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Lyr Req: Way Out There (Bob Nolan)

22 Dec 98 - 12:21 PM (#50468)
Subject: Way out there
From: Rasta

Seem to be back on thread line -grettings everyone I looking for the words to (Way out there) the only two versions I know are 1-Pete Seeger- Story Songs on Columbia around 62 or 3 and the sons of the pioneers. -a lonley spot I know where a know man will go etc etc Have a happy holiday- dont let it get you down ----keep on keepin on ---- Rasta

22 Dec 98 - 12:39 PM (#50473)
Subject: RE: Way out there
From: Joe Offer

Hi, Rasta, the song I was thinking of is From Way Up Here (click here), by Malvina Reynolds, which Pete recorded on his "We Shall Overcome - Carnegie Hall Concert" album. Doesnt sound like that's the one you want. Can you give us any more of the song?
-Joe Offer-

22 Dec 98 - 12:50 PM (#50475)
Subject: Lyr Add: WAY OUT THERE (Bob Nolan)^^
From: Gene

Another of the many GOLDEN OLDIES
by the Sons Of The Pioneers
and Bob Nolan

Recorded by The Sons Of The Pioneers Writer: Bob Nolan

A lonely spot I know where no man will go
Where the shadows have all the room
I was ridin' free on the old SP
Softly humming a southern tune
When a man came along, made me hush my song
Kicked me off away out there.

As she pulled out of sight, I turned to my right
The left and everywhere
But all I could see was a cactus tree
And a prairie dog playing there
Saw the prairie dog feed on the tumbling weed
That's his home away out there.

So I threw down my load in the desert road
And rested my weary legs
Watched the sinking sun make the tall shadows
Out across the barren plain
Then I hummed a tune to the rising moon
He gets lonesome 'way out there.

And then I closed my eyes to the starlit skies
And I lost myself in dreams
Dreamt the desert sand was a milk-and honey land
Then I woke up with a start
There's a train coming back on that one-way track
Gonna take me 'way from here.

As she was passing by, caught her on the fly
I climbed in an open door
Then I turned around to that desert ground
Saw the spot I will see no more
And as I rode away, heard the pale moon say
"Farewell, pal, it gets lonesome here."

22 Dec 98 - 01:33 PM (#50482)
Subject: RE: Way out there
From: Joe Offer

I knew that song. I really did. It always bugs me when Gene remembers, and I don't.
-Joe Offer-
Great song, though. Riders in the Sky do a good rendition. Ranger Doug is one of my all-time heroes.
Well...I was sure Riders had done it, but now I can't find it. The only recordings I can find are by Sons of the Pioneers and Sons of the San Joaquin. Ranger Doug should do it - he'd do a great job.

22 Dec 98 - 02:11 PM (#50492)
Subject: RE: Way out there
From: Rasta

thanx Joe- Gene you all been a great help this mudcat cafe is really greaat. Just surfed on this past week. -Have a great Christmass. --Keep on keepin on.

23 Dec 98 - 05:10 PM (#50710)
Subject: RE: Way out there
From: Alice

here you go, rasta, I found the thread again for you.

23 Dec 98 - 05:14 PM (#50711)
Subject: RE: Way out there
From: Alice

Rasta, you can re-set the threads to the number of days you want and refresh the page, or you can do a forum search (by clicking on Forum Search at the top of the Cafe discussion page).

I've always loved the sound of the Sons of The Pioneers. Riders in the Sky are great, and such fun!! They have a very funny radio show on NPR called Rider's Radio Theatre.

alice in montana

24 Dec 98 - 12:44 PM (#50815)
Subject: RE: Way out there

On how well those songs are ACTUALLY SUNG:

I knew the "Sons Of The Pioneers", and the "Riders In The Sky" are NO "Sons Of The Pioneers" (as a guy said in a presidential debate once)! Humor and phony campfires and and tumbleweeds blowing from stage-left and rubber chickens "frying" in the frypan might be funny, but NOBODY sang those songs as well as Bob Nolan and The Sons! It bothers me to hear the "Riders" mess up that genre.

Just my humble opinion.

24 Dec 98 - 03:00 PM (#50832)
Subject: RE: Way out there
From: Joe Offer

Well, O Nameless Person, I have to admit I was disappointed when I first saw Riders in the Sky on television. They were far too slick for my liking. In person in a small venue, you don't get that "commercial" feel.
OK, time for my Riders in the Sky story. I didn't know anything about them the one and only time I saw them perform; but somehow, my ex and I attended their performance at The Classic Jukebox, a yuppie retro bar in Roseville, California. I made a stop in the rest room before the performance. There was this guy in makeup and white Steston and a pink cowboy shirt at the urinal next to mine, and he made me feel just a bit uneasy. Turns out it was Ranger Doug. I sure hope he doesn't wear clothing and makeup like that when he's not performing.
-Joe Offer-

24 Dec 98 - 03:19 PM (#50834)
Subject: RE: Way out there
From: Alice

O Nameless Person, I agree that nothing can compare to the Sons of the Pioneers.

Now, my Riders story. This is second hand, so it may be as much fiction as fact. A friend told me his friend was in a parking lot by a cafe (or bar? or drive-in?) playing a Rider's in the Sky tape (loudly) on his car stereo. A guy stormed out of the cafe (or bar? or drive-in?) and yelled, "What is this sh*t? Turn that off right now!" He started to argue with the angry guy, then realized it was one of the band (Too Slim?). Now this story can mosey off onto the cyber range, grow different horns and tails (tales?) and morph into many strange creatures of urban (rural?) legend.

alice in montana

24 Dec 98 - 03:42 PM (#50836)
Subject: RE: Way out there
From: Rasta

Thanks for the help-Alice in Montana-thanks for the story when I was 12 or 14 with a heavey dose of Kingston Trio diseasse I some how got on to Pete Seeger bout the time I started playing a long neck 5-string. (still playing) I went out and brought -Story song- a bakers dozen by Pete and thaats where I heard -way out there- about eight years later I by chance parked my VW next to Pete In Nyack N.Y. we walked a couple of blocks to an outside summer gig we were both doin- I asked 60000 question and he just looked straight ahead and answered a leasts 20000 of my question. He was quite nice and then we went about doin our shows he really has a handle on holding a crowd and even thought I have permanent Kingston Trio disease I learned a lot from Ol Pete----snow snow falling down ,covering up my dirty ol town-covers the sidewalks covers the tracks covers the footsteps of those who wont be back-covers the mail box ,covers the plough even barbed wire seems beautiful now k-snow snow falling down -twisting and turning round and round--------sounds like pete haaa have a groovy Christmass Rastaaaaaaaa

25 Jul 11 - 12:30 PM (#3195024)
Subject: RE: Way out there (Bob Nolan)
From: saulgoldie

"Way Out There,' YESSSS! And as a bonus, it has a basic folk touchstone: yodeling!


25 Jul 11 - 12:41 PM (#3195033)
Subject: RE: Way out there (Bob Nolan)
From: Q (Frank Staplin)

Just found the Readers' Digest 4 cd set of Sons of the Pioneers.
I was worried about recording quality, but it is good. Excellent coverage of their singing.

25 Jul 11 - 09:05 PM (#3195398)
Subject: RE: Way out there (Bob Nolan)
From: Seamus Kennedy

Seamus Kennedy has a fine version of it on his CD "Sidekicks & Sagebrush". Just sayin', y'know...

05 Feb 12 - 04:03 PM (#3302694)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Way Out There (Bob Nolan)
From: GUEST,Iona

You can hear it {HERE}
(as well as read the words)
Done by the Sons of the Pioneers. Naturally. This isn't my favorite version of the song, but it's a good one.