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happy? - June 15 (St Vitus)

15 Jun 05 - 08:00 AM (#1501481)
Subject: happy? - June 15
From: Abby Sale

6/15: St Vitus Memorial Day -
(He was boiled in oil c.303)

        "If St Vitus Day be rainy weather,
        It will rain for thirty days together"

                English Folk-Rhymes, GF Northall, 1892.

Per Patron Saints Index: "For obscure reasons, some 16th century Germans believed they could obtain a year's good health by dancing before the statue of Saint Vitus on his feast day. This dancing developed almost into a mania, and was confused with chorea, the nervous condition later known as Saint Vitus' Dance... led to his patronage of dancers," entertainers in general and Epileptics; (these all being the same thing, I guess.)

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