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Lyr Req: Roll to the River (Cindy Kallet)

10 Dec 98 - 09:59 AM (#48833)
Subject: Roll to the River

Anyone have the words to Cindy Kallet's "Roll to the River"?

10 Dec 98 - 07:28 PM (#48899)
Subject: RE: Roll to the River
From: Sandy Paton

Sure. The booklet that came with your record, CD, or cassette has the words. Folk-Legacy took its cue from Moe Asch at Folkways, about 37 years ago. If you got the cassette at some store that is too unconcerned to bother with booklets, send $1 to Folk-Legacy (to cover cost of mailing/handling), Box 1148, Sharon, CT 06069 and we'll cheerfully send you a copy. On the other hand, if you are working with a copy made from a friend's CD, remember that every unauthorized copy denies a small label of a sale. Too many of those, and we're out of business! Think about it.
(Folk-Legacy's resident folk fogey, but still friendly, in spite of the above!)

10 Dec 98 - 08:21 PM (#48906)
Subject: RE: Roll to the River
From: Barry Finn

Years back, maybe 20, I was at a Boston Folk Song Society getaway weekend. One of the musical highlights was when Sandy & Caroline introduced (not that she needed much once she opened her mouth) Cindy & a couple of songs that she had recently written. A couple of rip snorters "We Rigged Our Ship" & "North To The Vinyard" ( Title?). I don't think she was to used to crowds (or maybe just new to crowds)at the time but with a few gentel & kinds words from the Pattons, wasn't it like she took off & soared from under their wings. Aside from Cindy's singing it was watching Caroline & Sandy help along someone starting out as if it were the most natural of things. God, their wings must be huge. Fair play to you both. Barry

10 Dec 98 - 08:27 PM (#48907)
Subject: RE: Roll to the River
From: Barry Finn

Sorry, that should've read Paton not Patton. My spelling is a sore weakness. Barry

10 Dec 98 - 08:53 PM (#48911)
Subject: RE: Roll to the River
From: Barbara

Y'know Sandy, these other folk may all be copying their friends CDs, but most of the time it takes me about two months for my new favorite CD to become permanently separated from the booklet that came with it. Then it takes me another two months to lose the booklet. (Partly because I am terminally disorganized, and partly because I take things with me in the car to memorize). (Or was that redundant?)
Maybe I should just send you ten bucks to cover my sins and go on retrieving things from the postings here.

11 Dec 98 - 01:04 AM (#48944)
Subject: RE: Roll to the River
From: Sandy Paton


Never mind the $10. Just keep singing!

I suppose my note sounded snottier than I intended it to sound. Sure, people copy their friend's CDs; we know that. If they really can't afford to buy a copy, that's fine. On the other hand, if they are simply being frugal, it seems appropriate to remind them that all of the small labels I know of are just barely making it.

Some independent producers put a message on their various products saying, "Please don't rip this off," etc. I can understand their concern. I once stood behind our record booth at a small festival and witnessed the following:

1st fellow is selecting several records to purchase.
2nd fellow (peering over 1st fellow's shoulder) "Whatcha gettin'? Oh, neat! Can I tape 'em?"
1st fellow: "Sure. Why not?"

I could have, and probably should have told them "why not" but I chickened out and bit my tongue. I've always wished Caroline had been there. She would have told them the facts of small-label life, very sweetly, and very firmly. She's the perfect wearer of the velvet glove!

True story.


11 Dec 98 - 08:48 PM (#49096)
Subject: RE: Roll to the River

I have neither the CD nor the booklet that comes with the CD. I *have* heard and enjoyed the song, and wondered if I might find the words somewhere so that I could learn it and sing it.

If that means buying the CD and the booklet, OK, fine. Seems a bit odd, but maybe I'm misunderstanding.

11 Dec 98 - 10:15 PM (#49107)
Subject: RE: Roll to the River
From: Sandy Paton

Okay, friends. I've been properly chastized for what I'll admit was a knee-jerk response (emphasis on the jerk). My good wife plans to talk with Cindy on the 'phone tomorrow (remember 'phones?) and will ask her permission for me to post her lyrics. I can't do the chords because she uses open tunings and plays more guitar than I'll ever be able to grasp.

Cindy holds her own copyrights, although the recording was released by Folk-Legacy. I really want her permission before posting her song. I hope you understand.

Keep your eye on this thread. I'll get back to you tomorrow night, one way or the other.

Sandy (vigorously repenting folk fogey)

11 Dec 98 - 10:16 PM (#49108)
Subject: RE: Roll to the River
From: Barbara

I would like for it to continue to be okay to share songs and tunes here. I don't think Sandy was saying otherwise. Only that when we can, Folk Legacy would like our support. I think his point is that sometimes we forget that it costs money to put out the CDs and the that the folks who do it like to stay in the black.
I can't afford to buy a CD for every song I want to learn (or even for the ones I do learn). Still, when I find a neat song here often I end up buying the CD, because I want to find more things by this person. Or I want to hear how she does it.
However, jnewman, I don't know the song you're looking for. Guess we'll have to wait and see if it shows up here. Blessings,

11 Dec 98 - 10:22 PM (#49109)
Subject: RE: Roll to the River
From: Sandy Paton

Thanks, Barbara, for the beefsteak you just applied to my black eye.

Sandy (recovering penitent)

11 Dec 98 - 11:45 PM (#49113)
Subject: RE: Roll to the River

Folks, I had time to think about this on the train home, and while it bothers me that Mr. Paton seems to think I'm a bootlegger, I wouldn't want to put him in an awkward position. He doesn't have any way to know better, not knowing me at all, and if he's as suspicious he sounded about a stranger, well, that's the way it goes. It's none of my business what he thinks, it takes all kinds in this world, and everyone has a different notion about how things should work. He's entitled to protect his livelihood, and from what he wrote I suspect he may not have the right to post the words without permission even if he *weren't* worried about how it might cost him in the long run. If I read between the lines correctly.

Mr. Paton, if you happen to read this in time -- let's call the whole thing off. Just pretend I never asked. And if it helps you to sleep, to the best of my recollection I've paid for all the Folk Legacy materials I have.

Barbara, whoever and wherever you may be, thanks for the kind thoughts and blessings -- and blessings back at ya'.

Kind regards, jcn

12 Dec 98 - 12:27 AM (#49120)
Subject: RE: Roll to the River
From: rich r

There is another way to get both the lyrics and the chords to this particular song. It has been published in the songbook "For The Beauty of The Earth" a book of environmental songs published in 1993 to benefit the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater. It is really a great book. I know Singout! regularly advertises it and I suspect other music outlets can get it also. I learned this song and sang it at an Audubon Society program I did a couple years ago.

rich r

12 Dec 98 - 03:12 AM (#49132)
Subject: RE: Roll to the River
From: Sandy Paton

I said I was sorry, jcn. But then, so did Bill Clinton, for all the good it's doing him. I'll still post the words, as I promised, if Cindy says okay, although the book Rich suggests seems a good idea. One could support Clearwater and get the song at the same time! I didn't know of the book.


12 Dec 98 - 08:11 PM (#49207)
Subject: Lyr Add: ROLL TO THE RIVER (Cindy Kallet)
From: Sandy Paton

Okay, gang:

Cindy says it's okay with her, so here's Roll to the River.

(Cindy Kallet)

     And it's roll to the rivers that once shaped these sands
     And it's roll to the river upon me.
     And it's fly to the waves that still pound these shores;
     And it's less than a mile to sea.

I climbed the high hills to search for the sea,
Took to the treetops in flight,
Saw water in valleys where blueberries once grew,
Watched red-tail hawks soaring out of sight.

I watched as the houses spread over the plains
And I prayed for the sea to crash in.
And the reasons they gave were so righteous and so grave;
Don't they know that in the end no one can win?

I roamed the Great Plains where the juniper grows
And I climbed the morainal north shore.
And I ran out to Wasque to catch the four tides,
And rose high on the bluffs to see more and more and more.

They call the land theirs; I call the land ours,
For those who can care to walk free.
How many houses can rise, how many roads can scrape through
Before we drive into the sea?

These times come by hard, there's no need to explain,
One look in your eyes and I know.
We've seen the hills green and we've watched the plains bare
And we've known the sands covered with snow.

So there it is.

Sandy (seeking redemption)

12 Dec 98 - 09:06 PM (#49213)
Subject: RE: Roll to the River
From: Barry Finn

Sandy, you need no redemption. Cindy is a fine singer/musician & songwriter. What she does with her music is her BUSINESS & livelyhood, which if like any other artist that we all love to see & hear, probably reaps very little, besides love, for their efforts . When perfomers ask not to tape their performance or "please don't replicate this recording, I need the money" they are asking for the moral & financial support that they are due for their labor. I agree with someone posting the words to someone's song but if for any reason they feel that, that person feels that the artist that created the song may disagree then that feeling should be respected & the artist's wishes should be parmount to one's wanting a copy. If there's a song to go into the DT, I know Dick & Susan beat the bushes trying to get permission before doing so. If there was money to be made if folk music we'd have more people giving up their day jobs to do what they love best, Instead of the few that decide to do what they & we love & give up what a more profitable profession would bring them. How often do we hear at parties or sessions or festivals some who about others say "they should be performing or cutting CD's". If they can't get paid do they eat our thanks. Support musicians you love. Barry

11 Apr 11 - 01:45 PM (#3133153)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Roll to the River (Cindy Kallet)
From: GUEST,Patricia

Thanks much to Cindy and to you, Sandy, for posting the lyrics. I just found this beautiful song last week, quickly purchased it on Amazon, and want to sing it for a group. Now I'll go buy the CD.

What a great songwriter Cindy is, based on this song.

11 Apr 11 - 04:00 PM (#3133250)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Roll to the River (Cindy Kallet)
From: maeve

Guest, Patricia- Here's Cindy's website.
She and Grey Larsen are touring; check dates and venues on her calender or on the ongoing Kallet/Larsen thread here on Mudcat, which I'll refresh for you.


11 Apr 11 - 05:42 PM (#3133270)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Roll to the River (Cindy Kallet)
From: GUEST,Ref

You could have got it through google, or in (choke, gasp) RUS.

11 Nov 11 - 09:53 PM (#3255355)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Roll to the River (Cindy Kallet)
From: GUEST,flyballguys

I've loved this song since I first heard it on WXPN in Philly. I have the 1981 songbook with the vinyl. I also have a couple Amazon CD's with the "click" between each song. I see Cindy is working with Grey, and I really like "Shawneetown" with Malcomb, but I think a You Tube release of "Roll to the River" would be great! I'm not a musician; however, I know a great song when I hear it, and this is one of the greatest of songs!