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happy? - April 28

28 Apr 05 - 09:30 AM (#1473110)
Subject: happy? - April 28
From: Abby Sale

 Mutiny on the Bounty = 4/28/1789:

        There was troubles every day;
        Many sailors ran away.
        An' at last that Billy Blight
        With his crew commenced to fight.

                "The Packet Ship," Songs of the Sea, Terry Kinsey; 1989
                OR Hugill. Collected from Captain Jenkins.

Mutiny was in 1789, the survivors found on Pitcairn Island in 1809 by the Swallow (but also by American whalers in 1808). Therefore, according to Jenkins, the song dates from between 1789 and 1809.

Copyright © 2005, Abby Sale - all rights reserved

28 Apr 05 - 10:34 AM (#1473180)
Subject: RE: happy? - April 28
From: Scotus

Some interesting stuff being going on in Pitcairn Island recently, of course!

Jack Beck