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Neck sizes (guitar)

18 Jan 05 - 02:05 PM (#1381486)
Subject: Necks (does size matter)
From: Richard Bridge

I got to wondering about comparative neck sizes. A little while ago I succeeded in tracking down a Hagstrom BJ12E. The well known 12-string line on Space Odyssey was played by Bowie on a BJ12.

Everyone says how huge the neck is. And it certainly feels it, compared to more modern 12-strings.   That's string spacing of 45 mm, neck width 51 mm, and neck depth to top of string at nut of 26mm. Compare the J-45 (6 string, Hagstrom not Gibson) which has 35, 43, and 22.

How does one usually measure neck depth? The BJ12 feels very deep as well as wide (like the River Jordan in spiritual!) but the depth doesn't measure as huge as it feels.

THe BJ12 seems to have very stable tuning compared to other 12s - ie it tunes and stays in tune (very odd!). Do we think this is likely to be due to the neck size?

How big is yours?

18 Jan 05 - 02:08 PM (#1381492)
Subject: RE: Neck sizes
From: Bert

You'll have to talk with Customs and Excise about that.

18 Jan 05 - 04:10 PM (#1381626)
Subject: RE: Neck sizes
From: Bernard

I believe it's not so much the actual size of the neck, more the profile that makes one neck feel 'bigger' than another.

I reckon it's difficult to quantify, as there would be an infinite number of measurements across the cross-section of the neck in question.

18 Jan 05 - 04:14 PM (#1381629)
Subject: RE: Neck sizes
From: Cluin

Also, different profiles go with different playing styles. If you use your thumb, a wider profile may feel much larger to you.

18 Jan 05 - 04:15 PM (#1381631)
Subject: RE: Neck sizes
From: Liz the Squeak

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18 Jan 05 - 04:16 PM (#1381632)
Subject: RE: Neck sizes
From: Bert

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18 Jan 05 - 04:19 PM (#1381637)
Subject: RE: Neck sizes
From: Ritchie

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18 Jan 05 - 05:47 PM (#1381712)
Subject: RE: Neck sizes (guitar)


18 Jan 05 - 06:09 PM (#1381739)
Subject: RE: Neck sizes (guitar)
From: eleanor c

I have silly small hands and find a wide fingerboard OK as long as the neck is shallow from front to back and the edges are rolled not sharp (ow)
That said it took me ages to find a neck I could play , this one isn't the skinniest but the shape is good (Lowden012)