#1359746)
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz
From: MMario

it's a big sucker! Wonder if it would be worth doing it in thread and a tiny teensy hook?

17 Dec 04 - 11:04 AM (#1359751)
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz

I got 10 out of 10 (no kidding).

I'm a humanist, naturalist, non-atheist (but it's my own personal definition of a "God", so I'm often labelled an Atheist), believer in the scientific method (not philosophy as the website states) as the means of determining what is "true" and "false" to all of us (as opposed to personal "truths" that we may not all hold, but which can be valid nontheless, but in a different sense).

So what did my results just tell me?

Not a sarcastic question - I'm truly curious.


As far as I can tell, "integrous" is a made-up word - what does it mean?

What is the difference between a linear and non-linear attractor pattern? It sounds suspiciously like usage of a word with disticnt mathematical meaning to sciencify something. Oops, there, I just made up a word too.

Accelerate is spelled with only on L (okay, that last was, if not sarcastic, at least a wee bit snotty - sorry).

17 Dec 04 - 11:40 AM (#1359775)
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz
From: Pied Piper

I got 10 out of 10 and I think you know my position visavee the "eternal of days".
As to the pseudoscientific mumbo jumbo perverting the meaning of a couple of words lifted from non-linear mathematics, what can you say; anyone who believes this tosh, is a couple of coupons short of a toaster.


17 Dec 04 - 11:46 AM (#1359779)
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz
From: Bill D

tsk...a test to find your "level of spititual discernment" presumes that there IS such a thing to begin with.

Scholars bicker...

17 Dec 04 - 12:04 PM (#1359803)
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz
From: *daylia*

TIA, I think Hawkins uses the word "integrous" to mean "with integrity" - ie aligned with spiritual truth.

From what I know of science, "linear" means the Newtonian understanding of the universe which is limited by human perception ie the visible, tangible, measurable, objective, sequential domain of cause, effect and form. "Non-linear" refers to the invisible, subjective, all-encompassing domain which is without form and beyond time, space or measurement. Science has only recently begun to address "nonlinear reality" via chaos theory and nonlinear dynamics. To quote from Hawkins' "The Eye of the I":

The source of power and creation is in the invisible, nonlinear domain and by exercise of will can result in form."

I think a perfect quiz result indicates a high level of spiritual understanding. Did you re-take the quiz with a different set of words? I did it a few times, and my lowest score was 8/10. And here I thought I was pretty uncommonly "saintly" ... ;-) So thanks for bursting my ego-bubble, folks!

Going by people's reported scores above, now I'm wondering if anyone has ever "flunked" the test! Maybe it's real value is found in simply reflecting on the (often subtle) differences between the two words in each pair given. A lot of them are a refreshing break from traditional religious conceptions about the nature of "God" as anthropomorphic, gendered, "tribally" exclusive, wrathful, punishing, judgmental, in need of worship or sacrifices etc.

17 Dec 04 - 12:12 PM (#1359812)
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz
From: *daylia*

BillD, if you read a passage from the Koran or the King James Bible, or even an article by someone like Hawkins, and then sat there for a few minutes pondering the concepts presented therein, would you not be in that very moment be exercising "spiritual discernment"? Or maybe you'd rather call it simply "discernment"?

17 Dec 04 - 12:36 PM (#1359826)
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz

Seems to be a dangerous mixture of scientific/mathematical and "spiritual" vocabulary. There are myriad non-linear systems in the Newtonian world.

Given the uniformly impressive test results, it seems to be pretty much (to use a crude phrase) a "reach-around".

17 Dec 04 - 12:55 PM (#1359831)
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz
From: Metchosin

or it could just be a form of the unification theory.

17 Dec 04 - 01:15 PM (#1359843)
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz
From: *daylia*

Seems to be a dangerous mixture of scientific/mathematical and "spiritual" vocabulary. There are myriad non-linear systems in the Newtonian world.

Hmmm ... what exactly do you mean by "dangerous", TIA? And could you please give an example or two of the "myraid non-linear systems in the Newtonian world"?

17 Dec 04 - 01:43 PM (#1359866)
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz
From: Blissfully Ignorant

9/10. I shall have to resign.

Love and jellybabies,
Beelzebub xxx

17 Dec 04 - 02:10 PM (#1359883)
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz
From: M.Ted

The first time I took the test, I got 2 correct--the next time, 0--the next time, I got 3, but that was because my choices didn't register properly--then O twice--here is what they said"

You got 0 correct out of 10. That was a very good start.

I thought it was a good start, too!

17 Dec 04 - 02:30 PM (#1359891)
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz
From: Little Hawk

Ha! Ha! That's amazing, M Ted. You must be a real hard-boiled egg. I will call you up if I need someone to shake down people who welch on their debts.

I got 10 out of 10. The one with "avid" was tricky, but avid comes from the same root as avaricious, so it implies greed.

It's fairly simple: If you look at Life as though you were irrevocably separate from everyone and everything else...meaning it's really all about you...and it's strictly a survival game in which "nice guys finish last"...then you will score low on the test. And you will either not believe in God (or anything spiritual whatsoever) OR...and this is a VERY important "OR" will believe in some bloody-minded form of religion where your people and your religious books are right and everyone else is WRONG and probably headed straight to hell! Refer to the Arab-Israeli conflict for pointers on how to prosper through this attitude. :-)

LOL! The nasty, rigid atheist (or just plain egotist) and the nasty, rigid religious fanatic share the very same philosophical boat together as they paddle furiously and competitively down the river of their eventual demise (since in the end, physically, they do NOT survive, nor does anyone else...).

If you look at life, on the other hand, in this way: That you are not separate from others, but deeply united with them at the heart and spirit level...that it's not about survival, it's about self-expression, creativity, love, and accomplishment...and that it's NOT all about you, it's about everyone...and that death is not an end, but a transition into further expressions of Life...

Then you will score high on the test.

17 Dec 04 - 03:15 PM (#1359907)
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz
From: Fibula Mattock

If you look at the test and think "what words have the better (seen as being positive) connotations" then you will score high on the test. I'm afraid I also think the pseudoscience angle is a pile of crap. Actually, I'm not afraid, I do think it. But I can't be arsed to go into another religious argument on this forum.

17 Dec 04 - 03:18 PM (#1359912)
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz
From: belter

I'm not impressed by this silliness. I'm an atheist, and got 40 out of 40. there was only 1 word pair out of 40 that I had any doubt about. It was just a mater of picking the word with the least negative connotations. I've always respected Dr. Hawkins, but this doesn't strike me as his greatest work.

In a mathematical sense, non-linear refers to equations that are not well behaved. There are complex definitions of what that means if you got a few days to puzzle over them, after a few years of studying advance math that is. Much of what qualifies technically as non-linear involves higher order powers, logarithms, wave forms, derivatives, and integrals. That sort of thing.

17 Dec 04 - 04:16 PM (#1359945)
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz
From: M.Ted

If you know how to talk nice, you'll do good--but as we all know, them that talks nice is the ones you gotta watch out for--

17 Dec 04 - 04:17 PM (#1359947)
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz
From: PoppaGator

Fibula hit the nail on the head much earlier; it's a vocabulary test. Anyone who scores less that 8 or 9 just isn't thinking about what the "tester" is looking for -- the word with more a positive connotation.

I do consider myself an enlightened person, spiritually and otehrwise, but not because I scored 10 or 10 several times on this exercise. The world's worst hypocrite would score perfectly, too.

17 Dec 04 - 04:42 PM (#1359967)
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz
From: Bill D

No, *daylia*, when I read the Bible, the Koran, the Bhaghavad-Gita...or even stuff like Ohaspe or the Urantia Book, I would not use language like 'spiritual discernment', as this implies that I am recognizing a spititual realm.

If I find items of interest and thought provoking concepts, I simply call them that, and avoid loaded words. A very large amount of our attitudes and beliefs are molded and shaped and guided by the words we use to describe our experience, so if one is exposed to words like 'spirituality' and 'higher conciousness' on a regular basis, and then begins to USE them in discussions, they are somehow granted a form of reality, whether or not the users have any notion of exactly what they are discussing. Pop-psychologists make a fortune in 'analysis' by creating terminology about presumed conditions, and then offering to cure it, once they have convinced you that it exists....what REALLY exists is the all-encompassing term "psycho-babble"...*grin*

(2 hours worth of explanations and disclaimers omitted here, as I'd just be....ummmm...whatever the word for "'unpreaching' to the choir" is....)

17 Dec 04 - 06:00 PM (#1360016)
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz
From: Little Hawk

Well sure, guys! You CAN be an atheist and still have very positive and life-affirming values. You CAN be religious and believe in (your idea of) God and STILL be a totally selfish, ruthless, competitive jerk who thinks only of his own needs. In fact, the latter mode is quite common. :-)

The debate here is not really about whether people believe in God or not, as far as I'm concerned. It's about whether they think (and act) constructively or destructively.

The words people choose to habitually use are important in establishing their level of consciousness in that regard. Observe how a given person speaks. Do they tend to focus more on hating...or on loving? Which focus would produce better results? These are matters we all could stand to spend some time being more self-observant on.

As for hypocrites who "talk nicely" but don't mean it...yes, well, you just have to watch carefully what they do and you can soon get wise to that little game.

To be enlightened does not HAVE to mean "believing in God". The World is chock full of unenlightened people who believe in their own particular idea of "God".

17 Dec 04 - 07:25 PM (#1360073)
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz
From: Bill D

Yowsuh! I gots them positive and life-affirming values alright! But I had my 'spiritual discernment' worn down to a nub during a class in comparative religion in 1959. *grin* It just couldn't stand the strain of 14 contradictory and mutually exclusive 'spiritual' concepts at the same time. Shows what happens when you expose delicate parts to excess rationalizing!

17 Dec 04 - 08:14 PM (#1360108)
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz
From: kindaloupehackenweez

Very cool and enlightening and thought provoking thread. i got 6 of 10 typical average me. For i always knew i have far to go and much to learn..Thank you with love.

17 Dec 04 - 08:15 PM (#1360109)
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz
From: Little Hawk

Yeah. Excess rationalizing is a sort of mental masturbation which appeals to busy minds.

17 Dec 04 - 08:20 PM (#1360114)
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz

10 out of 10
This reminds me of high school trig. I got an A but didn't have a clue.
Mary, an atheist

17 Dec 04 - 08:35 PM (#1360123)
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz
From: Little Hawk

Like I said, you can BE an atheist and still have excellent spiritual values.

17 Dec 04 - 08:41 PM (#1360127)
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz

My experience as an atheist has been that it requires superior spiritual values. There is no set "code", no "priest" to guide me. My goal is to take responsibility for and sleep easy with the decisions I make. I envy those who through faith in a belief system can shed responsibility.

17 Dec 04 - 09:02 PM (#1360138)
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz
From: Donuel

I use Xeno dream software to produce various mathmatic attractor based patterns. Chaos theory is wonderful when one gets into feedback loops and standing waves. It might give you some insight into the workings of the mind.

I have made hundreds of fractal pictures. The inherent beauty of fractal and attractor art feels organic.

If you like fractals here is my own spin on the genre:

17 Dec 04 - 09:04 PM (#1360139)
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz
From: Donuel

oops the 1st link should have been

17 Dec 04 - 09:10 PM (#1360144)
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz
From: Little Hawk

Yes, but one can most definitely HAVE spiritual values WHILE taking full responsibility and sleeping easy with the decisions one makes. Everyone has a belief system in which they have faith. It's just that everyone does not have a belief system based on organized religion...or on the idea of a "God".

While I have strong spiritual values, this does not mean that I have a set code or priest or some such figure to guide me.

Matter of fact, the only criterion that makes sense to me regarding guidance is: seek it from those who are more experienced than yourself in the area which you are taking an interest in.

Example: When I want to learn new guitar techniques, I seek guidance from people who can already play that way! (I have faith in them.) When I want to invest in foreign exchange, I seek guidance from those who are well-informed about that. (ditto) When I want to seek guidance in meditation and contemplation, I seek guidance from those who have been doing it for a long time and making progress. (ditto once again)

Dead simple. I have faith in people who inspire faith, by virtue of their character, their knowledge, and their expertise...NOT their official title.

None of this means I am in thrall to either a priest or a set "code" of rules and beliefs.

Being an "atheist" does require more careful mental thought than being a conventional adherent of primitive traditional organized religions. I believe that is the point you were making, SINSULL. It does not, however, exceed the extremely careful mental thought that accompanies genuine spiritual and philosophical study on a higher level. By no means! Read the books of Sri Aurobindo, for just one example, and you will find a great deal of extremely challenging and careful mental thought...about spiritual matters.

Paramahansa Yogananda is also quite interesting. Also Deepak Chopra. And a great many others. These are not lazy thinkers, content to rest upon a set priestly code of mere faith gleaned from some holy book or organized religion. They are pioneers who discovered what they did through hard work and practical application.

The kind of work they did is work generally undertaken by probably less than one in 10,000 people, if that. That's why you don't hear much about it on CNN. :-)

17 Dec 04 - 09:14 PM (#1360147)
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz
From: Little Hawk

Wow! Lovely pictures, Donuel. I like the one with Hillary and Tony Soprano too...perfect! :-)

18 Dec 04 - 04:01 AM (#1360262)
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz
From: Ebbie

Yeah. People who have a love of words - rather than maths, perhaps - will probably do well on the tests. I did many lists of them and got only two wrong out of the lot- and I could quarrel with the test maker about those. One pair I got wrong was 'scrupulous' versus 'fair'. I chose scrupulous, as "with scruples". Fair is evidently stronger. Huh? Are we talking jargon here?

The other pair was 'experienced' versus 'cynical'. Cynical was stronger, they said; I chose experienced.

When those words showed up in later lists, I of course got them right. Which means that all I learned is what they think is correct.

18 Dec 04 - 04:15 AM (#1360264)
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz
From: fat B****rd

Interesting thread, personally I get by the best I can whilst counting my blessings and realising that there are people who have more power, in various ways, than myself.

18 Dec 04 - 05:42 AM (#1360289)
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz
From: kindaloupehackenweez

Damn fine reading if i may say so...??I'm into it/ and would like to throw in 2cents of mind altering enigma.. I dont concider myself religious but spritual. And spent many years seeking the truth as to what the true and orginal religion is/was..As close as i got was there was once one (anyone know what it is / was????)/. But only was informed there was one that broke off into 5 seperate religions or tribes and each put there own interpation to the orginal words and made it into what they wanted it to be.

One fundimental philosopy of the Zen religion that always stuck with me was this: To Exist is to suffer.,and suffering is the direct cause of desire.

I reconize the possiblility of No God, God, The ole Great one, The Great sprits, The tabel of elders, for one or all i dont know but there has to be a power more great than our selfs for without them or it or something there would be nothing else to believe in when there was nothing else left. Therefore wouldnt / more than likely / Have the Freewill thing going which is sappose to be the only thing that seperates humans from all the other animals,

Hell i spent damn near 10 years Thinking about what someday will amount to it doesnt matter, And hear a quote which i;m thinking more of everyday and it goes: There comes a time to stop thinking and start doing. So I was thinking about going back to Drinking and thinking, with love   Peace...Sorry it was more than 2 cents.

18 Dec 04 - 06:41 AM (#1360307)
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz
From: kindaloupehackenweez

Sorry just an additional note: I also reconize Satan the devil and his right hand man MOJO and his side kick BAD MOON RISING.

What is it that makes us feel there presents in certain situations if they dont exist.

Interpation, Imagination, Mystical.????

Reminds me of a song:

Riding down the road happy and free, when this road ranger put a stop on me.

Said everybody knows country folk treat you right so you all can come and at least spend the night.

Singing Lord please make me happy singing lord please dont make me blue singing it lord lord lord please make me happy cuz i'm doing all these things for you,

Were all caught up here in this little cell, When all of a sudden i smell that smell, seems like Chris pulled out a big bag of weed and a friend with weed is a friend indeed.

singing it lord please make me happy +++++and so forth If there are more verses would you be so kind as to share them with me>>> I sing this quit frequent and it gets good response but im sure there are more than the 2 verses..And thous two are all i know and sing.

Know i'm really in the hole i asked for 2 cents and took 2 dollars
Is that a sin>>?? I guess it would be a lie. Or it would depend on the currency rate at the time per word or how many were use to convay
what wanted to be understood.

18 Dec 04 - 08:09 AM (#1360325)
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz
From: kindaloupehackenweez

Thought of the lyrics by Nickleback while getting ready to do the laundry, They go:

You can bribe the devil, you can pray to God, you can sell off everything you got,,,,,,and you still dont know,,,,what your looking for. PEACE.

18 Dec 04 - 08:17 AM (#1360329)
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz
From: Dewey

I got 8 out of 10. But then there were a couple of big words I did not know either.

You have to be a moral person (in heart more than perfect deeds) to recieve the psychic will of God, which is really a reflection of your own will and Goodness. You have to have desire, and belief that the goodness that God reviels to you is ALREADY present in your life.

It is the most amazing thing to utter words beyond your own understanding or even thought structures or vocabulary and wisdom through a higher being that knows your will as well as your pre-determined (yet free to choose) destiny in connection with everyone else, (which we are free to choose or ignore to our own peril).

Truth is God's

Yet we find it through God when we cannot have the capacity to find it ourselve, God can STORE and FIND it for us, given to us by the non-local God who is totally seperate from us yet works through us and is still influnced by our consciouness and everyone elses at a higher level.

World peace is Possible. As Jesus said, "Through God All things are possible". But truth is not from us, it is collective consciousness, and the perfecting will of God that influneces our thoughts, emotions deeds etc. all for the perfecting truth of the devine benefit.

Norman Vincent Peale talked about the positive power of prayer to influnece events and circumstances in our life. When we cannot do anything of a positive nature on our own volition, when all else fails he recommends, calling on a "higher power"

God is the source of all creativity and positive energy as well as all morality nothing can be perfecting or created in God'w will unless we are first moral, and therefore in God, Love is the most powerful Godly emotion, which is a very moral emotion, also the emotion of sex is the motivator emotion, it too must be tamed, in the carnal sense it is an earthly creative force, in the cosmic sense it is a spritually creative force, you cannot be sexually impure in spirit and recieve the excited stimulation of the higher mind, sexual energy must be tamed and therefore directed to a spriitually porductive end. Connect to the source of the creativity (i.e. creator) and the power will be there.

I disagree that an atheist can call on this higher power, if he ever did he would soon VIVIDLY DISCOVER an actual entity's presents, Yes, a very REAL REAL REAL ENTITY, OTHER than himself leading him towards his goal.

When God actually shows his physical mind at work and reveals himself actual thinking in replacement of the soul's individual mind, that is pretty powerful against the atheist philsophy.

We cannot find truth, create truth, will truth etc. we can only unveil it, it begins before time itself and is ever expanding. it is the moral spritual directive of God and the creation.

When I got these higher mind powers, my little mind had a slightly over-zealous religious conviction over what it all meant. But my little mind was wrong. My higher mind recieved the actual truth from God. I then punched the information into the computer and discover God's telepathic communication to me was right on the button. This revelation did not come from me but from God himself.

Actually, Daylia and Little Hawk understood this power more than I did at the time, yet I happend to be the one who possessed its knowledge after reading my very own writings and comparing those with others througout history I found out that the writings were correct in every sense, though my pre-concieved notion were wrong as they always are when we are focused on ourselves and our egos rather than the perfecting will of the creator and his perfecting will and purpose for us..

Could this have been accomplished solely by me? I doubt it, for truly at the time I did not even understand what I was writing, but God KNEW my will and MY purpose, though yet I hadn't still a clue.


But my heart and my desire for truth was right and this is what gave me these glorious manifestions, that lead to none local insights beyond my current understanding.

The perfection God who know my destiny in advance but, yet leaves it completely up to my own ability and desire to extract that which is available for me to self-actualize and accomplish from the source. A will beyond my own yet still somewhat a part of me and my unwavering purpose determine and manifest though him (her.. in fairness to you ladies out there God is unisex in my book)

Dewey (Fellow Fool but steady Sojourner)

18 Dec 04 - 09:25 AM (#1360352)
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz
From: kindaloupehackenweez

Thank you Dewey: I believe what you write. I know the answers are there and they'll come. Its just the waiding thru the mire and am tiring. Patience is a virture, but it's a vice to me. I know i must wait and not give up. "The Truth has away and always reveals itself" I just hope im still around when it does. Even thou i know its already there...somewhere...I'll get it..
For it is also said.."Better to be a late bloomer, than to have never bloomed at all" Yet "Time is of the essiance" Patience, Understanding and forgiveness. The Preacher preached while on horse back at a Mountainman Rondeavou, back some 10-15 years ago. It stuck with me. But yet with all the time that past my evolution is slower than molasses in January.   Thankyou again..What can i say I know its there just dont understand it....Peace...Dislexic/ADHD/to many years of unhealthy products..I wish i knew then what i know now..and its still not enough..will i ever get this sent you wounder. Yes i'm been on my way out to do the laundry for an hour now. Later..Peace.

18 Dec 04 - 10:07 AM (#1360362)
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz
From: frogprince

A lot of the discussion here has been worth more than the content of the original linked site. I don't look for my science, my philosphy, or my theology in web sites written by people who are obviously spaced out. It's one thing to try to jot off a quick note and make some typos or grammatical fluffs; It's another thing to compose a supposedly serious article and put it on line in writting as bad as that. The author does things, like jump around between singular and plural noun and verb forms, that would be believable in first grade but not fourth grade. You're looking at a mind cluttered with jargon, with serious inability to focus. The test shows only that you recognize the words and that they have normal connotations for you; I missed two out of 70, and knew that I was unsure of the exact nuances of those words.

18 Dec 04 - 10:28 AM (#1360369)
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz
From: Dewey


Positive energy (faith thoughts) is the creative force. As A Man thinketh so is he. You literally cannot AFFORD the luxury of even ONE negative emotion, it will literally cut off the vibratory energy necessary, it simulates your interaction with God.

Faith energy (postive expectancy) retains thought and creates non-local spiritual thinking. Positive thinking will even boost you brain power and intelligents as well as improve your memory retention and intuition, not to mention the positive health benefits!

Likewise, even one thought, will cut off the memory capacity, intuition, applied faith etc. When you gain complete control over you emotional "STATE" the ideas will flow it has nothing to do with your patients, maturity etc. Bottom line, if you can control you mind completely, God (the higher mind) can then control your life.

try the following to develope your Collective 6th sense:

1. Repeat instructions to your subconscious mind. I already have $20,000, a wonderful wife, great health etc. Throught repetition of thought believe it is ALREADY THERE. This will create states of excitement that will have to reveal itslef in some of workable plan or psychic intensity, and pratical means will pop inot your head telling you the first step to do, by the most logical means available to get whatever it is you desire. The sexual energy and love will also be transmitted to others and they will pick up on your energy, and will literally begin helping you to achieve the object of your desire, (i.e. God will develope a collective consciousness and will desire to work in unison with you to whatever it is you wish to accomplish. This engery in practical success terms is called MAGNETISM and it eminants FROM GOD thru us and to other by our positive intentions and thought. We literally attract vibratory actions and people that sense our Goodness and are willing to help us.

2. When you get a postive thought impulse popping into your head from the higher mind, act on it instantly. By doing this obedient act, you are rewarding yourself, and the almighty who will give you even more additional wisdom and insights, (i.e. the next step to take along you path and journey)


1. Make your mind quiet and positive
2. Alter your state of mind perfectly, not allowing any negative thought to enter this holy domain.
3. Repeat you intentions though repetition of thought and a practical means behind the object of your desire will be forced to express itself in your thoughts and life.
4, Believe you already have what it is you desire and are in need of nothing (this creates abundance thinking)
5. Do nothing for yourself, or others that is not moral and in the higher will and purpose of the almighty.

Good Luck!

Read Think and Grow Rich, by Napolean Hill as this is where I discovered my 6th sense. I would have never discovered it without the powerful wisdom and knowledge contained in this book. I second this book only to the Bible as the most important book I have ever applied in my life, it is that profound and life changing.

Though the Bible I learned about God, but through positive thinking, I was actually able to understand and communicate with God directly. And what and incredible adventure it has been ever since, and what joy and happiness have came from the experience. I am fulfilling his will as well as my own.

Higher Calling
Call me onward
Make Me Aware
Make Me Just In Your Sight

Develope For Me
The Structure of My Being
Envelope Me in the Goodness of Your Creativity
And forethought that is my hope and concentration


Dewey(the nut)

18 Dec 04 - 10:53 AM (#1360383)
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz
From: Little Hawk

"As a man thinketh, so is he."

You are so right, Dewey. Life is a question of inner discipline, and the hardest thing to discipline is not the body, but the mind. A positive mind leads to positive ends. Keep on sojourning, brother!

18 Dec 04 - 11:02 AM (#1360390)
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz
From: *daylia*

Awesome, Donuel! Your "ornaments" are so timely too, thank you! Fractals present such inherent beauty and seemingly limitless creative potential that I'm wondering - does "Chaos Music" exist as a genre yet? If not, why not???

Funny, knowing that atheists score perfect on a quiz about spiritual truth fills me with this deep satisfaction. In fact, it delights me to no end! :-) So thanks for that too, and to all of you for sharing your thoughts and experiences, your insights and especially your humor here!

The other pair was 'experienced' versus 'cynical'. Cynical was stronger, they said; I chose experienced

I'd consider that a "glitch" in the quiz too, Ebbie.   

Oh, and this is for you, Dewey, so you know we're in good Company ...

"Ah, well, I am a great and sublime fool. But then I am God's fool, and all His work must be contemplated with respect."
- Mark Twain, a Biography

18 Dec 04 - 11:33 AM (#1360410)
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz
From: mack/misophist

If I remember correctly, Hawkings got a divorce when his wife became an observant Christian, he being an observant athiest. This leads to a suspicion that he wouldn't approve of this use of his work.

18 Dec 04 - 12:26 PM (#1360455)
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz
From: Little Hawk

It's "Hawkins", isn't it? I've read one of his books, and am about to start another. Very interesting stuff.

18 Dec 04 - 12:59 PM (#1360478)
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz
From: *daylia*

mack, this is the Dedication from Dr. David Hawkins' 2001 treatise The Eye of the I

"Gloria in Excelsis! Deo!"

This recent interview with Dr. Hawkins clarifies his present position re Divinity and spirituality. A quote:

"MK: You say that there is a basic inner decision that allows one to have inner peace, despite all obstacles. What would that be?

DH: Surrendering everything to God as you envision it, and realizing that the way you see it is only perception, and asking God to reveal the truth to you. In a way it's like doing the Course in Miracles.

MK: Do you see our consciousness as being an extension of God, or do you view God as being something transcendent and somehow external?

DH: No, the God of my familiarity is intrinsic. The realization of the source of one's own existence is knowable as the subjectivity of awareness consciousness itself, and you begin to realize that your consciousness is not personal. Otherwise you could turn it on and off if you wanted to. The presence within – that is the source of one's own existence, the realization of God immanent. God transcendent can't really be known by people. They can only talk about it. They try to make him up there in heaven, or back there in history, as though you're separated from God. Inasmuch as God is omnipresent, that's not even a possibility."

And Dr. Hawkins apparently speaks for himself Live on the Web every Tues.