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Sam Henry's Songs of the People

03 Dec 98 - 06:26 AM (#47761)
Subject: Sam Henry collection
From: Philippa

I've been recommending the Sam Henry collection as a source for songs in a few different threads, and have seen others refer to it. So I got a bit of information from Ulstersongs Publishers, Portrush, Co Antrim, N Ireland. Presumably the U. of Georgia publication is available in the US too, though I only have the prices in sterling: Sam Henry collection, info. from Ulstersongs website: Sam Henry's "Songs of the People": (ISBN 0 8203 1258 4): edited by Gale Huntington, Lani Herrman with contributions from John Moulden. (University of Georgia Press) "Songs of the People" was a series which ran from 1923 to 1939 in the Coleraine newspaper "The Northern Constitution". For twelve of those years the editor was Sam Henry who contributed upwards of 500 songs of high quality. Previously highly regarded but known only from scrapbook copies compiled by Sam Henry for the Belfast Public Library, The National Library of Ireland and the Library of Congress, this, the first book publication, has been presented with the music in staff notation, an introduction, notes and references and extensive indices. The basic collection for the North of Ireland. HARDBACK and dust cover: £30.00 + £5.00 p&p PAPERBACK £11.00 + £4.00 p&p (Original price: (paperback) £27.00 (hardback) £54.00) Forthcoming: Songs of the People: Part Two: From 1928-1932 the newspaper series founded by Sam Henry was edited by others. This book, researched and designed by John Moulden, draws on the newspaper archive, the personal papers and memories of one of the collectors and incorporates additional local information. The plagiarism of one of the editors is proven and fully described.The roughly 100 songs, which were not pirated, were collected in Antrim, Derry and Donegal and are presented with musical notation, notes and references and even a few pictures. approx. 160 pages, Price approx. £12, publication intended 1998, more information later. (Ulstersongs, Portrush, N. Ireland)

I don't know just what the code of conduct is for advertising on Mudcat, but I don't have any financial interest in these books.

03 Dec 98 - 09:24 AM (#47786)
Subject: RE: Sam Henry collection
From: Alice

Hey, thanks, Philippa. I've been looking for a copy for over a year. The library here said it was not available to loan out of state at the libraries in the US that had a copy. alice

03 Dec 98 - 02:56 PM (#47841)
Subject: RE: Sam Henry collection
From: Bruce O.

John Moulden also has books and recordings of Irish folk songs and music for sale. His website URL is

03 Dec 98 - 04:02 PM (#47849)
Subject: RE: Sam Henry collection
From: Dan Keding

Songs of the People by Sam Henry, University of Georgia Press, ISBN 0-8203-1259-2

04 Dec 98 - 04:12 AM (#47942)
Subject: RE: Sam Henry collection
From: Joe Offer

Bookstores told me the book is out of print in the U.S., but I was able to get a copy this year from Down Home Music. They had a few copies in stock. It cost me $42.50 US for the hardcover edition. Good book. It may be identified as Sam Henry's Songs of the People, edited by Gale Huntington, revised by Lani Herrmann, and indexed with the aid of John Moulden.
-Joe Offer-

16 Oct 99 - 07:08 AM (#124545)
Subject: RE: Sam Henry collection
From: John Moulden

I do have copies of this book for sale (hardback and paperback) but it's a big book and expensive to post. Lani Herrmann has hb copies and supplies them in North America. I'll assist anyone who wishes to e-mail me at jmoul81075@aol,com

16 Oct 99 - 10:18 AM (#124567)
Subject: RE: Sam Henry collection
From: Lorraine

It's a wonderful book! I believe I bought my copy from Dan Milner in a tour in Washington. What news about the Part 2? Not as an exciting time period but sounds fasinating. -Lorraine

17 Oct 99 - 09:09 AM (#124796)
Subject: RE: Sam Henry collection
From: John Moulden

Part two - the songs which were published in the newspaper series "Songs of the People" at a time between 1928 and 1932 when Sam Henry was ill. They were edited by several other hands and did not form part of his collection.

They are all in my possession, also the fair-copy notebooks of one of the editors together with notes on the singers and the circumstances under which they were heard, made by him at my behest.

This the next priority after I have cleared up a pience of work for which I have been promised payment but which is proving more exacting than I thought it would.

24 Oct 99 - 07:12 AM (#127438)
Subject: RE: Sam Henry collection
From: Lani H.

Sorry I'm a bit tardy, but have just begun to catch up with the really Interesting Stuff. I appreciate very much Philippa's good opinion, and wish to add that I still have available some copies of the clothbound edition (the same ones that DownHome and Dan Milner were kindly distributing), with a nice dust jacket and the maps and colophon the publisher left out. Please email me for details: I hasten to add that, although I *do* have a direct, if minor, financial interest in these books, like my friend-and-colleague John Moulden I take considerable satisfaction in being able to find good homes for the remainders.

24 Oct 99 - 09:53 AM (#127463)
Subject: RE: Sam Henry collection
From: Liam's Brother


Songs of the People is unquestionably the finest collection of Irish folk songs. There is no competition being staged on this matter, of course. It just simply is the finest. First, there is a tremendous number of songs. Second, despite the fact that they were collected in a single region, there is a great amount of diversity - native Irish songs and songs of foreign origin: Scotland, England, North American. Third, the work that went into organizing, annotating and presenting the songs is truly first rate.

If you really love Irish folk songs, you must have this book. Lani and John have copies at less than the original price. What more do you need?

All the best,
Dan Milner

09 Aug 04 - 03:41 AM (#1243004)
Subject: RE: Sam Henry collection
From: GUEST,weerover

Finally got my hands on "Songs of the People" as a birthday present from my wife. She's very happy with the service she got from John Moulden: this corresponds with positive comments from elsewhere.


08 Jan 09 - 10:36 PM (#2535661)
Subject: INDEX- Sam Henry's Songs of the People
From: Q (Frank Staplin)

Sam Henry's Songs of the People is a quarto volume of over 600 pages.
The posts here are a beginning of an index; the material will be revised for the Irish Song Book Permathread.

Edited by Gale Huntington, revised by Lani Herrmann, Geographical index by John Moulden, 1990, 632pp., Univ. Georgia Press, Athens(GA) and London.
Ballads and songs first published in the "Northern Constitution" between 1923-1939. Tunes (Melodic Index) are indexed by First-phase Accents. Original sources and geographic location are also indexed.
The main index of songs is by first word, with title, alternate titles and first lines. It requires some familiarity with the indexing systems and subject matter. Example:

[... Erin's Shore] (H597) 476
... Erne Shore (H597) 476
[Erne's Shore] (m) (H43) 394
[Foyle, Banks of] (m) (H11) 110
[... Foyle] (m) (H2) 215
...Neagh, The Banks of Sweet (H158) 295

All songs are indexed by subject at the beginning of the volume. This will be the preliminary index posted here. Alternate titles not included.


A1. Come let us all begin: Old choir rhymes
Abbey 2
Dublin/Coleshill 2
Dundee 2
French 2
Mary's 2
Martyrs 3
York 3
Additional verses 3
A1 References 4

A2. Rockin' the cradle is nae work, ava: Lullabies
Heezh Ba 6
Hush Alee 6
Ballyeamon Cradle Song 6
Irish Lullaby for the Christ-Child 7
Lullaby for a Sailor's Child 7
Raven-Locks 7
A2 References 8

I am the Master 10
Green Gravel 10
Ring a Ring o' Roses 10
Water, Water, Wallflowers 11
I'll Tell My Ma 11
Here's a Poor Widow 11
Old Sally Walker 11
Broken Bridges 11
Fair Rosa/The Sleeping Beauty 12
How Many Miles to Babyland? 12
Cricketty Wee 12
A3 References

A4. Once I had a wee hen: Animals, hunting, racing
A Child's Lullaby 17
The Little White Cat 17
My Bonnie Wee Hen 17
The Bonny Brown Hen 18
Neil Flaherty's Drake 18
The Duck from Drummuck 19
The Lost Birdies/The Hobe and the Robin 20
Robin Redbreast's Testament 20
The Goat's Will 21
Matty Broon's Soo 22
The Moneygran Pig Hunt 22
Bellaghy Fair 23
Sport's Lament 23
The Heifer 24
The "Crummy" Cow 25
The Mayogall Asses 26
Seal Song 27
The Crocodile 28
The Fox and His Wife 29
The Hunting Priest 29
Squire Agnew's Hunt 30
The Hare of Kilgrain 31
The Hare's Dream 31
The Clady River Water Bailiffs 32
A Ballad of Master M'Gra[th] 32
Cashel Green (II) 33
Arthur Bond 34
Spanking Maggie from the Ross 35
A4 References 36

A5. By the heat of my brow; Occupations, lifestyle
Waulking Song 39
The Tailor Boy 39
The Cobbler 40
Jim, the Carman Land 40
My Rattlin' Oul' Grey Mare 41
My Irish Jaunting Car 41
The Farmer 41
The Rocks of Bawn 42
The Charity Seed/We Never Died in the Winter Yet 43
The Lint Pullin' 43
The Jolly Thresher 44
As a King Went A-Hunting 44
Shanty Boy 45
The Shepherd Laddie 45
The Thatchers of Glenrea 46
The Dandy Chignon 47
Long Cookstown/Nancy Whiskey 47
The Jug of Punch 48
A Cup o' Tay 48
The Black Pipe 49
The Rakes of Poverty 50
The Oul' Rigadoo 50
Old Rosin the Bow 51
Bryan O'Lynn 52
The State of Arkansaw 53
Denny Byrne, the Piper 53
The Sailor in the Alehouse 54
The Private Still 55
Mick Magee 56
My Grandfather Died 57
The Buttermilk Boy 57
O'Ryan 58
The Jolly Fisherman 59
Songs of Old Ireland 59
The Salutation 60
Fine Broom Besoms! 61
Better Bide a Wee 61
Gaol Song 62
The Bramble 62
The Leaves So Green 63
Dun Ceithern 63
Barossa/Oliver's Advice 64
The Yellow Bittern/An Bunnan Buidhe 64
The Parting Glass 65
A 5 References 65

A6. If you want a bit of fun: Celebrations
Dan Murphy's Convoy 72
The Wedding at Ballyporeen 72
The Ballinderry Marriage 73
Coleraine Regatta 74
The Lammas Fair in Cargan 75
On the Road to Bethlehem 76
A6 References 77

A7. The Irish soldier boy: War
The Shepherd Boy 79
My Parents Reared Me Tenderly 79
The Black Horse 80
Pat Reilly 80
Pat Muldoney 81
You Broken-Hearted Heroes 81
Lovely Sally 82
The Deserter 83
Bonny Woodha' 84
My Son Ted 84
Lovely Jamie 85
The Hungry Army 86
The Plains of Waterloo (I)
The Plains of Waterloo (II)
The Drummer Boy at Waterloo
The Bonny Light Horseman 88
The Irish Soldier Boy 89
The Three Flowers of Chivalry 89
The Heights of Alma 90
Balaclava 91
Old Ireland Far Away 92
A7 References 92

A8. Bound away to the west'rd: Sea
Kishmul's Galley 96
Sailors' Shanties 96
It's Time for Us to Leave Her 96
Tom's Gone to Ilo 96
Santy Anna 96
Paddy Doyle 97
I'm Going Home 97
The Girls of Valparaiso 97
The S[team]s[hip] Leinster Lass 98
The Cruise of the Calabar
The Zared 99
Yellow Meal 100
The Shamrock Shore 101
Patrick O'Neal 102
The Sailor Boy 103
Franklin the Brave 103
The Loss of Seven Clergymen 104
The Portrush Fishing Disaster (I) 105
The Portrush Fishing Disaster (II) 105
The Wreck of the Enterprise 106
The Falcon
The Wreck of the Fanad Boat 107
The Wreck of the Nimrod 108
The Loss of the Royal Charter 109
The Trader 110
The Wreck of the Rebecca 111
The Good Ship Mary Cochrane 111
The Banks of Newfoundland 112
The French Privateer 112
Captain Coulston 113
A8 References 114

A9. A bold undaunted youth: Crime
Botany Bay 119
The Boston Burglar 119
The Wild Colonial Boy 120
Eight Mile Bridge 121
Whiskey in the Jar 122
Waltzing Matilda 122
Heather Jock 123
Jamie Raeburn's Farewell 124
James Magee 125
John Mitchel's Farewell to His Countrymen (a) 125
John Mitchell (b) 126
Hugh Hill, the Ramoan Smuggler 127
The Three Huntsmen/Wilson, Gilmore and Johnson 128
The Crafty Ploughboy 129
Shane Crossagh 130
The Breaking of Omagh Jail 131
The Dreary Gallows 132
Lambkin 133
A9 References 134

A10. Deep and dead water: Death, laments, ghosts
The Bard of Culnady/Charles O'Neill 139
Finvola, the Gem of the Roe 139
Heilan'Jane 140
An Irish Mother's Lament 140
The Cowboy of Loreto 141
John McKeown and Margaret Deans 141
Annie Moore 142
Molly Bawn Lowry 143
A Collier Lad 144
My Lowlands, Away 144
Mary's Dream 144
The Nightingale (I)
Willie Lennox 146
Sloan Wellesley 147
James Kennedy 147
Miss Cochrane 148
Rachel Dear/The Maine Water Side 148
Polly Primrose 149
Holland Is a Fine Place 149
Susan on the Beach 150
A10 References 151

B11. Erin, my country: Praise of home
The Little Thatched Cabin 156
The Old Stone Wall 156
Old Arboe 157
The Hills o' Ballyboley 157
Ballycastle, O! 158
Ballymonan Brae 159
Benbradden Brae 159
The Braes of Carnanbane 160
Carnlough Shore 160
Beautiful Churchill 161
The Girls from [Dt, Wt: of] Coleraine 161
The Maids of Downhill 162
Dungiven Priory Church 162
Faughanvale 163
Bonny Garrydoo 164
Glenariffe 164
Glenelly 165
Lovely Glenshesk (I) 165
Old Inishowen 166
Kearney's Glen 166
The Shores of Sweet Kilhoyle 167
Knocklayde 168
Lochaber Shore 168
Mountsandel 169
Mudion River 169
Oville 170
The Peistie Glen 170
Bonny Portrush 171
The River Roe (I) 171
The River Roe (II) 171
Slieve Gallen Brae 172
Fair Tyrone 173
Among the Green Bushes [Bp, Dp: in Sweet Tyrone] 174
Where Derry Meets Tyrone 174
The Land of the West 175
Old Ireland 175
Erin, My Country 176
The Enchanted Isle 176
The Mac's and the O's 177
The Connaught Man 177
The Rocky Road to Dublin 178
Dungiven Cricket Match 179
March of the Men of Garvagh 180
Ta Ra, Limavady 180
The Knights of Malta 180
The Bright Orange Stars of Coleraine 181
The Boys of Coleraine 182
Neuve Chappelle 182
B11 References 182

(To be continued)

09 Jan 09 - 04:30 PM (#2536441)
Subject: RE: Sam Henry's Songs of the People
From: Q (Frank Staplin)



B12. The emigrant's farewell: Goodbye home
Lovely Armoy 186
Monk McClamont's "Farewell to Articlave" 186
Hannah M'Kay/The Pride of Artikelly 187
Farewell, Ballycastle 188
Carnanbane 188
Carntogher's Braes 189
The Flower of Craiganee 189
The Hills of Tandragee 190
My Girl from Donegal 190
The Flower of Sweet Dunmull 191
The Faughan Side 191
Finn Waterside 192
Gelvin Burn 192
Glenrannel's Plains 193
Farewell to Sweet Glenravel 193
The Glenshesk Waterside 194
Lovely Glenshesk (IIa) 194
In Praise of the Glen 195
The Brow of Sweet Knocklayd 196
Owenreagh's Banks 196
The Point Maid 197
Adieu to the Banks of the Roe 197
Farewell to Slieve Gallen 198
The Hills of Tyrone 199
Bonny, Bonny 199
Knox's Farewell 200
The Emigrant's Farewell 200
The Happy Shamrock Shore 201
The Brown-Haired Lass (a) 201
The Brown-Haired Lass (b) 202
Paddy's Green Countrie 203
The Shamrock Sod No More 203
B12 References 204

B13. The Call of home: Longing for home
Norah McShane 207
The Old Blacksmith's Shop 207
The Little Old Mud Cabin on the Hill 207
The Green Hills of Antrim 208
Cloughwater/The Shamrock Shore 208
The Coleraine Girl 209
Oh, Derry, Derry, Dearie Me 209
The Hills of Donegal 210
Drumglassa Hill 210
The Happy Green Shades of Duneanne 211
Oul' Dunloy 211
Sweet Glenbush 212
Glen O'Lee 212
The Pretty Three-Leaved Shamrock from Glenore 213
Juberlane 213
Sweet Loughgiel 214
Maguire's Brae 214
Where Myola Waters Flow 215
Mullaghdoo 215
Old Maid of Mullaghmore 216
Owenreagh 217
The Banks of the Roe 218
A Shamrock from Tiree 218
The Call of Home 219
Och, Och, Erie, O! 219
There's a Dear Spot in Ireland 220
Riding Herd at Night 220
Charlie Jack's Dream 221
The Irishman 221
B13 References 222

C14. She's a lovely fair: Praise of a girl
Happy 'Tis, Thou Blind, for Thee 225
My Bonny Breeden 225
O, Jeanie Dear 225
Bonny Mary Hay 226
So Like Your Song and You 226
Not the Swan on the Lake 227
Nancy, the Pride of the West 227
The Maid of Erin's Isle 228
Peggy of the Moor 228
Mary M'Veagh 229
The Holly Bough/The Pride of Altibrine 229
The Maid of Burndennet (a) 230
The Maid of Burndennet (b) 231
Kate of Coleraine 231
Kate of Glenkeen 231
The Star of Glenamoyle 232
The Flower of Glenleary 232
The Flower of Gortade 233
A Kintyre Love Song 234
The Manchester Angel 234
Mary Smith, the Maid of Mountain Plain 235
Autumn Dusk/Coimfeasgar Fogmair 235
The Dear-a-Wee Lass 236
The Valley Below 236
The Dark-Haired Girl 237
Braiding Her Glossy Black Hair 237
The Old Dun Cow 238
Gragalmachree 238
The Maid of Altaveedan 239
Jean of Ballinagarvey 239
The Flower of Benbrada 239
The Beauty of the Braid 240
The Maid from the Carn Brae 241
Claudy Green (b) 241
Maggie of Coleraine 242
The Flower of Corby Mill 242
The Flower of Magherally, O! 243
Magilligan 244
The Valleys of Screen 245
Summer Hill 245
The Maid from the County Tyrone 246
Her Bonny Blue E'e 246
Rosaleen Bawn 247
The Blazing Star of Drim (a) 247
The Blazing Star of Drung (b)
Ann o' Drumcroon 248
The Pride of Glenelly 249
Mary, the Pride of Killowen 250
Moorlough Mary 250
C14 References 251

C15. Where's the lass to take my hand? Courtship and dalliance
Nae Bonnie Laddie tae Tak' Me Awa' 255
Maidens of Sixty-Three 255
The Black Chimney Sweeper 256
The Wee Article 257
Roger's Courtship 257
Grandma's Advice 258
The Nonsense o' Men 258
As I Go I Sing 259
The Strands of Magilligan 259
Green Grow the Rashes (a) 260
Green Grow the Rashes (b) 260
The Young Farmer's Offer 261
The Load of Kail Plants 261
An Irish Serenade 262
You're Welcome as the Flowers in May 262
Magherafelt Hiring Fair 263
The Roving Bachelor (a) 263
The Roving Bachelor (b) 264
The Whistling Thief 264
The Feckless Lover 265
The Rie in the Creel 265
I'm Seventeen 'gin Sunday 266
As I Gaed ower a Whinny Knowe 267
The Rambling Suiler 268
A Beggarman Cam' ower the Lea 269
The Galway Shawl 269
Where the Moorcocks Crow 269
The Maid of Seventeen 270
Cloughmills Fair 270
O'er the Moor amang the Heather 271
The Whinny Knowes 272
The Captain with the Whiskers 273
Youghall Harbour 273
The Cup of Gold 273
The Mountain Road 274
The Woods of Mountsandel 275
The Ould Lammas Fair 275
The Star of Moville 276
Mind Your Eye 277
The Basket of Oysters 278
Tumbling Through the Hay 278
C15 References 279

C16. I will watch and pray: Faithful farewells
The Londonderry Air 286
Down in My Sally's Garden 286
Early, Early 287
The Green Banks of Banna 287
A Sweetheart's Appeal to Her Lover/[Dt:] Oh, It's
down Where the Water Runs Muddy 288
My Sailor Boy 288
The Drinaun D[h]un 289
The Boatman/Fear a Bhata 289
A Rathlin Song 290
Bring Back My Barney to Me 290
Linton Lowrie 291
The Sea-Apprentice 291
My True Love's Gone A-Sailing 292
So Dear Is My Charlie to Me 292
The Jolly Roving Tar 293
Alt[i]mover Stream 293
Fare Ye Well, Enniskillen 294
My [Bt: The] Dear Irish Boy 294
The Banks of Sweet Lough Neagh 295
The Banks of the Nile 296
Johnnie and Molly 297
The Bold Privateer 297
The Maid of Dunyshiel 298
The Maid of Carrowclare 298
The Blooming Star of Eglintown 299
Love's Parting/Jamie and Mary 300
Dobbin's Flowery Vale 300
Londonderry Love Song 301
The Maids of Culmore 302
C16 References 302

(To be continued)

10 Jan 09 - 01:52 PM (#2537258)
Subject: RE: Sam Henry's Songs of the People
From: Q (Frank Staplin)



C17. It's I am your Jamie: The returned lover
The Banished Lover 207
Learmount Grove 307
Mary Machree 308
James Reilly 309
Skerry's Blue-Eyed Jane 309
The Banks of the Clyde/One Fine Summer's Morning 310
Mary Doyle/The Wreck of the Lady Sherbrooke 310
Laurel Hill/Kyle's Flowery Braes 311
The Lady of the Lake 312
The Banks of Claudy 313
The Banks of [the] Dee 314
The Mantle So Green 314
Johnny Jarmin/The Rainbow 315
Mary and Willie 315
Lurgan Town 316
The Broken Ring 317
Green Garden 317
The Dark-Eyed Sailor 318
The Love Token 318
The Pride of Glencoe 319
The Banks of the River Ness 319
Jennie of the Moor 320
Bordon's Grove 320
C17 References 321

C18. In man's array: Disguises
The Drummer Maid 326
On Board of a Man-of-War 326
The Drum Major 327
The Female Highwayman 327
The Squire's Bride 328
Lovely Annie (II) 328
The Rich Merchant's Daughter 329
The Sailor on the Sea 330
The True Lover's Departure 331
The Jolly Ploughboy 331
Blythe and Bonny Scotland/[Dt:] India's Burning Sands 332
Canada[,] Hi! Ho! 333
Willie Taylor (a) 334
Willie Taylor (b) 334
C18 References 335

C19. Youth and folly: Love uncertain
The Six Sweethearts 340
I've Two or Three Strings to My Bow (a) 340
I've Two or Three Strings to My Bow (b) 341
One Morning Clear 341
The Maid of Tardree 342
Dark-Eyed Molly 342
Farewell Ballymoney 343
The Sweet Bann Water 343
The Rejected Lover 344
The Banks of Mourne Strand 344
Fair Maid of Glasgow Town 345
The Ploughboy 345
The Blackbird and the Thrush 346
Farewell He 347
The Cuckoo 347
If I Were a Fisher 348
The Star of Benbradden 348
I Am a Wee Laddie, Hard, Hard Is My Fate 349
C19 References 349

C20. She will not condescend: Love unrequited
John MacAnanty's Courtship 354
Paddy Land 354
Claudy Green (a) 355
The Maid of Croaghmore 355
The Bonnie Wee Lass of the Glen 356
As I Walked Out 357
Farewell, Darling 357
Will Ye Pad the Road wi' Me? 358
The Maid of Cragienorn 359
Lurgan Stream (a) 360
Lurgan Stream (b) 360
Castleroe Mill 361
The Banks of Kilrea (II) 361
The True Lovers' Discussion 362
The Maid of the Sweet Brown Knowe 364
Cahan's Shade Glen 364
Fair Maid of Ballyagan 365
The Grey Mare 365
I'll Hang My Harp on a Willow Tree 366
Te Bonnet sae Blue 367
Tarry Trousers 367
The Factory Girl 368
Campbell's Mill 368
The Maid of Faughan Vale 369
Wester Snow 369
Drummond's Land 370
My Charming Kate O'Neill 370
The Maid of Mourne Shore 371
The Girl from Turfahun 372
The Lass of Mohee 372
The Lakes of Ponchartrain 373
Am I the Doctor? 374
Barbara Allen 375
C20 References 376

10 Jan 09 - 03:27 PM (#2537344)
Subject: RE: Sam Henry's Songs of the People
From: Q (Frank Staplin)



C21. Content in the arms of another: Love unfaithful
The Ripest of Apples 383
The False Lover 383
The Bonny Bushes Bright 383
Willie Angler/The Banks of the Bann 384
Lovely Nancy 385
Under the Shade of a Bonny Green Tree 385
Must I Go Bound (a) 386
Must I Go Bound (b) 386
Phelimy Phil 386
Norah Magee 387
The Broken-Hearted Gardener 387
Gramachree 388
Belfast Mountains 389
My Love John 389
My Flora and I 390
The Flower of Sweet Strabane 390
Bring Me Back the Boy I Love (a) 391
Never Change the Old Love for tjhe New 392
Oh, Johnny, Johnny 392
The Apron of Flowere 393
The Bonny, Bonny Boy 393
The Maid with the Bonny Brown Hair (a) 394
The Maid with the Bonny Brown Hair (b) 394
The Green Bushes 395
Out of the Window 395
My Bonny Brown Jane 396
The Slighted Suitor (a) 396
The Slighted Suitor (b) 397
Twenty-One 397
Polly Perkins of Paddington Green 398
My Darling Blue-Eyed Mary 399
My Bonnie Irish Boy 399
Sween Clonalee 400
An Old Lover's Wedding 400
The Laird's Wedding 401
The Girl I Left Behind 401
C21 References 403

C22. When death was near: Deadly love
The 'Prentice Boy 411
Blooming Caroline of Edinburgh Town 411
Ballindown Braes 412
The King o' Spain's Daughter 413
The Broomfield Hill 414
Lord Ronald 415
Susan Brown 415
Susan Carr 416
Flora, the Lily of the West 416
The Old Oak Tree 417
The Silver[y] Tide 418
The Willow Tree 419
Killeavy's Pride 420
The Pride of Newry Town 421
C22 References 422

C23. Cruel was my father: Despite relatives
The Maid of Ballyhaunis 427
The Banks of[Wt: the] Cloughwater 427
Hibernia's Lovely Jane 428
If I Were a Blackbird 428
The Maid of Aghadowey 429
The Slaney Side 429
The Maid of Sweet Gorteen 430
McClenahan's Jean 430
We Met, 'Twas in a Crowd 431
Johnny Doyle 431
The Lover's Ghost 432
Sweet William 433
Young Edward Bold/The Lowlands Low 434
The Constant Farmer's Son 434
The Bonny Labouring Boy 436
Willy Reilly 436
Young Mary of Accland (a) 437
Young Mary of Accland (b) 438
Erin's Lovely Home 438
Sweet Dunloy 439
Henry Connor of Castledawson 440
Sally Munro 441
John Reilly the Sailor Lad 441
Kellswater 442
The Banks of the Bann 443
Johnnie Hart 443
Love Laughs at Locksmiths 444
The Lady Leroy 445
Eliza/When I Landed in Glasgow 446
The Apprentice Boy/Covent Garden 446
C23 References 447

10 Jan 09 - 08:04 PM (#2537625)
Subject: RE: Sam Henry's Songs of the People
From: Q (Frank Staplin)



C24. To Hymen's Car: Successful courtship
Our Wedding Day 454
The Boy That Found a Bride 454
The Swan 455
The Tossing o' the Hay 455
Pining Day and Daily 456
The Pretty Blue Handkerchief (I) 456
The Pretty Blue Handkerchief (II) 456
The Gentle Shepherdess 457
The Bonny Wee Lass 458
Lovely Annie (I) 458
I'm from over the Mountain (a) 459
I'm from over the Mountain (b) 459
The Bann Water Side 460
Beardiville Planting 460
Bess of Ballymoney 461
The Blackwaterside 461
Cashel Green (I) 462
My Charming Coleraine Lass 462
The Star of Donegal 463
Glenarm Bay 464
Greenmount Smiling Ann 464
Gruig Hill 465
Innishowen 465
Kellswaterside 466
The Banks of Kilrea (I) 466
The Largy Line 467
Sweet Londonderry 468
The Lovely Banks of Mourne 468
Wild Slieve Gallon Brae[s] 468
Sandy's Wooing 469
"Thank You, Ma'am," says Dan 469
The Yowe Lamb 470
Petie Cam' ower the Glen 470
The Navvy Boy 471
One Penny Portion 472
The Inniskilling Dragoon 472
The Gallant Soldier 473
Young Edward the Gallant Hussar 473
Green Broom 474
John Hunter (a) 475
John Hunter (b)/[Dt:] The Wheelwright 476
The Journeyman Tailor 476
Lough Erne Shore 476
Belfast Town 477
Jamie and Nancy 478
Molly, Lovely Molly 478
When a Man's in Love 479
The County Tyrone 480
My Father's Servant Boy 481
Jamie, Lovely Jamie 482
You Lovers All 483
Mullinabrone 483
Jamie's on the Stormy Sea 484
Wait till the Ship Comes Home 484
The Garden Gate 485
Henry, the Sailor Boy 485
The Lass of Glenshee 486
The Hielan's o' Scotland 487
The Glove and the Lions 488
Johnny Scott 489
The Keeper of the Game 490
The Rich Ship Owner's Daughter 490
Lord Beichan 491
C24 References 492

C25. Wedlock's soft bondage: Domesticity
The Married Man 501
The Happy Pair 501
The Day We Packed the Hamper for the Coast 501
The Tay 502
The Scolding Wife 503
Upside Down 503
The Single Days of Old 504
The Wealthy Farmer 504
Will the Weaver 505
The Tailor in the Tea [Dt: Sea] Chest 505
I Wish That You Were Dead, Goodman 506
The Auld Man and the Churnstaff 507
The Blin' Auld Man/The Covered Cavalier 508
The Brown-Eyed Gypsies 509
Fair Annie 510
The Ship Carpenter's Wife 511
Whisky Is My Name (a) 512
Whiskey Is My Name (b)/The Blacksmith 512
The Wee Wifukie 513
Johnny, M'Man 514
C25 References 515

End, Songs Index, pp. vii-xvi

15 Jun 09 - 03:35 AM (#2656658)
Subject: RE: Sam Henry's Songs of the People
From: Ross Campbell

Q transcribed the song-index above. "The Star of Moville" is in Section C15, page 276 of Sam Henry's "Songs of the People". Three sources are listed above who may still have remaindered copies of the book - Down Home Music, Lani Herman (Lani H) and John Moulden. If you register as a Mudcat member you will be able to use the PM (Personal Message) facility to contact John Moulden. (Ten-year-old references, so don't hold out much hope).

Otherwise Abebooks has a hardback copy in the USA priced at £184.50 ($US295.00) here

Scallta Media appears to have succeeded to the Ulstersongs catalogue here Alas, no copies there but lots of other interesting stuff.

If you can't find a library copy, I can scan to produce a hard copy. My scanner doesn't link to this machine, so I can't email the result, but if you login and PM me, I cam mail it. The song is twelve eight-line verses, so typing it in is not an option!

Good luck.

15 Jun 09 - 04:09 AM (#2656678)
Subject: RE: Sam Henry's Songs of the People
From: Ross Campbell

I see Joe Offer has posted the lyrics on the Sarah Jane thread. "Good man, yourself!" as they would say in that part of the world.

15 Jun 09 - 01:57 PM (#2657066)
Subject: RE: Sam Henry's Songs of the People
From: Q (Frank Staplin)

Joe's posting of "Star of Moville" in thread 21974:
Sarah Jane/Star of Moville

Several of us on Mudcat have copies of Sam Henry. Just request lyrics in a new thread headed with the title, and I'm sure one of us will post them.

Sam Henry's "Songs..." needs to be reprinted.

16 Jun 09 - 06:17 AM (#2657536)
Subject: RE: Sam Henry's Songs of the People
From: Folkiedave

I shall be putting the copy that belonged to Malcolm Douglas up for sale (10 days) on Ebay starting this Friday.

It is in excellent condition.

25 Nov 09 - 08:54 PM (#2773837)
Subject: RE: Sam Henry's Songs of the People
From: Joe Offer

On May 2, 2007, John Moulden gave an address at the Library of Congress on the Sam Henry Collection (click). It's worth a listen.


26 Nov 09 - 07:30 PM (#2774521)
Subject: RE: Sam Henry's Songs of the People
From: Matthew Edwards

Joe, thank ever so much you for that link to John Moulden's talk on Sam Henry and 'The North American Influence on a North Irish Song Collection'. It's a superb tribute from one lover of traditional song to another.

After exploring a bit further it seems there are lots of other treasures in the Library of Congess/ Folklife Center webcasts; these are a few others I found.

A "singing lecture" given on Dec 4 2008 by singer and collector Maurice Leyden I am a Wee Weaver: Weaving and Singing in Northern Ireland which is a great tribute to the Ulster weaver poets and singers. This is a fascinating and stimulating lecture which probably deserves to start off a new thread, not least because of the way in which he dicusses "Our Wedding Day".

There is also a brillant concert from Rosie Stewart of County Fermanagh, and an inspiring talk by Len Graham It's of My Rambles: Journey in the Song Tradition of Ulster.

These talks are all on RealPlayer and last about an hour each, and are probably best viewed by opening "Launch in a new window".

I suspect there are a lot more goodies among the Library of Congress webcasts; this was what I could find after a brief exploration. So kudos to the LoC and the Folklife Center, and the Arts Council of Northern Ireland sponsoring these talks and for making them available.

Matthew Edwards

04 Apr 10 - 05:38 AM (#2879254)
Subject: RE: Sam Henry's Songs of the People
From: GUEST,Sue Dukes

To anyone who's interested, I have bound copies of the original newspaper printer's rushes of Sam Henry's complete collection. This includes many songs never included in any of the later published books.   There is also an index of songs hand-typed (by, or with commentary by Sean O'Boyle, no date), and categorised as geographical, themes, alphabetical, etc. The tunes are difficult to interpret as they have been written in SoFa (dohRayMe). It would be a fairly big task, but I have intentions of scanning the works (when I retire probably!) and putting them on the net. They are an incredible source for songs not having been performed probably within living memory. I have been told there are only two other complete collections in existence, but this one is certainly unique. I am not trying to sell it, far from it, but should anyone have an academic interest, I would be happy for it to be studied. Based in Somerset, UK. Best wishes.

04 Apr 10 - 05:59 AM (#2879262)
Subject: RE: Sam Henry's Songs of the People
From: Fred McCormick

Hi Sue,

That is an extremely generous offer. If you ever manage to get it done, your canonisation will definitely be on the agenda; even more so as I gather that the Huntington/Herrman publication is currently out of print.

I suspect though there's more than two complete collections around. I managed to lay my hands on one in the mid-1970s, but without the extra songs and without O'Boyle's annotations. I was working on a civil engineering site at the time and part of my job involved copying reports on the office photocopier. Naturally, I used to surreptitiously feed a few sheaves of Sam Henry through at the same time until I had the whole collection copied. That was all very well, but it became a standing joke among the lads in the office, until I couldn't go near the photocopier without one of them asking how the song copying was coming along.

07 Apr 10 - 03:28 PM (#2881577)
Subject: RE: Sam Henry's Songs of the People
From: Joe Offer

You know, I'd like to see at least a few of Sam Henry's newspaper columns, so I could see how they looked in their original home.
Sue or anybody, if you can e-mail me scans of a few columns, I'd be glad to post them so everyone can see.

07 Apr 10 - 04:12 PM (#2881605)
Subject: RE: Sam Henry's Songs of the People
From: GUEST,John Moulden

I'll do that in a short time, Joe. In the meantime it may be of interest that the University of Georgia Press is giving thought to providing this book as a 'Print on Demand item.
I assume that the items mentioned by Sue Dukes, that were not included in subsequently published books are those numbered 247 - 463 - these were issued in the series and not edited by Sam Henry but by a range of hands. I've done some work on them and they are now near the top of my things to do.

16 Apr 10 - 09:35 AM (#2887917)
Subject: RE: Sam Henry's Songs of the People
From: GUEST,Sue Dukes

Hi. When I said I had the printers proofs of the Sam Henry Collection, I didn't mean proofs of the various books which have been published under that name, but the original proofs from the newspaper in which they were printed. This comprises every single item ever printed in the paper, some of which have never been published at all in any of the various compilations and imprints. So unless I am much misinformed this contains some fairly valuable material. I believe it is one of only 3 copies in existence. Hence my offer to allow interested parties to view or study it. But maybe I am misinformed and you all have full collections. Best wishes. Sue

16 Apr 10 - 01:03 PM (#2888051)
Subject: RE: Sam Henry's Songs of the People
From: GUEST,John Moulden

I should clarify- The Songs of the People series in the Northern Constitution weekly newspaper of Coleraine, Co London/Derry was initiated by Sam Henry in 1923 and continued until 1939. From a date in 1928 until a date in 1932 the series, numbers 247-463, was edited, not by Sam Henry but principally by two others, James Moore and William Devine, Moore for about 8 months and Devine for around three years, with occasional interventions by three others. These items have never been edited but I am in course of doing so with the aid of copies of James Moore's manuscript notebooks and biographical and other material he gave me before his death some twenty years ago. Care is need with the material presented by Devine because it is apparent that he copied a substantial amount form previously published sources - especially Father P Breathnach's 'Songs of the Gael'.
Such of the Sam Henry collected material as appeared in the newspaper together with unique material that was in the scrap-books presented by Henry to each of the Belfast Public Library, National Library of Ireland and Library of Congress, has been presented in its entirety in the University of Georgia Press 'Sam Henry's "Songs of the People"'.
Sam Henry did not cease collecting with the end of the series and his late daughter's family has preserved his books and papers, copies of which I have and used to augment aspects of my 1979 selection from the collection (Blackstaff Press, Belfast) and a recent article 'Clodhopper' in the latest issue of Béaloideas (2009) on the life and songs of Alexander Crawford one of Henry's informants. I am working on these too.
Some years ago, another collection of papers, newspaper proofs and unique typescripts, which had been sent by Henry to Francis Collinson of the School of Scottish Studies, was repatriated through my agency and that of the late Alan Bruford, then the School's archivist. It is now in the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum near Belfast and I have copies of the unique material.
I have plans to work on and publish all of this with the help of Sam Henry's daughter's family with which I have a lengthy relationship.

09 Sep 10 - 06:11 PM (#2983480)
Subject: RE: Sam Henry's Songs of the People
From: Steve Byrne

Further to John Moulden's comment above, I can confirm the University of Georgia Press has now begun to offer the 1990 Songs of the People edition as a 'print on demand' item. It can be bought via Amazon and Abebooks from a variety of outlets.

In my post as song cataloguer for Kist o Riches / Tobar an Dualchais, we had been asking UoG Press to consider reprinting to help with the cataloguing work and thankfully it seems to have borne fruit.

Now all we need is a reprint of all volumes of Greig-Duncan!

09 Sep 10 - 06:41 PM (#2983494)
Subject: RE: Sam Henry's Songs of the People
From: dick greenhaus

CAMSCO Music is trying to negotiate with Berlinn Press for a Greig-Duncan re-issue. Wish us luck.

09 Sep 10 - 07:15 PM (#2983515)
Subject: RE: Sam Henry's Songs of the People
From: Jack Campin

That should be Birlinn.

Is Tuckwell still involved? If so, good luck, you'll need it.

12 Sep 10 - 10:20 PM (#2985471)
Subject: RE: Sam Henry's Songs of the People
From: Steve Byrne

That's great news Dick, look forward to hearing more, and very best of luck indeed.

[Long live Alexander McCall Smith! His novels have single-handedly bankrolled a quiet revolution in Scottish-interest publishing from Birlinn and its imprints.]

15 Sep 10 - 03:26 AM (#2987025)
Subject: RE: Sam Henry's Songs of the People

As mentioned above, the Sam Henry book can be purchased from as a Print on demand item for $24.47. Other offers on Amazon or Abebooks are charging more and no doubt are passing on your order to ugapress. Cut out the middle man and save money.

15 Sep 10 - 06:53 AM (#2987081)
Subject: RE: Sam Henry's Songs of the People
From: Steve Byrne is the best option for US-based customers.

Alas, I'm in the UK which is why I mentioned Amazon and Abebooks (both - outlets there are actually offering it cheaper including postage to UK, around £28 GBP.

Ordering via to the UK is a minimum of $28 USD postage, total $53 USD / approx £35 GBP plus international transaction fee depending on your bank.

16 Jan 11 - 05:36 AM (#3075543)
Subject: RE: Sam Henry's Songs of the People
From: Ross Campbell currently has this listed at US$28.59 (with Free Super-Saver Delivery for US customers). (Click on the Amazon ad link above). For UK that works out at £18.72 plus £5.22 postage (23.94). Can't recommend this book highly enough.


16 Jan 11 - 09:40 AM (#3075653)
Subject: RE: Sam Henry's Songs of the People
From: Vic Smith

When I was in Galway about ten years ago, I was in a bookshop and they were selling remaindered copies of the paperback at a very cheap price (can't remember what exactly). I bought five copies and sold four on to mates who I knew would be interested - especially at that silly price.

27 Sep 11 - 07:10 PM (#3230220)
Subject: RE: Sam Henry's Songs of the People
From: Desert Dancer

Subject: Sam Henry 'Songs of the People' Online
From: MartinRyan - PM
Date: 27 Sep 11 - 03:37 PM

Not sure if we noticed this before:

Click here [Google Books link]


Subject: RE: Sam Henry 'Songs of the People' Online
From: GUEST,John Moulden - PM
Date: 27 Sep 11 - 04:31 PM

This is, of course, only a limited reproduction - for copyright reasons. The book is available (paperback) in full, as a print-on-demand item, direct from the publishers, University of Georgia Press. It is however advisable, in UK or Ireland to order from the Book Depository who source in bulk, thereby reducing the postage cost which is substantial for an inividual. The BD dispatches the book post free for under £35.00

Subject: RE: Sam Henry 'Songs of the People' Online
From: MartinRyan - PM
Date: 27 Sep 11 - 04:41 PM

Thank you, John. I had come across it by accident, marked it and meant to get back to check how much was actually there! Good advice on purchasing, of course.


22 Mar 12 - 03:43 AM (#3326834)
Subject: RE: Sam Henry's Songs of the People
From: Joe Offer

Barbc: your request for "Skipping and running from Antrim to Kerry" has been moved to this thread (click)

-Joe Offer, Mudcat Archivist-

22 Mar 12 - 06:55 AM (#3326912)
Subject: RE: Sam Henry's Songs of the People
From: matt milton

A propos of nothing more than this thread being resurrected... I was given Sam Henry's songs of the People for Christmas, having stuck it on my Amazon wishlist.

It's a great book. For about a week my head was stuffed full of quasi-psychedelic images of leaping salmon and dazzling colleens (often described in the songs as if they had lazer beams coming out their eyes). Reading the lyrics to song after song exhibiting that peculiarly verbose collision of O.T.T. classical Greek imagery with folksy pastoral fantasy makes for quite an assault on the senses. Like William Blake had been commissioned to run a Visit Ireland ad campaign for the tourist board.

Some amazing animal songs too.

28 Jul 19 - 06:29 AM (#4002378)
Subject: RE: Sam Henry's Songs of the People
From: Jim Carroll

For those who missed it first time around, part one of the two part series on the work of this magnificent collector is being repeated on BBC 2 tonight
Jim Carroll

28 Jul 19 - 07:24 AM (#4002382)
Subject: RE: Sam Henry's Songs of the People
From: Vic Smith

I remember how impressed I was seeing it the first time round (and how disappointed I was at part 2 - footage of a concert).
I can't see it on the schedules for BBC2 in England but I would like to see it again and it might turn up on BBC i-Player. Regionally transmitted programmes usually do. Thanks for the tip.

28 Jul 19 - 07:36 AM (#4002385)
Subject: RE: Sam Henry's Songs of the People
From: GUEST,henryp

Northern Ireland only, I'm afraid.

1. This documentary charts the unique story of Coleraine man Sam Henry and his monumental Ulster song collection, 'Songs of the People’, featuring interviews and performances from leading singers and folklorists.

2. A concert celebrating Sam Henry and his monumental song collection, Songs of the People, featuring Damien O’Kane, Pauline Scanlon, Andy Irvine and Cup O' Joe.

Details and clips available here;
Sam Henry

Happy Birthday, Jim, and thank you too.

28 Jul 19 - 12:00 PM (#4002419)
Subject: RE: Sam Henry's Songs of the People
From: Vic Smith

* I went to BBC iPlayer on the internet
* Searched for 'Sam Henry' - no luck
* Scrolled down to the bottom of the Home Page
* Changed the tick on the location from the default 'South-East' to 'Northern Ireland@
* Searched again for 'Sam Henry'
* Got the message "This programme will be available shortly after broadcast" - BINGO!

28 Jul 19 - 01:27 PM (#4002430)
Subject: RE: Sam Henry's Songs of the People
From: GUEST,henryp

So...the first programme will be repeated on BBC Two at 22.00 tonight in Northern Ireland only.

Outside NI, it may be possible to view it live via BBC iPlayer TV Guide BBC Two by changing location to Northern Ireland.

We should be able to view it on demand after the broadcast here;
Sam Henry

Here are some more clips; BBC Arts A life of song: How Sam Henry saved the people's music 18 April 2019

A life of song

In the great folk music revival, the song collector was a key figure – someone who saved beautiful, traditional songs for all. One notable example was Northern Irish folk legend Sam Henry. As a new, two-part documentary celebrates the indefatigable collector, IAN McTEAR recalls his influence.

29 Jul 19 - 02:45 AM (#4002486)
Subject: RE: Sam Henry's Songs of the People
From: Jim Carroll

THanks for the links Henry
Living in the West of Ireland, I quite often have trouble acessing BBC stuff on line as they don't seem to approve of The Republic having it - maybe it's something we said !
There appears to be no problem with accessing BBC Ulster
I know from past box-watching that there is superb coverage of traditional music from them, from just playing and singing to serious programmes - particularly on its social and historical significance
Well worth keeping your eye on

29 Jul 19 - 05:36 AM (#4002505)
Subject: RE: Sam Henry's Songs of the People
From: GUEST,weerover

Couldn't get this in Scotland, but will try on catch-up.

29 Jul 19 - 06:55 AM (#4002516)
Subject: RE: Sam Henry's Songs of the People
From: GUEST,henryp

Thanks, Jim, but it was Vic's initiative. And I've had trouble listening to RTE.

In 1994 - the year of the ceasefire - we spent our summer holiday on Dundrum Bay near Newcastle. I would have liked to listen to the folk programmes on RTE radio, and so I asked for a copy of the RTE Guide in the local shops. To my surprise, nobody stocked it. I did get some funny looks though, and felt increasingly self-conscious even asking for it.

But there was a simple explanation. The Mourne Mountains rise steeply between Newcastle and the border, making reception from the south difficult, if not impossible. People could not receive RTE programmes clearly, and thus there was no demand for the RTE Guide.

29 Jul 19 - 10:06 AM (#4002547)
Subject: RE: Sam Henry's Songs of the People
From: Vic Smith

Just watched the programme again following the method described in my previous post.
Watching it a second time, I formed a different, broader impression; the first time I was concentrated exclusively on the songs and the commentary to broaden my knowledge of Sam Henry that I had from his great book. This time I took in the beauty of the landscape, the excellent placement in an interesting background of each contributor, whether indoor or outdoor and the excellent cimematography.
A fascinating and important programme.

01 Aug 19 - 05:47 AM (#4002917)
Subject: RE: Sam Henry's Songs of the People