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Happy! - May 3 (Pete Seeger born, 1919)

03 May 05 - 10:54 AM (#1477033)
Subject: Happy! - May 3
From: Abby Sale

                           Happy Birthday!

                              In NYC,

                            Pete Seeger

                            was born


Received The National Medal of Arts, 1997. His mainstream recognition took a while, it seems.

Copyright © 2005, Abby Sale - all rights reserved

03 May 07 - 03:31 AM (#2041981)
Subject: RE: Happy! - May 3
From: Little Robyn

Happy Birthday Pete.

03 May 07 - 04:44 PM (#2042628)
Subject: happy birthday Pete Seeger
From: RoyH (Burl)

Happy Birthday Pete, and Thanks For Everything.

03 May 07 - 05:01 PM (#2042644)
Subject: RE: happy birthday Pete Seeger
From: Anglo


03 May 07 - 05:02 PM (#2042645)
Subject: RE: happy birthday Pete Seeger
From: Anglo

(88, I believe).

05 Aug 07 - 12:55 PM (#2119731)
Subject: RE: Happy! - May 3 (Pete Seeger born, 1919)
From: GUEST,Pete Seeger documentary project

Hello, I have find your comments about Pete Seeger. Please let me send to you the next mail:

My name is Josep and I live in Barcelona, Spain. I like Pete Seeger from my twenties (now I am 43) and he has made me love the banjo and try to play it in frailing style. Also I take classes of three fingering style with Lluís Gomez ( I work in the media as a technician and video mixer in Television of Catalonia (TV3). I have been working there for 18 years. I like very much documentary and I want to make an independent documentary about Pete Seeger. Attention: It has no relation with TV3 is just and only and independent project for me. So TV3 is not behind the project.

If you like very much Pete Seeger's person and music, has followed his career through your life, have attended to his concerts and historic musical moments in his career, also if you play banjo or guitar perhaps for the Pete Seeger influence, and you want to make your contribution to this documentary in your own words, please write to me.

If you are interested could you send me an email: Also could you answering the following questions with a few words, just to make a first contact. The next step for the people who are interested in taking part of the docu will be another more deep interview. All of that in order to make a selection:

-Your relation with the music and career of Pete Seeger.
-What Pete meants to you.
-Why you are interested in participate in the docu.

I am looking for common people, not famous, or professional people, just different people, different ages, from different places, etc. The docu will try to make an approximation to Pete through the experiences and thoughts of "anonymous" people. I am looking for people who likes Pete Seeger but I am not assuming that everyone agrees everything with Pete. I think that every respectful and positive criticism is good. But I am looking for people that beyond the diferences and disagreements like very much Pete.

I am just starting the project, so there is a lot of time before I go anywhere to shot the docu.

Thank you very much.

21 Jan 09 - 10:59 AM (#2545095)
Subject: RE: Happy! - May 3 (Pete Seeger born, 1919)
From: GUEST,James Lindsay

When and where will there be a tribute to Pete's 90th birthday? I'm ready to travel to what I hope is one great big hootenany.

07 Mar 09 - 05:48 PM (#2583525)
Subject: RE: Happy! - May 3 (Pete Seeger born, 1919)
From: GUEST,Larry Long

I met Pete Seeger while singing and organizing for the family farmer back in 1979 through the late Governor Elmer Benson of Minnesota.   When I showed up at the American Agriculture Strike Office in Appleton, Minnesota with a guitar singing farm protest songs, while leaning on a cane and well into his 80's Elmer replied, "You remind me of Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger when they came through Minnesota singing for striking lumberjacks and miners in the 30's!"   He then called up Pete and introduced me to him.   We've been friends ever since. Be it singing for farmers, striking workers, clean rivers, children, or a better world for all - - Pete has been there with heart filled with kindness and hope. I was able to record Pete's spoken word and brought those words into one of his songs, Well May The World Go.   I recorded a full CD by the same title for Smithsonian Folkways in 2001, where you can hear this recording.   On May 3rd there will be a big celebration for Pete at Madison Square Gardens in New York City, proceeds go to the Clearwater - I'll be there and hope you all can make it as well.   In the spirit of kindness, peace, and justice -
Larry Long (

07 Mar 09 - 07:24 PM (#2583582)
Subject: RE: Happy! - May 3 (Pete Seeger born, 1919)
From: Stilly River Sage

Great story! Thanks for the news!

08 Mar 09 - 07:38 AM (#2583774)
Subject: RE: Happy! - May 3 (Pete Seeger born, 1919)
From: eddie1

This thread might be of some help 6hough I had hoped for more entries.

For Pete's Sake Sing!


08 Mar 09 - 05:15 PM (#2584109)
Subject: RE: Happy! - May 3 (Pete Seeger born, 1919)
From: topical tom

Happy Birthday, Pete! Thanks for turning me on to a life of folk music and singing. It's been a hoot!

11 Sep 09 - 05:15 PM (#2721874)
Subject: RE: Happy! - May 3 (Pete Seeger born, 1919)
From: GUEST,Gail

When I was 12 years old, I went to a "settlement" camp in Beacon, NY. I remember sitting outside after dinner and Pete Seeger would come with his banjo and teach us folksongs. I am now 65 years old, and I never have stopped loving folk music by Pete Seeger and all the other folk musicians. Ironically, I am now married to a professional mandolinist.

Thank you for initiating me to the wonderful world of folk music.

Happy, happy 90th(can it be?)birthday!

Gail Fabrizio
Palo Alto, CA 94304

25 Apr 10 - 06:01 PM (#2894217)
Subject: RE: Happy! - May 3 (Pete Seeger born, 1919)
From: GUEST,christine caruso giordano s.i.,ny

Happy #91 . it is a good year, my father thought so. May you forever shine. thank you for all you have been and will be, you remind me to be me. again thank you and happy happy. I am equally awed by Toshi. You are an amazing woman all on your own. Thank you for your great wonderfulness without that we would be without him.

25 Apr 10 - 06:37 PM (#2894240)
Subject: RE: Happy! - May 3 (Pete Seeger born, 1919)
From: Stringsinger

The thing that Pete must be lauded for is what he did for the five-string banjo. He was the first to offer interesting musical accompaniments for singing. His manner of playing
should be put into a book form. (In spite of his early book, it really hasn't been conclusive enough.) He and his sister Peggy did the most creative musical accompaniments for their songs that departed from the traditional old-time or bluegrass style of playing. Both Pete and Peggy were exposed to a variety of music that was compositional in nature and borrowed from so-called "legit" music. Pete uses ninths, thirteens and an occasional diminished chord in his accompaniments. Pete has had an early jazz background on the uke and tenor banjo. He offered unusual accompaniments in minor keys that weren't heard before on five-string banjo. His tuning was not unlike the four-string plectrum banjo (C-tuning) and the G-tuning. He also adopted the "Little Birdie" tuning which opened up another musical possibility. Pete is probably the most creative of all the five-string banjos in terms of being versatile, playing all kinds of music and if it weren't for that amazing banjo, there would have probably not been a folksong revival. Bob Gibson, Dave Guard, George Grove, Erik Darling, The Weavers, Tarriers, The Brothers Four, The Brothers Karamozov and the Mighty Wind all owe Pete.

I continue to be an acolyte.

"Where have all the longnecks gone? Long time passing."

25 Apr 10 - 07:02 PM (#2894251)
Subject: RE: Happy! - May 3 (Pete Seeger born, 1919)
From: topical tom

Happy Birthday, Pete!You are the cause of my love for folk music.Thanks for all that you have given the world; a love of peace, justice and racial equality.I know that you don't particularly like the term "folk music", so I should call it the music of the peoples of the world.Have a great day!

25 Apr 10 - 10:31 PM (#2894337)
Subject: RE: Happy! - May 3 (Pete Seeger born, 1919)
From: Effsee

Are we not getting a wee bit previous here?
May 3rd isn't upon us yet!

26 Apr 10 - 10:11 AM (#2894576)
Subject: RE: Happy! - May 3 (Pete Seeger born, 1919)
From: paula t

No, let's not rush to this date please! I'm, going to be, "celebrating" my half century on that day!