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Lyr Req: Desert Pete (Kingston Trio)

24 Dec 98 - 04:03 PM (#50842)
Subject: Desert Pete
From: Benson

Geeeeeez.......Rasta put me into a "snap" when he was talking about Pete....and the Kingston Trio....and I was reminded of the song......"Desert Pete".....I guess I pretty much know it, but, went looking for the words anyways...and could not find them on the database under Desert Pete..........

Say what you will, ........but you've got to "prime the must have faith and believe...You've got to give of yourself be worthy to receive....Drink all the water you can hold...wash your your feet, but leave the bottle full for others....Thank'ya kindly....(Desert Pete)......It STILL blows me away!!!!!!!.....Merry Christmas!!!

24 Dec 98 - 04:12 PM (#50843)
Subject: RE: Desert Pete
From: dick greenhaus

It's not in the database---yet. Try a forum search using Desert Pete as the filter and 90 days as the time frame.

24 Dec 98 - 04:13 PM (#50844)
Subject: RE: Desert Pete
From: Barbara

Try the forum search, Benson. There was a thread on it not too long ago.

24 Dec 98 - 04:19 PM (#50847)
Subject: RE: Desert Pete
From: Joe Offer

You've got to search the 'Cat
And it's lyrics you'll receive
Before you start a thread, search the 'Cat, and believe
Search the database and forum, even if it's a bit slow;
You'll find your song and you'll be happy.
"I'll be happy, too," says Joe.

24 Dec 98 - 04:46 PM (#50853)
Subject: RE: Desert Pete
From: Benson

Ahhhhh hahahahahah!!!!! Joe....You fill my cup with Christmas Cheer!!!!!! You are a "Character indeed"!!!!!!! Blessings to you and yours on this holiday season....!!!! Benson

24 Dec 98 - 04:59 PM (#50855)
Subject: RE: Desert Pete
From: Rasta

Well Benson got the chourous rite. Off the top of my head Im scraping for lyrics.( But the pump is old but give it a try it*ll quench a thirsty soul -you got to give until you get -Im the one who ought to know------Im not sure on every word but John Stewart of the kingston trio did it something like that on the album (Sunnyside-The Kingsto Trio) If I think of more lines Ill drop a line. you could also look into The Kington Trio place--dont know the URL off the top but its there Have a great -Holliday Rastaaaa