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Origin: For Real (Bob Franke)

06 Dec 98 - 06:05 PM (#48319)
Subject: Not forever but for real: Who?
From: Jess Dods

Do you know who wrote and/or recorded this song?

06 Dec 98 - 06:33 PM (#48322)
Subject: RE: Not forever but for real: Who?
From: Roger in Baltimore


I do believe it was recorded and written by Bob Franke. I just checked the Digitrad Database and it has the song. Just type in [for real] in the search slot in the upper right hand corner of this page. If that is daunting (it is a skill you should learn) just CLICK HERE and the link will take you right to it. As you should have just experienced, the Digitrad Database is a wonderful resource of traditional and modern folk music lyrics. Some lyrics come with a tune via midi technology.

Welcome to the Forum, come back and visit sometime. As it says "New stuff every day," and wonderful discussions.

Enjoy the song! Roger in Baltimore