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happy? - April 16

16 Apr 05 - 12:44 PM (#1463007)
Subject: happy? - April 16
From: Abby Sale

(Es beginnt)

16th of April, 1746 - Battle of Culloden Moor. The forces of Bonnie Prince Charlie are annihilated by the English under the Duke of Cumberland. The 1745 Jacobite rebellion is crushed, and the Stuarts lose their last chance to regain the English crown.   

Says Gavin Greig: "Culloden is in many ways the saddest thing in Scottish history."

        Frae dread Culloden's field, bluidie an drearie
        Murnin my country's fate, lanelie an wearie
        Wearie, wearie, lanelie an wearie
        Become a sad banished wight, faur frae my dearie

                "Lassie, Lie Near Me" (Trad arr Dick Gaughan, on "Folk
                Friends 2" (1981), from Hogg's Jacobite Relics, Vol. II

Still, there are other opinions:

        Good news is arrived -
        Duke William the glorious       (ie, Duke of Cumberland)
        Has proved victorious --
        The Rebels has beat;
        On Culloden Moor
        They laid in their gore
        While some run away

                "The Soldier's Praise of Duke William," (a broadside in
                A Ballad History of England, Roy Palmer)

16 Apr 05 - 02:58 PM (#1463086)
Subject: RE: happy? - April 16

Speed bonnie boat like a bird on the wing...

16 Apr 05 - 05:41 PM (#1463179)
Subject: RE: happy? - April 16
From: greg stephens

I doubt if the English soldiers at Culloden would have won. I think there might have been some Scottish troops involved as well(on the Scottish government side, I mean).

16 Apr 05 - 06:48 PM (#1463207)
Subject: RE: happy? - April 16
From: Santa

No - Nectansmere (Dunnechan) was the saddest thing in Scottish history. The chance to build a Northern nation free from Southern rule.

16 Apr 05 - 07:18 PM (#1463214)
Subject: RE: happy? - April 16
From: GUEST,Allen

Does anyone truly believe Bonnie prince Charlie would've been all that good for the Scots as king?