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Lyr Req: The Young Voyageur

31 Dec 98 - 07:33 PM (#51592)
Subject: The Young Voyageur
From: cthomp

I'm looking for this song. Can you help? Thanks.

31 Dec 98 - 08:06 PM (#51595)
From: Lesley N.

This is Young Voyageur from the Fireside Book of FolkSongs

From the wilds of the North
Comes a young voyageur,
With his buoyant canoe
Well laden with fur

Gladsome and free,
Little cares he
For there's joy in the heart
Of the young voyageur.

There's a song on the lips,
Of the young voyageur,
And his voice, sounding far,
Sets the forest astir.

I have a midi of it here.
(Hope I did that right...)

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added. Nice to see you here, Lesley.
-Joe Offer-

31 Dec 98 - 08:31 PM (#51597)
Subject: RE: The Young Voyageur
From: cthomp

Thanks oodles. I'm using if for a curriculum.

31 Dec 98 - 09:30 PM (#51604)
Subject: RE: The Young Voyageur, etc.
From: cthomp

Your topical/theme catagories of songs are wonderfulz, Lesley N. You might consider putting it into book form, for there are no topical reference for songs, although there are for poems. Adding songs to school lessons is the coming thing - and people are scurrying for quick references.

01 Jan 99 - 05:06 AM (#51629)
Subject: RE: The Young Voyageur
From: Lesley N.

Thanks - I actually started it for two reasons - the first is that putting melodies up by country meant I had to choose a country, with a search engine I can put a song in as many country categories as I want (sometimes I feel very arbitrary)! Of course I still run into problems - people write to complain that Loch Lommond isn't a "war" song!

The second was in an effort to be "unique" - a tough thing on the internet!

A book? Then I'd have to pretend to be an expert ! That's why I lurk here - hoping to mind meld!

01 Jan 99 - 11:57 AM (#51643)
Subject: RE: The Young Voyageur
From: Lesley N.

P.S. - Thanks Joe for fixing up my message!