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Whole Wheat Radio - Great Online Radio

09 Aug 05 - 09:31 AM (#1538413)
Subject: Whole Wheat Radio - Great Online Radio

Whole Wheat Radio

I know I've seen these folks mentioned on Mudcat a time or two, but I thought I'd they deserved a serious mention.

These guys play a significant variety of music genres - there are a few Mudcatters whose music is played there. The site is well run, and the music is pretty close to on-demand - much of the time. Their listenership continues grwo and tere is a steady stream of on-lilne going, much of the time - that can be interesting as well.

If you're listing uyour music there, you'll be happy with the info they store and the summaries they send. You'll get a reall good picture, very quickly as to how your music is received by this vaired, worldwide audience.

As a listener, you'll find your favorite programs and your favorite artists ... make your requests, and make your comments about the music.

Great site, I go there now and then as time and travel allows - but I always find it easy to spend time there - before you know it, the morning will be gone! Kinda sound like Mudcat, eh?

09 Aug 05 - 09:34 AM (#1538417)
Subject: RE: Whole Wheat Radio - Great Online Radio

well - I hit "enter" instead of "preview" - so my typos are painfully obvious!

I meant to say there is some interesting on-line chat going on, frequesntly ...

the other typing anomolies are probably readable. Sorry!