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Lyr Req: Cantemos (traditional Venezuelan carol)

23 Dec 98 - 06:25 PM (#50728)
Subject: Venezuelan (?)/Spanish Carol
From: Wotcha

Let me try again. Looking for the full text of a Spanish language carol I learned 30 odd years ago -- collected from a lad I knew from Brazil but he had also lived in Venenuela. Words are somewhat as follows:

Cantemos, cantemos/Feliz nochebuena/Feliz nochebuena/Nos no nino djos ["Jos"].

04 Jan 04 - 07:08 PM (#1086045)
Subject: RE: Venezuelan (?)/Spanish Carol
From: GUEST,Sade

There language is better

04 Jan 04 - 07:48 PM (#1086072)
Subject: Lyr Add: CANTEMOS (traditional Venezuelan carol)
From: masato sakurai

From here:
(Traditional Venezuelan Carol)

Cantemos, cantemos,
Gloria al Salvador.
Feliz Nochebuena,
Feliz Nochebuena
Feliz Nochebuena
Nos de el Nino Dios,

Tu eres la esperanza,
Tu la caridad,
Tu eres consuelo
De la humanidad.


Divinos destellos
Raudales de luz,
Alumbran la cuna
Del Nino Jesus.


O noche dichosa,
Noche de esplendor,
Noche en que ha nacido
Nuestra Redentor.



English Translation:

Singing, we are singing!
Loving praise we bring:
Happy Eve of Christmas,
Happy Eve of Christmas,
Happy Eve of Christmas,
To Thee, Infant King.

All our expectations,
All our charity,
All our consolation,
Baby dear, in Thee.


Beaming through the darkness,
Flooding rays so bright,
Shining on the cradle,
Coming from on High.


Night of jubilation
Night of Jesus' birth,
Night of holy splendor,
And redeeming love.

Sound clip is here.

23 Jan 05 - 01:51 PM (#1386223)
Subject: A Luis Mariano
From: GUEST,Ronan

I'm looking for a venezuelan son entitled " A Luis Mariano ".
I have the lyrics but would like to get the music...midi,CD, tape anything...
Anyone knows where it is..?

24 Jan 05 - 01:49 PM (#1387205)
Subject: RE: Venezuelan (?)/Spanish Carol
From: Q (Frank Staplin)

Ronan- Can't find the music. Amazon lists 318 cds of music under Venezuela. Try looking through them.
There is a singer with that name, which complicates looking on the web.

The son is not a carol. You should re-post in a new thread, "Lyr. Req: A Luis Mariano." It will get wider attention.

24 Jan 05 - 02:16 PM (#1387253)
Subject: RE: Venezuelan (?)/Spanish Carol
From: Q (Frank Staplin)

The posted lyrics of "Cantemos" lacks two verses (perhaps more). The English translation is a revision.


Cantemos, cantemos,
gloria al Salvador
feliz noche buena
feliz noche buela
feliz noche buena,
para el Niño Dios.

Tú eres la esperanza,
tú, la caridad
tú eres el consuelo
de la humanidad.

Cantemos, cantemos ...

Es la noche buena
de grata memoria
porque vino al mundo
el Rey de la Gloria.

Cantemos, cantemos...

Divinos destellos
raudales de luz,
alumbran la cuna
del Niño Jesús.

Cantemos, cantemos ...

La esfera celeste,
canta, luminosa,
la paz y alegría
con voz deliciosa.

Cantemos, cantemos ...

O noche dichosa,
noche de esplendor,
noche en que ha nacido
nuestro Redentor.

Cantemos, cantemos...