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Lyr Add: Bloody Sunday (we demand civil rights)

06 Dec 98 - 01:57 AM (#48227)
Subject: Bloody Sunday-This is a Republican Song

Does anyone know the lyrics to this song. It is not by U2. The song appeared on Hot Ash's "Who Fears To Speak?" album. It begins "We demand civil rights...." Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

08 Dec 98 - 08:06 PM (#48610)
Subject: Lyr Add: BLOODY SUNDAY
From: Brack&

I think this is near enough.


We demand civil rights all the marchers did say
Five thousand people assembled that day
From Free Derry Corner set off with a cheer
The march it was peaceful, we'd nothing to fear

But the parachute regiment came down our street
Five hundred men all over six feet
They came with machine guns and big slr's???
Rolling down William Street in their Saracen cars

At the Free Derry Corner the slaughter began
Some people fell and some people ran
Our civil rights banner was stained bloody red
At the barricades there they shot three people dead

As the wounded lay bleeding a doctor is called
And the firing continues and another two fall
The harvest they reaped with their bullets of lead
Bloody Sunday in Derry and thirteen shot dead

And the order it came from Whitehall you know
Open fire kill a few, draw them out, have a go
We all knew it then and the world knows today
Thirteen innocent men with their lives had to pay

And the tribunal mockery was soon carried out
Just doing their duty of that there's no doubt
On England's cold history a crime lingers yet
How can we forgive them, how can we forget

Regards Mick Bracken

28 Jan 22 - 05:54 PM (#4134190)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Bloody Sunday (we demand civil rights)
From: Felipa

The lyrics are by Joe Mulheron. I just heard Eileen Cullen Webster sing it at a Bloody Sunday commemoration in Derry last night.

The Hot Ash recording can be heard on a few channels on youtube, including

A published version of the words (Harrowing of the Heart - The Poetry of Bloody Sunday,Guildhall Press 2008) names the Widgery Tribunal in the first line of the last verse.