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BS: Insecticides = autism

08 Feb 05 - 10:19 PM (#1403288)
Subject: BS: Insecticides = autism
From: Donuel

Its only my personal suspicion.

09 Feb 05 - 03:01 AM (#1403435)
Subject: RE: BS: Insecticides = autism
From: Peace

Mine too, Don. I don't know what the link is, but there is one, IMO.

09 Feb 05 - 03:39 AM (#1403463)
Subject: RE: BS: Insecticides = autism
From: Kaleea

There are many chemicals-cleaners, pollutants, et. al., which are believed &/or known to cause serious birth defects, brain damage, and various diseases. Yet, the chemicals remain and even grow in numbers. The big $$ corporations would rather be fined a few million $$ than to not use the heinous crap.

09 Feb 05 - 05:54 AM (#1403531)
Subject: RE: BS: Insecticides = autism
From: GUEST,freda

here are some more articles - i don't really understand them, and dont know how reliable they are, but they are coming to the same conclusions.. and there's heaps more articles out there.

research autism & toxic chemicals 1

thesis - environmental factors & autism

research into causes and cures since 1995

09 Feb 05 - 03:35 PM (#1403685)
Subject: RE: BS: Insecticides = autism
From: GUEST,Wolfgang

There are literally dozens of different potential causes for autism that have been mentioned within the last thirty years: lack of maternal care, mercury in the teeth, chloride in the water, insecticides, vaccination, latex condomes, lead in paint, birth control pill, sonograms during pregnancy,.... No environmental scare has been left unnamed except perhaps global warming.

To find a causal link beside the genetic one which is considered proven beyond doubt is extremely difficult. It will be hard work and will not include vote taking who believes what. Quoting selected data from one tiny part of the world at one moment in time as such is about as convincing as quoting a statistic from Australia to make a claim for the danger of banning guns.


09 Feb 05 - 04:29 PM (#1403730)
Subject: RE: BS: Insecticides = autism
From: The Villan

Nice to know that, but it doesn't stop my daughter from being Autistic.
I am more concerned about what will happen to her in later life, and who is going to look after her welfare.
What we want is a very nice person who will give her quality of life, love her and makes sure she is protected through the rest of her life, when we are no longer about.
Think on that one!!!!!!! That is the most scary and worrying thing for us.

09 Feb 05 - 04:34 PM (#1403732)
Subject: RE: BS: Insecticides = autism
From: sue exhull

Hi This is a interest very close to me, My daughter Katie was born with a Microphalmic eye (very tiny, malformed) with no sight in it. We were given no explanation as to why this had happened, but a couple of months later we were sent to London (moorfields eye hospital) we lived in Yorkshire at the time, because they were doing a study of all the kids born with this and a condition called Anopthalmia (no eyes at all), they were trying to find a link, whilst waiting for the appointment, there was a big story in the News of the world about it, blaming a pesticide(Benlate, I think its called) made by Dupont, a lot of the families had been exposed to this we ourselves had used this Benlate, tho they say this happened in the first few weeks of pregancy, I did go round a lot of garden centres in first few weeks of pregnancy, anyway on getting to Moorfields we were told it was probably not a chemical cause at all!! We then discoverd Katie also had a serious heart condition which required surgery, she had that at five and sailed thru it :), she is now 15 and has various problems, 3 years ago we found out she had Hydrocephalus probably from birth, we saw a genetic specialist last month who hasnt yet been able to say what Katies problem is, She is a lovely kid, happy and chatty, and it breaks my heart when she has to put up with stares,comments and ridicule because she looks 'different'I am not totally convinced this wasnt something to do with chemicals. I do know a American family sued Dupont and won, A british family are still fighting. Katie has quite severe learning difficulties and will always struggle. I do think it is a issue which should be examined closer to determine what does cause these problems, as there is a lot of kids with varying problems and no real explanation as to why!

09 Feb 05 - 10:22 PM (#1404031)
Subject: RE: BS: Insecticides = autism
From: Donuel

In the USA the chemical companies are beyond the reach of any law that requires any health research prior to the release of new chemicals. That Dupont lost a case is a surprise to me.

Insecticides are my primary suspect since almost all of them kill insects with neuro toxins.

Since California had a 23% increase of autism in just one year it makes me wonder.

10 Feb 05 - 12:01 AM (#1404099)
Subject: RE: BS: Insecticides = autism
From: Peace

Wolfgang is correct about making assumptions regarding cause and effect. Anecdotal 'evidence' is not much help. But it is unlikely that governments or chemical companies will come clean, either. Asking for studies from either will get us nothing in return. Because THEY DO NOT CARE.

Villan: I know exactly how you feel. More so than you'll ever know..

Bruce M

10 Feb 05 - 12:07 AM (#1404101)
Subject: RE: BS: Insecticides = autism
From: dianavan

It makes you wonder why California is 23%. Yes, there seems to be a 13% increase in autism in the last year but Calif. is especially high. Sometimes I wonder if its just because we have a new way of diagnosing what we used to call mental retardation. Now we have the new and improved, "autistic spectrum".

I do not mean to trivialize autism. I know the impact on families, teachers and social services (not to mention society in general). I do know that what is occurring, should be considered an epidemic and that the medical research needs to be funded and expanded immediately. I also know that new information is coming forth every day.

One thing that all research agrees on is that it is the brain circuits which have been damaged. What causes the damage is a combination of environmental and genetic factors.

It will take lots of money and years of research before the causative factors can be determined. At this point, you can point your finger at just about anything: flouride, insecticides, maternal allergies and/or asthma, diet, lack of breast milk, vaccines, mercury, etc.

The best thing a woman can do is avoid any or all of the above. I know that skipping a vaccine is a big decision but I would urge all parents to research how vaccines are grown before you put it in your child's body. If I were a pregnant woman, I would be very, very careful about what goes into your body, as well. Beware of that rosy, red apple (its probably covered with poison). A chocolate bar might be safer.

10 Feb 05 - 12:12 AM (#1404106)
Subject: RE: BS: Insecticides = autism
From: The Fooles Troupe

I suspect that it is a conspiracy of American Politicians behind it all - they don't want voters that can think....

10 Feb 05 - 10:23 AM (#1404546)
Subject: RE: BS: Insecticides = autism
From: Mary in Kentucky

Instead of speculating and spreading rumors, why don't you write to the CDC - I did. They are extremely interested and knowledgeable, just limited by funds to do comprehensive epidemiological studies.

10 Feb 05 - 12:05 PM (#1404697)
Subject: RE: BS: Insecticides = autism
From: GUEST,leeneia

When something goes wrong, people want an explanation, and they want someone to blame. Before you go around breaking parents' hearts by telling them they caused their child's autism by using (insert name of unpopular product) you should have proof. You should prove that there was exposure, that the exposure caused genetic damage related to the austism, and that austism increases with the amount of the product in general use.

Re"The best thing a woman can do is avoid any or all of the above." Perhaps so. But what about men? A man contributes half of a child's chromosomes. Why aren't men supposed to worry about their sperm?

If autism is actually on the rise, it is time to think about the possible effects of these things, among others:

marijuana (a known breaker of chromosomes)
methamphetimine and its cute cousin, Ecstasy
tobocco products and their unknown additives
whatever other illegal drugs are being pushed upon our people

Meanwhile, the most common source of genetic damage is UV light. It's always been here.

10 Feb 05 - 03:23 PM (#1404957)
Subject: RE: BS: Insecticides = autism
From: Donuel

(a known breaker of chromosomes)
that 20 year old study turned out to be bogus.

and the recent ectasy study showing high fatality risks turned out to be bogus too.
they used meth instead of ectasy. They said it was a labeling error.

10 Feb 05 - 09:21 PM (#1405320)
Subject: RE: BS: Insecticides = autism
From: dianavan

leenia - " But what about men? A man contributes half of a child's chromosomes. Why aren't men supposed to worry about their sperm?"

Men should worry about sperm and so should women. We are now finding that a woman who has never had a drink can give birth to a child damaged by alcohol. Why? Because the sperm is capable of carrying the damage to the fetus. Its called fetal alcohol effect rather than fetal alcohol syndrome.

As I mentioned, there is no "proof" of anything yet as far as cause is concerned. In the meantime, there is plenty of proof about the damage we do to our bodies by ingesting chemicals and poison. Since there are plenty of studies that seem to indicate that autism may be an auto-immune disorder, its also a good idea to make sure that babies get their fair share of colostrum which is only present in mother's milk. Do some research. Especially if you want a healthy baby. An ounce of prevention...

10 Feb 05 - 09:48 PM (#1405333)
Subject: RE: BS: Insecticides = autism
From: Peace

11 Feb 05 - 12:07 AM (#1405434)
Subject: RE: BS: Insecticides = autism
From: GUEST,.gargoyle


We regularly bath our growing babies in solutions of Malethion and Boric Acid and Chlordane with sodium phosphate added (table salt) .

With a houseful of dogs we don't want the babies catching fleas or even worse.....ear-mites.



11 Feb 05 - 11:02 AM (#1405895)
Subject: RE: BS: Insecticides = autism
From: Donuel

Somthing that CA has that many other states do not is the chemical "MBT" in all their gasoline. It is a solvent unlike any other and eats through any gasket on the market. As a result all the storage tanks leak due to the MBT. It then gets in the water and destroys the water quality in many communities, in some cases worse than others.

A phase out of the MBT is said to take another 4 years.

12 Feb 05 - 08:57 AM (#1407105)
Subject: RE: BS: Insecticides = autism
From: John MacKenzie

Then of course there's organo-phosphates as used in sheep dips etc, and the rise of MS type diseases amongst agricultural workers who use these compounds. Not only that but they are obliged by law to dip the sheep, so it's state sponsored poisoning!