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Festival Question/Workshops

03 Apr 05 - 10:40 PM (#1451350)
Subject: BS: Festival Question
From: Beer

About two weeks ago I participated in a thread regarding responses to musicians wanting to play and not getting any resposnses. In reviewing all the responses I have come up with something that I would like your thoughts on.
I would like ideas on what could be added to "WORKSHOPS". Guitar, banjo, harps are there, but any ideas that would help the festival grow?

03 Apr 05 - 10:56 PM (#1451360)
Subject: RE: BS: Festival Question
From: Peace

Workshop on how to care for an instrument, keep it in good repair, minor repairs, etc.

03 Apr 05 - 11:30 PM (#1451377)
Subject: RE: BS: Festival Question

This is not BS

04 Apr 05 - 12:22 AM (#1451389)
Subject: RE: BS: Festival Question
From: Ebbie

Up to the top, witcha!

Workshops: fiddle, mando, harmony, jam etiquette...

04 Apr 05 - 12:37 AM (#1451394)
Subject: RE: BS: Festival Question
From: GUEST,Should be above the line...

... there's enough BS around here...

Acoustic amplification.

04 Apr 05 - 03:16 AM (#1451431)
Subject: RE: BS: Festival Question
From: MBSLynne

Bodhran, pipes of all sorts......

04 Apr 05 - 05:15 AM (#1451471)
Subject: RE: BS: Festival Question
From: Liz the Squeak

There's an etiquette for eating jam? Damn!!!

Seriously, find a subject that is known but not familiar - other percussion rather than just the bodhrain ~ "How the Shaky egg/fruit/vegetable can be used to enhance a session" or "Ocarinas, folk or jazz instrument?" Work out some cool things to do with it, some interesting facts and demonstrations and off you go!

It's the same with marketing any item... find the hole in the market and plug it with something worth having.


04 Apr 05 - 06:42 AM (#1451512)
Subject: RE: BS: Festival Question
From: Beer

Thanks for all your replies. Guest your right it shoulbd be itn the top threads. To late now I guess.

It's never too late - joe-clone

04 Apr 05 - 07:20 AM (#1451538)
Subject: RE: BS: Festival Question
From: GUEST,Deni-C

Jam etiquette is a good one, I also think songwriting workshops are brilliant. The last one I went to had quite a roomful of people all singing their own songs (great stuff great variety, great bonding) while the workshop leader sang once and a while, showing us how he arrived at each song and how his style had changed over the years. But then we had FOLK DRAMA, which was even better, the WL showed us about putting drama techniques with song to create shows folk opera-type things. Very enjoyable. Very good for funraisers and musicians/singers as it involves having a lot of people on stage.



04 Apr 05 - 08:43 AM (#1451585)
Subject: RE: BS: Festival Question
From: Bobert

The group I play with, "The Archie Edwards Blues Heritage Foundation" ( does workshops at festivals on blues music. IT is more od a jam session where folks are not only permitted but encouraged to join in... It really doesn't matter too much what their skill levels are since there are enough of us to carry the song... And sometimes we take someone aside for a little one-on-one tutoring. BTW, we also do this every Saturday afternoon at Archie Edwards Barber Shop at 20th and Bunker Hill in N.E. Washington, D.C.


04 Apr 05 - 08:45 AM (#1451590)
Subject: RE: BS: Festival Question
From: LilyFestre

And for those folks who are just starting their muscial adventures, what about a workshop that would advise what to look for (or avoid) when buying an instrument?


04 Apr 05 - 09:57 AM (#1451650)
Subject: RE: Festival Question/Workshops
From: GUEST,banjoman

MAke sure that workshops are properly advertised to those who they are meant for.
There's nothing worse than to turn up as a beginner to find you're surrounded by fairly acomplished players. Where time & space permit run workshops for beginners - intermediate - advanced etc.
This has worked well at Broadstairs in recent years, especially with the whistle and recorder workshops.

04 Apr 05 - 10:11 AM (#1451667)
Subject: RE: Festival Question/Workshops

IME, workshops on rounds, and on how to harmonize go down well. Also "singing for the confidence-impaired".

04 Apr 05 - 02:36 PM (#1451901)
Subject: RE: Festival Question/Workshops
From: Ebbie

Deni, I like: "Very good for funraisers "!

04 Apr 05 - 02:47 PM (#1451909)
Subject: RE: Festival Question/Workshops
From: Leadfingers

The idea of beginners intermediate and advance workshops is all very well but for a weekend festival there just isnt the time ! As someone
who does the odd Whistle workshop I find that there are always a wide varity of skills present


04 Apr 05 - 02:51 PM (#1451916)
Subject: RE: Festival Question/Workshops
From: LilyFestre

Hey LF,

   There are some weekend workshops that DO offer a variety of different workshops for different levels. I'm headed to one myself towards the end of May. I have no idea what my level is except that it is NOT advanced. My husband is a beginning guitar player (7 months into lessons). We are both going to start at the beginner's workshops and if they don't fit, we'll move forward until we land where we think we belong. The weekend has been well planned including workshops for all levels and even some for those who don't play/sing...more informational. I believe the coordinators have done an outstanding job and have recruited people to specifically teach at each level. Having never been to such a thing, I can't wait to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!


04 Apr 05 - 04:03 PM (#1451966)
Subject: RE: Festival Question/Workshops
From: The Unicorn Man

Workshops on playing slow and easy tunes for sessions.

04 Apr 05 - 06:31 PM (#1452092)
Subject: RE: Festival Question/Workshops
From: brid widder

Sheffield Festival had a brilliant 'have a go' workshop intended for ABSOLUTE absolute beginners. I think it was primarily for kids but there's a child in all of us!! so if you have never actually strummed a guitar... bashed a bodhran... or squeezed a squeeze box...

On a similar note Beverley have, or used to have a 'Bathroom singers' workshop... very successful it gave many people the confidence to be heard by someone other than their rubber duck.

And agreeing with GUEST,Deni-C.. what about a Mummers workshop...

04 Apr 05 - 06:50 PM (#1452104)
Subject: RE: Festival Question/Workshops
From: Leadfingers

Sorry Folks - Got interrupted before I could finish my Post !
My original intention with workshops was to encourage all the musos who played other things and carried a whistle as well that 'Proper'
tunes could be done on Whistle ! So I started off NOT intending to do a 'Beginner' class , and found people who had bought a whistle that morning as well as people who just wanted to play fairly complicated tunes !!
The IDEAL would be a Beginner class , then later an advanced , then finish off with a 'serious' class , and hopefully a whistle orchestra
set on main stage sometime in the final concert ! One can but dream !!

04 Apr 05 - 08:59 PM (#1452209)
Subject: RE: Festival Question/Workshops
From: GUEST,Shooting Roots Fan

The Eastleigh Festival in early August is going to have a 'Funky World Band Workshop' catering for all ages and abilities.

It's being organised by the brilliant 'Shooting Roots' people who ran all the fantastic workshops at Sidmouth in recent years.

They're moving from Sidmouth to Eastleigh this year and many of us who loved their workshops are doing the same.

Hope to see you there Beer.

04 Apr 05 - 09:06 PM (#1452217)
Subject: RE: Festival Question/Workshops

Thanks for the invite Shooting Roots. A little far for my bocket book. I live near Montreal Ca.

02 Jun 05 - 12:28 PM (#1498316)
Subject: RE: Festival Question/Workshops

a quick plug for my very own workshop at eastleigh - the shooting roots song! its going to be great, can't wait! it will be the same three of us that did the song at sidmouth :)


02 Jun 05 - 07:18 PM (#1498662)
Subject: RE: Festival Question/Workshops

One person mentioned it up the thread. It's been contemplated lots, but only done once - as far as I know - and bad billing and stewarding ruined it.

PA workshop.

A chance for a quick play on a big stage with a big PA with big monitors, and some words from the sound crew on how and why a muso should do whatever.

A soundcheck recently turned into this kind of thing - Artiste looked at the programme and chanced their arm that the sound crew wouldn't mind them turning up early. The chance for them to ask questions and try different microphone techniques really seemed to help.

Could this help anybody else?


02 Jun 05 - 07:25 PM (#1498664)
Subject: RE: Festival Question/Workshops
From: buttonbox

for several years george garside has run a crash course for beginners on DG melodeon at Whitby folk week consisting of 4 workshops monday to thursday -it caters for absolute beginners and those who have left their box on top of the wardrobe for the last few years!    - he will be doing it again this year!